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Letters to the Editor - August 8, 2014

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Vote, no excuse!


Mr. Fuss, in your last letter you stated: “We have all seen that our Supreme Court have problems agreeing how to interpret our Constitutional.”

I’m sure the West Valley View readers don’t need the Supreme Court for that.

We don’t need another outhouse lawyer in the mix either. The malcontent like “Mr. Fact Factor” Posner, “Mr. Progressive Obsessive” Azzarello, and “Mr. Thesaurus” Compton are entertainment enough. I stopped paying attention to them when it became personal. These boys can accelerate anyone’s constitutional, never mind being representative to our Constitution. Some of this is tongue in cheek but seriously, I encourage every eligible citizen to go and excuse!

Oh, by the way, let the editor do his job and let him edit.

Sig Mueller


LD13 perspective


I have known Diane Landis who is running for a seat in LD13 for several years. I don’t know her well, but I do know her, having worked with her on a voter registration project. In fact I signed her LD 13 nomination petition because I believed that she was as conservative as I am. Recently, however, and because Goodyear’s not so conservative mayor endorsed Landis, I have done some research. Diane is an outstanding public servant. She would serve LD13 in a capable manner. Personally I like Diane.

The thing is that I believe Diane is a Conservative. Well sort of conservative anyway. I do not believe that she would be a consistent Conservative, however. She is no way near as conservative as Montenegro or Mitchell. You know the M&M boys.Her election to LD 13 could cancel Montenegro or Mitchell’s vote on important issues. It is a tough call, but I see no valid reason to replace either of the M&M boys with Landis. If Landis were to win I agonize that the Arizona state legislature would become a little less conservative, not more. I believe the late Ken Going would be voting M&M this time around.

With all due respect to a very talented human being, Diane Landis, I urge my fellow conservatives to make the smart choice on August 26 by voting for the M&M boys, Montenegro and Mitchell. I want true conservatives controlling the legislature. RINOS need not apply. For the record I am NOT referring to Landis when I use the RINO terminology. Make no mistake. Whichever two Republicans win the LD13 tussle will get my vote in the general for sure.

Roy Azzarello


End food sales tax


This tax impacts all, but hurts the poor and seniors the most.

The twenty eight percent food inflations give the City of Goodyear a sales tax windfall.....reducing the sales tax by a quarter percent is no reduction in city sales tax revenues.......

Lets eliminate all sales taxes from basic foods and basic needs.

To insure that the process occurs.....let’s eliminate the sales tax on ALL foods stuffs and then have a process to re-establishing the sales tax on non-essential foods and non-essential basic items.......that way it will get done.

Virgil E. Warden


Garden Lakes liar


Joe Mosca wrote recently that I was a liar because I wrote to the WVV and didn’t identify myself as a Board member of GLHOA.

Joe is also a liar, he failed to mention he was running for the GLHOA Board and the Avondale City Council.

My previous letter was an attempt to be and not call Joe a liar about how he misrepresented facts about the water resource project.

Joe lied about the $2,000 special assessment, It was NEVER proposed. So many homeowners were upset by his lies (in the WVV and on our mailboxes) that they attended the monthly meeting in mass. The meeting had to be cancelled due to safety issues (overcrowding) and rescheduled.

Joe lied about the water being diseased and poisoned, this is the same water used to irrigate our local grade and high schools. No one would recommend drinking this untreated water.

Joe lied about the Golden Algae contamination in our lakes, the Board already had an experts report that cross contamination couldn’t be prevented because migratory water fowl.

Joe lied about the Board spending funds without the home ownership consent.

The CC&Rs spell this out very clearly that the Board does have this legal authority to do this for the community. It is also true that this project was voted down in 2008 and the reason was the proposed $500 special assessment.

Informed homeowners can go to the for correct information about our community.

When it comes time to vote for City Council candidates please vote for ANYBODY but Joe Mosca unless you want a demonstrated LIAR on the City Counsel.

Dennis Chandler


Where is America?


Once again, Is America sitting back watching ethnic & religious “cleansing,” as it did pre WWII? You bet, just as it did when Hitler’s craziness eventually resulted in a world-wide conflagration. Obama refuses to interrupt his fund raising campaigning and golfing to confront this current madness before it gets totally out of control. Because of his total failure and inaction regarding the Middle East, especially in Iraq, Christians are now being slaughtered by ISIS, an off-shoot of al-Qaeda, and forced to flee their homes with only the shirt on their backs, if they’re lucky. Also, we now witness Russia’s Putin using the same strategy of Hitler against Ukraine, and we play Chamberlain. Oh America, where ought thou?

