Letters to the Editor - February 22, 2017

Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not run any Letters to the Editor criticizing candidates in the March 8 issue because it is the last issue before the Goodyear election on March 14 and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


CFDs for certain citizens


A friend at the gym inquired: “What are Special District assessments on property tax bills?” I replied: I don’t know since I don’t pay that tax.

However, I am concerned about Goodyear property and sales taxes which have gone up 20% since 2011. Goodyear is now the highest tax city in the Phoenix area.

I researched my friend’s concern. In 1988 Community Facilities District (CFD) Act was initiated by Arizona Title 48. Cities use CFD’s to relieve developers from paying for infrastructure. CFD’s benefit certain builders to avoid payment for construction, and maintenance of public infrastructure including; Roadways/Parking, Water Systems, Sewer Systems, Parks Spaces, Sidewalks, Landscaping, Drainage, Public Lighting, Public Buildings, Fire Protection, Public Safety Facilities, and Traffic/Safety Equipment.

Goodyear CFD’s are a Special District Assessment Lien Bond.

Additionally, some CFD’s require an additional payout when selling your home.

CFD’s are a Lien. Failure to pay can result in foreclosure.

The CFD’s cost depends on lot size up to several hundred dollars annually.

Does Every Goodyear Home Have A CFD payment? NO, depends on geography.

Goodyear has 10 CFDs — the most in Maricopa County. Avondale has NO CFDs.

Link: http://www.goodyearaz.gov/home/showdocument?id=9834 — the Goodyear CFD map.

My land was subdivided before 1988. NO CFD for me. My friend lives two blocks away and pays for a CFD. We have equal access to the amenities and infrastructure. He pays-I don’t. He also has a CFD payout when he sells. $6,000 or 3% at closing.

Serious fairness issue! When Jim Cavanaugh was Mayor property and sales taxes were much lower. Goodyear was “All America City” 2008. With the upcoming election, I recommend you visit his website www.jimcavanaughformayor.com discusses CFD’s. Vote Cavanaugh for Mayor (February 15). Mayor Georgia Lord has lost touch!!

William Brettner


McCain is an embarrassment


It’s almost everyday that Sen. John McCain undermines our President.

It appears that Sen. John McCain is very bitter and a jealous old man that can only support socialism. I feel he is an embarrassment to Arizona and should be recalled by our State leaders. When I see him on TV I shudder and think “Oh NO ! HE IS GOING TO SAY SOMETHING RELAY STUPID.”

Ralph T. Bradbeer III


Dems stand with anarchists


Over the last several weeks and months we have witnessed many non-peaceful (thus unconstitutional) protests-turned-riots in our country; airports, public parks, state capitols, federally funded colleges and universities, Inauguration Day, Berkeley, etc. Many Democrat acquaintances, and some anonymous ones, have informed me these events are being carried out by Soros-funded Leftist anarchists, and not by Democrats themselves. Ok, fair enough, I can accept that is partly and maybe even mostly true. But it also begs strong but fair questions: Why will Democrats not join forces with Republicans to call out and eradicate Soros and his professional armies of anarchist, king-men minions? Why do Democrats continue to nominate and vote for politicians that do rally and garner support from these anarchist groups? As freedom-cherishing Americans we should all be opposing these incidents wholeheartedly and forcefully. Opposing views and differing opinions make America great, lawless and violent anarchy does not.

Jason Russell


Jim Cavanaugh has my vote


We’re finally going to have a very qualified individual, Jim Cavanaugh, running for mayor of Goodyear. I welcome Mr. Cavanaugh back into the political arena. He’s demonstrated organizational skills of a high level during two terms as mayor of Goodyear. I urge you to take the time to evaluate his platform and you’ll discover he has the best interest of our city as a high priority. As past mayor he attempted to bring in institutions of higher education to our community. This action would have benefited, commercial interests, and our children who would’ve had more choices of institutions of higher education, increasing their options of careers to pursue without having to cross two worlds. When this action came before the council, some present members voted it down.

Having attended several Goodyear Council meetings I’ve come to the opinion that our present Mayor doesn’t have our best interest at the forefront. She doesn’t seem to have a working knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order or if she does, she doesn’t think they apply to her. At a council meeting she asked a question that indicated she didn’t realize Goodyear had an agriculture island within the city that had horse privileges. It seems to me any good politician, especially the mayor, should become acquainted with all areas within the city that he/she represents. How else can you effectively represent all city residents? Before you cast your vote inquire as to the organizational skills our present Mayor. Our founding fathers must be shuddering at the thought of who’s running our city.

