Letters to the Editor - January 11, 2017

All gas in U.S. is unleaded


Gas stations advertise “unleaded” and “premium” gas? This seems rather silly. All gasoline sold in the United States is “unleaded”. By 1996 the United States had fully phased out “leaded” gasoline. I realize there are various octane ratings. However, all octane ratings are still “unleaded”. Consequently why don’t gas stations just advertise by octane ratings, and that they also supply diesel fuel as applicable?

Charles Schweda


Original intent (EC1)


Now that the actual presidential election has been held (on December 19th), it’s time to address some of the uninformed comments about the Electoral College expressed here in the weeks before. Because this will take several Letters, I ask people to wait till I’m done before replying.

Why do we have an Electoral College at all? What was the “Original Intent” of the Founders when they created it? We don’t have to guess, since they told us! The Federalist Papers (literally a series of “letters to the editor”) were written by three of the Founders (who helped write the Constitution) for the very purpose of convincing Americans to support and ratify it. The Papers plainly state what the Founders had in mind.

In Paper #68, Alexander Hamilton observed that the President should be chosen according to “the sense of the people”. But that didn’t mean the people would directly make that choice. Instead, they would vote for a group of Electors, who would then make the decision on behalf of the people! (Much as Congress makes decisions as to our laws on our behalf — in theory anyway.)

It’s important to note that the Electors were to use their independent judgment in making that choice, and not simply, slavishly, follow the vote in their State (let alone the vote in the entire nation). The decision was to be based on their analysis of what was needed in a President, and was to be the product of their deliberation, which was to be conducted in a judicious manner.

John Jay (in Paper #64) also emphasized that the members of the Electoral College, rather than the voters, would decide who’d be President. That’s why the College exists.

P.S. — There’s more, some of which will be in on-line Comments accompanying these Letters.

Gordon P.R. Posner


Don’t blame progressives


Roy Azzarello characterizes Progressives as the problem with this country in his 12/28 letter. He criticizes our core values, says we control the Democratic Party (citing Clinton, Obama, and Pelosi), and he objects to protests of trump.

Historically, Progressives have fought for things like ending slavery, weekends, Social Security, overtime, and equal rights. Currently we’re fighting for things like ending endless wars, a living wage, the right to healthcare, keeping our environment safe for our kids, and ending money’s influence in elections. Trump even ran to the left of Clinton on military intervention, trade, and banking reforms. So what’s wrong with our values? The vast majority of Americans agree with them.

Obama, Hillary, and Pelosi aren’t Progressives. They support more war, fracking, TPP and unlimited bribes/donations. Hillary ran to the center and tried to get moderate Republicans, not Progressives. Obama’s signature Obamacare was a conservative Heritage Foundation idea. It required that we all pay insurance companies without a control on cost. If Progressives controlled the DNC, Bernie Sanders surely would’ve been our next President.

Republicans questioned Obama's citizenship/legitimacy from day one. They protested and said many of the same things Hillary supporters are saying. McConnell vowed to obstruct Obama from day one and they did. Instead of fixing Obamacare, Republicans tried to repeal it more than 60 times. They shut down the government to protect tax cuts for the rich. And what did Obama do? He folded and made Bush tax cuts permanent, not Progressive.

So don’t blame Progressives for the Democratic Party. Our Party is ran by corporatists like your’s (see trump’s cabinet). Every year no matter what side wins, the people lose. Because when we lose, donors win. We have to come together on shared values and reject the false dichotomy of two corrupt parties.

Trevor Keeley


View loses reader over letter


Yes, thank you for showing your real color with your “Trump and Nikki Haley” letter to the editor. Your attempt to make america great again by allowing men to relive the area or dearm of one to come when women were seen as objects to grab! Your viewpoint choice is as disgusting as the man who said it! You’ve lost a reader — believe it or not I’m a woman who can read! And decide to not spend my dollars in any of your advertisers stores.

Mary Bedore


Obama never cared about us


Patriotism is wonderful but should not be excessive or more important than international considerations. I’ll grant you, for years under Obama, we’ve been the forgotten people. Now Obama’s first lady voiced, all have lost hope?? Liberals wear blinders! The very air is electric with positive vibes, from everyone we encounter.

The very people who fawned over the unqualified acorn coordinator Mr President Obama actors, progressive professors, democrats, wore blinders to be pressured by the white house to change the Electoral Vote under the premise Trump is unqualified to be president. Thankfully it failed. I hate to deflate your libido, Mr President Obama, but you would not have won a third term.

President Obama missed 70% of his advisory intelligence meetings except when it was with his Sheiks. I’m sure his last meeting involved his traitorous action (The insult to us and punishing our Ally Israel).

