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Letters to the Editor: August 5, 2014

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The fisher of men reigns


Isis in Iraq boldly claimed he’s coming to America for President O’Bama. President O’Bama probably can’t wait so he can bow down to the Grand Caliphate — our borders are so porous, who knows who is entering. Where is Isis getting all his money to carry such grand bold attacks in Iraq and Syria? We know they confiscated Iraq’s equipment, launchers, millions of dollars, but who is resupplying them? Iran? Could be money has been funneling to them from Iran through their back door, like Hamas is always supplied.

Mr President O’Bama should know about back door deals, first the brotherhood, then the release of Gitmo prisoners, now our own borders. Not even allowing their state congressman to see the children, when the state congressman has every right in his own state.

The Jewish state of Israel see’s the situation very clearly and not listening to our Presidents rhetoric or Secretary of State Perry and rightly so. Hamas is emboldened with this president’s policies. Hamas kills their children, to make a point. They are a sick bunch.

Isis’ army is raging killers. Life is nothing to them killing Christians or all who oppose them, with the eyes of the world watching, Isis. Isis thought he would be beneficent and let the Christians in Mosul life, but must leave their homes. Isis’ group proceeded to destroy an 1800 year old church. These Christians are direct descendants of the apostles teaching. We all should shed tears.

Keep your arms America and watch closely this President and the United Nation’s back door deals, until we can say adios. This group is beyond reality. The fisher of men reigns.

Analie Maccree

Undhjem for council


Dear fellow Litchfield Park neighbors, Having known Debra Undhjem for over a dozen years in various walks of life, we enthusiastically recommend Debra for Litchfield Park City Council.

Our first encounter with Debra had us, and many other community members working tirelessly together fundraising for the then conceptual, Southwest Valley YMCA. Since 2002 we have served side-by-side with Debra on other committees and watched her personal drive for excellence explode into great gain for the causes she undertakes. Whether Debra is helping build a building, plan an event, or supporting our niece’s JDRF fundraising; her dedication, enthusiasm and love of our community and its residents are immeasurable.

When you say you know Debra that usually means you have had the pleasure of being “recruited” by her to be involved in bettering our community. It is a pleasure to say with confidence we feel Debra will represent our city in a professional, considerate and thoughtful manner.

Please take the time to vote for Debra, she not only has great energy and passion for great causes, but she actually executes and creates amazing results. City of Litchfield Park residents would gain a great advocate in Debra Undhjem. We look forward to seeing her in action.

Rob & Amy Antoniak
Litchfield Park

Avondale needs diverse reps


Avondale boasts a population of 79,000+ and growing. It is also the second-largest Hispanic majority city in the state of Arizona with 50.3% being Hispanic. Hispanics are key players in the economic growth of Avondale and our city benefits from Latino presence. Yet, as I reflect on the upcoming elections, it was surprising to learn that there are no Hispanics/Latinos represented on the Avondale City Council since the departure of our Mayor Marie Lopez Rogers.

As a resident of Avondale, I believe local government should reflect the demographics and diversity of our residents and I encourage all residents to come out to vote in the upcoming August 26 primary. I also challenge our Avondale Latino voters to come out and vote and help lead Avondale into the future.

Early voting ballots will be out July 31 and I urge all Avondale residents to use your vote to bring diversity to our city government by voting for qualified diverse candidates running for Avondale City Council. We need the diverse voices of Avondale residents to be heard and reflected in our City government. Your voice is your vote.

I will be casting my vote on August 26th to ensure diverse and qualified leadership for Avondale. I urge every voter in Avondale to do the same.

Olga Aros

Diane Landis’ character


I read the letter from Elise Carrington of Goodyear with astonishment. She states her positions about Diane Landis are of “indisputable fact.”

Perhaps a letter from someone who has known Diane her entire life might enlighten Ms. Carrington and her readers. So, today you hear from me, Diane’s father.

Diane grew up on our working cattle ranch along the Arizona/Mexico border; she is no stranger to guns. I personally taught her to shoot and know for a fact she has held her conceal carry weapon permit for 18 years. She will fiercely defend the 2nd Amendment.

I can tell you she is PRO-life, the exact position Darin Mitchell has-with video to prove that. But more important is the walk of faith Diane has made from her childhood to today. She values life from conception to natural death.

Diane supported Governor Brewer and Medicaid Restoration because she did the MATH. A CPA, she understood that without it the state would be bankrupt in about18 months. She is already focused on replacement private market solutions for this situation.

Diane supports local control of our schools and school choice. She values a strong education and knows that job creators need an educated work force.

She has served locally and on a national level, as the White House Liaison for the Department of Veteran Affairs when it was operating properly, and in the Office of Presidential Personnel.

Finally, during Diane’s tenure on the Litchfield Park City Council, the City has been in great financial health. They remain without a property tax-a promise to voters Diane made and kept.

I might be biased but I tell only the truth in my statements. Shame on those who are passing intentional misinformation. I’ll let that speak to their character.

Bob Hathaway

Support Debra Undhjem


It is often said that “all politics is local,” and you should keep this in mind when deciding who deserves your vote for Litchfield Park City Council. This election there is one candidate that definitely deserves your vote; Debra Undhjem. In order to determine what an elected official will do once elected, you must reflect on what they have done in their past. Debra Undhjem has served the Litchfield Park area in a multitude of ways.