Goodyear deserves better governing. I therefore recommend that you, as a resident, express your feeling, whatever that might be, by voting. I further extend that recommendation and ask you to vote for Jim Cavanaugh, to bring about a much needed change.

Roy Sainz


A better way to increase wages


By raising the minimum wage to $12 by 2020, the affordable products and services we are so accustomed to purchasing will most definitely rise in price to accommodate the high wages. These prices might remain low if businesses simply decide to lay off employees to retain high profits. Surely this creates more problems for us as a state than low wages; would you rather have a lower unemployment rate with the lower wage, or the higher wage and more people out of a job? Furthermore, local entrepreneurship and consumer choice will steadily fade as these small businesses struggle to compete with corporations.

If anyone should be getting a raise in this state, it should be educators; they are invaluable assets to our future, yet earn so little that oftentimes, it is not a viable career option. Wouldn’t you agree it is logical to invest more in the schools and children than in fast food restaurant employees? According to WalletHub.com, the Arizona school system (alarmingly) ranks 48th in the country. As a student, it is no secret to me why this is: large class sizes, shortage of teachers, inconsistent implementation of Common Core curriculum, and lack of funding, among others.

I urge local and state governing bodies to direct their attention toward schools instead of wages because if we can empower a generation to attend college or trade schools to earn higher incomes in their career, do we not solve the need for a higher minimum wage? As a state, instead of settling for mediocrity when it comes to grades and state test scores, let us set our standards higher and aim for excellence in the academic endeavors or our youth, and in turn solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Catherine Broski


We have all been duped


This last weekend’s Superbowl was probably the most exciting one and best one ever. Atlanta was ahead in the 4th Q and could have kicked a field goal since they well within FG range (35 yards). But, that would have made for a boring and unpopular (to most fans) game. Two plays later after a losing play and a 10 yard penalty they’re now 50+yards away-too far for a filed goal which would have cinched a very boring game. So we have all been duped.

Carl Deierling


CNN’s desperation


CNN like the rest of the left wing nuts running around just needs a piece of wood to bite down on so they don’t loss their tongues .

I try and watch CNN but their desperation to make it look like the Sky Is Falling because Bernie and Hillary lost the election to a non politician such as Trump is really getting embarrassing.

Last night CNN was interviewing a woman Rabbi who thought President Trump having Jewish grand children was some kind of planned, grand scheme, Dog Whistle , a term she kept throwing out there, with the interviewer just hanging on to her ever word.

Smoke and Mirrors was another term she was fond of . The Rabbi with the help of the interviewer said people who were pro Israel just wanted to keep Jews all in the same place. So insulting to non Jews. That poor Rabbi having to walk among us !

Vickie Chelini


Keep Pizzillo on council


City of Goodyear residents do not have to endure the “drama” that other West Valley cities have experienced in recent years thanks to the hard work and dedication of our city council & mayoral leadership! Working in harmony with fellow council members, Joe Pizzillo has worked hard to maintain our high quality of life and ensure the financial sustainability of our city. There is no doubt that the City of Goodyear has benefited greatly from Joe’s strong financial background. Let’s keep Joe Pizzillo on the Goodyear City Council!

Gilberto and A. Grizelle Apodaca


Georgia Lord lacks integrity


Mayor Lord is not fit to be the mayor of Goodyear. Lord openly stated, “Promises Made are Promises Broken” during a neighborhood meeting. A leader that will not honor commitments or follow through is not fit to lead Goodyear. Lord has demonstrated that she has little integrity. She is not the type of role model our city needs. Her priorities are not what is best for our city. She cares more about growth and development than residents’ quality of life. She scolded my neighbors and me during a meeting saying “I am sorry you always had it this way, that you just want to live your life the way you had it, that’s not the way it goes”. My neighborhood has been a unique part of Goodyear way before Lord attempted to be a politician or has lived in Goodyear. Lord continues to demonstrate her lack of experience and leadership by not doing research or coming to meetings prepared. An example of this is her lack of knowledge about the Goodyear neighborhoods, she said during a meeting, “this is not zoned for livestock, they are allowed to have horses on their property, I had no idea”. As an educator, parent, and women I will not be voting for Lord. Our city needs someone that will be for and by the people of Goodyear. It’s time to bring back our city to be the All American City is can be for all citizens not just the few that are “friends” with the council.

Leticia Castro


Shame on Georgia Lord


If you care about the future of the city of Goodyear, don’t vote for Lord. During a neighborhood meeting she said, “SHAME, SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on Goodyear”. Someone who cannot support the city and people she represents should not be our mayor. Goodyear needs a mayor that will lead the city not someone who will shame us. It’s time to end Lord’s time as mayor.

