Official results released for override, bond elections

Although the unofficial results showed overwhelmingly low support from voters, the final results show that nearly all the school district overrides and bond measures passed.

The Agua Fria Union High School District received a $3.4 million maintenance and operations override with 53.83 percent voter approval.

We’re very appreciative that the community supports and recognizes the value and the support that the override funds provide,” Superintendent Dennis Runyan said in a phone interview last week when unofficial results showed voter support.

The Arlington Elementary School District got 62.24 “yes” votes on a $3 million bond and 54.47 votes to pass a $249,326 M&O override.

We would like to thank the voters for having trust in the district and thank them for putting education as a high priority in this district,” Arlington Superintendent Chad Turner said.

The Avondale Elementary School District got 57.4 percent “yes” votes to support a $37.5 million bond and 50.35 percent “yes” votes in support of a $1.9 million capital outlay override.

Both the Buckeye Elementary School District and the Liberty Elementary School District won their elections by a tight margin. Buckeye’s $2 million M&O override passed with 50.74 percent “yes” votes and Liberty’s $15 million bond passed with 50.78 percent “yes” votes.

Kristi Sandvik, superintendent at the Buckeye Elementary School District, said she is “pleased” but not “surprised” by the election results because the district has had an override in place for more than 20 years.

It was a close race, though, with the “yes” votes tipping the scale by only about 1 percent.

Although it’s close, a win is a win, and we’re excited that the community supports our schools,” Sandvik said.

The Saddle Mountain Unified School District also passed on a very close-call election. With 50.55 percent “yes” votes, the district was able to get approval for a $15 million bond.

The Litchfield Elementary School District got 54.09 percent “yes” votes for a $5 million M&O override.

The Palo Verde Elementary School District did not get its $329,856 M&O override with 61.54 percent “no” votes, and Buckeye Union High School District did not get a $95 million bond by a close 50.72 percent “no” votes.

Eric Godfrey, superintendent at the Buckeye Union High School District, expressed his disappointment at the initial results last week saying the vote will make the task of providing the necessary tools for education that much more difficult.

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