1. Debra Undhjem founded the IMS Marathon, the premier charitable running event on the Westside. Through Debra Undhjem, the IMS Marathon not only raises money for scholarships, but also raises money for schools, scouts and servicemen.

2. I had the pleasure of serving with Debra Undhjem on the IMS Health Foundation board, where Debra was in charge of the scholarship program that assisted those wanting to enter the medical field.

3. Debra Undhjem also was instrumental in raising funds for the Phoenix Children’s Hospital’s Westside location.

4. Debra Undhjem also helped raise funds for the Southwest Valley YMCA, serving as the chair of their Board.

5. Debra Undhjem served as the President of the Rotary Club of Litchfield Park.

6. Debra Undhjem is a graduate of the Leadership West Program.

7. Debra Undhjem served as the President of the Luke Air Force Base Spouse’s Club.

8. Debra Undhjem served as a Litchfield Elementary School Board Member.

What makes Debra’s accomplishments even more amazing is that she has provided all this service to the community while employed at Southwest Airlines. What makes her accomplishments possible is her background as a veteran of the United States Air Force. There is no doubt the Litchfield Park City Council could use someone with a service record like Debra Undhjem.

Gaetano Testini
Litchfield Park

Vote for Landis


Please vote for Diane Landis, LD-13, AZ House on August 26. Diane is a long time resident of Litchfield Park, where as her opponents, Mitchell and Montenegro are Carpet-Baggers from Avondale. Neither owns a home in LD-13. Montenegro continues to own a home in Avondale and Mitchell spends most of his time at his finance’s home up the street from the Montenegro home. Mitchell rents a “Gracie Mansion” style home in Litchfield Park used for political functions and Montenegro uses a P.O Box as his official address. This probably satisfies Arizona Legislature requirements but is not what the framers intended. . Neither ran for 2015 Republican Precinct Committeeman which qualifies them to vote in Party Elections. Montenegro exhibited real “Chutzpah” in endorsing Robert Graham for State Chairman as he will be unable to vote for him.

Diane puts Arizona First. This is her first campaign and she is depending on political contributions to fund it, unlike M and M who used tax payer (Clean Elections) funds for their first runs. Diane is endorsed by Governor Brewer while M and M are suing the governor over Medicaid Expansion which is providing health insurance for 300,000 low income residents and saving hospitals huge sums previously spent on uncompensated care. This is our tax dollars returning to Arizona, not Obamacare. Diane will not starve the Schools and municipalities as Mitchell and Montenegro have done. Frequent local school tax over-rides and municipal tax increases are the results of M and M tax policies of keeping state taxes low and letting school districts and Municipalities fend for themselves. Diane Landis is the best qualified candidate and deserves your vote.

Bobbie M. Watts

Hickman’s supporters


Our family will be voting for Clint Hickman for County Supervisor. Our kids have been a part of his campaign trail and happily pointing out his signs, watching him on TV recently, and reading about him in the paper. We will be active voters and are going to be watching him win on August 26th.

We are “ovally” eggggcited!

Kim Lipsky

Vote goes to Orsborn


Thanks to the West Valley View for the candidate profiles for Buckeye City Council District 6. It appears to me that Buckeye is headed in the right direction which is why we moved here a couple of years ago.

We are going to support Eric Orsborn to continue to be our city councilman. We believe he will help keep Buckeye moving in the right direction. His experience professionally, in community service, and involvement in the community are all valuable to providing good leadership on the city council. He has our support.

Mr. Smith on the other hand seems to have answers and says he wants to keep taxes low, but his answers for attracting business all come with high costs for taxpayers. Incentives for high wage jobs, upgrading downtown, suspending taxes & fees, offering cash grants, even gifting land. Evidently Mr. Smith has a money tree in his backyard! Has Mr. Smith even been to Buckeye City Council meetings Not recently, just reads about them. I don’t think that is being involved or gives him the knowledge needed to be on the City Council.

Our vote is going to the guy not talking out both sides of his mouth, Eric Orsborn.

Chet Hetrick

Wickenburg will take eggs


Mayor JOHN COOK of Wickenburg has a solution to the problems in Tonopah.

At a candidate forum held 7-28-14 at the Wickenburg City Hall, Mayor Cook came up with a fantastic solution to the issue of placement for the Hickman Egg manufacturing plant that is currently being built in Tonopah.

After hearing Clint Hickman’s presentation as to the reason why he should be elected as their next District #4 Board of Supervisor representative, Mayor Cook stated that the town of Wickenburg would be glad to have the Hickman Egg manufacturing plant in their town. Apparently he doesn’t seem to mind the 12 million stinky hens with their flying feathers, dander, rodents, flies and mosquitoes. He doesn’t worry about the contamination of the town’s water supply. He doesn’t worry about the devaluation of the property values.

Hooray! This will be a WIN-WIN for both communities. Tonopah can go back to being a sleepy country community, and Wickenburg can benefit from all the tax base and employment opportunities that Tonopah is willing to give up.

Thanks Mayor Cook. I’ll be in touch

Linda Butler

I am not allowed


Your comments speak directly to my point although I do agree Google is a very good research tool. In my July 22nd letter I did state what you suggest that I could register with one of the four parties listed on the ballot and then vote for that party’s candidates. I know this because I received a preliminary form in the mail that gave me the opportunity to register with one of the parties listed by July 12, 2014. I did not return the form. I feel that it is unfair for any tax paying citizen to have to meet a prerequisite of party affiliation to be eligible to cast a vote in any state sponsored election.

