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Letters to the Editor: February 28, 2014

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Disappointed in Estrella


In response to John Brothen’s letter defending the HOA and community for the Coot removal. The HOA did go to great lengths to to get community consensus from a small portion of the community (The Whiner’s) to remove the birds, but I believe the greater portion would not allow this to happen. There is never a good reason to destroy wildlife, but there are alternatives to fixing the problems the birds may create. I am appalled by the decision to kill these animals and very disapointed at my community for allowing this to happen. I have lived and worked in Estrella for 14 years and I have never considered these animals to be be a problem in any way to warrant their killing. Nor do I approve of money from dues that I pay in to the community to be used in such a manner. Estrella used to be an outstanding community but no more. I will never recommend this place to anyone for their home as long as this behavior continues.

Ed Buelow

Buckeye traffic a pain


Buckeye!, why would you clear up one bottle neck stop sign at yuma & Verrado way with a new traffic light and a short time later Add a stop sign less then a half mile away at Yuma & Dean???? Now in the morning on the way to work or dropping kids at one of the schools in the area, we wait in a massive backup of vehicles at this 3 way stop! Does a member of the council live south of Dean rd. that called in a favor? Come on folks, let the “City” know what a pain this is. If you must, add another light at this intersection to control traffic also.

Joe Hoffman

Far right is anarchy


I can only take so much. Three recent writers responded to my letter (2/7/14) advocating reasonable debate about how much role government should have in our lives. Somehow they took offense to the concept of “reasonable”, preferring terms like Communist, Atheist and TYRANNY! (pardon my shouting)

Their side seems to think that any government action is an unconstitutional power grab of our freedoms. They criticize President Obama for not creating enough jobs or not reducing taxes, even though those are responsibilities of Congress. They fault him for issuing executive orders, even though he has done fewer than Bush or Reagan in their first five years in office. They claim Obamacare is unconstitutional no matter what the Supreme Court says.

And what do they propose instead? A return to a health care system controlled by insurance companies that can cancel coverage at any time. A longing for the good old days when kids could be beaten if they misbehaved. The freedom to refuse service to gay people in employment, restaurants or stores. Obstacles to make it more difficult for poor people and minorities to exercise their voting rights. A return to the “back alley” abortions of forty years ago. Refusal to grant driving rights or in-state tuition to young adults who were brought to this country as children. Intolerance of anyone who doesn’t agree with their version of Christianity. The right to “stand your ground” and shoot anyone who bothers you at a theater, business or parking lot.

The views of the far right are not consistent with traditional Conservatism. The comments of people like Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh and Sen. Cruz promote anarchy and are almost treasonous. Sadly, they are the kind of rants expressed in too many WVV letters.

John Flynn

Hickman’s is a CAFO


The dictionary says a farm is a tract of land, usually with a house, barn, silo, etc on which crops and often livestock are raised for food. A factory is a building or group of buildings with facilities to manufacture a uniform product.

My opinion is that Hickman’s egg farm is a CAFO. Confined or concentrated animal feeding operation. The Hickman’s CAFO will be a massive compound, 28 large hen houses and 2 central egg processing plants and 2.6 millions hens. This is phase 1. There are 3 more phases to this CAFO. Is this agricultural? Is this a farm?

Livestock operations do not have the same guidelines as manufacturing industries where they have strong regulations concerning the environment.

Factory farms are major contributors to water, air, and land pollution. CAFOs are responsible for discharging millions of tons of contaminants from manure into the environment.

The Hickman CAFO will have 2 lagoons on their site. Waste water is the number-one form of well-water contaminants in the United Stares. People can be exposed to dangerously high nitrate levels in their drinking water.

Do you see why the Tonopah residents do not want this in our community?

The residents of Tonopah are committed to stop the Hickman’s from building this abomination.

STOPP- FaceBook

Don Davis

Priceless picture!


I won’t mention names but somebody out there did not like governor Jan Brewer shaking her finger in Obama’s face at Sky Harbor airport. I thought it was PRICELESS! ......Shaking her finger in the face of socialism before he even had a chance to come inside the airport! That photo should be displayed along side the Mona Lisa!......You go girl!

Tony Pedersen

To local duck, geese lovers


You are kidding right? I have now read it all. I have lived across the country (Washington State, Alaska, Pennsylvania and now Arizona) and the Geese (and Duck) population is way out of hand everywhere. These migratory birds once flew south for the winters, while doing so I am sure there were more than a few that didn’t make it (thank you mother nature and hunters) and a few stayed where it was warm and the remaining flew back north in the summer time. Now in modern times these birds have decided not to migrate (ever) and have become nothing but a nuisance. Yes, we humans have done an injustice for we have built golf courses, business campuses, parks and housing developments which happen to have ponds, green grass and ample nesting grounds. Now these pests have taken up residence where they don’t belong and the government has protected them. The geese most of all are aggressive (I have seen them chase off large dogs), destructive (they eat grass down to the dirt), poop everywhere, have polluted every pond country wide and are dirty and disease ridden. They are so foul one can’t even eat them. They have even been known to cause jets to emergency land for there are so many at airports the planes aren’t safe to land or take off at times. So I say to all you sympathetic, tree hugging Geese and Duck lovers, how about we cage them all up and let them live at your homes. That way you can protect them from geese and duck genocide.

As if there aren’t more important issues you should focus on!!!!

John Stine

HB 2547


The recently introduced HB 2547 will reimburse the City of Glendale for public safety expenses for the Super Bowl in 2015. This cost is estimated to be about $4,000,000. That is right 4 million.

