Letters to the Editor: February 21, 2014

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Separation wasn’t Navy’s fault


Your staff writer Ms. Yodis makes it sound like Jacob Vasquez was ripped from his family and not allowed to see them for 6 years. This article failed to disclose that every member of the armed forces of the United States gets 30 day leave every year. Jacob could have come home for all or part of the six months worth of leave (vacation time) during his six years. He also had no expectation of being home at any other time unless conditions allowed which he knew when he enlisted.

The next exaggeration told by Ms. Yodis is that the reason he did not return home was because of the high cost of airfares. While airfare is high when traveling on commercial carriers, traveling on military carriers is free. He would have had access to this mode of transportation during his six year hitch any time he wanted it.

The next exaggeration is that he could not go home during his “several years” being stationed at Pearl Harbor. He could have had his wife and children live in Hawaii if they had wished it. While getting base housing may have been difficult, booney housing (civilian housing) was available. This goes for his posting in Nebraska as well.

The next problem with this article was that Ms. Yodis says he missed his mother’s funeral presumably due to his being in Hawaii or some other Navy posting. This is not true. It has always been the Navy’s policy to allow bereavement leave for any close relative’s death (parents, sibling, spouse or children).

I resent the implication by Ms. Yodis that the Navy caused these non-hardships. I would like to see an apology written by Ms. Yodis prominently placed on the front page in the next issue along with this letter.

John Sleeper

Stop slaughtering ducks


I was stunned and heartbroken to learn that ducks are being drowned and killed by a local HOA. This is terribly cruel and inhumane. We attract these wonderful birds by building perfect habitat for them — beautifully landscaped lawns and ponds — and then we kill them because their poop is unsightly. Are we really so heartless and selfish? Ducks and geese are loveable birds that bring my family great joy. We love having them around. They can help teach our children compassion for wildlife. How can anyone want to kill them, especially in such a cruel way? What does that teach our children?

Let’s live in peace with the animals among us. Let’s enjoy nature rather than destroy it. Let’s realize that the value these animals bring to us greatly outweighs the minor cosmetic problems. Our lives would be happier and fuller as a result.

Shawn Major

Impeachment is a fallacy


Every President of the United States has been asked to resign or someone wanted them to be impeached from office. It appears and I quote “cases of impeachment may be undertaken only for “treason, bribery and other high crimes and misdemeanors”

I do not know how some minds in this country think, because they never carry their thoughts any further than he should be impeached. Tell me how?

If any President could be impeached our legislators of the opposite party would have him removed long ago and this has not be done in my lifetime.

I am unhappy about so many things being done in this country as many of you are. I have never seen the hate as bad as it is today by people that want President Obama out of office, claiming everything one can think of including he only became President to ruin our great country.

Do I need to explain the working of what this would take. I jest “(Obama wakes up and calls Government Officials to discuss how to turn this country over to the Muslims or some other county.)” Think about it will you.

As long as I have been on this earth I believe that every President has had the best intentions to be the best President this county ever had. This just never works out for any of them.

Once a man is voted into this high office and since there is nothing we can do to oust him from office how about if we all try to work with him?

This does not go for you haters of the opposite party, your disillusionment with your party goes too deep keeping us at the level we have with each incoming President.

Sleep well America.

Clark Fuss

PC is nonsense


They’re at it again, those fanatical politically correct Progressives. They are hell bent on destroying anything traditional about our culture, so they can replace it with a touchy feely don’t hurt anyone’s feelings society.

It was recently reported that Senator Maria Cantwell, a State of Washington Democrat, who chairs the Senate committee of Indian Affairs, (Now there is a surprise, a Democrat from Washington state being a Progressive) wrote a letter to the NFL demanding that storied football team known as the Washington Redskins change their name because Redskins is a slur to native Americans. Senator Cantwell said the Washington Redskins are on the wrong side of history. I would suggest to Senator Cantwell that she and her fellow Progressives are the ones who are on the wrong side of history.

Which team will be next on the Progressives “to do list “? Maybe the Atlanta Braves? Got to get rid of those racist tomahawks their fans wave. The Florida State “ Seminoles”? Surely that great Seminole warrior Osceola would not approve of using the Seminoles’ name. Or maybe Senator Cantwell would like to change the New England “Patriots” name just on general principals. Patriots sounds too pro American, and might hurt the feelings of those who hate America. Why offend those who hate us? That’s not nice. What about the Chicago Blackhawks? The Blackhawks even have an Indian Head for its team logo. Sorry, I mean they have a native American’s head for a logo. Please excuse my lack of sensitivity and correctness.

