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Letters to the Editor: February 1, 2017

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United? Really?


We are the United States of America in name only. Actually we are the divided states of America.

The reason for that is because Progressive core values are not American core values. Not to define American core values as my core values, or Conservative core values . American core values are those which are exemplified by our Constitution. Undeniably our Constitution is a document of limited government. Only specific powers are given to the Federal government. All other powers are reserved for the states. The founders were very precise and afraid of giving too much power to the Federal branch

It is also undeniable that Progressive core values demand a large all powerful and smothering Federal bureaucracy. These arrogant and elitists Progressives believe they are smarter than the people.

Look at Obama. Everything he did was based on his Progressive ideology. He did more harm to the nation than any other one person . Because of him the Progressives have become very powerful. Our Republic looks more like a Democracy. Checks and balances have been blurred. For eight years the Obama administration illegally politicized everything it did . IRS targeting, Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA surveillance , Hillary email, Ransom paid to Iran . What have I missed ?

Now that Trump is President the Progressives are outraged. They have been stopped. However, make no mistake . They will not go away. Some more militant Progressives will resort to anarchy and if necessary attempt to literally destroy the nation. The next few years will see very dangerous days for all of us.

If President Trump is able to revitalize the economy, restore our international standing and protect the American people, the Progressive threat will be marginalized. We will then once again be the UNITED States of America.

Roy Azzarello


Docs disrespect mentally disabled


Since doctors cannot make enough money with disabled patients, they label them useless and unworthy. I have experienced discrimination as a patient with invisible disabilities. It is in significant part due to the fact that doctors can’t make money on patients who are unable to go through costly and invasive procedures. They also cannot make money on patients who cannot see them on a frequent basis. I suffer from chronic illnesses and PTSD. When the doctors find out that I take medication for my PTSD their demeanor and tone changes to hate and judgment. Once a mental disability is divulged we are reduced to nothing. Whether the doctors find out about the PTSD from the file and/or look up the medication we are marked as unwanted patients.

I had one medical doctor order numerous tests but since I did not see him on a regular basis and I did not undergo the most invasive testing he had other office personnel deal with me. Obviously, he couldn’t make enough money working with someone who has anxiety. I did do a CT scan which showed all that was necessary.

In addition, I experienced discrimination with a dentist who when asking his dental assistant found out it was some time ago since I had been in his office immediately advised he could no longer treat me. As I tried to explain that I have chronic illnesses and suffer with anxiety, he jumped up and motioned to his dental assistant to show me out. She quickly walked me to the door. I felt hurt, shame and disbelief.

Once again we are silenced and disrespected when divulging a mental disability.

Dee Perna


Grijalva, Gallego show true colors


These reps are supposed to represent us in Washington D. C. Instead they showed all of us what haters, bigots, and disrespectful men they are. We the people are certainly not represented by these two party followers.

Did you see those classless women wearing women’s body parts on their heads? Talk about filthy, vile, disgusting women. They even brought their children to see how vulgar they could be. One famous person said she would like to blow up the White House. Did she mean kill the President and his family? This woman is sick and should be locked up. When these women were asked what they were marching for, they couldn’t answer, or it was for rights they haven't lost. Talk about stupid. I am ashamed .

Mrs. Obama said now we will know how it is to live without hope. No Mrs. Obama we lived without hope for the last eight years.

Jean Levandowski
Litchfield Park


Guardian angels


I tend to be an air-head. Years ago in another state I was hit upside my head and left deaf in my right ear when someone wanted my purse. Haven’t carried a purse since.

Last week and once before about a year ago my wallet fell out of my pocket on the floor in Fry’s Marketplace in Buckeye. Both times a good Samaritan found my wallet and turned it in. It was returned in tack with every penny and every card where it belonged. There are some great honest people in Buckeye and apparently they shop at Fry’s on Watson Rd.

Rhea Diamond


A tribute to Darryl Crossman


As a former city manager of Litchfield Park from early 1991 to early 1999 I feel as qualified as anyone to point out the exceptional service Darryl provided to our community.

This town is a real challenge for anyone in the position that Darryl held. The reason is people who live in Litchfield Park are exceptionally passionate about the special place it is.

There’s no shortage of opinions about what needs to be done and anything that’s to be done is immediately strongly challenged whether it’s a good idea or whether it’s a bad. All change is suspect. City Managers deal in change, they have no choice.

Despite that Darryl was able to make realities of the dreams and vision people from the start have had for our community. He was a problem solver, a realist and had a special ability to make a vision become reality. I know he was working on making the 100 year old dream of a Village Center come true and I feel certain had he been given more time it would’ve become a fact.

He made it look so easy but believe me, such things are not. I think he fell in love with this place.