I chose to be an Independent because I do not believe in political parties. Unfortunately, the parties control the primary format instead of the voters. If the parties truly wanted voter participation, I would not have been inclined to write a letter to the editor expressing my displeasure with the current format.

Open primaries would give all voters the ability to exercise their right and responsibility to participate.

That is the foundation of “consent of the governed”.

Anything else falls short of this critical balance of power.

Ms. Green, I want to be able to vote for the person I feel is the best candidate for the job regardless of party affiliation. I also feel that an open primary format would encourage more people to run for office.

If you believe in citizen involvement to address and solve the problems we face as both a state and a country, the first step to that involvement is open primaries. I hope you will exercise your right to vote on primary day. I will be there in spirit.

Jim Ely

Keep Hickman


Clint Hickman is a 4th-generation Arizonan and part of a successful family business. He has extensive business and community service experience. Clint has brought these, along with his integrity, ethics, and conservative values to the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. He has proven his ability to provide protection to the unincorporated areas of the county, while keeping costs to a minimum, by increasing the resources available to Sheriff Joe Arpiao. Clint has effectively represented the far West Valley in issues pertaining to economic growth and employment opportunities. He is a good steward of our taxpayers’ money.

Clint’s opponent, on the other hand, has already threatened other Republicans with lawsuits for slander. What we don’t need in the Board of Supervisors is another person who may cost the taxpayers almost a million dollars due to law suits.

We urge you to keep Clint Hickman as your Maricopa County Supervisor. Please vote for Clint in the primary election on August 26th.

Fred and Jan Amator

Political commercials


Recently while watching TV and being inundated with Politicians and there soap box reasoning why they should be Elected. I watched one commercial that stood out from the rest.

This commercial is pointed to a business owner who tried to create jobs and failed and had to do bankruptcy. This Politician also stated that he voted for the law that allows Bigotry towards others. I take no stand on GLBT, but I will take a stand on freedoms. If a business does not want “certain” people in their area then lets put USA back into racial riots. As a previous business owner who was I to judge a person. Judge not unless ye be judged.

In short, I would rather vote for someone who tried to create jobs rather than vote for a Bigot.

Lets remember most businesses who others look at as a role model had also filled bankruptcy.

Michael Holcomb

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Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Patrick:

   Interesting, especially when you consider the endorsement the Republic gave to Ducey.  It starts out praising Smith, and leads you to believe he's going to get the endorsement, then suddenly switches to Ducey!  (More than a few people wrote in to ask "WTF"!)  Even though I can't vote in the primary, I understand that reaction.

eagle73's picture

Connlion and Gordon

I agree with ya'll about being able to blank out those ads.  A majority of shows I watch are recorded and I can fast forward through all commercials.  Bless the DVR!

I wish we could edit out the letters to the editor refering to political candidates.  Since we sign in to our own account it would be nice to be able to delete the letters as we wish.  Hmmm...maybe the comments section too.


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Steve:

   Or do what I do with them (and I suspect plenty of people do with mine and Roy's): skip over them entirely!

   By the way, do you own your DVR, or rent it from your cable/satellite provider?  I'd love to find a DVR with a tuner I could buy instead of rent (or a VCR for that matter), but none seem to exist.

   I have some of those digital tuner boxes that I can hook up to my old VCR's and DVR, but although the version I've got is programable (so I can record and watch shows later), that feature doesn't work very well.  The alternative is to leave the tuners on all the time.  (I really hate the digital switchover.)

eagle73's picture


All major outlets have DVR's.  Walmart, Bestbuy and throughout the internet.  I don't know the capability of each with a particular cable company.  I do rent mine.  It is the receiver and dvr in one (Countour).

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Mr. Holcomb:

   Why not name the candidate whose ad so offended you?  (With good reason, it sounds like.)

   Meanwhile, I have an infallible system for dealing with campaign ads.  It involves using the remote.

Lately, I have also found myself reaching for the remote every time a political ad comes on TV. At first they were somewhat amusing but have become more annoying lately whether they are negative or positive  ads. The message that I can extract from these ads is that all the candidates have some serious baggage or past slip ups. I really can't believe Andrew Thomas is running. If you read the fine print at the bottom if the ads, you will find that the sponsors are mostly out-of-state PACs who receive funding from the Heritage Foundation or some other conservative think tank. These PACs are usually also donors to one of the other candidates.

The ad that I get a kick out of is that of Sheriff Joe's rousing endorsement of Doug Doucey. His first heap of praise for Mr. Doucey touts that he is the son of a police officer. Just what are we supposed to deduce from that? Could that mean that he was raised by a strict disciplinarian and instilled with American pride and solid conservative fiscal and moral values? Or could it be that his father helped him out of speeding tickets and maybe a few scrapes with the law, perhaps even saving him from spending a few days in "tent city". My guess is something in between. Growing up, I knew a few kids whose fathers were policemen and were raised enjoying the latter upgringing and often bragged about it. At the time, it was also extremely advantageous for the police applicant to be of Irish descent!