It’s time for America to wake up and live up to it’s long tradition of aid to the persecuted. To paraphrase an old saying, “they came for them and we did nothing, now they come for us.” It’s time for the “baby boomer” pot-head peaceniks of the 60s and their current followers get their heads screwed on right and elect a leader that can and will deal with the well-being of all the people here at home and those in dire need abroad, and not play partisan politics as a way to lead and retain personal power.

As a retired military veteran, serving during the “cold war” and Viet Nam eras, this situation makes me sick and ashamed of our great nation so many have sacrificed to build.

Roy Sharp


Kudos to Avondale PD


Kudos to the Avondale Police Department for responding so quickly with several officers to our home on July 25th. My husband is ill and was confused that day thinking he was watching our 10 year old grandson Dillon. When he couldn’t find Dillon he called 911. Avondale responded and searched in and around our home for Dillon, within minutes they called a family member and found out Dillon was safe and sound with me, his grandmother. We are very appreciative of Officer Oder and his kindness and understanding toward my husband in his confused state. Officer Oder then followed through and called me to speak to Dillon asking him several questions making sure he was safe. A very BIG Thank You Avondale police officers and Officer Oder.

Judie Boothe


Forgotten Constitution


The President heads the Executive Branch which, absent Congressional or Judicial oversight or opposition, leaves him in the decision-making position. If the President is not acting within Constitutional limits, it is up to Congress to oppose and remedy it. That has not happened as evidenced by the gravity of the situation that exists today.

The Executive Branch covers all federal agencies, which includes Homeland Security and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement). The President is the boss.

In 2013 36,007 (reportedly) convicted illegal alien criminals were released into society to continue their criminal behavior. These are illegal aliens already processed for removal awaiting final disposition to their cases. Among those violent crimes committed were murder, rape, kidnapping and a laundry list of assorted serious crimes. Not all were first time offenders and they represented a total of 88,000 convicted crimes. And, previously, another 68,000 criminal aliens, located in jails by ICE officers were reportedly released instead of being processed for deportation.

Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Lamar Smith (Texas), said that the present Administration “willfully and knowingly put the interests of criminal immigrants before the safety and security of the American people,”

The purpose of the Constitution is the protection of the life and property of the citizens. It is the responsibility of the President and your elected officials to defend it. As a result of their failure to do so, not only in this matter but in many other vitally important areas, we now find ourselves in this downward slide toward a coming disaster.

From an operational viewpoint it is an internally generated policy and control situation. Forget the Constitution — it appears elected representatives may have done just that! This is evidenced by their actions or lack thereof.

Karl L. Nelson


Mitchell is a cheat and liar


After reading a couple letters in regard to Mitchell and his support, it has occurred to me that some people have short term memory, living under a rock for the past 2 years or might possibly be a relative !

One must recall before his last election Mitchell was judged in a court of law to be a cheat and one who might manipulate the facts for his own benefit — which he was tossed off the ballot. He was then however reinstated by appeal in regard to the manner in which writ was delivered.

No part of the Judge’s decision or the facts in this case were ever disputed or appealed for that matter.

So, realizing this, a vote for Mitchell is a vote for a cheat & liar, which even in this paper they have called him.

If we are to accomplish “Good” things for this state it helps to have honest & trustworthy people in the legislature. It would not be in Arizona’s best interest to vote for Mitchell.

Renee Campbell
W. Phoenix


Angela Cotera is the real deal


Angela Cotera wants to be Senator for all the right reasons. I first met her years ago when we were volunteering to help with Vacation Bible School. When I heard she was running for office, my first question was “Why?” I mean she’s a successful research Astrophysicist who is articulate, thoughtful, positive, happy and logical. She seems way over-qualified for the Arizona Legislature to me. Her answer was she could not just sit by and watch our public education system fail an entire generation of children. At first I thought she was just blowing smoke since like most of us it seems obvious to me most politicians seem motivated by personal gain. However, as I got to know Angela better and realized winning would not only mean a pay cut, but also have a negative impact on a career she loves, that’s when I had to admit she’s the real deal. Angela’s running because she truly wants to help our kids and our community. Angela is a throwback to a time when our elected officials were actually more interested in making life better for all Arizona kids, not just the wealthy few than scoring political points or advancing their political careers. I’m so glad she stepped up and is fighting to represent all of us in the Arizona Legislature.