Fernando Castro


This is Betsy’s plan?


During Senate hearings, Betsy DeVos didn’t appear to know much about how to assess the performance teachers or schools. You’d think that would be important to someone picked to run the Department of Education. DeVos’ big thing is charter schools. Locally, we in Arizona have been buying what she’s selling for years. As a result, Arizona is at or near the bottom of almost every list regarding public education. The Arizona Dept of Education website lists over 500 charter schools. No wonder our schools lack money. We’re slicing our funding pie awfully thin in an effort to give everybody a slice. Each school has principals, teachers, utilities, and facility costs. The big question is how well they perform. Based on the number of abandoned locations, many didn’t measure up. A 2014 Brookings Institute study found Arizona charters don’t perform any better than public schools — some did worse. Is this what DeVos and Trump think is the key to educational success for the nation?

Karla Thompson


Keep incumbents


I feel Goodyear is extremely lucky to have such dedicated incumbants , Georgia Lord, Joe Pizillo and Wally Campbell running for reelection. I know each of them personally. They put in hours that would make the most extreme workaholics shudder. They make extra hours to go to local events. Their non-partisan ways help every resident of Goodyear. They take time to speak to anyone who would like to make their points known.

Goodyear thrives because of the current council. Georgia Lord represents the finest of mayors by listening to what the council members have to say. She doesn’t always get her way but understands the need to listen and be flexible. She is a valuable asset to our community.

I feel proud to call Georgia, Joe and Wally friends. I am most proud to be able to vote for all three.

Fred Agostarola


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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Broski:

   I really must protest your engaging in half-measures to "solve" the problem of low employment.  We should really carry your argument to its logical conclusion and not only eliminate the minimum wage, but repeal the Thirteenth Amendment as well!  After all, the one thing slaves could never complain of was not having work to do.  Yes, if we could just go back to the days of sweat shops, starvation wages, and a 168 hour work week, I'm sure the benefits to Arizona's economy will be obvious.

   As for the struggle between "local entrepreneurship" and corportations, I really don't see what the minimum wage has to do with it.  Wal-Mart (by all accounts) pays the minimum wage the same as "mom and pop" stores.  If said wage is such a burden, why is the former thriving and the latter failing?  Could it be that "mom and pop" refuse to work for minimum wage themselves?

   There's always the argument that the real problem is illegal aliens, who are busy "taking" all the "good" jobs away from the people who must live on minimum wage.  Well, don't worry, our new President has promised to "solve" that problem.

   Of course, several States have already tried getting rid of their illegals (such as by encouraging "self-deportation").  Funny thing, though, no one "rushed" to fill the vacant jobs they left behind.  I guess Americans didn't want the wages and work conditions the "illegals" endured.  For example, in Georgia after "self-deportation", the farmers couldn't find enough people to harvest their crops, and the State's famous peaches rotted on the trees instead!

   But don't worry, Georgia found a "solution": use convict labor (a new version of a "chain gang").  Like I said, if we just revive Slavery, all our problems will be "solved"!


   So, spare me your lily-livered, wishy-washy, half-hearted opposition to the minimum wage.  If higher employment is what you want for Arizona, let's get rid of those illegals, and employ those chain gangs!  It worked for Georgia.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Russell:

   Really, sir?  When the Bundy's (and their gun toting gangs) used both violence and the threat of violence to seize property they didn't own, where were "righteous" people such as you and your fellow Republicans?  I don't recall them (or you) raising your voices to "call out and eradicate" those people.  Guess you favor anarchy, so long as its "Conservatively Correct".

   As for the claim that Soros is behind any of this, I'd like to see some PROOF PLEASE!  And by proof I don't mean from the "usual suspects" - the "right-wing" media, blogs, Tweets, and anonymous chain e-mails.

   (Oh, and hearsay from unamed "acquaintances" doesn't count as "proof".  I could reference unamed acquaintances who've sworn to me that you're a drug dealer and a child molester.  Fortunately, I don't believe them.)

   By the way, what "non-peaceful" (whatever that's supposed to mean) protests did you witness on Inauguration Day?  I saw none (certainly not at the Inauguration itself).  Ditto for the protests at the airports, public parks, state capitals, colleges (etc.).  Oh I'll grant the protests at Berkeley got violent.  (The currect terminology is that they erupted into riots.)  But there's some doubt as to who the rioters actually were.  Some even claim that was a "false flag" operation, the rioters being supporters of Lying Trump, placed there to discredit the people who were protesting peacefully.  (Though, to be fair, I regard those claims with as much respect as the lunacy you wrote.)