I think perhaps this wanting to mess with tradition is what John Flynn was talking about in his recent letter. That thing he called a matter of degree.

Roy Azzarello

A different drug problem


Reading the following brought back memories as it says: A Methamphetamine lab had been found in a farmhouse and I was asked a rhetorical question, “Why didn’t we have a drug problem when you and I were growing up?”

I replied, I had a drug problem when I was young: I was drug to church on Sunday mornings, drug to church for weddings and funerals. Drug to family reunions and community socials no matter the weather. Drug by my ears when disrespectful. Drug to the woodshed when I disobeyed my parents, told a lie, spoke ill of the teacher or the preacher, or if I didn’t put forth my best effort in everything asked of me.

I was drug to the kitchen sink to have my mouth washed out if I uttered a profanity. I was drug out to pull weeds from my parents gardens and fields. I was drug to the homes of family, friends and neighbors to help some poor soul mow, repair the clothesline or chop wood, and if I ever accepted a dime tip, I was drug back to the woodshed.

Those drugs are still in my veins and they affect my behavior in everything I do, say, or think. They are stronger than cocaine, crack, or heroin: and if today’s children had this kind of drug problem, America would be a better place.

God bless the parents who drugged us.

Roy Cranford

Did ducks deserve to die?


RE: “Bird Removal in Estrella Raises Questions” in the West Valley View, 14 February 2014

I was saddened to read of the slaughter of ducks in the Estrella community, not only for those beautiful innocent ducks but also because I was once again reminded that humans are capable of being so cruel.

Whatever reasoning the perpetrators had for such an act does not mitigate the callous indifference they demonstrated toward these creatures. And reasoning humans that they are, surely they can design a more humane and caring way to deal with whatever “problem” that duck overpopulation may cause.

Ann Bissell

Estrella coot removal


The Estrella Homeowners Association had gone to great lengths to get a community consensus on the coot issue. That consensus was that the coots needed to be removed. We are not talking a few birds we are talking hundreds of birds that have done extensive damage to lake parks area for months on end. They have ripped out entire sections of grass that has had to be replaced each year. The potential for pets or children getting sick, because of the dropping, is not a risk the community should have to take. Also, the coots have brought bobcats and coyotes into the park.

The HOA received the proper permitting and contracted the removal of the coots per all applicable: local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

Those of us that live in the community enjoy our wildlife, outdoor activities and lifestyle. Walking, running, or biking around the lakes should not have to include dealing with these unsanitary conditions.

The whole story of drowning the coots was inaccurate and the West Valley View in an effort to “make news” never gave the HOA sufficient time and opportunity to set the record straight. As with most of today’s media meeting a deadline is more important than accuracy.

As a reminder to those living outside of the outstanding Estrella Mountain Ranch Community, the use of the grounds is only for residents and their guests. By law, all others would be considered trespassing.

John Brothen

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I really believe that you are being honest in your comments to me about what you believe as a Progressive. Assuming that is correct, all I can say is that you as a Progressive do not believe what Pelosi, Reid, Obama and many other politicians believe. Your form of Progressiveism is seemingly benign. However what the number one Progressive Obama is trying to do with his social justice, polirtical correctness, government by decree, will sooner or later bring our great nation to its knees. Now he wants to decrease the size of the military because he feels a smaller military will make us less obtrusive on the world stage and we will be safer because of that. Are you kidding me? We are safe because we are strong not the reverse. You should also have an open mind. Obama was not kidding when he said he wants to fundamentally change America. I can assure you Dennis that we both of us may respect the Constitution but Obama has nothing but contempt for it.

First of all, thank you! Secondly, I may be naive, but I simply refuse to believe that our President and congressional leaders are trying to destroy America and our constitution. Some if not many on both sides of the aisle are misguided, but I cannot believe that they have contempt for our Constitution and what it stands for. I pray that I am correct on this.

As far as reduction of the military goes, these suggestions are coming from the Pentagon. Also, let's not forget that the Bush administration also cut military spending and boots in the field. In this day and age it's sad but true that a handful of people at the controls of weapons of mass destruction can bring the entire world to it's knees.

I do keep an open mind Roy, that's why I mentioned that I vote for individuals, not parties. As I said earlier I clearly have made some mistakes with my votes. I certainly didn't realize that Symington was a crook, or that Perot was crazy.

We do share a deep respect for the Constitution Roy, but I just don't have it in me to believe that President Obama has nothing but contempt for it.  On this point, I sincerely hope that I am correct, and I suspect that regardless of what you believe, you hope that on this point you are wrong.