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear connlion:

   Perhaps I can recruit you to join me in a somewhat quixotic crusade I'm trying to launch, as a "final solution" to all those campaign ads.  (It might also help reduce the influence of money on politics.)

   Right now modern T.V.'s come equipped with a "V-Chip", which enables the viewer (us) to screen out programming we don't like (Sex, Violence, Strong Language, etc.).  I propose getting a law passed requiring the addition of a "P-Chip", which would automatically screen out all political ads.  Whenever one came on (even as part of a news report), the screen would go blank, and the set would go mute.  (A message would appear explaining that an ad was being blocked, so we wouldn't think anything was wrong.)  I'd also propose adding this to all radios.

   We would decide whether or not to activate the chip, so there would be no issue of censorship.

   And as for the money problem?  Well, most of the campaign funds go to pay for T.V. ads (and Radio ads to a lesser extent).  If this idea caught on, and people began using the chip, the incentive to raise so much money would vanish.  After all, who would pay billions for an ad no one sees?

  The only problem, of course, is that this has no chance of passing.  Oh well.

porr000's picture


While you are at it, can you request a "P-Filter" for the WVV so we can get all our Posner comments in one place?

I think that would be swell.



Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Patrick:

   Now, now, don't be coy either.  You just want to see all your Coments in one place!  Call it a "P-Orr" filter.


   (Yes, I like bad puns.)

porr000's picture


Very punny sir!


eagle73's picture

Patrick, your letter posted as I was writing mine.  It sounds as if you want an easy reference to Gordon's letters.  Maybe some would like to delete them.laughNot me by the way. 

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Steve:

   Well, right now the View has such a "freaky" filter.  It's called the "Archive" feature.  It's freaky because (ever since the changeover to the new web system) it doesn't work very well!  It's one major gripe I have with the View.  (Though to be fair, I've never written to them complaining about it.)

porr000's picture


I can't imagine anyone wanting to delete them. I mean, it's not like anyone has ever written in to the WVV wanting Gordon's comments to be banned or anything, right?


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Patrick:

   No more than they want Roy's banned.

   (Oh no! The two of us have something in common.)


eagle73's picture


Boy, I cannot think of  many, I mean any.  Yeah, right -eh.


I like your idea of a "P-chip" but feel it may be "an impossible dream". It really would not benefit my wife and I since we "cut the cord" five years ago and bought a set of "rabbit ears" for about twenty bucks. We get about 30 channels and most are in "Hi-Def". I no longer suffer the frustration of clicking through 280 channels and not finding anything to watch! We also dropped our landline phones and are totally cellular now with smartphones and a decent plan. Unfortunately, we are still tied to Cox for internet service but have somewhat mitigated annual price increases thanks to my wife getting on the phone and haggling with someone at Cox. We have also gone down to the slowest internet speed, I think 1.5 mps, but it sufficient for what we use it for, including watching reruns of shows we have missed on network websites through a dedicated computer connected to our 50 inch. We figure that we've saved about 3 or 4 thousand dollars over last five years with this strategy. So for now, my "P-chip" is my thumb and my "clicker".

P.S. I enjoy reading your posts, as verbose as they may be, because they are very articulate, intelligent, and well thought out, using facts and truths backed up by verifiable links. Keep up the good work!

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Connlion:

   Thanks for the compliments.

   I agree my "P-Chip" is probably an impossible dream, but one can dream.

   It could still work for you, since the idea would be built into the T.V., it wouldn't matter where the signal came from (broadcast, cable, internet).

   I'm considering "cutting the cord" too.  I've also heard of internet services that allow you to "cue" programs for recording to your computer after the shows have aired.  I'm thinking of subscribing to that.  The problem is it makes the recording in "real" time, instead of simply allowing one to download the video, like a podcast.

   Meanwhile, if I miss a regularly scheduled program I either try to get it from the broadcaster's website (as you mentioned) or download it from Amazon.  (At $2 an episode it's not too pricey.  I only download "low D", since I'm still using analog cathode-ray tube T.V.'s)

   I've also started accessing shows on the "premium" cable channels from a great free source: the public library!  Of course, I have to wait for the DVD's to comeout, but this has multiple benefits: not only do I get the DVD's of the shows for free, but I can watch them when I want, plus if it's a "new" series I don't have to invest the time in early episodes only to see it yanked from the air for poor ratings.

   (That's happened a number of time, such with ABC's The Assets, and I'm sick of it.  In fact, I've just about given up watching new shows altogether.  If they survive I'll see them next year.)

   Given all that, I probably should "cut the cord".  It actually would be cheaper to buy the DVD's of the shows instead of watching them "live"!

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Mr. Ely:

   Since I'm not a registered Independent, I can't claim personal knowledge of that "registration form" you claim to have received.  However, what I know of the Law indicates you misread it.

   You don't have to "register" in a party in order to vote in its Primary.  You just have to choose which Primary to vote in.  Next year, you can choose a different Primary.  You aren't changing your registration, you're still an Independent.

   Frankly, sir, you sound like precisly the type of "low information voter" we're better off without.  Your position seems based more on ideology than reality.

