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Letters to the Editor: October 19, 2016

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Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not run any Letters to the Editor criticizing candidates in the Nov. 2 issue because it is the last issue before the general election on Nov. 8 and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


School taxes are too high


The school taxes are unbelievable.

$3.5 billion was already approved in May.

The direct quote from the pamphlet follows.

The proposition, if approved, would give an extra $3.5 billion to the state’s schools over the next 10 years. It would also provide $50 million annually over the next five years and $75 million annually for five years after that. Passage would also settle a five-year-old lawsuit over inflationary funding for schools.”

Just the education portion of my property taxes increased $97.30 from last year.

Of that there is already a $2.12 increase from West-Mec. If the proposed bond passes that would add another $12 to my property taxes.

I could get really sarcastic and ignorant at this point but I will try to control myself.

This county cannot support mini campuses on every corner like gas stations.

If this program is of such value to employers then let them fund all of these pie in the sky adventures.

Ralph Baer


I have had enough already


The election is almost here. This time it is not enough to vote against crooked Hillary Clinton, but also against all Progressive everywhere. Why? Because Progressives are using political correctness to control our speech, which translates into controlling our thinking and behavior. By definition it is totalitarianism.

These left wing lunatics are really very tolerant, as long as you agree with them. If not they will absolutely try to destroy you . They will call you a bigot, racist, a homophobic and any other slurs so as to intimidate you to toe the line. By so doing they are taking our freedoms away from us

Black lives matter is the most hateful and racist group in America. They are a bunch of thugs who will not say a damn thing about Blacks killing Blacks in Chicago because those murders do not fit their political agenda ! They would rather riot, loot and destroy innocent people’s property. They, not the police are the real criminals.

American universities use to teach students how to think objectively. Today they have become political correct prisons. Progressive administrators are enforcing political correctness and punishing those students who disagree with them. PC student campus groups are more vindictive and vicious than the administrations.

Nobody will make me say Native American rather than Indian. I also prefer negro or black man to person of color. Hooray for the Washington REDSKINS ! I also affirm my God given conviction that homosexuality is an abomination in the eyes of God Almighty. The Word of God trumps the opinion of any celebrity or idiot sports super phony like LeBron James. Truth be told, November 8 may well be our last chance to get it right and preserve our eroding freedoms

Roy Azzarello


Did Penzone get Soros money?


I read with great alarm that Paul Penzone has a champion throwing money in support of his race against Sheriff Arpaio. It was reported that George Soros has contributed $300,000 to a political group who promotes Penzone and is critical of Arpaio. A quick check of Mr. Soros and his agendas are very concerning. He supports the legalization of all street drugs and prostitution. He supports the federalization of police, but yet funds groups who promote division and in some cases even violence in a quest to cause civil unrest. This is all documented and easily available information online.

I will be very interested to see if Penzone has accepted campaign donations from this person or any organizations funded by him. If this is the case, he is unfit to be running for a position that entails law and order, and voters should be very wary.

Jodi Klimek


Republicans will eat crow


After the November election there won’t be any crows left. The Republicans will have eaten them all, gone finished.

Years from now when my little girl goes to school and asks me what a crow is, I will tell her it was a big black bird that when it was in the sunlight it was a glossy black and shining. And when my little girl asks if we will ever see them again, I will tell her no, the Republicans saw to that.

And then she will ask me why the Republicans ate them all. Well they don’t know any better honey, and thats why we don’t have any crows left.

They are on the endangered species list, come November.

Alfred Molina


Nation founded by Christians, Jews


Dear (Cary Hines) Editor,

In the Sept. 28, Paper It seems that Our Favorite Democrats attack you personally. Also we have the Antichristian writer. Now it is plain to see that an Editor that is a Republican (or at least writes like a Republican) would be a target for these people. What they seem to forget is that this Nation was founded by religious Christians and Jews. True there were some Deists. But even those Deist made use of some parts of the Bible!

