Letters to the Editor: January 18, 2017

Go get ’em!


The battle is just beginning. There are many issues which Trump will face in the coming years. The progressives will not go down easily. The one issue which I feel the most passion about are sanctuary cities, which are found from sea to shinning sea. Most however are in California.

Trump must fight these sanctuary cities the same way Obama fought for his progressive vision. My advice to Trump and the Republicans is to take no prisoners . Obama, Pelosi and Reid did not seek Republican help, nor did they care what America thought of their agenda when they controlled everything in 2008. This time it is the good guys turn to ram it down the progressives combined throats.

Trump needs to withhold federal funds from any sanctuary city which refuses to comply with Federal immigration law . They must be made to understand that they cannot act as subversives and get away with it. If the situation calls for it, the Justice department should dispatch Federal immigration officers to round up illegals who are deemed dangerous . Hopefully most sanctuary cities will comply with Federal law. However, I doubt they will. As a caveat , has anyone noticed that it is the progressive states, who are the big spenders going bankrupt? Illinois, New York and California to name a few. It is in these same states that crime is going through the roof . Has anyone noticed that it is the red states who have good fiscal management and more jobs per capita?

Elections have consequences . The American people have spoken. Obama’s policies have been repudiated. Go get em ! Let us make America great again for Americans

Roy Azzarello


Give Trump a chance


The most recent issue of the WWV had so many negative ( I could say nasty) letters about Trump, that ‘I set myself down to write a letter’ too. I don’t consider myself to be a musician, since the only wedding I ever soloed my violin for, ended in divorce Not a very successful performance!

Unlike one of the writers, I am not a musician, nor a lifelong Democrat, however like him, did not vote for Trump. I certainly could not vote for Hillary, although I have voted for many Democrats for President. I have usually voted for the winner, although not in this case. Now I wish I had, since I, and nearly everyone I know, likes what he is proposing.

Enjoy life! It's the only one you’ll ever have. Ultra-liberals should, and could too, if they were’t so blinded by bias.

Lifelong Republican (You can call me a RINO if you want.)

Carl Deierling


West Valley deserves casino


I have been reading and listening to all the news regarding the Westside Casino and the opposition to it from our government leaders, many of whom I have supported in the past. I have been in business and a resident of the west valley since the early forties and I do not understand why we do not deserve a full-fledged casino. Although I have never frequented casinos, I think it is a shame that even after the courts’ many confirmations of the casinos legal right to operate here, plus the many positive benefits such a facility would bring to the west valley, our officials continue to contest its right to operate here.

Bill Hickman Sr.


Guess you weren’t asked


For Mr. Steve Berliner (View, Jan. 4, 2017): I guess we can deduce you weren’t asked — even though your name was out there.

Judy Weaver


Staff comes before pupils


Monday January 2nd was celebrated as a national holiday by most. It seems that the Litchfield Elementary School District was unable to find enough days in the year to celebrate this national holiday with the rest of the nation. Despite the fact that many parents had the day off work along with federal, state and many other major corporate entities, LESD could not seem to calculate a schedule that would accommodate children to be at home with their families on the holiday.

I know that children must attend a set number of days in the year. I also know that perhaps a day could have been obtained by shortening the week long fall break, or the Thanksgiving break that began on a Wednesday. There was also the option of starting the Winter aka “Christmas” break a day or two later than December 19th. The last time I checked there was not a national holiday on December 19th or 20th, but by taking those days off, it allowed the teachers and staff to have 16 consecutive days off. In other words who cares about the parents or relatives that are off for the national holiday and would enjoy spending time with the children. Lest we forget, there could also be a day shaved off from the week long spring break but of course that would not allow the school staff to have 9 consecutive days off.

Perhaps next year the district calendar can focus on children and families rather than staff.

Ron Carrington
Litchfield Park


Administration faces problems


There are two (among many) major problems the incoming Administration will have to face: #1 The very real issue of a financial catastrophe ranging everywhere from deflation or inflation to confiscation of savings or penalties imposed on bank deposits. The national debt is so large that something must be done and, in reality, something will happen but whatever that is, it cannot be avoided. The consequences could be disastrous and confront the incoming Administration with difficult choices, although what happens will be the result of previous decisions: #2-The second highly important issue is that of the enemy “Trojan horse” now in their training camps inside this country and along our southern border ready to strike when they choose. One would have thought that for the last eight years (Yes, they have been there that long) the protections of the lives of Americans would come before the “rights” of a Jihadist enemy sworn to kill “infidels” (non-believers.) Instead we have had rationalizations such as – they are on private property and not violating the law. The FBI did not act because the sitting Administration did not label them as a “terrorist” organization.