   As for the "open primary" concept, why should Republicans get to choose the candidates for the Democratic Party (and vice versa)?  Here in my District (the 19th), the latter outnumber the former by a wide margin.  In an "open primary" (where votes are cast regardless of the party affiliation of the candidates), the odds are the Democrats will win all primaries!  I'm sure my Republican friends and neighbors would just love that.  (The reverse is true in Republican Districts.)  So, on Election Day, they'd have the "choice" between one Democrat and another - both of them probably too "liberal".  Sounds like a great way to decrease voter participation.

   Under the current system, they can at least cast a "protest vote" for the Republican candidate (vice versa in Republican Districts).  And as for you, if you really don't like voting for candidates you never nominated, please don't vote!

P.S. - And anyone who knows me also knows this is probably the first time in my life I ever said such a thing.  My normal philosophy is that everyone should vote.  But I'll make an exception for you.

eagle73's picture

Olga Aros,

Since you are using population as a base, do you feel that the council should be 50.3 hispanic?  You are leaving out other ethnic representation.  Do you feel the present counsel does not care about all of Avondale?

I agree that all voters should participate. I wonder how many Latino voters will cast a ballot for only for Latinos or do many of them vote for whom  they think will be their best representative.  Let us hope they continue to vote for their best representative, unlike what you are declaring.


eagle73's picture

That guy sure is causing a lot of grief.  (He) is one busy person!

eagle73's picture

Analees' letter has so much bunk in it I will let your letter tackle her comments.  Very strange read even after a reread.


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Steve:

   It's so easy, I was almost tempted to say nothing about "Mother Macree's" latest opus.  But inspired by your call to action, here goes.

1) ISIS isn't a person.

2) Isis is a woman's name.  (A goddess, actually.)

3) ISIS is persecuting everyone who doesn't subscribe to their views (religious or political), not just Christians.

4) I believe it was a Mosque that was blown up.  (Though the merry band of terrorists are so busy, who knows?  They might have hit a church too.)

5) Who cares what the leader of ISIS says he's going to do here?  (Though, if he does come I hope he'll get the "welcome" he deserves.  Perhaps with nuclear arms.)

6) Sorry to break it to you, madam, but according to the majority of the people on Earth, your "fisherman" doesn't reign anywhere.

But apart from that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?


I disagree, Steve. Analie was correct in what she said, but trying to cover all the bases in one letter makes it sound discombobulated.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

   Given how discombobulated (and inaccurate) your remarks are, your opinon about hers doesn't surprise me one bit.

I see you're still practicing your hit-and-run tactics, Gordon. They are so tiresome.

Would you care to elaborate and point out exactly where she's wrong?

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

    Yet another "one dollar premium" moment for you, madam.  Technically, two of them!  (I admire your efficiency: two in one Comment.)

1) "Hit and run tactics" better describes what you engage in.  Did you Comment praising "Mother Maccree" explain what you found "correct" in her little tirade?  Did you even indicate which "bases" she was trying to cover, let alone how she covered "all" of them that could be covered?  Did you indicate why you considered her remarks to be correct, rather than the bunk Steve called them?  No, no, and no.  As usual, you just spewed.

2) Had you bothered to read my reply to Steve (which I posted before replying to you), you'd have the answer to your question.

   Yes, someone is very tiresome.  It's just not me.

A guided tour of Analie Maccree's letter...for those who are in denial of the intended annihilation of the United States of America under the Obama Administration. (It all depends on how quickly he's able to accomplish each goal.)

ISIS: Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (no goddesses among them) "How Scary Are These Guys? Even Al Qaeda Doesn’t Want To Mess With Them"

Sources that prove the validity of Maccree's accusations:

First paragraph: "Will ISIS Plan a 9/11-Style Terror Plot Against the U.S.?"

Maccree said Obama would "probably" bow down. She did not say he "would" bow down. (Maybe she was relying on the King Abdullah incident.)

New "Immigrants From Over 75 Countries Illegally Crossing U.S. Border"

NY Times: "How the Terrorists Got Rich, In Iraq and Syria, ISIS Militants Are Flush With Funds" "World View: ISIS Captures Iraq's Biggest Hydroelectric Dam, Driving Back Kurds"

Maccree asked: "could" money..., NOT money "is" being funneled... I happen to agree that putting any stock in the integrity of Iran's word (of honor) would be utterly foolish.

Second paragraph: "Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood"

The Daily Beast: "Here are the Taliban Terrorists Obama Released to Free POW Bowe Bergdahl"

"...the U.S. has released five senior Taliban commanders from the Guantanamo Bay prison. They are considered some of the worst of the worst... all five men released were considered to be a high risk to launch attacks against the United States and its allies if they were liberated..." "McCain Denounces Ban on Photos at Detention Facilities: ‘I Want It Fixed Immediately’"

Third paragraph: "Netanyahu to US: Don't Second Guess Me on Hamas"

Conservative Tribune: "CONFIRMED: Obama is Funding the Terrorists Attacking Israel"

The Daily Caller: "Stories From The Battlefield: Hamas Killing Its Own Children"

Fourth paragraph: "ISIS to Christians in Mosul: Leave, Convert to Islam or Die"

Any other questions, Counselor? (Oh, and don't bother complaining about the conservative sources. As I've said before, trying to find a negative word about Obama from liberal sources is a waste of time.)

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

   There's just one "small" problem: nothing you provided supports "Mother Maccree's" paranoid delusions (and yours). Namely that (in your words) you are addressing (and refuting):

those who are in denial of the intended annihilation of the United States of America under the Obama Administration. (It all depends on how quickly he's able to accomplish each goal.)