John Bradley


To mall or not to mall


More often than not, I get a case of the giggles after reading the political ranting postings in your twice-weekly “letters to the editor”; but nothing compares to the knee slapper/belly laugh I experienced after reading your recent piece “Will Goodyear Get Its Mall?” (08/01/14). Let’s reexamine some of the presented data — if I can do so without laughing and snickering: The Estrella Falls Mall has been promised the kind residents of Goodyear for nearly TEN (10) years; the Goodyear City Manager expected to begin the review of construction docs Jan 14 — did not happen; the City of Goodyear has not seen any plans from the Developer; City of Goodyear does not know what the Developer’s mall will look like; plans have been put on “hold” multiple times; and lastly but most importantly, the Vice President of Development for Macerich (formerly known as Westcor), has not returned multiple calls. Gee, it certainly looks like construction is right on schedule. think? With that, I say the citizens of Goodyear be polled to vote on ideas/suggestions to construct on the empty field, also known as, the future Estrella Falls Mall. You get my vote for a “Splish/Splash” Water Park, or even the world’s largest Minature Golf Course. On the other hand, I suppose we can wait until the looming December 2014, 2015, or 2016 deadline.

William J. Wright Jr.


Live vegan


Last weekend the drinking water of 400,000 Toledo residents was fouled by animal waste. With unfettered growth of animal agriculture and ineffective discharge regulations, it will happen again in our own state.

The problem has become pervasive. Waste from chicken farms has rendered ocean off the East Coast unfit for fishing. Waste from Midwest cattle ranches carried by Mississippi River has created a permanent “dead zone” in the Gulf of Mexico larger than that of the infamous 2010 BP oil spill.

Animal agriculture dumps more pollution to our waterways than all other human activities combined. Principal pollutants are animal manure, fertilizers, as well as soil particles, organic debris, and pesticides from feed cropland. Manure and fertilizers promote growth of toxic algae that poison drinking water supplies. Organic matter feeds microorganisms that deplete oxygen and kill fish.

Effective regulations to limit dumping of animal waste into water supplies have been blocked by the meat industry.

Fortunately, every one of us has the power to stop this outrage three times a day by saying ‘no’ to polluting meat and dairy products. Our local supermarket offers ample alternatives. Entering “live vegan” in a search engine provides useful recipes and transition tips.

Wilfred Wallace
Litchfield Park


Political robocalls


Just because you can do something does not mean you should. In this case I am talking about political robocalls. Even though politicians are allowed to make calls to telephones on the Do Not Call List, an exemption I do not understand, this is one of those things they should not do. Apparently, the cost of making robocalls has gotten so cheap that most of our politicians are now using them as a campaign tool. We now are getting so many of them that it has gotten to be very annoying.

I believe this has now gotten so out of control that something should be done about it. I am writing my congressman and our senators to urge them to change the law to eliminate the political exemption for calls to numbers on the Do Not Call List. Further, I have decided not to vote for any politician that uses robocalling. If you cannot muster enough volunteers to make in-person calls you do not deserve to be elected.

Please join me in writing our congressional representatives and refusing to vote for those who use robocalls.

Steve Archer

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I'll take your advice, Steve. And Patrick, that's probably a good thing...

Oh my goodness...I found a secret door. Who knew there was a second page of Comments? I didn't until I clicked on the number 2. (Sometimes I'm slooooooow.)

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Do not go on Let's Make a Deal


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Judy, just think about all the scathing replies you have


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OK, got this figured out.  Gordon sayed he had to go do laundry (Fi or Sat I think).

Well, maybe he only does laundry one a month and is still watching the machines go 'round and 'round.

For those who think GPRP is some kind of wizard, I am about to burst your bubble. The truth is Posner is a con man. He depends on the ignorance (I said ignorance, not stupidity) of others. His latest example?

His unemployment rate chart that shows an almost steady decrease from January 2009 through July 2014. What he didn't show you was the Labor Force Participation Rate chart...AND I FOUND IT ON THE SAME PAGE!

"...all the unemployment rate tells us is the percentage of Americans who are filing unemployment, i.e., actively looking for a job. It doesn’t consider those who have given up looking for a job and left the workforce altogether. These people don’t have jobs and aren’t looking for jobs, but they still have to get money from somewhere, be it savings, family, or government programs. And that drains rather than contributes to the overall economy.

The figure that measures who is in the workforce, meaning they have a job or are looking for one, is called the Labor Force Participation Rate (LFPR). The lower the LFPR is, the fewer Americans are working or intending to work...." (LJ Review, Why the Decreasing Unemployment Rate is Deceptive, and Why It Matters to Us)

Since the Unemployment Rate chart omits those who have quit looking for work (and are just as unemployed as those who are still looking for work) and the LFPR includes them via a percentage of the population, the LFPR renders the UR chart virtually worthless.

I have no idea whether the chart from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website will show up in this Comment, so I'll abbreviate it. (It can be found by Googling "LFPR 2014".)

In January '04, the LFPR was just over 66%. That rate was fairly steady until mid-year '09, when it began an almost steady decline. By July '14, it had dropped to 62.9%.

CBS DC says the 62.9% represents 92,594,000 Americans who are not in the labor force.