Which is the more important issue relating to public safety – technicalities or a dangerous reality? The whole situation is absurd. As national policy it looks like voluntary suicide. But, from a revolutionary tactical viewpoint it is very good strategy which depends upon cooperation from the host country.

How will the incoming Administration deal with #1? Will they address #2?

Karl Nelson


W.V. spreads Christmas cheer


I am writing to thank and celebrate both Goodyear and Avondale residents for spreading joy to children around the world this Christmas season. The generosity of volunteers, families and groups from both cities and throughout the West Valley paved the way for us to exceed our goal! The West Valley collected a total of 15,095 shoebox gifts for the Samaritan’s Purse project Operation Christmas Child — the world’s largest Christmas project of its kind.

The gift-filled shoeboxes are tangible expressions of God’s love for children around the world suffering from poverty, natural disaster, war, disease and famine. These children, many of whom have never received a gift before, learn they are loved and not forgotten. Since 1993, Operation Christmas Child has collected and delivered more than 135 million gift-filled shoeboxes to children in more than 150 countries and territories.

It’s not too late for people to make a difference. Though all drop-off locations are closed until November 2017, filled shoeboxes are collected year-round at the Samaritan’s Purse headquarters in Boone, North Carolina. Additionally, anyone can conveniently pack a personalized Operation Christmas Child shoebox gift at samaritanspurse.org/occ. Information about year-round volunteer opportunities can also be found on the website or by calling 813-787-8604.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in this project and for those who do so year after year. These simple gifts, packed with love, send a message of hope and continue to transform the lives of children worldwide.

Raeleen Higgins
Operation Christmas Child West Valley area coordinator


Repeal and replace with what?


The Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) became law almost seven years ago in March, 2010. The battles for and against the law have continued since Day #1. There have been many ups and downs. Trips to the Supreme Court, the initial failure of Healthcare.gov and the rancorous rhetoric in the 2016 Presidential campaign have poisoned the debate. The positives are impressive. We now have the lowest number of people without health insurance in the history of this country. Close to 200,000 Arizonans have coverage under the Exchange and over 700,000 have received coverage under our Medicaid program better known as AHCCCS.

In Washington the debate is raging about “Repeal and Replace” with no obvious resolution to the issue. A total repeal would be damaging to Arizona and a huge hit to the state budget. Hundreds of thousands of people would lose coverage and the entire population would be impacted. Much of the debate centers on the Exchange but Medicare would also be impacted. Closing the prescription drug “doughnut hole” would be canceled and the million Arizonans on Medicare would see costs increase. Hospitals would see a rise in uncompensated care and emergency department use would increase.

The House of Representatives has voted 60 times to repeal Obamacare. It was symbolic since the bill was going nowhere. Now they have the political strength to act and truly repeal Obamacare. They look like the dog who kept chasing the car and finally caught it. What do they do now?

Change is coming and the new system will be called Trumpcare. Let the arguments begin.

Leonard Kirschner
Litchfield Park


Held hostage by water co.


OMG... We are being held hostage by Buckeye Water Co. $70 charge even before you turn on the poor tasting water! And... because of the holidays (their words not mine) didn’t post last months payments until Jan 5, 2017, not only making most of us paying way late instead of on time, but threw in a late fee to boot. We can’t really go to another water company, now can we? Any comments on a remedy here?...

Pat Kirby


Goodyear bond re fi hoopla


Recently the Goodyear Finance Director wrote an article for the View lauding the City’s “proactive measures” to take advantage of lower bond rates. Did it take much smarts to do this? Homeowners do it all the time. It’s finance 1.0. Another spokesperson tells us they are “always looking for ways to best position the City financially”.

The problem with that statement is they have no specific goals /plans to reduce the cost of government. In their budget Goals you’ll see no specific ,measurable commitment to do so. Mayor Lord has no interest in such actions or else this would not be the case.