   Unless I've completely misread her Letter, and your Comment, the "he" is President Obama himself.  (For example, why else mention "back door deals" in connection with him?)  At the very least, the two of you think Obama is "eager" for this to happen.

President O’Bama probably can’t wait so he can bow down to the Grand Caliphate. . . .

   So, let's examine your arguments and "sources" to see if they support what amounts to a scurriolous charge of treason!

1) "No goddesses among them"

   Judy, I realize you lack the sophistication to recognize humor when you read it, but honestly!  The only reason I mentioned the Egyptian goddess was because Maccree stupidly kept referring to ISIS as if it was a person, and a man to boot!

Isis in Iraq boldly claimed he’s coming to America. . . .

Where is Isis getting all his money . . . .

Isis thought he would be beneficent. . . .

   Must I also point out the fact that she thinks "Isis" is a proper name for a person, instead of an acronym for an organization?  (Something even you recognize.)  "Isis" is a woman's name, and comes from the female goddess of Ancient Egypt.  I think "Mother Maccree" earned the little mockery I engaged in.  (And in case you missed it, Steve, was engaging in the same mockery, just a little more subtley.  Go back and re-read his first Comment.)

2) How Scary Are These Guys? Even Al Qaeda Doesn’t Want To Mess With Them (

   Nothing there indicating any "Obama connection", and the basis for the piece is "a video posted on YouTube" that purports to show the terrorists driving captured American vehicles.  Yea, a purported video from an unknown "source" is a great place to start slandering someone.

   But please note what you hear at 45 seconds into the video: an ISIS fighter says "his group will establish a State to protect the rights of Sunni Muslims.  Why is that significant?  Well, because that form of Islam is dominant in Saudi Arabia, not Iran.

   A fact which tends to undercut Maccree's implication that Iran is financing them.  (And isn't it "cute" how she goes about it?  She carefully doesn't expressly say that's what happening.  No, it's all "Could be", and other such weasel expressions.)

   Further problem with her "implication"?  Iran has been aiding the Assad Regime in Syria.

   Syria, of course, is another country ISIS wants to takeover.  As you noted, it's acronym stands for the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. (Though the name keeps morphing.)

  Oh, and Iran is also sending troops into Iraq to help fight ISIS.  (Why not, with the Malaki government in charge Iraq is pratically a client state of Iran!)

   (By the way, be sure to read my Point 7 below, for some further "fun facts" about this.)

   The most that can be said is that Iran opposes intervention by the U.S. against the Sunni militants of ISIS - preferrring to do this itself.

   Is this because Iran is actually part of the "great Obama/ISIS conspiracy"?  Or, perhaps, it's just part of the "warm", "close", and "friendly" relations that have existed between Teheran and Washington for decades!  They trust us implicitly, right?

   Sorry, but the only thing this video "proves" is (as the title says) how scary ISIS is.  Guess what, madam, anyone with a functioning brain doesn't need this video to know that.  (I question whether you or "Mother Maccree" qualify.)


3) Will ISIS plan a 9/11-style terror plot against the U.S.? (

   Again, this is hardly suprising (to anyone with a functioning brain), but (also again) there is absent anything supporting Maccree's and your slander!  To the contrary, the article notes that:

U.S. officials have warned the next major attack on U.S. soil could emanate from the region.

  Now, if Obama is busy making "back door deals" to arm ISIS, why would his officials be issuing such warnings?

   Of course, the warnings themselves are rather vague.  I could add that such an attack could "emanate from" almost anywhere on Earth!  I mean even though Bush looked into Putin's soul (and announced we could work with him), I never trusted the guy!  And there are plenty of other groups out there who have demonstrated both the willingness and ability to attack us, or anywhere else.  (The PLO, Fatah, the Tamal Tigers, the list is endless.)  Is Obama arming them too?

   Oh, and I guess you missed this paragraph, which seems to contradict what that CNN video said.

But Zarate [CBS's news analyst] warned about the influence of senior al Qaeda figures who traveled to Syria and could be working to turn ISIS' attention toward the west.

"You do have very senior al Qaeda figures who have migrated to the Syrian conflict to provide strategic guidance and direction and to me that's incredibly dangerous because you have operatives and strategists who have had squarely in mind to turn the attention of these groups toward the west," he said.

   Hmm, guess al Qaeda's not so scared of this bunch after all!  And let's not forget (as the CBS article also notes): "ISIS "is an al Qaeda-inspired group that certainly has al Qaeda ties".

   (By the way, remember how "concerned" your "beloved" Bush the Second was about al Qaeda before 9/11?  He couldn't even connect the dots!)

   In short, once again your "proof" fails to support your claims, or those of "Mother Maccree".  No one denies the potential danger ISIS represents.  But the paranoid conspiracy theories she's spreading (and you're swallowing without question) are still based on fantasy.

4) "Probably bow down"

  You mean, like this?

   Or, maybe this?

   And let's not forget that when it comes to bowing to Emperors, Nixon's the one!

   This is probably the reason DeGaulle "liked Ike".

   Finally, I don't know about you, but this looks to me like Bush just surrendered to the British!

  In short, madam, haven’t we had enough of this nonsense?  On this one you and “Mother Macree” are simply ridiculous!


