Letters to the Editor - February 8, 2017

Trump should be punished


Alternative facts? Really? Alternative facts are what got the U.S. into the Iraq war, a war we are still dealing with all these years later. When you were a kid and you had to explain to your parents an unacceptable circumstance, using alternative facts generally got you some form of punishment; sent to your room, mouth slapped, or feeling something on your behind. Barely 48 hours into the new administration, and the public is being given alternative facts, also known as a lie. There may be no better time than the present to dispense one or more of those punishments from the bottom to the top, of the administration.

Don Rerick
Litchfield Park


Unfair CAGRD fees update


I finally got ahold of a specialist at CAGRD (Central Arizona Groundwater Replenishment District) and she stated that Residential subdivisions developed after February 1995 can no longer rely on groundwater as their exclusive water supply. By State law, Residential subdivisions developed after February 1995 must pay the cost of replacing the groundwater we use. This CAGRD assessment is determined by the amount of groundwater delivered to your home which is provided to CAGRD by Liberty Utilities. To get our homes out of CAGRD, Liberty Utilities needs to switch us from groundwater to a renewable surface water supply.

So you readers that live in homes built after 1995 outside of that brown oval fence called the true Litchfield Park. You all need to check your tax statements and under the Special District Central Arizona GRD you’ll notice this assessment fee that we pay but homes inside of that brown oval fence called the true Litchfield Park, they do not pay this assessment fee and neither does the Wigwam. I really think this needs to be changed because the true Litchfield Park has had this break for over 20 years now.

According to my contact at CAGRD, this assessment (tax rate) will probably keep increasing. So I think that we that are paying this CAGRD assessment fee need to contact Trent Franks the U. S. Rep for Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. And let him know that this 1995 law needs to be changed to include all homes and businesses not just homes and businesses built after 1995. We also need to contact Liberty Utilities and see if Liberty utilities is working to get our homes off of the use of groundwater just like Avondale residents as I don’t see Avondale residents paying this assessment fee.

Bill Alcocer
Litchfield Park


Keep the council we have


This is concerning the Goodyear City Council election in March. The positions of Mayor (Georgia Lord) & 2 Council seats ( Joe Pizzillo & Wally Campbell) are up for re-election plus one Council seat to be filled. Now please remember this is my opinion. I have lived here for 15 years & with this Council I have felt that the choices they made were in the best interest of Goodyear & its residents. They have brought in new businesses, new schools & a state of the art movie theater & this year we can be proud to raise the banner for the American League Champs, the Cleveland Indians, at the Goodyear Ballpark. I’d say they did & still are doing a great job.

I have also lived here during the term of Jim Cavanaugh. It was just recently that it was made known that Mr. Cavanaugh decided to run against Mayor Lord. I agree it’s always good to have a choice but I need to ask why did Mr. Cavanaugh throw his hat into the ring at such a late date? What is his platform/agenda?, How does he expect to make Goodyear better? And what will happen if things don’t go his way, will he walk out on Goodyear, AGAIN? I remember thinking when that happened, he was like the boy with the only football who couldn’t get his way so he took his ball & quit the team. So ask yourself “What would stop him from doing it again”. It would just hurt us, the residents of Goodyear, AGAIN. Always keep in mind, you know what you have but you’re never sure what you’ll get.

Carolyn Rota


Editor proves pro-choice point


Ms. Hines’ dramatic editorial which mentioned “Female Body Parts” 5 times is a good example of the up-hill battle women face in not just our society, but all societies. Ms. Hines is right in saying that there are many more issues to object to with the election of President Trump. However, the issue of abortion stands alone in its importance to the problems women face in society. Issues like equal pay are important but nothing shows the otter contempt men show for women, as telling them what they can and cannot do with a fetus (not a child) inside their body. This can be summed up by the saying “keep women barefoot and pregnant”. Men have an inferiority complex when it comes to women, and it shows up in every government and every religion. MAN, IS LORD OVER WOMEN.

As far as the “Right to Life” women not being invited, that was a good call. There are many constructive ways to prevent the need for abortions that do not put women in a category of being subservient to men. The bigger issue here is why the government has given the insurance companies the power to determine or influence through the laws, how health care is administered.

Ms. Hines also mentioned men’s issues, WHAT ARE THESE ISSUES. Maybe the issues are that men are the most likely to commit violent crime, rape, child-molestation, wife abuse and drunk driving. Keep in mind we know one of the key causes for these problems. The cause is inside “My Male Parts”. When a violent crime is committed, when a child is molested, we can do an operation that will greatly diminish the possibility of recurrence. The only question than is, should insurance cover the operation?

Art Boyle


Goodyear’s big spenders


Here are some facts about City of Goodyear spending since 2013 when incumbents Lord, Pizzillo, and Campbell were elected. All data was taken directly from the city’s budget documents.

In FY2013 Goodyear’s budget was $192 million. In 2017 it is $254 million. That is a 32% increase in Goodyear’s budget in only 4 years, or over 8% per year. Population has not grown anywhere near that much.

In 2013 there were 511 FTE employees. In 2017 there are 548. An increase of 37 employees. None of the increase are in the fire department.

In 2013 the Mayor and Council expenditures budget was $251,000.

In 2017 the Mayor and Council expenditures budget is $328,000. A 37% increase.

Compare how much mayor and council increased spending on themselves to other city expenditures.

In 2013 the Fire Department budget was 102 FTE and $14.4 million dollars.

In 2017, the Fire Department budget is 102 FTE and $16.5 million dollars. A 14% increase. Less than half of what the mayor and council increased spending on themselves.

We can’t do any worse than the incumbents. I suggest voting for Hampton, Black, Gilligan, and Cavanaugh instead.