Bloomberg says the 92.6 million represents a 36-year low.

Dear Judy,

Here is a link that may help. It is a table of labor force statistics from 1979 until July, 2014 and is from the BLS website.

As of July, the civilian non-institutional population was 248,023,000. This does not include military and prison populations as well as people under 16 years old. The number of people in the civilian labor force was 156,023,000. The number of those employed was 146,352,000. The number of unemployed was 9,671,000. The number of people not working for whatever reason was 92,001,000. This number of people who do not work could include those that have given up trying but also incudes many millions who are under 16, senior citizens, working moms (and dads), and people who are rich and don't need to work.


Oops. I meant to say non-working (stay at home) moms and dads in the last sentence

While studying the BLS table which I referred to in my previous post, I noticed that the number of people not working has grown steadily since 2007. This is also the year that the first of the "baby boom" generation can start collecting early Social Security at age 62 and may have retired and dropped out of the job market. This baby boom "retirement surge" could possibly help explain the recent increase in the "not working" population.

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Gordon says:  "By the way, interesting historical tidbit, during his campaign Romney "predicted" that he'd get unemployment down to 6% by the end of his first term.  (38 seconds into the video.)

First term:  4 years

Obama hits 6.2  %:  5.5 years (not 6 %, close enough for government work)

Gordon says Obama hit that 6% sooner than when Romney predicted.

But it was 1.5 years longer - that is called fuzzy math.



You're right, Steve. Gordon sees what he wants to see. Personally, I think he knows he voted for the wrong guy and is too arrogant to admit it.

By the way, does anybody else notice that Gordon is conveniently absent for a few days after he goes off the hook? Guess he needs recovery time after he told me I was going to Hell.

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Knowing him all this time, he is just busy doing something else.  Maybe answering my comment.  Hey, its all about me you know!


I've GOT to stay off of Facebook. I was looking for the "Like" button, Steve. Ha ha

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I agree. I was looking for the like button a few times myself today.


Judy and Steve,

Perhaps, the internet troll went back to work on their twelve hour weekend shift stocking shelves at Wal-Mart etc. Steve thanks for your time served.


Nice to see you back, Thomas!

eagle73's picture



Thanks.  Just courious, no need to answer if personal.  Why gingerale?




No problem “Ginger Ale” is my permalink name and is my favorite soda pop. Ironically, I spent twelve years racing high powered sprint cars as a hobby. I was eating ginger bread cookies when a fellow competitor nick named “ginger snap”. Sports people always dub competitors with nick names.


eagle73's picture



Appreciate the answer.  I was into more the drag racing scene in high school and a bit after.  All small potatoes, but was sure fun.  Hanging in the pits was the only way to go, tried to sit in the stands once - drove me crazy.  The only nickname I was given was simply Mickey (Mick)elson. I had a Mickey Mouse pin under the lapel of my military uniform so to keep it hidden.  Of course he made an appearance as needed!


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Dear Mr. Archer:

   I wish I could join you, but then I couldn't vote at all!  (It seems everyone is using robocalls.)  I'm on the Do Not Call List too, and am well aware of its short comings.  (I agree that "those people" should realize that if we took the trouble to put ourselves on that List we don't want to be called by anyone!)

   What I can do is offer some advice, and a "stop-gap" solution.  I leave my answering machine on all the time.  (One of God's greatest inventions.)  Why?  Precisly because most robo-calls (and telemarkerters) simply hang up when they get an answering machine instead of a person.  It's my last line of defense.

   Oh, and on the few occasions I decide to "pick up", I immediately cut short the spiel from the caller, and say:  "I do not respond to phone solicitiations, even from organizations I belong to or support.  Don't call this number again!"  Then I  hang up.  It probably doesn't accomplish anything, but it is very satisfying.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Mr. Sharp:

   A simple question, sir.  Since you're so busy telling the rest of us what we should do, are you ready to "re-up" and go fight in all those conflicts you're so eager to have someone else fight and die in?

   I'm not saying something shouldn't be done.  (After all - talk about bad timing for your Letter - the President just announced he is taking action in Iraq.)

   No, my problem is with all those people advocating permanent war while sitting safely at home, with nothing to risk.  I honor your prior service, but the key word is prior.  We've had enough of wars championed by "chicken hawks": people who either never served (unlike you), or who won't be serving.  (And if you're "too old", I'm sure you must have descendants or relatives you can "volunteer".)

   Make no mistake, permanent war is what you are advocating.  We invaded Afghanistan (for good reason), but then invaded Iraq for no good reason.  We distabalized the entire Middle East.  (Something Bush the Second actually offered as part of his reason for the Iraq invasion.)  So now we have to go back in there to end the mess we started?  Just how long do you think that will take?  A year, a decade, a century?  Is permanent occupation of foreign lands your "vision" of America?