Obama’s interest was never with our people. His fixation was on Nationalizing America and all our resources our land, waterways and seas thru the EPA government, then Globalization thru the United Nations which he, Obama, hoped to be a power within at our expense.

Have you given more thought to all those attacks on our people? All Muslims involved were in security job positions (the throat cutter, San Bernardino, the Florida slaughter and etc); Placing Muslims in Security positions is questionable at a time when turbulent hatred for Christians and Jews were being slaughtered in their countries of origin. Many were placed in these positions over Americans.

There was another betrayal 2000 years ago and hear O Israel, millions hearkened to his teaching. Israel’s heart belongs to those millions also.

Analie Maccree


U.N. anti-Semitism


The prestigious and renown Jewish organization, Simon Wiesenthal Center, stated that the recent US abstention from a recent vote against Israeli settlements at the UN Security Council topped its list of top 10 antisemitic and anti-Israel cases. They further stated that the vote was facilitated by President Obama which the Israeli government says they have “iron clad” proof of.

Secretary of State John Cary in a recent pathetic speech tried to give reasons for this dramatic shift in historical US policy that defended Israel’s possession of land obtained in the defensive Six Day War of 1967. His speech was essentially a diatribe against Israeli policy and Israeli government. This obsessive concern about new Israeli settlements was just an excuse for President Obama’s real desire to implement a two-state solution that would force Israel to give back land that would undermine it’s national security.

The two-state solution proposed by President Obama is in reality a blueprint for Israel’s destruction. It allows for a hostile nation, consisting of the West Bank and Gaza, to be essentially formed within Israel’s borders. It demands that East Jerusalem, site of the sacred Western Wall and holy Temple Mount, be the new capital of the State of Palestine. It makes no mention that Hamas, a terrorist organization dedicated to Israel’s annihilation, controls Gaza and has never indicated any departure from it’s goal of Jewish genocide. It makes no demands on Palestinians to stop teaching their children to hate Jews and to stop honoring and rewarding terrorists who kill innocent women and children.

Until the Palestinians recognize Israel’s right to exist, stop conducting terrorist attacks, and cease preaching hatred toward Israel, peace will be impossible.

Igor Shpudejko


Avondale P.D. is the best


Our Avondale Police Officers are one of the finest. My husband and I are foster parents of an ADHD child and were not quite prepared for some of the violence that we encountered when he first came into our home. Once, we had to call the police because he was throwing objects at us and we could not get him to calm down. Officer Eric Lady responded to the call. He was able to calm him down. He encouraged us to be patient with him, explaining that he understood what it was like for a child to be destabilized and living with strangers. He offered to reward our son with a visit to the police station upon good behavior. Our son actually wants to be police officer, so that offer made a huge impact on him. The next month, there was peace in our home, he was a model child. We visited Avondale Police station and we had a blast. He was treated like royalty and was showered with a lot of presents. I was so impressed by the visit. I have never experienced such goodness from police officers. Officer Eric continued the conversation by checking on our child and promised more rewards for good behavior.

Long story cut short, our son has improved a lot! He won a Principal award for honors in all subjects and we are in the process of adopting him. Thanks to the kind intervention of Officer Eric who went beyond the call of duty to help our child. To all the police officers at Avondale — Kathy Lanieri, the Chief Officer, who talked to him, encouraged and made him feel like one of them. You are the best!

Anita Nwokoro


Mr. Unserious


A foreign government interferes in an American election. Congress, the CIA, and the FBI all review the evidence and agree; it’s Putin and Russia. Only Trump disagrees, and he has no support for his doubts. All he can see is how this impacts the perception of HIS election result. He wants us all to just move on, and can’t even be bothered to be briefed about it until after his vacation. Then we have Trump surrogates stating that Obama’s timing in taking action against Russia is suspicious. Really? Didn’t Russia/Putin choose the timing when they did a hack and leaks right before the election? Mitch McConnell and company refused a bipartisan announcement or actions until after the election. They’ve known about the hacking almost as long as Obama. No one is mentioning that timing. This week Russian malware was found in a computer of a small utility company. What if it found its way into a major power grid? Given the implications, how could Trump still be crushing on Putin?! All Americans should be considered — no matter what party they belong to, or if they belong to no party at all. Looking at everything in terms of how it impacted his election is unserious, un-presidential and shallow.