Howard Brodbeck


Denying decision sets women back


The Women’s March on January 21 focused on women’s health issues, specifically the pro-choice viewpoint, because the very next week the March for Life rally would be also be held in Washington DC which focused on the pro-choice viewpoint. I have just reviewed the Roe vs Wade decision to see how the US Constitution came into play in this decision. It is my understanding that the court recognized a women’s right to privacy under the 14th amendment. This decision also recognized the right of the unborn when the fetus became viable.

What has set all women back is the failure to accept the decision of the Supreme Court in 1973. The need of others to interfere in the health issues of individual women is what overrides other issues that concerns all US citizens, not just the female citizens.

It would be interesting to hear your editorial views on the recent March for Life.

Charlotte Krause


Editor missed the point


Regarding Cary Hines’ editorial, January 25th; DC March Sets All Women Back. It’s difficult to even know where to begin but I’ll give it my best. The Women’s March was a perfect example of what truly makes our country great. A grassroots movement consisting of young/old, male/female, white, black and brown. Apparently, you missed the point. Yes, women’s reproductive rights were a focal point. However, there were numerous concerns voiced. Immigration, affordable health care for all, equal pay, the environment and more.

Kooky, silly costumes. Those pesky women in their pink hats and crazy signs! They should all get back in the kitchen where they belong (among other places), bake some cookies and be quick about it. Regarding Roe v. Wade, it allows for a SAFE, legal choice. There is evidence the ancient Egyptians used abortion. It’s not going away. Surely you don’t defend or suggest that the horrors of backstreet abortion on dirty kitchen tables by unqualified abortionists be allowed to be performed again in this country? Please do some research as to what that exactly means. I’ll spare you the grim details as the information is not suitable for all readers.

I digressed. The bottom line is this: People all over the world joined the March in solidarity. The message was sent to Donald Trump, loud and clear. Mr. Trump is a tweeting, narcissistic adolescent with a personality disorder, in my humble opinion. This grassroots movement is powerful and we’re not going away. Contrary to your opinion that the March set all women back…sorry sister, we’re just getting started.

Thanks for listening, gotta go and get supper on the table, the timer just went off. Oh No!! What’s that smell?! Oh my gosh, I did it again, I just burned my bra!

Nancy Howard


Believe it or not …


I am woman, hear me roar! Thank you, Cary Hines, for speaking for the majority of women who are tired of being negatively-identified by our body parts!

The Jan 21st women’s march smacked of old age feminists struggling to remain relevant. I was part of the old movement, watching as they were hi-jacked by the prochoice/contraception movement. Then and now, whether for or against abortion, women care about a multitude of issues. Feminists are forced to be single issue.

Don’t get me wrong. I believe our bodies do set us apart from men. I’ve always known women (sorry guys) are biologicallly gifted. We have a womb and can carry and birth children. Men can’t. We’re also better at breastfeeding.

Old age feminists believe this makes us inferior and base their movement on the interventionist assumption that surgical and chemical methods must be used to reshape us into their image of men for us to compete in a ‘man’s world’. I, and countless women I’ve known, who have successfully raised children while advancing profitably in our careers, find this offensive. Despite being from all walks of life, the vast majority of women I’ve known have managed to enjoy families, careers, and have still found time to care about and volunteer for causes other than the feminist abortion/contraception standbys.

As I watched the march on the news, I wondered if their strident, single issue concern had more to do with a fear of losing taxpayer funding for their narrowly defined cause? Old age feminists marching with their pocketbooks.

I’ve always said, I’m not a feminist — I do what I want. I’d no sooner have feminists tell me what I should think, do or say than I’d have men tell me what I should think, do or say.

Oh, look! I’ve achieved equality.

Ingrid Pokrant


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Dear pedantic know it all , I moved here in 1996

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Roy, Since the new introductions cost around $50 per rhizomes, that is one heck of a good deal!


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I get it.

Trump said he would chose the BEST people for his administration, and look what they are now doing to him and indirectly, to our country.


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Dear Factless Wonder:

   Oh but I did.  Just not immediately.  (I do have a life, you know.)

   As for "smarts", it doesn't take many to reply to you.  I've frequently told Patrick I feel a little guilty about having a battle of wits with an unarmed man!

P.S. - But thanks for the hypocrisy.  When your writing is criticized, you abscribe it to having "gotten under the skin" of your critics, and having "struck a nerve".  But, of course, that never happens with you!  We all know what a "mellow fellow" you are.

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Dear Factless Wonder:

   I wonder if you know how truly appropriate that request is?

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Dear "Factless Wonder":

  Sorry, but if you're truly trying to "get under" my skin, that's not the way to do it.  After all, I regularly admit to being pedantic, also verbose, long-winded, and (sometimes) boring.  Still, I can always count on you and Thomas (among others) to show you "care".

   Better to be pedantic than a "factless wonder" who regularly is simply ignorant and wrong!

P.S. - And didn't you once claim not to have moved here until 2008?  That wasn't ten years ago, so how do you "know" what I was like when I began writing Letters and Comments here, sixteen years ago?

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Dear Thomas:

   And here I thought it was after Flynn resigned.

   Between that, the chaos caused by the Muslim Ban, and the inability of his Administration to perceive reality (such as the number of people who weren't at his Inuguration, I'd say "meltdown" descibes his first weeks in office perfectly!

P.S. - Are we having fun yet?

An Iris for your thoughts Patrick

President Trump has a meltdown after reading Patrick’s comment.




Wrong again Patrick as usual. He has been doing that for ten years. I am just trying to get under his skin. But he was smart enough not to reply. looks like I got under your skin instead since you replied .


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