   And now we're to add the Ukraine to your list.  (Hey, how do you think "Mad" Putin will respond to that one?  Or did you even consider the question?)  But why stop there.  All of Africa (almost) is one big "killing field".  Shouldn't we take action to protect lives there?  What about the murderous drug cartels in Central and South America?  Shouldn't we "war" against them too?  (It might help with our current influx of illegal immigrants.  Most of them seem to be refugees from those conflicts.)  Or don't all those lives count?

   You incorrectly cite the example of Neville Chamberlain, who thought he'd bought "peace in our time" by caving into Hitler's demands.  I see nothing to justify that comparison with the President and Ukraine. He may not have declared war, but he certainly isn't trying to "buy peace".

   I'll also refrain from belaboring the obvious regarding Vietnam.  (Not exactly America's "finest hour".)   But let me offer another historical precedent to consider.

   When the Zealots made their futile and desperate last stand against the Roman Empire at Masada, they'd already lost everywhere else in Judea (as what was left of Israel was called back then).  Rather than surrender, they killed themselves.  It was the ultimate Roman "victory" - they'd captured a lifeless fortress at the shore of a dead sea.  As Tacitus (the great Roman historian) is supposed to have said on another occasion: the Romans made a desolation, and called it peace.

   Yes, those who are "peaceniks" should remember that the absence of war is not the same thing as peace.  But "war hawks" should remember what Churchill is reported to have said: jaw-jaw is always better than war-war.  And he certainly was no "peacenik".  Remember, sir, "War is hell!"

eagle73's picture


You are aware of my 33 year Air Force career.  We do not know Roy's' career numbers - does not matter- he served.  Thank you Roy.  I believe your number is zero.  Now this may be for due cause - medical, etc..

I was steamed to the hilt (pissed) when I read your question to Roy about if he is ready to "re-up".

Myself, and I believe Roy may agree that war is not our first desire.  Both of us served because of belief in helping Americans to remain well, Americans and the freedoms we enjoy.  This includes helping the persecuted.  Have we missed some opportunities to help some?  Yes.  You say he is busy telling the world what to do.  This is a false statement.  He only mentioned  America as one who should help.

Back to your "re-up" question.  Is it not enough for us to serve and after retirement (or any years one has served) to still want freedom for ones who are being persecuted?

Sir, you do not have any standing for such a request for him (Roy), myself, or anyone else who has served to ask them to serve again.

I would feel as if I was belittling my Dad (who served in the Army Air Corp) to ask him to reup and take another tour of duty for him having the same beliefs after he served as he had when he served.

You are stepping on our toes - Get the hell off.


eagle73's picture

I mentioned:    You say he is busy telling the world what to do

I did not find world on the reread.  Gordon said  "telling the rest of us"

My bad


Touché, Steve. Well said.

eagle73's picture

Thanks Judy.  I am expecting the usual 'you took me out of context' or 'the many questions 'what if'.


eagle73's picture

Forgot to put in a subject in the above comment.  Honest, I am not EXPECTING.


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That was great! LOL


porr000's picture

ISIS would have nothing on a squadron of US senior vets who would choose to re-enlist in my humble opinion. I've met quite a few that would love the opportunity and let me tell you, they don't take any (fill in the blank) from anyone. They would be a force to be reckoned with.

Age and wickedness outdo youth and skill everytime.


eagle73's picture


Just wanted to let you know I agree with you that other coutries who are able can help us around the world.  In writing to Gordon that may have gotten lost that yes we need help.  I also remered he talked about permanent war.  If we have permanent terrorist and they want to permanently rid of all infidels then I wonder if we should only have part time response.


porr000's picture


You make an excellent point, thank you!


eagle73's picture

As I was writing my letter to dear Gordon yours posted.  Yes us "slighly aging" vets might need a bigger gun these days!angry

Judging from the "slightly aging" vets I know, you guys have the bigger "gun" that counts. (ahem)

P.S. Just in case I wasn't clear--though I think  was...I believe those "guns" come in a "set". (ahem again)

eagle73's picture

Well, don't know what to say.  Will just go with thanks.  I reckon you meant one for each holster.



Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Roy:

   What happens in the 13th L.D., with it's "carpet bagger" representative (almost literally) is none of my affair.  But I must ask what basis you have for that belief?  Have you added psychic abilities to your prophetic powers?  Perhaps you'll "channel" Washington or Jefferson next for us, and tell us how they'd vote?


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Mr. Mueller:

   In the same vein, perhaps the Editor should do his job starting with your Letter!  You certainly seem to be the kind of "low information voter" we've heard so much about.