Finally, I want to say how much I've enjoyed the last couple of entries we both have made. I know I'm not changing your mind, and you know you are not changing mine. However, you given me food for thought, and I will dig deeper, I hope you do the same! It's so much better to have an exhange of ideas, rather than taking pot shots at each other.



I too have enjoyed this frank exchange of ideas, and yes I do believe that you are like me a patriot. It is sooo sad that America has to be polorized like it is today. There are times when I feel that the fight to preserve America is a lost cause because of all the anger from both sides. I don't know what will ever change the polorization, however something better happen soon because I believe that this great and wonderful nation may soon self destruct. So I propose that we continue a frank discussion and an honest exchange of ideas in future forums on this site. This discussion between us has ended well and I feel better about the nation today because of it.

yesyes Sounds good to me! I look forward to it.

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I can't believe you guys are going at it over the issue of the name of a football team in a different state when you got the issue of SB1062 going on here in THIS state right now.

I'm afraid to mention SB1062, I honestly don't want to know where Roy stands on the issue. As far as the football team goes, Roy had lumped it all into being "politically  correct" and that's where I challenged him.

Thankfully, it appears that Brewer is going to veto SB 1062. The economic hit Arizona would take once again could be devastating if it actually becomes law.




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I hope you are right, that Brewer does indeed veto the bill as she did a similar one last year, because as I posted on my facebook page, "Discrimination is not the excercise of religion, it is discrimination!"


I agree 100%!!


Well Dennis, actually I think that it is a good thing for you to pray for me because I need the prayers and you need the practice !  Although before you pray for me please be careful to whom you pray. If it is to anyone else but Jesus, you are wasting your time and not doing me any good at all. You say that you asume I am an atheist ? Well frankly Dennis I don't think that Progressives believe in God at all. Does that surprise you? I think the problem is that I don't believe government should do anything outside of what the Constitution authorizes it to do. Progressives feel that the Constitution is a stumbling block in their attempt to expand their powers beyond what the Constitution allows. Progressives must usurp power to findamentally change America. To me I believe that the Bible and Constitution of the United States are the two most important and sacred documents ever given to mankind. Can you say the same thing as I do about those documents?

"Progressives feel that the Constitution is a stumbling block in their attempt to expand their powers beyond what the Constitution allows." That is your statement, and it is blatantly false. That is where the disagreement comes from, a false premise.

I do indeed, believe that the Bible and the Constitution are the two most important documents we have. However, only the Bible is sacred, in the truest sense of the word.

Roy, you have this preconceived idea that progressives are evil, and that doesn't make any sense to me. I am not a republican, but I certainly don't believe that all republicans are evil. (tea party?  I'm not so sure of, but from some of your past letters I know that you aren't very impressed with much of the tea party either) I have voted for republicans, democrats and libertarians over my many years as a voter. I vote for the person that I believe is best for the job. Unfortunately, politicians from all parties are not always what they appear to be, and some of my choices have been mistakes. Fife Symington comes to mind for one, and I also voted for Ross Perot. Sadly, both of them turned out to be very different from what they originally presented themselves to be.

I know I can't change your mind, but I ask you to actually be open minded. Also, be careful of the articles you  quote. The 90% of native Americans number that you quoted for instance. Read the rest of the article, it is largely panned as being too narrow, and not on any reservations or within tribes. That is what this discussion started with, and I still assert from personal experience and dealings with Native Americans, that the vast majority do not approve of the term redskin. It is a slur. I wish we could erase all slurs from our language, not because it's politcally correct, rather because offending anyone not of your same creed, color, sexual preference or beliefs, is simply not OK!

We both want a strong America, and a free America. Butting heads doesn't make that happen, negotiation and compromise make it happen. btw, I am very glad that you believe in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Before you blindly slam people who don't agree with you, maybe stop for a moment and ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?"

Good luck to you Roy.


I'm still out here, Roy, and I still agree with 98% of what you say--for whatever that's worth.

Thank you, Judy. Support is always good to have

Dennis,  Progressives pride themselves on being tolerant. Fact is they are only tolerant with those with whom they agree. If Progressive disagree with someone they do not want to discuss issues but rather they start calling people names such as racist, intolerant, bigots, etc. If they disagree with you Progressives want to shut you up. Do you want examples? Watch the news. Enviromentalists are trying to shut up Charles Krauthammer . They don't want his column on the enviroment printed in the NY Post. Whenever a conservative speaker appears at a liberal university, which is not often, there is staged protests to not let a conservative talk. They just want to shut up everyone with whom they disagree. Believe me Dennis that is what Hitler did. Is that what you want for America? I don't. About a year ago they tried to shut me up too. But the WVV said no. The wvv said if we stop printing Roy's letters we will have to stop printing all letters because someone will be offended by anything. Wise up Dennis, Wise up

So since you want to shut up people like Mr. Posner and myself, you must be a progressive.?