Trolls could be fairy dwarfs or could it be that it is trolling for other would be Christians? Perhaps you have heard of fishing for men! In the land that I live in no one forces you to be a Christian, but I have been accused of bad mouthing Atheist.

Let us look at words: Democrats and Republican. The last four letters of each what do you get? Rats and I can … Now that I have offended half the people, it is time to close.

Bernard Oviatt


Vote for John Carnero


The upcoming run-off election for the City of Tolleson Council is very important. A vote for JOHN CARNERO is needed to continue positive support for the citizens of Tolleson. John has been a long time resident of Tolleson, knows the city and resident needs through his experience serving on the High School Board of Education and current position with the City of Glendale. The John A. Carnero Sports Complex, west of city hall, is one example of his vision for the community. John Carnero brought forth the idea of the Wolverine-Knight foundation, now in its thirty fourth (34) year of providing scholarships for graduates of the six (6) high schools of the Tolleson Union High School District #214. A vote for John Carnero is greatly appreciated.

Charles A. Landis
Former Tolleson Union High School District superintendent


Storage facility is a bad idea


I urge the Goodyear City Council to say no to the special use permit request for a 2-3 story storage facility in Estrella Mountain Ranch.

There are numerous reasons why a business like this does not belong in this location. What is obvious to residents called to action is the safety of our children and active members of our community who walk and bike to Starpointe and hike on the adjacent trails. The increase in truck traffic poses a danger to people making their way to the pools, basketball courts, and exercise facilities where this commercial building is potentially slated.

A business such as this is better suited for main roads accessed by the interstate where pedestrian traffic doesn’t occur. There are storage facilities within several miles and appropriately placed in Goodyear. A commercial venture of this nature has no business butting up to neighborhoods in our community. Please share with us one master planned community such as ours where a retail storage facility exists.

Increased traffic, necessary lighting for a business of this magnitude, and non-resident users seeking storage for potentially hazardous and possibly illegal materials are also a grave concern.

Your job is to make sound decisions when it comes to the safety and security of your community members. We expect you to hear our concerns. Your job isn’t to rubber stamp every project that comes down the pike. Homeowners in Estrella have a financial stake in the appropriate planning of our area. We don’t want to be guinea pigs to see if this might work. We want you to stand up for us.

The only possible location suitable would be along Estrella Parkway. Somewhere walkers and bikers aren’t subjected to risk. Say no to the special use permit for this commercial business in Mountain Ranch.

Judy Adams


Vote no on Prop. 205


Many ads that exploit the sale of marijuana in CO are untrue.

Here are the facts:

Pot is sucking up more of Denver’s ELECTRICITY than bargained for. 45% of the increase is due to the Cannabis industry.

Indoor marijuana cultivation is highly energy intensive. It consumes 6 times as much energy as the pharmaceutical industry and 8 times the energy per sq. ft. as an average commercial building. The grow lights run 24/7 and WATER is used throughout the day to fertilize and mist plants.

6 Million $$ in pot revenues is distributed to local governments, But the cost of increased law enforcement, drugged-driving incidents, fatal crashes, loss of productivity and a huge spike in gang-related crime negates the benefit.

Teen drug-related school explusions are on the rise. Cannabis is an intoxicant and proven dangerous to adolescents who use regularly. Brain development is affected in young people.

Denver’s homeless population has increased and tourist dollars are going more to pot than natural wonders.

Many tourist towns including Colorado Springs have banned the sale of marijuana for the above reasons.

People need to know the truth.

Ann Carter


Editor’s note: The West Valley View received about 25 letters to the editor addressing Hickman’s Family Farms and the Save Tonopah Oppose Poultry Plant (STOPP) group within the span of about a half an hour on Oct. 7. Due to space constraints, the View has chosen to print the first two letters received — one opposing Hickman’s and one supporting Hickman’s — and publish the rest online only.