   To start with, there's the "small" problem that we don't vote for the Supreme Court.  So, how are "eligible citizens" supposed to deal with the fact that there have always been disagreements about the Consitution, and always will be?

   And speaking of becoming "personal", you can't get much lower than calling someone "an outhouse lawyer".  Even Roy and Mr. Peabody (at their most abusive) never sank that far!  (As for me - my statement that "Mr. Justice Peabody" doesn't know what he's talking about isn't getting "personal".  It's a simple statement of fact - as you'd know if you bothered to read the cases he and I have cited.  You'd quickly discover how wrong he is.  But I guess that's too much work.)

   Then there's the question of your command of the English language.  I'd love to hear you explain what the heck this sentence was supposed to mean:

These boys can accelerate anyone’s constitutional, never mind being representative to our Constitution.

   Unless by "constitutional" you are referring to walking, I don't see how the Constitution can be "accelerated".  And no one can be "representative" to the Constitution.  We can either quote, interpret, or apply it correctly, or not.  There is no "representative".  (Or, as Yoda observed, we can either do, or do not.  There's nothing else.)

P.S. - But don't worry, I won't be sending a Letter in response.  Yours isn't worth it.

Mr. Nelson,

I think most honest Americans would agree with you about the President. (Only the die-hard ideologues (as Posner would call them if they were on the other side) would disagree. Congress, however, (minus Harry Reid) is in a different, even precarious position--that is, damned if they do and damned if they don't.

I'm certainly no lawyer, but it appears many of the "charges" against Obama could be adjudicated and acted on by an honest and impartial U.S. Attorney General. We just don't happen to have one of those at the moment. So where does that leave Congress? How do they remedy Obama's lawlessness (corruption, authority overreach and inaction to protect the country)?

Without a doubt, if Clinton's lying under oath about sexual misconduct met the criteria for high crimes and misdemeanors, Obama's lies and cover-ups for Benghazi, IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, the Bergdahl-Taliban trade, refusal to enforce immigration laws--and on and on--absolutely make him a candidate for impeachment. But here's the rub...

The Republicans know that starting impeachment proceedings before the upcoming November election would guarantee losing the House and remaining the minority in the Senate--simply because Americans don't like the national upheaval those proceedings cause and they don't like their choices being overturned by government--even when they know their choice was wrong. So House members are left with either twiddling their thumbs until after the election or doing what they should and losing all power to see it through. By the way, the Democrats know these facts, too--which is why all the recent discussion of impeachment is being done by them. They'd welcome that lifeline.

My advice is to exercise those thumbs until after the election. I don't think Republicans will move to impeach even then, but if they can keep the House and take the Senate, they can at least use the brake pedal on Obama in his quest to downgrade America's economic viability and standing in the world.

Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

  "Only the die-hard ideologues" regularly make outrageous accusations not only devoid of, but also contrary to, facts.  A review of the "record" will show that describes you, madam, far better than I.

   As for Mr. Nelson's latest exercise in paranoia, I'd rather wait and review the facts before proceeding further.  He's made some powerful allegations, and I want to see if the facts sustain them before responding.  Usually they don't, but "even a busted clock can be correct".  My memory is that he's wrong (or at least exaggerating), but I prefer not to rely on that (which is why I'm always careful to warn when I am).  So, I'll get back to both of you on this another time.

P.S. - One small point:  the Attorney General doesn't "adjudicate" anything.  As the root of that word should tell you, that's what judges do!  (Guess you don't "speaka da good English".)

porr000's picture


Clinton was impeached on TWO charges; Purgery and Obstruction Of Justice.  The investigation of his actions cost the tax payers $70 Million Dollars!  

He should have been flogged as well as impeached.  

This is one reason why I feel officials in government should be held to a higher standard.  Not only are their unethical actions bad by themselves, and an embarassment for America, but they end up costing the tax payers a lot of money.

And what really gets me, is that people still love him and think he is great.  They pay Slick-Willie millions to speak at their functions and care about what he has to say, all the while excusing his actions.  

Not only did he tarnish the reputation of the Office of the President, the room in the White House is still referred to as the Oral Office.  But, sadly, hardly anyone cares about that.  



Agreed, Mr. Sharp! When America becomes unstable, the whole world becomes unstable. Like it or not, that's our role in the world.

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Dear Judy:

   Then I have the same question for you that I had for him: ready to enlist?

Where did you get the idea I was talking about military aid, Gordon?

Are you drinking that stuff straight or with a chaser?

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One might argue that America is unstable with a major immigration crisis, an economy in recovery, high unemployment, a 17+ Trillion dollar debt, huge education costs, less people graduating high school, aged infrastructure, lawlessness on the rise, healthcare Costa through the roof, costs of everything going up, tainted food, water, and air quality, etc. Etc. And maybe it is time o allow other powers to take on some of the responsibilies of policing the world while we concentrate on taking care of our own mess here at home.