I’m very proud to say I cast my vote to hire him and to put him in the unenviable position of having to deal with me a former manager of the town who happened to be on the City Council, in addition to all the other passionate and strong people in this community. It was daunting but he took the challenge and he did it and he did it well.

My most sincere sympathy goes out to his family, to the community and to the elected and appointed officials of Litchfield Park. We have sustained a terrific loss.

Bob Musselwhite
Litchfield Park


Bike lockers aren’t secure


Think twice about utilizing the “secure” bike lockers at the Goodyear park & Ride. On January 11, 2017, someone forcefully opened the door to the bike locker I was using and stole my electric standup scooter valued at approximately $1000. The thief or thieves were not able to cut the lock as it was one of those indestructible kryptonite bike locks. I contacted the Goodyear PD to have a police report filled out. To make matters worse, it took the PD one hour to show up. When the officers arrived, they took down all the information in regard to my scooter. When that was completed, I had the one officer try to open one of the other bike lockers, and with a few good pulls, the door opened right up. The officer even mentioned how easy it was to force the door open… poor design. Over the past few months, I have sent numerous emails to the Goodyear Facilities Manager to make them aware of the homeless population that have been recently hanging around the facility. I have seen everything from sleeping inside the bike lockers overnight to them using these lockers for their own personal storage. With every email to the Facilities Dept, I receive a message that “we are working on the problem”. The City of Goodyear & the PD needs to be more diligent in patrolling the area. Every now and then, the PD will do a quick check, but its not constant. Since this theft happened, I have sent two follow up messages to the Goodyear Mayor & the facilities manager, but my messages go un-answered. I am not surprised by their behavior. So much for being an All-America City. One very upset Goodyear Resident….

Jim Boyle


March editorial missed mark


The editorial of January 25th is so wrong. The march was not limited to pro life women. The march was open to all. This was a pro woman march not a pro life march. Women’s rights are human rights, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, disability, economic or immigration status. I was there- I saw a group of conservatives (however small) protesting abortion and yes, they were carrying signs and marching.Your editorial demeans 500,000 DC marchers by reducing their purpose to a single issue. People marched on 7 continents- do you really think we have just a single platform?

We want to also remember this man in the oval office has also demeaned women.

This is who is. He thinks it’s fine to grab women and call us names. If you think wearing a pink hat with cat ears is “kooky” and “silly” well, that train has left the station. Get on board or get out of the way.

Barbara Wodrich


1st week weirdness


As a long time Republican and Trump voter, I must admit my concern of our new presidents’ behavior. In just his first week, Donald Trump is seeing things that are not there. He’s creating ghosts and buggy men.

By roughly 3 million votes, Hillary Clinton leads Donald Trump in the popular votes. Fine! But Trump won the most votes in the electoral college, so he won the election. There’s no questioning those two facts.

But in Trumps mind he can’t accept the fact that Hillary won more votes. He’s positive that there had to be wide spread voter fraud. Why?

Trump spent his first Saturday trying to convince the world that there were more people at his inauguration address than were at Obama’s. Of course, this statement is false. The obvious, side by side pictures show the difference visually. But again, who cares? Yet Trump spent the entire day trying to prove the impossible. Why?

One of the responses I continue to hear is “Where did Obama and Hillary draw the line when it came to lies?” Well neither of those two are POTUS right now. Donald Trump is the president and he promised us much higher standards than either of them. The president is not supposed to spend all his time on conspiracy theories that are not based in fact nor this BS claim of “alternative facts”.

Arthur Richarelli
Litchfield Park


Illegal immigration must stop


Picture this for a scenario: You move into my house without my permission because there is more opportunity at my house. If my neighbor supports your illegal move and prevents me from removing you that would be wrong, right? I equate this scenario to the current problem of illegal immigration. I understand the why; I understand that vast majorities of the people just want to build a better life for themselves and their families, you have my empathy. However, we are a Nation of laws and we cannot just open our borders to anyone. Just because I’m against illegal immigration doesn’t make me a racist, I fully support DACA, I support the idea of allowing the families of good people that have built a life here the opportunity to stay but we first must secure the border. We must hunt down and deport criminal illegal immigrants, we as a society simply cannot allow them to stay.

In 2015 the United States imported 316.4 billion dollars of goods. A 1% tariff of all those goods is approximately 3 billion dollars. That is money that could secure our border not only from Mexico but to add safeguards from illegal immigration from other Countries, that tariff could be applied equally across the board. Our Southern border isn’t the only place that we have to watch. Many here illegally come in on a Visa from European Countries and overstay a visitor’s Visa. Every civilized Nation in the world has a policy on illegal immigration and they police that policy. Why should the United States be different?

If a City or State wishes to be a sanctuary, bar them from receiving any Federal funds and see if they change their policy.