Public’s well-being comes first


The article “Hickman rejects petition” after reading it I would have to agree with the people that Hickman shouldn’t be able to vote on anything in the county if he puts his own business before the people. Even though he may be the chairman of the Maricopa county board of supervisors he should take action on the publics complaints about Hickman’s Ranch because that is what the people are expecting him to do that is his responsibility to the people even if that is his business. If the ranch is causing air pollution, then it may cause community health issues and the communities health should come before the business. This should have been resolved already especially since it has been brought up three years in a row, obviously people are not happy with what is happening so why doesn’t the board take a stand and serve the people like they are supposed to. Business wellbeing is not more important than the publics wellbeing.

Robert Figueroa


Workers need Hickman’s


I want my voice to be heard today, RIGHT NOW. To begin with, one issue surrounding our community in in the west valley is the minimum wage. For people to complain about things that bring food to many people’s tables isn’t correct. People who make a living out of these egg ranches need these jobs, since they are the only ones willing to take up these dirty jobs. It is in no one’s place who only benefits from the products to decide whether other people’s jobs should be taken away or not. Unless people are willing to offer minorities who are taking on these jobs to transfer and move into better jobs then so be it. It should be a cooperation’s right and a member of the company like Mr. Hickman to take in decisions without being held against his company or against the people he represents.

Eliseo Penate Marroquin


Hickman’s threatens environment


Glenn Gullickson’s article on Hickman Family Farms, raised a lot of questions and opinions towards what the purpose of STOPP, and Maricopa County Board of Supervisors’ are within creating a safe and healthy environment for the people in the community of Tonopah. Some things that stood out would have to be the fact that the people within the community of Tonopah have made points that the, “fly swarms, rodent infestation, dust, feathers, and noise pollution” will have a threatening impact to the environment itself. If you stop and think about what they complained about, it ties into have bad facility conditions for the animals, and the product they distribute. Hickman excuses himself from votes, that still leaves 4 other supervisors to make decisions that can better the quality of the air, for the people within Tonopah, and the facility as well. Why aren’t changes being made? Animal rights, in a way, are being violated through the bad facility treatment. I think that if the community of Tonopah have a problem with what is going on within their community, they should have a say in what goes in to make their community safe again. The people of Tonopah are using their voices to speak for the environment, for the animals, and for themselves. I stand with them.

Alicia Serrato


Hickman should recuse himself


In reading “Hickman rejects petition”, written by Glenn Gullickson I agree with the argument that Hickman should recuse himself on the environmental issues. Hickman obviously has a conflict of interest between his business and what is best for the county. If people in that area feel strongly for something and it goes against the interest of Hickman’s business, He is put in a difficult position and is not the best person to be deciding environmental issues. As a business of course Hickman wants to expand and yes the availability of jobs is good for the local economy. However, the long term effects to the environment are too high of a price to pay.

Keyla Sanchez


Business inside government


One of government’s roles is to regulate business and make cooperation’s follow guidelines that are presented to them. According to the article, “Hickman Rejects Petition”, organizations want to remove him (Clint Hickman) from his current position as chairman of the board of managers. The question that can be presented is, should business and government be separated? Just from the influence business may have on a representative. But if this should be the case, let’s look at it from a broader view. Donald Trump who is a presidential candidate for the Republican party participates and made a living through business. Everything he has ever accomplished is through business and he is a wealthy businessman. If business disqualifies Hickman to have this government role, then the same thing can be interpreted for this presidential race. If at a state level, someone is disqualified for representing at a state level because of their occupation than same should for someone who is running for president to represent the nation.

Isai Chavez


An egg-cellent point


STOPP wants supervisor to recuse himself on county environmental issues” an organization wants Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Clint of Hickman’s Family Farms to withdraw from participating in environmental issues anywhere in the county. Clint Hickman seems to be attacked for being a business man invested in the West Valley. He recuses himself on that involve his family’s business, yet that isn’t enough for STOPP. The article mentioned how the Hickman company followed FDA regulations and how the facility followed the necessary guidelines yet complained about the Hickman business. Shouldn’t the questions be raised at the organizations that create the necessary guidelines? Hickman’s egg business was a target of bias and hate from STOPP, Clint Hickman shouldn’t have to withdraw from any environmental issues regarding the county.