5) "Immigrants From Over 75 Countries Illegally Crossing U.S. Border" (

   Lather, rinse, repeat.  (Still nothing there to support the "great Obama conspiracy theory".)

   But how odd you didn't mention this aspect of the problem, discussed in the article:

As we have reported previously, the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, signed into law by President George W. Bush, makes it nearly impossible to deport unaccompanied minors to Central America without first letting them appear before an immigration judge.

   I might add that I'm just a tad skeptical about "reports" from "anonymous sources" provided through Breitbart Texas! And I have cause to be equally skeptical about statements from Governor Perry, or Republican Mike Rogers.  I know this may come as a shock to you, but their intentions may not be entirely noble, and may even be political and partisan!


6) "How the Terrorists Got Rich, In Iraq and Syria, ISIS Militants Are Flush With Funds" (

   Hmm, an Op-Ed by two former members of the Bush Administration.  What could I possibly say about that as a "source"?  (Hint: read the last paragraph of Point 5, above.)

   Plus, of course, lather, rinse, repeat (etc.)


7) World View: ISIS Captures Iraq's Biggest Hydroelectric Dam, Driving Back Kurds (

   Lather, rinse, repeat (etc.)

   But please note how this piece also refutes "Mother Maccree's" implication of an Iran - ISIS connection.  (It’s the “fun facts” I referred to back in Point 2.)

Iran trapped in a quagmire supporting both Syria and Iraq

* * * * * * * *

However, Iran has been caught by surprise by a major threat on its own doorstep, the rapid rise of the Islamic State / of Iraq and Syria (IS or ISIS). ISIS is a Sunni Muslim terrorist organization with an objective of exterminating all Shia Muslims. ISIS is threatening Iran's allies in Iraq, as well as significant Shia religious sites in Iraq that Iran is committed to defending.

  Nuff said.


8) "Maccree asked: "could" money"

   I already responded to this with the contempt it deserves, but if you really want to continue this game, how about:

Could be money has been funneling to them from the Republicans to make Obama look bad, in time for the November elections.  After all, the GOP's got all that "dark money" to play with.

   Three can play the slander game.


9) Obama Bypasses Congress, Gives $1.5 Billion to Muslim Brotherhood (

   Breitbart, again?  What next?  The American Nazi Party on the "Jewish Menace", or the KKK on the dangers of "Popery"?  You really are scrapping beneath the barrell now.

   Oh, and there's the little matter of your "inaccuracy".  It turns out the money wasn't going to the Muslim Brotherhood, but to the Egyptian Military!  I'm sure you recall what big "fans" of the Brotherhood they turned out to be.  (In case you've forgotten, the military overthrew the Muslim Brotherhood's government.  Sounds like that money came in handy!)

   And lest we forget: Lather, rinse, repeat (etc.)  (Must I really point out your Breitbart piece is from 2012, and thus provides no proof of how ISIS is being funded today, or that it doesn't even mention ISIS?)


10) Here are the Taliban Terrorists Obama Released to Free POW Bowe Bergdahl (

   YAWN! Lather, rinse, repeat (etc.).

11) McCain Denounces Ban on Photos at Detention Facilities: ‘I Want It Fixed Immediately’ (

   YAWN! Lather, rinse, repeat (etc.).

12) Netanyahu to US: Don't Second Guess Me on Hamas (

   YAWN! Lather, rinse, repeat (etc.).

13) CONFIRMED: Obama is Funding the Terrorists Attacking Israel (

   This one is going to break your heart, but your "beloved" (Bush the Second) did the same thing!

   One can criticize both men for their decisions in this regard (though looking at the reasons for their decisions first might be a good idea), but trying to imply Obama is deliberately funding ISIS (or other terrorists) is absolute SLANDER!  (Were it not for New York Times v. Sullivan, decided by that nasty liberal Warren Court, you'd be facing a ruinous lawsuit right now.)

   And I'm not even going to bother addressing at length the obvious "spin" your article is putting on all this.


14) Stories From The Battlefield: Hamas Killing Its Own Children (

   Please, the only thing even remotely connected to your (and "Mother Maccree's") conspiracy theory is this bit at the very end:

The United States supplies 37% of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) budget.

UNRWA is controlled (owned) by Hamas.

   The problem, madam?  Once again, your "beloved" did the same thing!

President George W. Bush drew down emergency funds for UNRWA to the tune of $20 million in fiscal year 2002, $26 million in 2003, $40 million in 2004, $20 million in 2005 and $20 million in 2007.

   (In case the points I've been making about Bush are too subtle for you, it's simple to explain.  Unless you are going to include him in your "conspiracy theory", since he did the same things, you have no business making such a baseless charge against Obama either!)

   Oh, and last I checked the United Nations Relief and Works Agency is "controlled (owned)" by the U.N.!  And had its own problems and rivalries with Hamas.


15) ISIS to Christians in Mosul: Leave, Convert to Islam or Die (

   YAWN!  Lather, rinse, repeat (etc.).

   But let me just ask:  How in Hell is that in anyway relevant to what I wrote?  I don't recall denying ISIS was persecuting Christians.  In fact, my exact words were:

ISIS is persecuting everyone who doesn't subscribe to their views (religious or political), not just Christians.

   Perhaps you need to look up the definition of the word everyone!


