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Letters to the Editor - February 18, 2014

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Is your general plan viable?


Under Arizona statute, every city and town in the state needs to revisit their General Plan at least every 10 years. However, with the anticipated changes in the West Valley over the next 10 years, it’s a good idea for each community to continue to monitor the viability of its General Plan as a guide to future development. I ran across an interesting article the other day which presented some useful criteria for this purpose. The criteria suggested in this article were essentially as follows (Source: “When the comprehensive plan leads nowhere” — Better! Cities & Towns, Jan/Feb. 2014):

When the vision described in the plan sounds like it was written thirty years ago,

When the plan needs to be retrofitted to allow for walkable neighborhoods,

When rezoning applications routinely require amendments to the plan,

When the town’s promising developers recoil after realizing the hurdles contained in the plan, and

When the future land use map in the plan looks like a zoning map — with single use zones.

How does your community’s General Plan stack up against these criteria?

Jeff Gibbs
Litchfield Park


H.S. drinking culture needs to end


I recently discovered that my step sons high school friends are now enjoying drinking beer. This probably doesn’t surprise most of us, as teenagers will be teenagers, right? However I was shocked to learn that these teenagers also drive everywhere, intoxicated. The shocking part is still to come. On informing my parter of this gruesome discovery of drunk, teenage boys, driving to school, past my daughters every day, my partner responds, “that’s just a part of high school culture”

I ask, “when is drinking and driving EVER acceptable?” Maybe we should teach our children that driving is a privilege, not a right! And, as responsible parents, put an end to this “high school culture” for good!

E. Smith


Finally, a smart Republican


I have been reading the “opinions” of others in the VIEW since I moved here form Illinois in ’09, and have at last seen a letter from a smart Republican (Roy Cranford from Goodyear , January 21st issue. He’s the first Republican I have any knowledge of that has a good word to say about our President’s “Obamacare!!! I, like Roy, want to see everyone get health insurance, so I won’t have to pay for it!!!! This President was elected by a MAJORITY, both in population and electoral votes, despite trillions of millions spent to elect Mitt Romney. So Arizonans, get out the vote always, and we can get rid of McCain who has been sucking at the public trough for forty years!!!! Why hasn’t he brought home the bacon — like getting the wall built to keep out the illegals$$$$Also you can see that the governor never gets in high office again. She was in charge of the Dept.that failed to investigate those thousands of child abuse cases. Now she wants to spend million to start another department, and they will conduct business in the same way with her in charge. And she had the gall to shake her finger in our President’s face!!!! He should give it back to her.

Mr. Cranford’s article has other good points, such as people buying property in farming zones. Also, he mentions the war Bush got us into, and I’m saying that was a bigger lie and cost many more dollars and lives, than what the Republicans are saying about people being able to keep their insurance. The government did not cancel their policies, the insurance companies did, because they did not have ample coverage for the insured. I challenge anyone who got a cancellation notice to make public the policy and cost.

Louise Larkins


Nancy Pelosi is nuts


I didn’t think it was possible for the House Democratic Leader, Nancy Pelosi to get any more transparent in her socialist hopes and dreams for our country. Pelosi’s recent announcement that people should be able to pursue their HOBBY while the working people pay for it is just over the moon for even her.

How great that the House Democratic Leader has such a high perch to spue her socialist agenda for the United States of America, and how dangerous.

Has she seen how small the bedroom are in Sweden. She would not live that way but she thinks the rest of us should. My children and your children, and our grandchildren.

How about her using the same amount of wind talking about full time jobs for people. \That women not only looks nuts, she is nuts. Contracted for Harry Reid.

Vickie Chelini


Government gone wild


On Tuesday, February 11, the Arizona House Federalism and Fiscal Responsibility Committee approved a bill to call for a Convention of States to propose amendments to the US constitution to “impose fiscal restraints on the Federal government, limit the power and jurisdiction of the Federal government, and limit the terms of Federal government officials.” The bill will now move on to the full House for approval.

Several of the proposed amendments in Mark Levin’s latest book, “The Liberty Amendments” would not be necessary if our Federal government, including the courts, would abide by the Constitution as presently written. Unfortunately, this is not the case. It now appears necessary to add amendments to the constitution which will improve the clarity of its original intent, undo erroneous Supreme Court decisions, and force our Federal government back into the much smaller role originally created for it by the States.

The Federal government is seriously broken and is incapable of fixing itself, but the situation isn’t hopeless. There is a solution, which Congress and the President have no authority to stop.

Here is a link to a website that describes the solution, a Convention of States, as provided for by Article V of the U. S. Constitution: This solution is not only the best hope to save our Republic, it might be the last.

Please join in the fight!

E. L. Goheen


Recognition of contributors


To those who attended the PGA-North Superfund Site public meeting last week — THANK YOU for taking the time to learn about the cleanup plan and to share your opinion!

I support EPA’s proposed plan to use multiple technologies to clean up the TCE and perchlorate which originate from the former Unidynamics facility in Goodyear. Using only one would have placed absolute faith in that single technology to clean up our water; using multiple increases the likelihood that the cleanup will be successful. Kudos to the EPA, AZDEQ, Crane Co. — which now owns that property and which pays for the cleanup — and their consultants for the collaboration which led to this strategy.

Kudos, too, to Goodyear, Avondale, and Litchfield Park for their ongoing significant engagement in this cleanup effort and in ensuring the safety of our water supply. And to our local newspaper, the West Valley View, for efforts at spreading awareness of this issue.