Sergio Jimenez


Hickman’s asthma factory


People in power have become corrupt to further benefit their profits as they have throughout history. How can one claim to be an environmentalist and fight for clean rights when their own family business is contributing to the overall problem of pollution? Common sense isn’t as common anymore. We as a state, as a country, as citizens of Earth must fight to further sustain our homes, sustain Earth. Removing Clint Hickman from his current position as Vice-President of Sales and Marketing for Hickman’s Egg Ranch, will be a step further into a cleaner path. It is not fair to “fight” for clean air while Hickman’s Egg Ranch is clearly the problem and we have chosen to ignore it. Ignoring the children who suffer from asthma in the area and how everyday it is a struggle for them to even breath the contaminated poison that exits Hickman’s ranch. Residents of Tonopah MUST impeach this unfit man from office, immediately! Tonopah has a voice, do not let the ranch’s noise pollution mute the people.

Diego Urias


Farms should be safe


In response to the article, “Hickman rejects petition,” I believe if there is going to be any factories or farms in cities where there is a lot of people, the factories or farms should be safe for people to be around and things that people do not mind living around because the article even states that Hickman says that some Tonopah residents do not want to see a farm that big so close to them. Something else the article talks about is the bad air quality, and I do think people should have a say in what is happening in their community and who is in charge of the projects especially if it is affecting something as important as air quality.

Nelsy Ochoa


Business, government should not mix


Your article about Hickman Rejects Petition has some issues that I am interested in, such as business and political aspects. In reference to Hickman’s issue I believe that those people who are in political positions should represent their people, instead of favor a business that they are part of. Business and government should not mix together, it will only cause problems for the people of the community. I know that if I was going to be represented by a chairman in the County Board of Supervisors I would want someone who would listen to my opinions and then take some action instead of ignoring my personal thoughts. Environmental issues are always important to discuss and if an issue, such as air pollution, is being brought up then something should be done to prevent it. Government is supposed make choices to benefit the people and if someone does not do that then they should be removed from their position and elect someone who will commit to the public good.

Stephanie Lemus


Eggs over people


In response to Glenn Gullickson’s article “Hickman Rejects Petition” I believe that this is an example of business coming before health but it is also a limited view of what is actually happening. There is a bigger picture that is not being acknowledged. I want the Maricopa County Board to listen to their people, as politicians they have that responsibility.

I understand that business is very delicate but if a business man is a major decision maker in a community and he chooses the success of himself over the success and wellbeing of his people then I don’t believe they should be in a position of power. Since Hickman does not vote I believe the fault, moreso, lies with the rest of the board members that do not do anything in favor of the people. Therefore, I believe that everyone in the board should receive scrutiny for the decisions they make not just Hickman. There are environmental issues and sanitary issues that are being ignored and the people are exercising their rights as citizens if a democratic society.

I’m a young citizen that cares for my future and the future of others.

I want the concerns of others to be heard. I want the community to be changed for the greater good.

Dulce Maria Corona


Hickman’s is where it should be


I have come across and read the article printed on West Valley View, Hickman rejects petition. It includes information about Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Clint Hickman, who is also co-owner of Hickman’s Egg Ranch located in Tonopah, Arizona. He has decided to no longer participate in making decisions involving Hickman’s. I can understand his decision as he does not want to harassed by the many local residents complaining about his company, in which brings about many environmental issues such as bad air quality and bad odor. Others, though, see his recusing as him not caring about the environment, therefor, the locals do not want him to participate in any issue involving the entire county as they believe his decision will create further complications with the environment. Overall I stand with Hickman’s side for the reasons that Hickman’s provides millions of eggs and boosts the economy in the west valley. Hickman is in the position that he is in to make decisions on issues and not to sit there and give his title as Chairman no use. Where else is one supposed to place an egg farm? You can’t have it in the middle of nowhere, because you would want to get to the site in a short time. Hickman’s is already away from the metropolitan area of Phoenix, out by the desert, so instead of tens of thousands of residents from Phoenix complaining about their air quality, only a few hundred to a thousand residents from Tonopah are complaining. It is efficient. Unfortunately, these residents have to deal with the effects, but there can be ways to fix it. A Solution to this issue is that the plant can implement some kind of scent-masker to at least get rid of the smell for the sake of the residents.