My low tolerance of you is because you  foolishly throw out "Hitler", and other such incendiary names which have no relevance.

No one tried to shut you up Roy, that was all your doing and you know it! One person said they had enough of your idiotic letters, so you pumped it up to be a conspiracy. It simply was your over active fears and imagination. However it's perfectly fine for you to want to silence others.

I am so proud of our country, I wish you could be as well. Hiding from imaginary evils must take a toll on you.

Bottom line, WE, YOU and I, both have the same hopes and dreams for America. Mine are inclusive of everyone, not just those who agree with me. How about you? Can you honestly say the same, when you continually want to silence others?

If I was any wiser Roy I would be a god. 

I don't think you are a bad person Roy, you're just wrong.

I lashed out at you and called you a communist, I apologize for losing my cool. You tend to bring out the worst in me because I can't understand your constant negativity and attacks on people.

I truly do feel sorry for you Roy, we live in a great country. I hope you can wake up to reality and enjoy it.

My previous offer stands, if you need money for treatment, I will help in every way I can.

Good luck to you Roy


P.S. If you disagree with anything I've written, Please re-read your back log of letters. They are proof of what you say and do on a regular basis.

I assume from your negative outlook that you are an atheist, so I hope you won't be offended that I am praying for you.

Mr. Azzerallo,
I see your point and understand how you feel. But the term "redskin" is disrespectful. The opposite of politically correct is disrespect. As for Medicare and social security, they are government programs. Just like Obama care is. All of which I am thankfully for and pay into every Friday.
I enjoy reading your letters too FYI, they remind why I am a "progressive"!

Very good Dirty Harry. You have handled him very well. I have less tolerance for people like him.

Dirty Harry Let me direct this to you since you seem like a reasonable sort of guy. I am not sure about Dennis rhe Menace because he seems to have a short fuse. God knows what he called me in his swearing but I don't think it was anything worth repeating. OK Harry.Let me add some perspective. If I were to go up to an Indian or Native American, which ever you prefer and if I were to call him a redskin one on one to his face that would absolutely be offensive and definetly a slur. Nobody should do that kind of thing. I would never condone that sort of thing. However, the Redskin name on a professional sports team which they have had for half a century is a different matter because it is not personal and Iam quite sure that the Washington football team sees the name as a symbol of bravery and strength. Ask yourself why would any franchise adopt a name which they considered a slur? Doesn't make sense. As I said in a poll taken among native Americans 90% said they do not have a problem with the name for the Washington team.

Another example. If someone called me a dago I would not like it. However I thoroughly enjoyed every single one of the Godfather movies even though the put Italian Americans in a bad light and slur Italian people. Difference is the movie is not personal In fact the Godfather trilogy are my favorite movies of all time. Well I hope I have given you a little perspective Dirty Harry. That is how I see it.

Wrong again Dirty Harry.  People who receive social scurity and medicare receive them because they paid in to the system and their employers paid into the system for maybe 30 or 40 or maybe 50 years with money which they earned. Money which was taken out of their pay check for all those years. Social Security are not entitlements because benefits coming now were paid for by the people who are receiving them.. Not at all compliments of the government. You don't really understand much about the free enterprise system, do you?

Thank you Mr. Azzerallo!
And enjoy Your free healthcare and social security check complements of the working class and the United States government!


Well "Dirty Harry" and "Dennis the Menace"  Looks like I got under your skins big time, hey? As they say THE TRUTH HURTS .You two just proved the validity of that time tested  proverb once again You two really lost your cool. Posner never lost his cool in this section. Your comments do not make him proud. Have a great day Progressive nothings Be sure to watch for my next letter so you two can learn something..

Mr. Azzerallo,
As a progressive liberal words like Wop,Dago,Redskin, do offend me. And it's not Ok even if you can google it! Being a bigot is not being a good American. The Washington Redskins should change their name. Why? Out of respect for native Americans. And not for any other reason.
Dispiite what Fox News says,God created us all equal,not just white male conservatives.