I also want to thank the members of the Community Advisory Group (CAG), which is a little-known group of VOLUNTEERS who serve as community advocates for the containment and cleanup of the pollutants found within our soil at three local sites in Goodyear and Avondale. Initiated in 2001, the CAG monitors progress and provides feedback to the agencies and the responsible parties, with whom they meet four times each year.

Current members include Goodyear residents Diane Krone — who has been on the CAG since its inception — along with Tim Birdsall (Estrella Mtn), Earl Smith and Karl Havlicek (both of Pebble Creek); Litchfield Park resident David Ellis; and Avondale residents Lisa Amos and CAG co-chair Frank Scott (who also serves as Avondale’s Vice-Mayor). These individuals spend a great deal of time serving as represents of our broader community on this very complex issue.

Jeff Raible
Co-chair PGA/WA Community Advisory Group
Litchfield Park


Hickman’s will waste water


Hickman’s egg farm will not be a “Good Neighbor” to the residents of Tonopah. Hickman’s are going to be the worst kind. The Hickman’s worst offense is they are going to diminish the water supply. How many gallons of water does it take to produce one egg?

The Hickman’s will take the ground water to water the chickens, take the ground water to wash the eggs, take the ground water for cleaning. 2.6 million chickens to start. That is the beginning of the end for our water. Take! Take! Arizona has been in a drought for 15 years. Have had very little rain. Where is the water coming from to replenish the water ?

Good Neighbors I do not think so. Look at Arlington, AZ. Billy Hickman admitted they made mistakes there. Billy Hickman was asked if they planned to clean up Arlington and he said there we no plans to clean it up. Remember they are Good Neighbors. Hickman’s have ravaged Arlington now they plan to move on to Tonopah!

Tonopah residents have banded together and formed STOPP. Save Tonopah Oppose Poultry Plant. Town hall Meeting 02/24/2014. Arizona we need your help. We are a small community fighting for our water. Hickman’s have money and political clout. Please aid us.


Linda Davis


Hickman’s has improved


Don Davis and Linda Wood

As you report the failures of Hickmans, keep in mind that as they have grown, they have improved. There are so many non profits that benefit from their support, it would take a page of this paper. When companies support their communities it is due to their efficiencies and best practices that keep their business thriving. Research how many southwest valley citizens rely on Foodbank systems-who get their eggs from Arizona’s egg farmers. You are also minimizing the dedication of our government regulatory agencies in protecting all of us, as you know nothing about the agencies and their respective training.

Cheryl L Marrs


Tolleson: Next Indian Wells?


Dec 17, 2012 — The California town of Indian Wells, with a population of little more than 5,000, paid its city manager $677,172 last year, making him the highest paid city worker in the most populous U.S. state, according to new data released by the state’s controller.

According to an article in the AZ Central’s Southwest Valley Republic edition. Tolleson’s City Manager has received an 18% raise. His salary now will be $180,000 up from $152,393 for a city of 6,704 residents. Tolleson’s Mayor and council could have chosen to pay him more. Tolleson Mayor Gamez stated that it is fair to compare Medrano’s pay to a city manager in a city such as Glendale, that has a population of more than 230,000, and Avondale with nearly 80,000 residents. I used to live in Tolleson years back and Tolleson looks the same to me. Tolleson is very small with many old residents. Tolleson needs to recompare because those bigger cities have sports stadiums, town lakes, much more businesses, much larger city budgets and many more employees. So what has the Tolleson City Manager done lately to deserve such a nice increase in salary? I see 91st ave which is one lane on both sides backed up much of the time. Now Van Buren will be the same. That land recently bought looks like it will take some serious cash to fix. Paying big bucks to synchronize the traffic lights on 91st ave seems outrageous when there should be 2 lanes on each side. Also the Tolleson City Manager likes to work out for a few hours on city time each week . At around $100 an hour, that’s a pretty good perk there. Yes Tolleson is fast becoming the town of Indian Wells.

Bill Alcocer
Litchfield Park


Estrella coot culling


In response to your recent article about Estrella’s HOA culling coots without homeowners’ knowledge, I have a few thoughts and questions. If Estrella’s HOA can’t afford to clean up bird droppings, what else can’t they afford? How solvent are they long term? If they will do this without homeowner approval, what other malfeasance would they participate in? How many homeowners live there specifically to enjoy the wildlife? Isn’t this an intentional slap in the face to them? What does it say about Estrella HOA’s ability to set priorities? What does it say about the community’s ability to actually be a community? It suggests tremendous strife within the community, as though the definition of power by some is to destroy life, against others’ wishes.

It would seem something is missing from the story, as there are some affluent folks there who know this sends an extremely negative and unflattering message. I will never visit there again. This story portrays Estrella as intentionally unwelcoming and backward. I expect the community will be entirely blighted soon.

Ruth LaHaie Rixx


U.S. becoming third-world


This letter is in reply to John Flynn to his article about President Reagan. When President Reagan took office he inherited the worst economy since the great depression. In the 1930’s unemployment was at 7.5%, mortgage rates were at 15%, and interest rates were at 20%. The President cut income tax rates and inflation fell to 4% and created 8 million new jobs. Family income grew by $4,000 dollars per family, and he created a 8% growth in private wealth and the jobs that were created were well paying full time jobs not like the ones that are being created. Today, jobs being created are low paying part time jobs and the actual unemployment rate is over 12%. I am saddened because of the way the progressive Liberals are taking our once great country, turning us into a third world country by our current administration.

Richard Neumann
Litchfield Park

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Hickman's still have their other farms to do their good works. They do not need Tonopah to continue with that. As for the agencies that protect us,they step in after the damage has been done.

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I wish Nancy Pelosi would quit her job to persue her hobby.

Kudos to Mr. Neumann!

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