Christopher Gaytan


A necessary evil


While I do feel sympathy for the people affected by this situation I do think it is a necessary operation. If not the people of Tonopah than the people of another community would have to deal with the same problems and chances are they will also complain about the same problems and want it to move continuing the cycle. So instead of wasting money with constant moves the Hickman operation is better suited to stay in Tonopah.

Vladimir Soriano


Business blinds Hickman


After reading the article “Hickman rejects petition”, I have come to the conclusion that Hickman is blinded towards the negative impacts on our environment due to this egg operation. Although this operation leads residents to employment and is making them money, it is increasing the pollution and is affecting the world in the worst of ways. There were specific complaints consisting of fly swarms, rodent infestation, dust, feathers, and noise pollution. Knowing this information, I can only imagine what the inside looks like. If animals could talk, I bet they wouldn’t be too fond of the idea of being tightly compacted with fellow animals and the health hazards in the operation. Since the farm is in a residential area, the citizens should have a say whether they want it there or not. Essentially, there are always going to be things we just have to deal with. However, in this case, if a facility is making life unpleasant to folks around the farm, it should be relocated. Also, due to Hickman’s expansion plans, the environment is going to be negatively affected even more now, and it’s going to conflict with people in the area, thus causing more issues.

Alena Gonzales


Necessary evil


I believe that the article, “Hickman rejects petition” was written in a selfish manner. While the pollution generated from Hickman Ranch is discomforting to the locals of Tonopah, it is unfortunately a necessary evil. There is nothing in current society that makes the implication that the common person is willing to give up eggs simply because a small, unheard of town making complaints. The same logic that was aforementioned also means that the typical rancher or farmer does not simply stop their profession due to discomfort from byproducts of ranch animals. Unless the people are willing to make an attempt to implement advanced filtration technology at the cost of more funding rather than outright complaining, I do not believe that the myriad of complaints that locals are making will bring about the appropriate change that is being sought out.

Christopher James
Farinella Avondale


Board has 5 members


In The Article Hickman Rejects Petition, submitted by Glenn Gullickson, Gullickson talks about the community of Tonopah and its concern with the conflict of interest of Clint Hickman. The aim of the article was to raise awareness and to try to help environmental issues such as air pollution. The article falls short because of the nature the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. What the people who want Clint Hickman to abstain from voting in environmental issues do not realize is that doing so is not going to improve current conditions. There are 5 votes in the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Even when Hickman abstains, environmental issues are still not addressed. Because of this, the article in mention feels more like a personal attack than a solution. If you do care about environmental issues, you should write about all 5 of the board members and try to expose some type of bias instead of only focusing on one member. By only focusing on one member, you will not fix anything for the community.

Xavier Joseph Coy


Hickman shows lack of leadership


In response to the “Hickman rejects petition” article, from a political stance I think by Hickman not expressing a stance or an action in response to this very direct concern says a lot about the chairman head of the operation. It says, lack of leadership in a sense of deciding that actions speak louder than words. As he mentioned, economically he brings jobs these jobs are not all that great or contributing jobs. Also the fact that EPA has been complained to and other environmental agency’s has brought attention that there is clearly an environmental issue such as the odor’s, the air quality, and other further threats to the environment. To not take any action to the concerns of the dangerous position and environmental issue this operation is causing, to not even make adaptive management strategies to better the conditions is a statement of lack of integrity for the better of our people, air quality and environment. It even touches on animal rights I can only imagine the conditions inside of these egg farms if there are complaints of odor and air, the kinds of conditions these animals are in are probably unsanitary. The local issue of odor and air quality shows a lack of interest of the community. As a chairman you would think something of this issue would be of concern to his businesses community and would act on the issue.