Karla Thompson


Reader is right


Marge Meggers hit the nail on the head (Parents on Naughty List, letter to West Valley View, dated December 21, 2016). She mentioned attending an elementary school program to watch her grandson. During the program the parents in attendance behaved like noisy spoiled brats (my description). Well Marge, it does not, I repeat, does not get any better. I worked at a high school and after twenty-eight graduation ceremonies and countless requests for the audience to be respectful towards each other and the graduates, it didn’t work, no matter the make up of the audience. I came to the conclusion that in most cases, the parents were so shocked that their “little darling” graduated, they couldn’t hold back their enthusiasm, forcing the rest of us to endure.

While attending my daughter’s college graduation, I almost came to fisticuffs with a gentleman sitting in front of me that would not stop talking or sit down so that I could watch my daughter walk across the stage to get her diploma. Of course, his child had already walked across the stage so he could care less about anyone else.

Once upon a time, a pastor at my church commented at a Sunday service. He said, “Crying, talking and misbehaving children are like good intentions. They should be carried out immediately.” If we could just apply that little bit of wisdom to unruly parents.

So, Marge, brace yourself for the future. It sounds like you have a lot of school programs, graduations, and other ceremonies in your future. Good luck!

Richard Sitch


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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear "Mother" Maccree:

   Only in that sick, twisted, organ you use for a brain.  But how can we expect an honest or rational view of the world from a creature like you - who constantly "graces" these pages with lies, slander, and bigotry.  I see nothing "positive" in the words and conduct of Lying Trump - a man who lied about there being "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City" to gain votes, when that never happened!

   Then there's your charming "screed".  So we can't trust Muslims?  Well, given their track record (Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, the Bundy's, etc.) why should we trust "Christians" or "conservatives" either?

   And, once again, you show no concern whatever for the Muslims who are also victims of ISIS and Al Queda - and their numbers dwarf that of the Christians and Jews.

   The rest of your drivel is more of the same.  You provide no proof for the paranoid accusations you make against the President because you have none!  You are a liar, a slanderer, and a serial breaker of the Ninth Commandment (the one about bearing false witness).  I can almost pity you, the shock you'll receive one second after you die.  Once again, your actions confirm your reservation in Hell!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Shpudejko:

   I realize that many Americans are ignorant of history (having attention spans measured in seconds), but you should know that the Two-State Solution isn't something dreamed up by the President.  It formed the basis for the U.N.'s Partition Plan back in the 1940's - the only legal basis for either an Israel or a Palestine!

   While you are correct to criticize the failure of Palestinians to accept that Plan (which failure is the true source of all their problems), blind support for Netanyahu is just as bad.  If Palestinians reject the Plan, then there is no legal basis for their claims to statehood.  But if Israel rejects it, it's legitimacy vanishes as well.

   (After all, when Israel conquered the West Bank and Gaza in 1967 it didn't formally annex those lands.  Why do you support the attempt at "creeping annexation" now?)

   Make no mistake, that is what Netanyahu's policies (and that of every Likud government before him) lead to.  It's a desire to create "facts on the ground" making a Two-State Solution impossible.  But what's the alternative? 

   Do the Palestinians now living in the West Bank and Gaze become citizens of "Greater Israel"?  That path will lead to the destruction of the "Jewish State" within a generation, as the Palestinians out populate the Israelis, and win control of the Knesset and government at the ballot box.  After that, Israel becomes Palestine.

   Or, will they be denied the right to vote, and to participate in the government which rules over them?  Leaving aside any question of morality (and how such conduct threatens the "Jewish Soul") how can you (as an American) possibly support that?  After all, America was founded on the idea that governments derive their just powers "from the consent of the governed"!

   Of course, there's always the South African "solution" of "apartheid", which would destroy the Jewish Soul forever, or forced expulsion, with Israel playing the role of Imperial Rome.  Those are "precedents" no one who truly cares for Israel, or the Jews, would favor.

   So spare us your arrogant, ignorant, criticism - the product more of partisanship and ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) than reality.  The President doesn't seek the destruction of Israel, but "friends" like you are certain to bring that about!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear "Conservatives":

   Since when is it "Anti-Semitic" to condemn illegal actions?  Since when is it "Anti-Semitic" to disagree with one man (even the Prime Minister of Israel)?  Since when is it "Anti-Semitic" to disagree with what another country does, even if that country is Israel?

   The answer, of course, is never, never, NEVER!

   The U.N. Resolution (which also denounced terrorism by supporters of Palestinians, by the way) simply condemned the present government of Israel for seizing land that didn't belong to it!  Israel has never formally annexed the West Bank.  It has no more right to take land there and give it to settlers than the U.S. has the right to seize land in Iraq and give it to our people.