Roger Reeves


Bad behavior abounds


It’s only January, but bad behavior is off and running! First, when (and why) did this shopping cart riding craze start? I don’t mean babies in back behind the cart handle, but twelve year olds sitting in the basket!

Seriously, what parent decided it would be cool to allow their older child to risk bodily injury climbing in and out of a rolling cart basket? Not to mention being struck sitting like a human pretzel on hard metal wires for an hour or longer while being pushed around a busy, hazard ridden store.

Think long and hard, parents, this is nothing but abuse and mistreatment! There is no logical reason whatsoever for encouraging this, carts are built solely for groceries. I have often seen several children squeezed together in baskets, unable to move! Don’t believe it’s a problem? Go to or to learn more.

God forbid if these kids have an “accident” in the cart — other customers depend on carts being sanitary at all times. Retailers really need to enforce strict policies against this senseless behavior, for everyone’s health and safety. Parents, please start being the responsible, mature ADULT and teach your kids the priceless value of learning how to help you by finding items and putting groceries in the basket to save a lot of time.

Second, are pet owners going to be pro active with responsibility and keep their cats safely indoors? The feral cat problem is epidemic everywhere, and nobody wants your cat leaving their disease ridden feces in their yard! I have even seen cats on my porch, desperate to come in the house!

Please, everyone, make this the year of GOOD behavior, and you’ll see how much better life will be.

Lisa Black


More to march


In Wednesday’s WVV editorial you state that the women who marched in DC cared only about their ‘female parts’. This is quite untrue and I think this must be your version of an ‘alternative fact’.

I attended the Phoenix march along with 20,000 other people. Presumably you did not attend. I read the national newspapers and watched television coverage of events in DC, NY, and major cities throughout the country and across the globe. I saw thousands of signs carried by marchers covering a multitude of issues, including the environment, health, education, poverty, criminal justice reform, science, global warming, etc. These marches were definitely not ‘single issue’ events. Yes, in addition to the issues mentioned, many women were concerned about their ‘body parts’ as you put it, and why shouldn’t they be concerned? Access to legal abortion and birth control is under attack and has far-reaching consequences for women everywhere.

Many men joined the marches in support of their partners. The elderly and young marched side by side. The disabled arrived in wheelchairs; entire families took time out from their busy lives to spend up to six hours in the open and march peacefully together. This was a powerful, positive and life-affirming event encompassing all elements of our diverse population. Hundreds of thousands of people chose to demonstrate peacefully on multiple issues, including women’s reproductive health, and did so joyfully, with good humor, and without violence or aggression. I am enormously proud to have participated in such an extraordinary event. At 73 years of age this was the first time in my life that I have demonstrated or marched, but I can assure you that I will march again if necessary.

Susan Alves
Litchfield Park


Editorial was unsubstantiated


I’m fascinated by your January 25th editorial regarding January 21st protest marches. The premise leaves no confusion about your perspective; your viewpoint was extremely clear. There was no doubt the editorial was an apparent attempt to diminish many based on a position devoid of even a trivial discovery of protest marcher’s purposes. I presumed unintended ignorance was at play.

At first, I thought you weren’t aware of the march platform, which encompassed much more than as you described a minimized “women’s issues” demonstration. To be clear, the platform was about much more than women’s rights, it also included issues of LGBTQ rights, living minimum wage, civil rights, immigrant and refugee rights, environment and climate protection and voting rights. I’m kinda thinking this got by you.

Then, I thought you missed these issues because you couldn’t (wouldn’t?) participate in the Phoenix march. It was there the misguidedly described “demonstrators” showed their true colors, actively and peacefully representing platform issues, as well as more, mostly the well-known unsavory characteristics of the new president. I’m pretty sure you didn’t make it to the march, because had you it’s inconceivable you could have authored your editorial.

Then, I thought you took the position of writing an editorial you believed would appeal to base readership, thinking they would concur and applaud your clarity in serving these “demonstrators” their comeuppance. The apparent shallow depth of research done to substantiate your position was only sufficient enough to profess an uninformed stance that is unbecoming of a Managing Editor, and even more so, of a woman I presume is capable of more than the editorial portrays.

In today’s heated environment, doesn’t it seem everybody deserves the benefit of the doubt; “minimized demonstrators” and yes, even editors who proclaim to care about a slew of issues, alike?