Ashley Renee Warren


Hickman’s poses no danger


Recently I read an article regarding about the Hickman egg ranch. Now the issue of people complaining about the air quality, in my opinion is that they’re making an issue way bigger than what it really. If they’re regularly checked by the Air Quality Department and the Environmental Protection Agency, and pass then they’re not putting any danger or risk on to the environment. Here we do live in farmland, and that how Avondale was supposed to be, a farmland. In fact, they’re providing great benefits for the local economy. Honestly here in Avondale we need more benefits for our local economy. Now the concern I can see is the conditions that these chickens are in the factory.

Roger Cook


Hickman is unfit to lead


In reference to the article “Hickman rejects petition”, by Glenn Gullickson, much criticism has to be expressed. Despite the fact that Hickman’s positions as vice president of sales & marketing and the chairman of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors are stated, they are unclear. The only thing that can be inferred is that both positions are of prestige to business and government respectably. The fact that Hickman recused himself when voting for issues regarding his own cooperation is understandable because his decision would be seen as bias regardless of his stance. Gullickson’s article failed to state that Hickman is unfit to be in a role of leadership. His refusal to have an expressed opinion and his tie to business places him in this situation where he holds a conflict of interest, thus making him unfit to be a leader in government. The issue regarding Hickman’s removal can be supported because of the logical fact behind it in the Gullickson’s article but not all of the content was completely supported.

STOPP and SRAP make claims against Hickman’s farm, stating that they influence the air quality and the quality of life in that area. Yet, despite such bold claims, they fail to use any actual data with their argument. The air pollution and quality of life are both aspects that can be tested in the area. To this day, there is no evidence of such operation is the past, present, or future. Evidence and facts outweigh opinion on many levels, this situation is no exception. Without supporting evidence that the egg farm is actually causing harm to the environment, the removal the farm is too extreme of a request. Fact and opinion work in unison but in this instance fact reigns supreme.

Julian Jesus Sanchez


Remove Clint Hickman


The withdrawal of Clint Hickman, from participating in decisions involving air quality and environmental issues, is necessary for a fair vote on these issues. Clint Hickman co-owns the Tonopah egg ranch, therefore, his decisions in that area are bias because he would be more concerned with his economic gain than the quality of the air surrounding his establishment. That is one of the reasons his vote is excluded when addressing environmental issues that affect Hickman’s directly. Clint Hickman can not be trusted to make an appropriate decision concerning the environment anywhere in the county because he owns a factory farm that pollutes the environment in Tonopah. How can we expect Clint Hickman to make a fair decision concerning environmental issues while he supports an egg ranch that is polluting the air?

Ernesto Haro


People deserve justice


Glenn Gullickson introduced the issue involving controversy behind the Hickman’s Egg Ranch business and its vice president who also happens to be part of the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors. Citizens living around the Hickman’s facility, are fed-up with the terrible living conditions the company has created for them. They people should be taken seriously and something must be done about the company’s production of filth. It is not fair for the vice president of the company to get a say in what is to be done about the negativity his business creates. He is going to have a bias towards his company no matter what. It is clear to see that both sides have evidence backing up their claims. It’s understandable where they come from within their business, because it is said that they provide jobs and have been family owned for a very long time. If the people keep fighting for cleaner living conditions, then there must be something done about the issue. The votes will more than likely add up against the company, but Clint Hickman should still not have a say in this. If justice and cleaner conditions is what the people want, then it’s what they deserve.