What the City does have is “programs”! Here are a few statements from the City Managers 2016-17 achievements:

Created comprehensive performance management strategy to drive performance enhancement and value definition focused on the customer”. Say what? Note the absence of any dollar value/cost reduction associated with this governmentese.

Development of value streams for focused Lean tool application” ( Apparently Lean is compatible with 17 new positions!!).

It’s time for new leadership. This coming election we will have mayoral and council choices. It’s time for a change.Let’s take advantage of it.

Richard Hinkel

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Dennis:

   That's not it.  Roy doesn't believe in facts, only in "subjective opinions"!

   Of course, the same is true for Lying Trump.  I'm sure he believes there were millions of people at his Coronation (sorry, Inauguration), just as he believes Scotland voted for Brexit.  Too bad what he believes and reality are entirely different things.  (Just as with Roy.)


Roy's comments have finally been explained. He has "alternative facts".  Everything makes sense now. LOL


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Karl Nelson:

   Of all the people writing Letters to the View, you epitomize what's known as "the paranoid style in politics".  Your latest tirade is a model of both rambling incoherence and dangerous delusions masquerading as "opinion" (as the Factless Wonder would have it), or as bald-faced lies being offered as "truth" (as any honest person would call it).

  First, the rambling incoherent part.  Make up your mind, sir, are we facing inflation or deflation?  We can't have both, and given the current inflation rate I'd say deflation is the greater peril, especially since there's every chance the policies of Lying Trump will only "make America great again" by instituting a second Great Depression.  Whether or not that happens, we will see, but there's nothing "inevitable" about it.  The financial disaster you're so fearful of can be avoided.  (Just not with the current Administration in charge.)

   Of course, what you're blabbering about regarding "confiscation of savings" or "penalties imposed on bank deposits" is known only to you.

   Second, comes the paranoid part.  Where's your proof, sir, for the claim that there are "training camps" in this country for terrorists?  Here's mine that it's just another "conspiracy theory", based on lies and distortions.


   (And please note, these "camps" as you call them have "been there" for far longer than just 8 years!  Some of them date back to the Reagan Administration, but we don't hear you complaining about how "soft" on terrorism Ronnie was.)

   As for the issue of "rights" and "technicalities", what do you mean?  Are we talking about the basic principles this nation was founded on, the ones enshrined in our Constitution?  You know, "little" things like Due Process, Equal Protection, and the Rule of Law.  Let's just sweep all that away because you declare people to be our "enemies".  Never mind they're on private property (protected by the Fourth and Fifth Amendments),  never mind they've broken no law, they might do something bad so let's just lock them up and throw away the key!

   (Funny, I don't hear you saying that about the Bundy "training camp" in terrorism and subversion, which promoted armed attacks on law officers, and the violent seizure of property.  But then, those were "good conservative terrorists"!)

   Ben Franklin famously warned that those who would sacrifice essential liberties for a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.  I'd add they usually end up with neither.  After all, "protecting" us from "the enemy in our midst" has been the major excuse for every tyrant who ever lived!   Consider the company you're keeping.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Deierling:

   While we have no choice but to give Lying Trump a "chance", I suggest you come down off your "high horse" and take a trip to the offices of the View, as I did eight years ago.  Peruse, as I did, the Letters pages of their back issues (the ones the on-line Archive feature no longer includes), and compare and contrast the reception Obama received following his election in 2008 with the one Bush the Second received following his selection in 2000 (or the one Lying Trump's getting now).  You'll see that the ink was barely dry in 2008 before a storm of Letters arrived denouncing Obama before the man did anything, and continued non-stop ever since.  (This despite the fact he won overwhelmingly in both the popular and electoral votes - something neither his predecessor nor successor can honestly claim.)  If I remember correctly, the number of such Letters was more than 20 times what Bush got.  (And that's a "conservative" estimate.)

   Well, why shouldn't Lying Trump receive the same treatment?  Turnabout is fair play.  (And there's far better reason to criticize him.)  Or is hypocrisy so engrained in "Ultra-Conservatives" that they don't even recognize when they're guilty of it?

P.S. - You're only a RINO if you don't toe the "right-wing" party line.  So far your "line dancing" is impressive.


P.P.S. - As I said, Lying Trump has his "chance" at bat.  The question is whether he'll hit a "home run" or "strike out".  We shall see.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   Has anyone noticed that you repeatedly make inflamatory claims without a shred of proof to back them up?  No wonder you voted for Lying Trump.