   What I find most amusing (and, of course, hypocrtical) about those writing Letters condemning the President or Secretary of State Kerry is the automatic equating of opposing Netanyahu with Anti-Semitism.  After all, "conservatives" protest loudly when anyone suggests their opposition to the policies of the Obama Administration is due to Racism!

   As for the opinion of the Wiesenthal Center, I suggest you read the reasons it gave for condemning the U.N. Resolution, instead of simply, blindly, parroting its headline.  The issue is a complex one, but it all boils down to language in the U.N. Resolution the Center objects to.  And what is the language in question?

Condemning all measures aimed at altering the demographic composition, character and status of the Palestinian Territory occupied since 1967, including East Jerusalem, including, inter alia, the construction and expansion of settlements, transfer of Israeli settlers, confiscation of land, demolition of homes and displacement of Palestinian civilians, in violation of international humanitarian law and relevant resolutions,


   Note the part I underlined.  That's the main thing the Center objects to.  Although, along with Netanyahu, it also objects to calling the West Bank "occupied" (Bibi prefers the phrase "disputed").  Well, sorry, but both the status of Jerusalem and the West Bank are "occupied", and the only "dispute" is whether Netanyahu can do anything he wants there!

   But, of course, in this age of "spin" the Center puts it differently:

 The resolution, in effect, identifies Jerusalem’s holiest sites, including the Temple Mount and the Western Wall, as “occupied Palestinian territory.” It also urges UN members “to distinguish, in their relevant dealings, between the territory of the State of Israel and the territories occupied since 1967,” effectively endorsing BDS.


   Note the use of the "weasel" words: "effectively" and "in effect".  That of course means it's the Center's interpretation, not a statement of fact. And the facts are quite different from what the Center claims.

   For one thing, the BDS, or Boycott, Disinvest, and Sanction movement refuses to recognize the legitimacy of any part of Israel, whereas the Resolution is carefully addressed only to the land occupied since 1967.  There is no "endorsement", not even "effectively".


   In the end it all comes down to one question:  Is Netanyahu's policies legal and good for Israel in the long-run, or are they illegal and disastrous for Israel.  A true friend of Israel would base its decisions on the answer to that question, and rational people would recognize that the question is one where there can be honest disagreement, without a whiff of "Anti-Semitism".

   Let me add a personal note.  Much of the blind support for Netanyahu comes from members of the so-called "Christian Right", who actually regard Israel and the Jews as mere pawns in their own "End Times" Scenario.  In that twisted theology, Israel will reconvene the Sanhedrin, reverse the judgment on Jesus (which never happened anyway, but why bother with "minor" things like truth), and then set out to proselytize the world, the Jews having finally adopted the "true faith".  All of that, in turn, is the trigger for the battle of Armageddon, and the Second Coming.

   Sorry, but the Jews are no one's pawns, and we reject said theology - and always will.  Sadly, that fact has been the leading cause of true Anti-Semitism in Christianity.  (Study the history of Martin Luther, who at one time "invited" Jews to join his "purified" form of Christianity, having deluded himself that there was no longer any difference between his faith and theirs.  When they rejected him, he turned around and wrote one of the most Anti-Semitic pamphlets of all time, one which served as a seed for the Holocaust.)

   With "friends" like that, the Jews need no enemies.  (And that includes "Mother" Maccree and Mr. Shpudejko.)


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas:

   Sorry, but if we apply that "principle" in a consistent fashion, then just about every Letter or Comment writer should be banned!  (Starting with Roy, "Mother" Maccree, and yourself, since much of what you write is equally and clearly designed to "enflame".)

   The problem, of course, is that like beauty, this is in the eye of the beholder.  Ms. Bedor's Letter is a perfect example. As I noted, she obviously mistook Patrick's sarcasm for a statement of approval of the "groping" conduct.  Just as she clearly mistook him for someone who supported Lying Trump (hence her reference to Patrick's supposed attempt "to make america great again by allowing men to relive the area or dearm [era or dream] of one to come when women were seen as objects to grab".  Is the View to censor Letters because other people can't read, or can't understand what's written?  As I said, apply that standard consistently and the paper might as well remove the Letters page completely (and eliminate the ability to post on-line Comments).

   As for "Gay Polari", I assume that's supposed to be another of your "digs" at what you assume you know about his private life.  If you're correct, it only further demonstrates how unlikely Patrick would be to either want to relive the era when women were viewed as "objects to grab", or dream of one to come.

  He is blameless, Ms. Bedor isn't.

P.S. - Oh, and I wonder how many of those who rushed to defend Lying Trump's "locker room talk" would have done so if it had been a gay locker room?

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   One of the repeated patterns I've noticed among extremists (aside from their complete inability to emply fact and reason, and their refusal to address issues directly, evading and avoiding them instead) is the way they so frequently falsely accuse others of what they are!