Steve Rosales


Stop Hickman expansion


Recently I’ve read Glenn Gullickson’s article, ‘Hickman rejects petition’, regarding the issue with STOPP and how they want supervisor, Clint Hickman, to recuse himself on environmental issues. I agree with STOPP that Hickman should not take action towards any air quality and environmental issues in Maricopa County, mainly due to the complaints of the residents of Tonopah over the operations of Hickman’s Family Farms. Most of the complaints were about the foul smelling odor reeking from the egg laying facility, which brought “fly swarms, rodent infestation, dust and feathers”. Furthermore, Hickman plans to expand his operation, which I personally don’t support. Why try to expand the egg ranch if the local environmental issues are still present?

Esteban Lobato


Farm is part of environment


The Hickman’s family farm in my opinion is if they were to try and close down their farm that’s been good in profits, and up and running for 3 years, the farm shouldn’t be shut down because of how well their company has been going. Due to how people feel about the kind of environment it’s turning into due to the type of air the farm was causing. It’s unnecessary because a farm is a part of the environment. Farm lands will always exist. But for people to complain, that’s how people get most of their food because it is planted in the ground. Also if they were looking to expand that just shows how well of a business the Hickman’s are running.

Gabriela Aguilar


Shame on crooked, lyin’ Hillary


If Hillary has to dig up dirt on Trump that happened over 11 years ago, she should know by now that she should look no further than her own bedroom for scandal material. Lying Bill was impeached for lying under oath about having sexual relations with Monica, but he finished his 2nd term. Now, you voters want to put the most corrupt family in the country back into the white house for 8 more years of sex scandals. You can go into any locker room at any sports stadium in the country and listen to the same kind of language that Trump was caught saying, bragging about what he thinks of beautiful women. The highly paid ball players do the same kind of bragging to their fellow sports buddies. Some even drug and rape women they pick up in bars.

To coin a phrase from Hillary, “what difference does it make now? ” Sex lives don’t have a thing to do with how well you can run a country. As for professional bragging ball players, their sexual prowess has nothing to do with how well they play ball. Vote for the ability of nominees to run the country. The media is responsible for dredging up dirt to try to ruin lives. IF they force Trump out of the race, you will see riots on election day.

James Logan


The words of Donald Trump


What bothers you more, horrible words, or babies being torn apart as they pass thru the birth canal. Payed for by you and me?

What is worse filthy words, or watching people die in real time. Telling the Marines “To stand down” because the details of the raid would embarrass Hillary and the President? I’m sure you Remember Benghazi? There was no aid from the U.S.A. Even after 600 requests for aid.

What offends you more? giving Iran 400 million dollars for hostages with more to come. As Iranian officers are seen buying arms with our money to kill our soldiers, or locker room talk?

What is worse A man with a filthy mouth or losing the Supreme Court? We will have a court that votes against freedom of religion (1st amendment) and freedom to bear arms.(2nd amendment) if Clinton is elected. Is this why our forefathers pledged their fortune, their lives, their sacred honor for. God forbid!

This women lost 600 Billion tax dollars while in office, and doesn’t know where it is! She committed treason with her e mail! ( Any other government worker would be in prison). Destroyed 32,000 e mails after the congress requested them. How about open borders? any one can come in ISIS, drug dealers, murders, rapist, as well as family’s. we must provide housing,education, food,and legal assistance. Jobs will be lost to lower wages. How long before the government starts cutting S.S. Because people we are broke.

It’s your call.

I hate locker room talk, but more than that I love my country and the Constitution. I also love babies. I don’t want to pay to kill them!

Remember to pray for the states that have been flooded, and the families of those who have died.

Jean Levandowski
Litchfield Park


Trump didn’t lie


Hillary has at least 4 books written about her corruption Donald has none — Hillary is confermed a liar and careless by the FBI Hillary asked “ what does it matter ” concerning the deaths of 5 Americans in Bengauzy. Donald didn’t lie about his sexual words from a decade ago he said “ I was wrong” also he is sorry then said I will be a better man for it.

I wouldn’t pass judgement too soon I know Jesus said “ the one without sin cast the first stone” are you without sin I don’t think so.

Marlin Gunter


Sad state of affairs in U.S.


