Dave Nigh resigns as Buckeye water director

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The Buckeye city official who was at the center of a controversy over disputed water bills has resigned.

Dave Nigh resigned as the city’s water director, effective Feb. 25, according to Annie DeChance, a spokeswoman for Buckeye.

DeChance said the resignation is the result of an agreement between Nigh and the city that was signed at the end of January and became official earlier this month.

He had been with Buckeye for almost 10 years.

Nigh’s resignation comes after he was placed on paid administrative leave on Dec. 8.

He had been the face of the water department as the city was buffeted by complaints by scores of residents who claimed they had been billed for hundreds of dollars for thousands of gallons of water they said they didn’t use.

The city said most of the disputed water bills are the result of leaks.

Nigh had been quoted as saying it was cheaper for the city make refunds to clear the disputed bills than to investigate the issues behind the water bills.

Nigh’s removal had been a goal of the group Buckeye Residents Against High Water Bills, which has been seeking signatures on petitions calling for a recall of Buckeye Mayor Jackie Meck.

On Tuesday, group representatives spoke at the Buckeye City Council meeting and used a September 2005 West Valley View news story about disputed water bills to make its point that the city has had a longstanding problem.

In the decade-old story, Meck, who was then a councilman, said the city needed to correct bills that were as large as $86,000.

Buckeye Residents Against High Water Bills will meet at noon Saturday at the Buckeye Aquatics Center, 297 N. Ninth St., Buckeye, to discuss the status of the recall effort.

Mark Seamans, water resources manager, was named interim water director when Nigh was placed on leave.

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