What do you think about that?


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Patrick:

   Read my response to Sharp's Letter (and Judy's Comment), and you know what I think.

   I'll just add I agree with the points you raised as well.

Everything you said makes my point, Patrick...except the part about leaving it to other countries to take on the responsibility. Few other countries are willing (or in many cases, able) to take it on.

People like Obama call it arrogance, but America's materialism and overt competitiveness--not to mention God's grace--have always resulted in an abundance of goods and services. Those would be flawed traits, except that we've also possessed generous hearts and an eagerness to share the fruits of our labor. At least that was our history.

The 1990s have been called the "Me Era". I agree with that label. That seems to be when we began to lose our drive to excel. The ratio between the makers and the takers flipped. The term "politically correct" became the buzz phrase. The hooray-for-me-and-screw-you attitude took over. The gimme generation came of age. The let's-welcome-every-culture-good-or-bad crowd became the squeaky wheel. And we let them get away with it.

Things have only gotten worse in the 2000s--the last 6 years in particular. Having a leader whose selfishness, narcissism and cavalier attitude have no bounds has only served to put our downhill slide into overdrive.

Now the American culture (of hard work, self-reliance, decency, Godly values and remaining financially sound even if it means you do with less) is so diluted, it's hardly recognizable.

I believe the difference in the mindsets between those who embrace the evolving American culture and those who'd prefer to keep the long-held traditional one is the root of most political debate. Because those principles are so psychically fundamental, the ever-growing chasm has indeed destabilized our country.

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Mark Levin claims  “there’s genocide going on” in Iraq. “Little kids are now being hung on crosses, crucifixes, they’re being crucified,” Levin said. “And decapitated, where their heads are being put on posts in parks in Mosul.”

Mark Arabo,national spokesman for the Iraqi Christians  reported as much to CNN.

The white house took a question regarding the genocide in Iraq:

And in a news conference, President Obama addressed the actions that the US are indeed taking in Iraq (and I must admit, he has never sounded more statesmanly)

So, in this case, do you not feel what we are doing enough?  

I was wondering if genocide is the right accusation to what is going on?  Is it truly genocide when the people about to be killed are given the opportunity to convert or leave?  The children of course have NO CHOICE in the matter and are being slaughtered right along with their parents who don't leave or convert, unfortunately.  That is truly evil.  

But the United Nations and the countries that participate in the UN have declared they will not allow genocide to happen and as far as I know, they are not involved at all?  Do they not consider what is going on in Iraq to be genocide for some reason?

 Do not all the major powers on the earth have an airforce and the ability to do airstrikes the same as we?  I do not believe for one second that WE are the only ones who have the ability to bomb convoys of ISIS heading toward a city on an open desert road.  

Do you see what I mean?


Gordon Posner's picture


Dear Judy:

   Your Comment is just another tiresome exercise in mindless Jingoism and Chauvinism, and it makes my  point perfectly.

   You write (as usual) from a fantasy perspective, with little connection to facts or reality.  And, of course, you demand sacrifices of others (life and limb) that you clearly aren't ready to make yourself.

   (Unless, of course, you enlist.  In which case I apologize.  But it must be you who goes and fights, not just someone else - even if they're family.)

   It's rather hysterical that you mention "America's materialism" and "God's grace" in the same sentence.  Last I checked, the "god" you claim to worship and follow advised against storing up treasure on Earth, and stated that perfection consisted in giving all you had to the poor!  Furthermore, at least during the Middle Ages (a.k.a. The Age of Faith), materialism was the last thing Christianity could be accused of!

   And there certainly wasn't always "an abundance of goods and services" in America.  Ever heard of the Great Depression?  (Not to mention all the "little" depressions in the 19th Century - the period of "Laissez-Faire" Capitalism and Materialism run wild, known as "The Gilded Age".)  One could also question your claim that "that we've also possessed generous hearts" (etc.).  Certainly people who oppose Foreign Aid and Social Programs exhibit little "generosity".

   Oh, and I've never heard the term "Me Era".  Perhaps you're thinking of the "Me Decade".  But that was the 70's!  Some say it was marked by:

a general new attitude of Americans towards atomized individualism and away from communitarianism in clear contrast with the 1960s."me"-era

   In short, the very things you champion.  Others take a far less simplistic view of the period.

   My point, however, is that many of the modern Tea Party members strike me as the descendants of that "generation".  After all, their main battle cry is all about "me, me, me", and how "I'm" overtaxed.