   You seem to be operating under the multiple delusions that I was criticizing everything "Mother Maccree" wrote, instead of pointing out the obvious errors in her piece, and in the argument she was making.  Like her, you seem to think the way to "make your case" is to throw as much mud around as you can, and hope no one takes the time or makes the effort to note that it doesn't stick!  Sorry, madam, but if this is the best either of you can offer for your slanderous "conspiracy theory", your "guilt-by-association" and "guilt-by-innuendo" approach, then all you've done is prove my point!  The opinions on this topic expressed by both of you are WORTHLESS!

P.S. - This is just one enormous "one dollar premium" moment.  And you now are "filthy rich" as a result, since the total sum is approaching infinity!




I posted my response to you rather late in the evening yesterday, so it's nice to know I keep you up at night--or at least give your insomnia purpose.

Rather than cover point by point...again...suffice it to say a news story is only as good as the perspective with which it is read. As I'm sure you are aware, you Obama apologists are an ever-shrinking number these days. Too bad we ALL have to live with the repercussions of your poor judgment.

One last point... Did it occur to you or Steve that English is not Ms. Maccree's first language--which might explain the pronoun problem in her letter? I don't know her, but I didn't get the impression that you do either.

eagle73's picture


It would not matter about language.  This is a comprehension problem. Its all over the media what ISIS stands for.

I know, Steve. But people whose first language is something besides English sometimes mix up their pronouns--saying "they" for "he", "they" for "she", etc. She did use "they" and "them" (for ISIS) in a couple of places.

Reading Analie's letter reminded me of a message I got from my adorable Filipino niece (in-law) on Facebook one day. She wanted to tell me her son was being a brat. She wrote, "He's a paint to the a**."

Even us nothing-but-English speakers mix up words sometimes. For example, the Grand Marshal of the King's English (GPRP) used "their" for "they're" in one of his Comments today. And we thought he was perfect...ha ha ha ha ha!

eagle73's picture


You are missing my point.  Analie chose to make comments about a subject.  It is immaterial what is her first language.  It is an individuals responsibility to obtain the knowledge of  a subject, I think especially if entering into a public forum.

Her mixing up a few words makes for a tough read but if she had known her facts, that word mixup can be forgiven or at least ignored.


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

   As a member of the "colonies", obviously you don't realize it's the Queen's English!   That's what comes of living on this side of "the Pond".


   Seriously, me infallible?  Only when I use spellchecker and compose my Comments off-line before posting them.  Otherwise I'm as prone to typo's as anyone else.

   However, given her remarks about Obama "bowing to the Caliphate", I suspect Maccree's problem isn't a poor command of English, so much as "stream-of-thought" writing.

   (Or what passes for thought in her case.)


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

   How many times must I remind you that making predictions about politics (in particular) is a game for fool.  As I recall "your side" was just as sure of victory in 2012.  Wha happened?

   Also, if you check the polls (for whatever their worth) you'd learn that however low the standing Obama has it's higher than the Republicans!  What does that say about your poor judgment?

   The whole point of my Comments on Ms. Maccree's Letter has never been to disagree with her claimed "facts" (except for the ones I specifically mentioned originally), but to demonstrate that the conclusion she drew (and the argument she and you were making) wasn't supported by them.

   As for "defending Obama", may I remind you that I have defended Republicans when I felt they were being improperly or unjustly attacked?  I've frequently complained about people taking Romney's statement out-of-context (and carefully edited) to make it appear he liked firing people.  (In fact, he said no such thing.)  And I've even defended your "beloved" (Bush the Second).  Remember back when Dave Compton was demanding his impeachment?  I used one of my Letters (only one per week allowed, remember) to defend "Scrub" against the charge.  (It was a "backhanded" defense, but a defense all the same.)

   Indeed, perspective is important in everything.  You, sadly, have the perspective of a committed partisan ideologue, and assume everyone has the same perspective.  We don't.  So, perhaps, if I'm frequently "defending" Obama against things you, Ms. Maccree, and others are saying, it's because what you're saying simply isn't correct.

   Yes, it's obvious she has a poor grasp of English, and "logic".  Still, that doesn't excuse her insistence on transforming an acronym (ISIS) into a proper name (Isis).  Nor her ignorance that this isn't a man's name.  (Anymore than it excuses the rest of the nonesense she regularly posts.)  However, a remedial course on Engligh might help her not only to write better but to think!  Clarity of thought and expression do tend to accompany one another.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

  Just in case it escaped your notice, I not only supplied sources, but the links to those sources (including your own), so that anyone who bothers to read our Comments doesn't have to go hunting for yours the way I did.

   You know, madam, it's really not that difficult to post a link.  Just highlight the URL that appears in the little box at the top of your web browser.  (For example:  Right-click with your mouse and select "Copy".  Then move the mouse cursor to the text box of your Comment where you want to post the link, then press the Ctrl key on your keyboard (it's on the lower left) and the "V" key to paste the link.

   Even you should be able to do it.

Thanks for this lesson, Gordon. I'll try it next time.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

  Good luck.  It may take a little practice.  (The system the View chose for posting Comments has a few quirks, which I'm sure you've noticed by now.)

I should have explained myself in the earlier Comment. I knew Ms. Maccree was right in what she'd said because I'd read and heard it all prior to her letter. I just found the sources for you, Gordon.

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