Ric Little
Litchfield Park


Editor missed point


I think Ms. Hines missed the point of the women’s march in Washington, D.C. and the concurring marches in all major cities here and abroad. The march was in protest of the inequality felt by women, immigrants, LGBT’s, religions, etc. The “silly” costumes were a response to the current President’s past remarks on what he could do to women without repercussions. The pro-lifers were not banned from the march, in fact many participated. The pro-lifer organizations were removed from “partnership sponsors” by the original organizers which is their right. It may have been a bad move, but, they were not banned from participating. Demonstrations such as this give many of us a chance to voice their opinions and views. It also makes the representatives in government aware of what the voters concerns are. This was not a one issue march. I am sorry that you have to take a thyroid pill every day but not understanding the correlation between that and a woman who needs access to basic “female body part” medical care issues.

Catherine Raborn


Vote for Wally Campbell


A vote for Wally Campbell is a vote for a bright future here in Goodyear. I have personally attended the city Council meetings for over a year and watch the proceedings closely. Wally is a stand up and stand out council member who understands the intricacies of city management from planning to execution. Responsible, enthusiastic, dependable and involved. You will find no better candidate for the position and the future growth and prosperity of Goodyear. Vote for Wally Campbell!!!

Walt Steiner


March editorial made sense


Thank you for your editorial, it was to the point and we really enjoyed reading it. We just wish the other media would publish something other than the liberal view that is seen on TV.

Good for you and thank you.

Karin and Bernd Kallweit


Art of the argument


Dear Art Boyle:

I was very interested to see what you were going to write after you claimed Gordon Posner’s opening argument about the electoral college was so weak.

The reason I was interested was because his argument quoted and referred to original source documents written by the Founders themselves.

I mean, if that was what you considered to be a weak argument, then what you had to say must be spectacular, right?

And I had to literally pick myself up off the ground from laughing because you think Posner supported the man he’s called “Lying Trump” for the past year in his letters and online comments.

That’s even funnier than Roy Azzarello’s “Alternative Facts”!

Thanks for the laugh. I truly did not see that coming.

Patrick Orr


Wall will hurt taxpayers


Most of Trump’s advisors have told him that building a wall along the Mexican border is a poor use of tax dollars. A wall will do little or nothing to improve our immigration problem and in fact will cost the tax payers 25 billion dollars to build. Think what 25 billon dollars can do to improve our school, our roads, our bridges or our health care system. I was reminded lately of a quote by General George Patton “Fixed fortification are a monument to man’s stupidity”. I couldn’t have said it better.

Trump has suggested that Mexico will pay for the wall. How can you effectively force another country to pay for a wall? His initial proposal is impose 20% traffics on imports from Mexico. Can you imagine the cost this will have on goods coming into this country? Arizona relies heavily on importation of produce from Mexico. Say goodbye to reasonably priced produce.

How many seniors go to Mexico to buy reasonably priced drugs or to receive dental care? With an adversarial relationship with Mexico how hard or impossible will it be for that to continue.

Bob McCarty


Disappointed in editorial


Re: The editorial “D.C. march sets all women back”

I read this editorial with deep disappointment.

First, there were a substantial number of men who attended all of the marches, which included groups advocating for rights of women in jobs and health, people of color, immigrants, people with disabilities, the LGBT community, and other minorities.

Second, ANY group could join the march, including antiabortion groups. However, the emphasis was on preserving WOMEN’S rights, which antiabortion groups would curtail. While I respect the latter group’s right to their beliefs, they don’t have the right to legislate those beliefs.

Third, while there were some women in “silly costumes”, by far, the majority were dressed in clothes they would wear every day. Your demeaning comment was unbecoming and an inaccurate description of the vast majority of attendees. In any case, marches typically don’t have dress codes.

Your remark “These women have sent a clear message to the rest of the world: American women care about one thing only: their body parts. They don’t care about jobs, they don’t care about terrorism, they don’t care about any of our rights except the one that was born out of Roe v. Wade.” is beyond inaccurate.

This statement is far from the truth, which you easily could have established if you had simply looked at the TV coverage. The signs were there; the men were there. A few minutes of homework on your part would have provided you with accurate information.

We have to contend with enough “Fake News” these days. The last place we should be finding it is in the editorial section of a newspaper.

Ann-Louise Truschel

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas (a.k.a. gingerale93):

   I just posted a response to your Comment about Ms. Hines' infamous Editorial.  I thought you'd like to know.  Anyone else who's interested can read it there:

Gordon Posner's picture

   I hope everyone else who wrote excellent Letters critiquing Ms. Hines' Editorial don't feel slighted that I only Commented on the first on the page.  There were just too many, and I'd simply say the same thing in response.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Black:

  While I agree with most of what you wrote, I don have one question.  By definition a feral cat is a wild cat.  So I don't think they have any "owners" to keep them indoors.

   I certainly hope owners of domestic cats keep them inside.  The fact is "house cats" live longer, healthier, and happier lives than "outdoor cats".  Plus you don't have to worry about what they may "bring home" when they come back inside.

   Of course, "indoor cats" may have problems of their own!