   You're a good little "Trumpster", spreading lies in order to aid your "Fearless Leader", while blinding yourself to the truth of what a pathetic, narcissistic, thin-skinned, wannabe dictator he is.  And in the name of "Conservative Correctness", you're doing your all to silence opposing points of view.  So please don't prattle about how you're a "freedom-cherishing American", not while you write Letters like that!

P.S. - By the way, ever find that video of "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City" Lying Trump claimed to have seen?   I've asked many Republicans and "conservatives" that question.  So far all I've gotten back are lies, evasions, and avoidance.

P.P.S. - While violent protests may be illegal, and aren't protected by the Constitution, they aren't "unconstitutional".  The Constitution, you see, only controls what the government can and cannot do.  So, while violence can be punished, and removes the protection of the First Amendment from those who engage in it, it's our statues against violence that impose punishment for it.  The Constitution has nothing to say about that.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Sorry, but given your track record for "accuracy" (Atlas Shrugged is NOT "the best-selling book in the history of the world", neither is it the best-selling novel, nor even in the top 100) forgive me if I don't accept your completely unsupported claims about what you supposedly saw on CNN.  (While you were there did you also see that "missing" video of "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City"?)

   Care to tell us which of CNN's shows you were watching, who the interviewer was, and what was the name of the Rabbi in question?  Better yet, how about a link to a video of this "interview" so we can see for ourselves if what happened even remotely matches your description?

   Until then, I'm afraid your claims deserve as much "credence" as Mr. Spicer's about the size of the crowd at the Inuguration, which is to say: NONE!

   But like most "Trumpsters", you're so desperate to convince yourself you made the right choice last November that anything which runs counter to that you ignore, and anything which might support it you fabricate!

   (For example, for all the empty rhetoric about how the American people chose Lying Trump, the cold, hard, truth is that a majority of the people didn't vote for him!  He may be President thanks to the Electoral College, but that doesn't mean he has the "will of the people" behind him.)

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Bradbeer:

   Of course, what I just said to Thomas applies as well to you.  (Which is why I referenced your embarrasing Letter in my Comment to him.)  But there are other silly aspects of it that need addressing.

   I've long noted that the label of "Socialist!" (like the label "Racist!") have become general epithets, devoid of meaning, used simply to indicate disapproval of the person the labels are hurled at.  You provide a perfect example.  It seems that just because McCain won't "toe the line" and join you in blind support of Lying Trump, this makes him a "socialist"?  Really?  Then what about the other Republicans who refuse to "roll over and play dead" for the man (few as they are)?  Are they "socialists" too?  And what, then, are we to make of "Saint Sarah of Alaska", who so joyfully agreed to be the running mate of a "socialist" back in 2008?

   As for McCain being "recalled by our State leaders", I suggest you read the Constitution.  (You know, that document "conservatives" like you pretend to follow.)  There is no method to "recall" a sitting Senator, and certainly none "State leaders" can employ (whoever they may be).  You want McCain gone from the Senate?  Well, leaving aside misfortune, or criminality, there are only two ways: 1) he retires, or 2) he loses his next election in 2022.

   So thanks for relaying your stupidity with a Letter that's really stupid!

Gordon Posner's picture

Note - this is in response to a Comment in the previous issue: http://www.westvalleyview.com/comment/25989#comment-25989

Dear Thomas:

  Despite plenty of evidence of Russian attempts to meddle in our election (not to mention accused criminal Julian Assange), in the name of "Der Fuhrer" (Lying Trump) all of that should be ignored! Like another Republi-Con on these pages (Mr. Bradbeer), you consider anyone who dares raise awkward truths about how Lying Trump became President to be a "liberal" and a "socialist" - even Senator McCain!  (Not to mention Senator Lindsey Graham, who condemned those he called "gleeful" about Russian meddling.)


   The truth is that like Lying Trump, his supporters are nothing but scared bullies.  They're afraid of what an investigation might reveal.  (Even though it might reveal that while the Russians attempted to influence our election, they actually had little effect on it.)  I bet if the shoes were reversed, and it was Hillary who had benefitted from such "hacking", you'd be screaming the election was "rigged".  After all, isn't that what "Der Fuhrer" screamed before he won?

   So, here's the First Amendment, Republi-Con style:

Congress shall make no law abridging freedom of speech, except for criticism of Lying Trump!

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