One of the leading candidates for president of America is morally corrupt and a pathological liar and the other candidate is a school yard bully who has an ego with an insatiable appetite.

Does not say much for America if these are the best candidates we can put forth.

Charles Schweda


Now y’all upset


Donald Trump has been a vile, racist, sexist, demagogue since the day he entered the race. He has played to the lowest redneck, KKK loving, neo-Nazi element of the Republican Party. He has denigrated blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and Muslims relentlessly. No problem, the Republicans think “those” people are less than human anyway. They say why are “you people” so sensitive and always trying to be so politically correct. The man has a right to free speech. However, all hell broke lose last Friday when the infamous tape of him and good old boy Billy Bush surfaced showing his love of molesting white women. Oh Lord, say it isn’t so, Donald Trump has threatened the “purity of white womanhood”. All of a sudden everybody has gone all John Wayne on him and strapped on their six guns. They be putting on their white hats and jumping on their white horses to ride to the rescue. They gotta save Miss Pollyanna Pureheart from the evil clutches of Snidely Whiplash. If it was not so pathetic, it would be funny. The hypocrisy is thicker than dog do-do. Chickens Coming Home To Roost. God is Good.

Fredrick Wilburn


Vote yes on Prop. 205


Making marijuana a felony makes it so profitable cartels take over. Criminality and enforcement costs increase, legitimate profits and tax revenues disappear while unregulated street drugs can kill children.

Private prison investors are the main legal beneficiaries of marijuana being illegal. They’re guaranteed a profitable 90% occupancy and make money housing 125+ nonviolent offenders in open bay dormitories with a minimally paid corrections officer. This only works when inmates are nonviolent which is how marijuana affects most users.

Public schools also need the tax revenue. Legislators were just told told new Corporate Tax cuts passed last year are going to create a big deficit — which almost certainly means more education cuts.

Prohibition mainly helps cartels and private prison investors.

John Bradley


Vote yes on TUHSD override


As the Mayor of Avondale, I am incredibly proud of the support our community gives to our local school districts. I have been a longtime supporter of teachers and education. As the first Kids at Hope city in the nation, Avondale has seen the impact that dedicated teachers have on our kids. It is important to me that we protect these education opportunities now and into the future. That is why I am voting YES for the Tolleson Union High School District’s upcoming budget override.

Quality education is critical to our ability to support our community, attract jobs, and train our future workforce. Quality schools help protect our property values and reduce crime. We need to invest in our school system to protect our quality of life.

Supporting this override is the right thing to do for our community. Our children deserve the best education we can provide. We need to continue to improve funding for our students and ensure that they are college and career ready. The investment we make in their education will pay dividends well into the future.

On November 8th, we can do our part to support our students and protect our quality of life by supporting the override. Please support education by voting “YES” on the Maintenance & Operation Override on November 8th. The override will:

Keep class sizes manageable

Retain and attract the highest qualified educators

Increase opportunities for our students through College and Career Readiness

Provide Dual Enrollment for those students who want to earn college credits while in high school

Provide accelerated learning opportunities through Honors and Advanced Placement courses

Join me in supporting the Tolleson Union High School District override.

Kenn Weise
Avondale mayor


Vote yes on BUHSD override


As mayor of the City of Buckeye, I understand how important quality education is to the future of our community. That’s why I’m supporting the Buckeye Union High School District’s request on the Nov. 8 ballot for an override of the Maintenance and Operations Funds.

Voter approval of this measure would provide additional funding to preserve class size, hire and retain current staff, maintain existing extracurricular activities, sustain student safety measures and provide for staff development.

It’s important to note that this approval would not mean a new tax on our residents; it would only focus the existing tax dollars to be spent on those measures.

I urge voters in the Buckeye Union High School District to vote “yes” on the M&O Override measure on the ballot. It will help provide the educational opportunities our young people deserve and that our community’s future depends on.

Jackie A. Meck
Buckeye mayor

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