   None so blind?  May I remind you, sir, that you pathetically blamed the 'great Progressive conspiracy' for kicking you out of a local Bocce clum?  (As if "Progressives", however defined, have nothing better to do with their time.)  You constantly make statements that are hilariously false (such as your accusation that, on last issue's Comments page, Patrick "quoted from two different letters of [yours] and attempted to show them as one".  Too bad it was so easy to prove that the "spin" (or lies) in that case was yours.


   You do this over and over again, and have done so since you first "graced" these pages with your "opinions", yet you never learn!

   As for being a "playground bully", that describes you and Lying Trump perfectly.  You both feel free to hurl invective and abuse at others (such as calling "Progressives" subversives), yet when you're on the receiving end of it, you whine and complain, just like bullies do when their victims fight back.  I've said this before and I'll say it again:  If you can't stand the political heat, stay out of the political kitchen.  (Or, at least, try making "opinions" based on fact and reason, and devoid of slander.)

   Since your "opinions" are usually worthless, why should anyone pay attention to your "advice", which is equally worthless?

P.S. - And "friendly" advice doesn't consist of what you spew.  Besides, why should I pay attention to your subjective opinion about this?  Based on both Letters and Comments (along with a few phone calls I've received, and personal conversations I've had) regarding my writings, there are plenty of "anyone's" who take them seriously, and admire them.  Just not blind partisans and ideologues like you.


Dear Gordon,

The substance of what you wrote gets my approval. Yes, the view can censor comments and letters to up-hold the integrity of the view, which is NOT necessary in this situation.

However, Patrick’s article was designed with one purpose in mind and that was to en-flame Roy into an angry emotional response. There are some publications, like the Huffington Post, have banned the “en-flaming” of other writers, which doesn’t violate free speech.
Patrick’s sarcasm, as you called it, sounded more like laughable “Gay Polari” than anything else.

Unfortunately, he en-flamed Ms. Bedor and she reacted with a negative emotional response in calling for censorship.


Dear Gordon. I am sure you have heard the expression that there are none so blind as those who do not want to see ? That Sir, would be you . For sure that would be you!! You remind me of the playground bully who always had to get in the last word on everything and who if he did not like you would cuss you out and call you names. You Sir need to grow up if you want anyone to respect you or take your comments seriously Sadly I seriously doubt if my friendly words of advise will sink into your head !

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Roy:

  And for the umpteenth time, that's a bit of "moral equivalency" and equivocation true conservatives loathe.  (That's right, Roy, my opinion is that you're no conservative - just a mindless collection of empty rhetoric, partisanship, and ideology pretending to care about this country. The difference between us being I have proof for my opinion.)

   You think you can spew lies and slander to convince people to adopt your political views, and when said lies and slander are exposed mutter "it's just an opinion"?  No. All that does is prove what a liar you are.  Honest people defend their opinions, and back them up with facts and reason.  People like you, "Mother" Maccree, and David Irving (the subject of Denial) simply spew, and often distort the truth to achieve their ends.

   And your pathetic attempt to claim the Confederate Flag isn't the flag of Treason is just one example.  Gee, maybe we can get Arizona to fly the Communist flag over our capital as a celebration of its Progressive heritage.

P.S. - What?  You didn't know Arizona was "founded" by a bunch of actual members of the Progressive Party.  I bet you also didn't know that promoting the use of the Referendum process to make laws (an example of direct democracy) was one of the things they championed.  Remember, the next time you vote for a "conservative" ballot proposal you're actually being Progressive!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   Funny how, for someone who can't "keep up", you manage to fill this site with Comments of your own, many supposedly "replying" to mine.  The problem being you evade and avoid what I write, so what you produce is devoid of substance, and simply amounts to ad hominem.  Try addressing what I say instead, in an honest fashion, and you'll find it more productive.

   And spare us your "it's just an opinion" excuse.  As I've said many times your opinions are contrary to reality, and therefore are worthless!  You really should read or see the book or movie Denial.  Of course, you'll probably root for David Irving - the two of you have so much in common.  (Note: not his politics, I hope.)

   So keep on trying to claim the moon is made of green cheese, that the Sun orbits the Earth, and that Elvis lives.  I'll keep pointing out what you're full of!


P.S. - And before you try to play the "I didn't claim that" game, I'm not saying you actually claim those things, only that what you do claim is equally false.

Dear Gordon For the hundredth time opinion is by definition subjective whereas facts are by definition objective. The two are not necessarily interchangeable What is there you do not understand about that? Do you own a dictionary? Use it


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