   For example, there's your claim about how it's the "Progressive" States which are going bankrupt.  Have you checked out Kansas?

Kansas officials have lowered the forecast for future tax collections by hundreds of millions of dollars, creating a bleak budget picture. The state now faces a $350 million deficit in the current fiscal year and a nearly $600 million budget gap in the next fiscal year.


   And here's a map showing those States which already have projected deficits (or "Revenue Shortfals" if you prefer that term) for 2017.



   I'm sure you'll gleefully note that "Progressive" States like "Illinois, New York and California" are there ("to name a few").  But, oh my, so are "Red" (and I presume "Conservative") States like Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas (and Kansas - "to name a few").  Could it be the "link" you claim exists between "progressivism" and deficits doesn't exist?

   (Or, will you simply tell us Texas and company are "Progressive" too, since anytime something happens you dislike, the "Progressives" must be behind it?  After all, you insist Nicky Haley is a "Progressive", and that the "Great Progressive Conspiracy" got you kicked off a local Bocce club!)

   The same pattern exists for Unemployment (or how many "jobs per capita") the States have.  Sure enough "Progressive" States like California (5.5%) and Connecticut (5.4%) have higher unemployment than the nation as a whole (5.0%).  But, oh dear, what's the matter with Georgia (5.1%), Missouri (5.2%), and Arizona (5.5%), "to name a few"?  Have they gone "Progressive" too?


   This is where you remind me that your Letter was just stating a "subjective opinion", not objective fact.  And I respond that since your "opinion" is contrary to fact, that's why it's worthless!

P.S. - Oh as to the "sanctuary cities" matter, you might want to review the facts about that too.



   Pay particular attention to the most recent (Washington Post) article, and two matters it mentions, according to the courts: 1) Compliance with the Immigration Service is voluntary, and 2) Lying Trump's proposal may be unconstitutional!

   And here is where we get back to that question about "small government" that you keep evading and avoiding.  Remember National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius?  That was the case where "conservatives" challenged the Individual Mandate provision of the Affordable Care Act on the grounds that Congress lacked the authority to impose it.  But another part of the case involved the requirement the Act created that States expand their Medicaid roles.  Guess what?  The Supreme Court declared that it would be unconstitutional to cut-off all Medicaid funding to the States that refused to obey.  Thus the States could "opt-out" of that part of the Act.  You know, it's a "States' Rights" thing.


. . . our cases have recognized limits on Congress’s power under the Spending Clause to secure state compliance with federal objectives. . . .  Respecting this limitation is critical to ensuring that Spending Clause legislation does not undermine the status of the States as independent sovereigns in our federal system.  That system “rests on what might at first seem a counterintuitive insight, that ‘freedom is enhanced by the creation of two governments, not one.’ ”. . . . For this reason, “the Constitution has never been understood to confer upon Congress the ability to require the States  to govern according to Congress’ instructions.” . . .  Otherwise the two-government system established by the Framers would give way to a system that vests power in one central government, and individual liberty would suffer.

That insight has led this Court to strike down federal legislation that commandeers a State’s legislative or administrative apparatus for federal purposes.. . . (striking down federal legislation compelling state law enforcement officers to perform federally mandated background checks on handgun purchasers). . . .

National Federation of Independent Businesses v. Sebelius, Slip Opinion, pages 46 - 7 (52 –3 of the PDF file). Citations omitted.


   So, Roy, if the Federal government can't compel the States to cooperate in enforcing gun control, how can it force them to cooperate with Immigration?  Similarly, if the Federal government can't pass laws like the Affordable Care Act (since, as "small government conservatives" argue, it has no express authority over healthcare), how can it ban Abortion?

   It's the same problem, in a different context, and you haven't a clue as to the answer!  Why?  Because you're the "Factless Wonder": completely ignorant of the facts about Constitutional Law, and reveling in your ignorance!

   Which is why your "opinions" are worthless.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Judy:

   You were truly missed.  I was worried something bad had happened to cause you to abandon us, but I guess you were just enjoying a "vacation" from the View.  I've done that myself from time-to-time.

   Too bad, though, that you chose to end your "exile" with a Letter almost as silly as the one it's replying to.  I mean, does it really matter what the Rockettes choose to do?  If only that was the greatest problem America faces!

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