   And stop with that nonsense about the "makers vs. the takers".  It's no more true when Romney relabled the latter his infamous "47%".  I know it's a favorite theme of "your side", but all it does is prove my point.  (I see little example of "generous hearts and an eagerness to share the fruits of our labor" in that rhetoric.)

   (If you insist, I'll be happy to repost, for the umpteenth time, the proof of how utterly false Romney's assertions were.)

   "Political Correctness"?  Please, madam, learn a little history before employing that bit of mindless rhetoric of the "right".  In the first place, it's been around longer than you think.  And it originated as a term of derision on the "left"!

   In the early-to-mid 20th century, contemporary uses of the phrase “Politically Correct” were associated with the dogmatic application of Stalinist doctrine, debated between formal Communists (members of the Communist Party) and Socialists. The phrase was a colloquialism referring to the Communist "party line", which provided for "correct" positions on many matters of politics. . . .

    The term “politically correct” was used disparagingly, to refer to someone whose loyalty to the CP [Communist Party] line overrode compassion, and led to bad politics. It was used by Socialists against Communists, and was meant to separate out Socialists who believed in egalitarian moral ideas from dogmatic Communists who would advocate and defend party positions regardless of their moral substance.

   Gee, remind you of anyone you know today?  Perhaps those running campaign ads denouncing others as RINO's ("Republicans In Name Only), or urging us to vote only for "true" conservatives (and writing Letters saying the same thing).

   In short, the term originated on the "left" (you old "Socialist" you), but has since been captured by the "right" - who are the most politcally correct bunch around!  So, using it to attack Obama is not only hypocritical, but ironic!

   (And if there's anything that constitutes an "Cliff Notes" version of "conservative" politics these days, it's "The hooray-for-me-and-screw-you attitude".  Or as the British put it: "I've got mine, Jack".)

   I've never heard it put quite this way ("let's-welcome-every-culture-good-or-bad"), but last I checked the Constitution has a few words to say about that.  Seems to me we have Freedom of Religion and Freedom of Speech.  And America was built on the principle of being open to everyone, regardless of faith, race, creed, national origin or "culture".  ("Give me your tired, your poor", etc.)   But now the "conservatives" want to stamp out anything that differs from their "culture".  And you dare lecture about "political correcness"!

Having a leader whose selfishness, narcissism and cavalier attitude have no bounds has only served to put our downhill slide into overdrive.

   Don't look now, madam, but that's a perfect description of your "beloved" (Bush the Second), and of the results of his policies!  I mean, at one time when challenged to admit a single error he made as President he couldn't think of one!  (He's "moderated" his view a bit since then, but he still doesn't "get" how many he made, or the gravity of them.)  I mean, the guy even made a "joke" video about searching for those missing WMD's in the White House.

   Choose whichever link you like, they all show his disgustingly selfish, narcissistic and cavalier attitude about the whole thing!

   And no lectures on decency from a person (you) who has in the past mocked the condition of Anencephaly, or the idea of forced vaginal probes!  You may think you have "Godly values", but I suspect you've got a big shock coming when you die.  (Tell the funeral home to dress you for a very warm climate.)

   But there's one thing I do agree with you on:

I believe the difference in the mindsets between those who embrace the evolving American culture and those who'd prefer to keep the long-held traditional one is the root of most political debate.

   Too many on the "right" seem to long for "the good old days" when women and Blacks "knew their place", the poor were forgotten, and anyone who dared to live their lives as individuals  (instead of according to "community values") had better keep it a secret - sometimes literally hiding in bushes.  Never forget that Racism, Misogyny, Anti-Semitism, Anti-Catholicism, and Homophobia were once accepted (and even praised) as parts of America's "long-held traditional" culture.  Happily, we have indeed "evolved" beyond that!  (Something far more worthy to boast about than how economically or militarily strong we are.)

   And the only reason there's a chasm, is because one side in this debate (yours) insists it has to be "their way, or the highway".  (See above, under "Political Correctness".)

   This time, you've produced a one billion dollar moment!


porr000's picture


OMG really? I can't believe you just did that.

Waves my Brewer finger at you.


Do you drink heavily every day, Gordon, or just on Friday nights? That's one of two explanations I can come up with for that nuclear bomb you just posted. The other is that you found a way to type while being strapped inside a straight jacket.

I have to admit I merely scanned most of your crazed tirade, but a few sentences caught my the one where you claimed I "mocked the condition of Anencephaly". That, Sir, is an unadulterated bald-faced lie AND YOU KNOW IT!!

And if I had to guess which one of us should get ready for a warmer climate when we leave this world--I'll take my chances over yours any day of the week!

Oh and one last thing...

You don't know me. You don't know where I have and haven't been. You don't know what I have and haven't done. So spare me your depraved judgment!


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