Now consider these facts:

The commissioner, Roger Goodell, was paid 44.2 million dollars in 2012 as compensation. That is right $44,200,000.

The NFL reported 10 billion dollars in revenue for the same year.

The NFL operates as a legal non-profit monopoly, a 501c status, set up by the tax code. It operates a a legal non-profit monopoly, as do all the major sports leagues. This was set up the Congress of the United States.

The league paid ex-commissioner, Paul Tagliabue, $8,5000,000 in 2010, talk about a pension.

Now I ask you why do the residents of Arizona have fork out the money for the City of Glendale when these millionaire and billion dollar operations can well afford to do so?

Consider these options:

The commissioner contributes 1 million dollars.

The NFL contributes 1 million dollars.

Each team in the NFL, 32 of them, each contribute $70,000. That equals 2,240,000 million dollars.

The combined total of this is 4,240,000 million dollars for Glendale’s public safety, and the taxpayers are off the hook.

The other option is to put the price of public safety for Glendale in the price of the ticket. It is so high now that only corporations and the fat cats can afford it. What is another $50 in the price of a ticket?

To the politicians of Arizona quit giving up your first born to get these events that the taxpayer has to foot the bill for and gets no benefit. The taxpayer gets no benefits, as only the NFL, hotels, bars, restaurants, cabs and adult clubs get the benefit.

James and Marian See

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It's funny how you decide to take a break just when I pin you down on something, Gordon. So I'm reposting a response to you and will wait to see if I get an answer this time...

From February 14:

You're dead wrong, Gordon. I'm not going to address all of your misstatements, because it would take too long, but here are a few...

I found 3 of the "you can keep your doctor" videos dated in 2012 and 2 in 2013. The "grandfathering" thing was added only last November AFTER more than 5 million people lost their insurance because of Obamacare restrictions.

The CBO Director's testimony still leaves the blame for the 2.5 million job-hour loss at the Democrats' feet since it's their ACA rules and regulations that make it more prudent to work less hours and get the subsidy than to work full time and pay for it yourself.

Could it be there have been so many theories about Benghazi because Issa and his committee have had to pull teeth to get ANY co-operation from the Obama Administration?...and for good reason. Why would anybody (involved in the decision making) want the truth of that night to come out?

I challenge you to go to:

and listen to the phone call from the soldier. If, afterwards, you don't think there is plenty of reason to believe your president is dishonest, incompetent and most of all indifferent to the suffering of others, then I'd say you are a hopeless case for the truth.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Patrick (and anyone else who might be interested):

   I've continued our discussion about constitutional "priorities" in the prior issue.  Here's the link:

   If you want to respond, feel free to do so there or here.


Take care,


I am going to disect Mr. Flynn's letter just to show how much " spin" this letter has.His letter refers to three writers who took exception to his letter on the function of government I cannot speak for the other two writers but I can answer from my perspective, since I am one of the three of which he speaks. Flynn said that my side thinks that any government action is an unconstitutional power grab.Obviously not true. This is an attempt to make us look unreasonable. The thing to which we object is when the government usurps or takes power which the Constitution does not give to it. A good example would be how all those unelected officials in charge of different agencies expand their regulatory power to the point where they create new laws with burdeonsome regulations. Only Congress has the authority to create new laws.

Flynn says we criticize the President for not creating enough new jobs when  job creation is the responsibility of Congress. Totally wrong ! Job creation is the responsibility of the free enterprise system or of the private secctor not the government.   Flynn obviously needs a lesson in Civic. Government creates nothing. It takes in taxes and spends other peoples money, but government creates nothing on its own.

Flynn says we fault Obama  for issueing executive orders. Yes we do when those orders are an attempt to create new laws such as on immigration. Ibama recently boasted that as long as he has a pen he can get anything done without Congress. That is a blatant usurpation of power  Flynn said we think Obamacare

 is unconstitutional False. We know it is the law but think it should be declared unconstitutional since it is a hugh job destroyer.

He said we long for the good old days when children could be " beaten ' if they misbehaved. Get that incindenary use of the word beaten? Wrong again with the spin. Let's just say we see nothing wrong with a spanking as opposed to the " thinking chair" Progressives champion. The distortion in his letter is mind boggling.

Obstacles to letting minorities vote? What is that , asking for voters to have some proper identification. That is a burden on anyone is again nothing but nonsense. You have to show identification to buy alcohol, why not to vote?

Back ally abortions? Now that accusation is about as low and dirty as anyone can get. Flynn should be ashamed of himself for promolgating that kind of pure crap!

Intolerence for anyone who does not agree with their form of Christiany.? Talk about intolerance. It is spelled  PROGRESSIVES. In a nut shell, John Flynn is as dishonest in his accusations as the day is long and he knows it. But the WVV publishes it just because it does not censor anyone, not even morons.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Roy:

   Ah, spin from the spinmeister himself.  It's so kind of you to demonstrate for us how it's done!  While it's tempting to respond more fully to your little tirade, I think I'll just limit myself to asking you (again) a question which (I believe) you have so far evaded and avoided.

   You claim to be opposed when the government usurps or takes power which the Constitution does not give to it.  In that vein, please quote (citing Article, Section, and Paragraph) where it gave Congress the power to pass the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act?  I don't see anywhere the  Constitution expressly enumerates a power to do so.

Take care,


Gordon, My analysis was not a " tirade" speaking of spin on words. Secondly I have no idea concerning abortion. I don't get involved with those kinds of issues.I hope that helps.

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