No Harry the terms wop or dago does not ,offend me because only ignorant people use them and that does not bother me. Those words are slurs. However the word Redskins is not a slur at all. If it were why would the Washingron team have used it for the name of their team? It is very interesting that Redskins only recently became a slur in the minds of a small number of people since the Progresssives decided it was a slur. The real slur in this nation is the slur of the Progressives trying to fundamentally change America just like Obama said he would do. The Progressives are a slur on the greatness of America. That is the real slur !

You are truly unbelievable. Now you want WVV to "cut me off".  You are a @#%$*& COMMUNIST! That's not how we do things in America, but you are too busy running America down to even notice!

I am not part native American, but certainly wouldn't be ashamed of it. I owned a retail store in the White Mountains for almost  20 years before I sold it and retired to the valley. Approximately 40% of my customers were native American, and I guarantee that if you called them a redskin, you would be in deep trouble.  You are wrong Roy, and I'm glad you admitted it.

Panties not in a wad huh? Then why did you rant at Dirty Harry?

Progressive is a slur? I do indeed want progress for America, so that's not a slur to me, that is recognition that I am doing the right thing. THANK YOU!

btw, I am impressed that it's only taken you a year and a half to remember my name. 2nd grade must have been a long 6 years for you.

You are a joke. PLEASE, JUST ONCE PRINT SOMETHING THAT'S TRUE! (other than your name, I assume you know that)

I think you missed my point. Your a hypocrite. Just like the people on Medicare who complain about Obama care. Hypocrites. Italians are either wops or dagos, does that offended you? It should, just like "redskins" should offended everyone.

Sorry Dennis. I was wrong. I just googled it myself. It is not 75% buut 90% of native Americans  in the poll who are not bothered by the Washington Redskins name.   MY BAD !! So why are you offended? Are you part Indian?

Absolutely wrong Dennis. I did not get my pants in any kind of whatever. My response to Dirty Harry was that he did not know how to spell nor did he know anything about history. I was quite polite to him except for being surprised at his not being too brite. You have obviously bought in to the Progressive line and believe that government belongs in your bed. Fine. I however don't want government where it does not belong and where the Constitution says it should not be. Would it surprise you to know that 75% of native Americans in a recent poll said they had no problem with the Redskins name on the Washington football team? Google it if you do not believe me. As far as Posner is concerned I just think it is soooo much more peaceful without his 5,000 word essays every week. He never knows when to stop already. Maybe the WVV cut him off. Maybe they will cut you off next. You think Dennis LOUCHART ? Huh you think ?????


Dennis you are wrong. Redskins is not a racial slur to native Americans. It is a term signifying strength. Ask yourself if it were something with a negative conotation why would the Washington professional football team take that name in the first place?

Doesn't make sense. For half a century Redskins was a powerful name representing the Washington team. It was not until the Progressives decided to attack anything and all things traditional did it take on a negative meaning for some people. Wise up Dennis

Now if you want to talk about a racial slur. That is what Dirty Harry attempted to throw at me. In his feeble attempt to do so he did not even know how to spell the word WOP not Whop which I tried to correct him on. So now you know Dennis. By the way what ever happened to your buddy attorney Posner. Did he go back to NY for good. I hope.

Redskins is and always has been an ethic slur. That's why Dirty Harry's suggestion was so perfect. (even if he did misspell it).  

The insensitive people in the world like you, are the ones who create the problems. No redskins doesn't bother you, but you sure got your panties in a knot when Dirty Harry mentioned WOPS!  Or are you just being politically correct?

I'm not surprised that you want Mr. Posner to go away, he continually tries to keep you honest!! Since it is obvious you have no intention of trying to be correct.


Mr. Azzarello,
Washington could call their team the Washington Whops? But with the Italians war history that would'nt sound very tuff would it?

Dirty Harry  You are not too bright, are you? The word is not WHOP  it is WOP. Do you know where it came from? Listen up now and learn something. When immigrants arrived in this country in the last century, some of them had no identification at all. When that happened the immigration authorities placed these people in a seperate catagory to be processed. The catagory was enritled  WOP which meant the person arrived WITH OUT A PARTNER and was WITH OUT PAPERS. (WOP) So now you know. You learned something today.

yesyes  An ethnic slur is an ethnic slur. Just because it doesn't pertain to you doesn't make it ok!  Thank you Dirty Harry for cleverly pointing this out!!!!!!!!

Dennis LOUCHART (capitalized for the memory impaired)smiley

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I don't care if the Estrella HOA got all the proper permits to remove the ducks, they made the ducks suffer an inhumane death by drowning them first.

Y'all are duck murderers!

The West Valley View should report this to Sheriff Joe to investigate this animal cruelty.

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