Letters to the Editor: March 1, 2017

Pizzillo helps Goodyear flourish


I am voting for Joe Pizzillo for Goodyear City Council. I have had the good fortune of knowing Joe for many years. He is hard working and dedicated. His financial background has helped Goodyear get through the hard times. Most of all, Joe can be counted on to help anyone in need

Goodyear is consistently run well enough to be high on Americas most livable cities. Dedicated council people like Joe will continue to allow Goodyear to flourish for years to come.

Lucretia Agostarola


All swastikas are not the same


Graffiti by minors should be treated as such! Of course, if the perpetrator is an adult then throw the “book” at them! What am I refereeing to? The graffiti by the Paradise Valley school had swastikas painted by it.

The reason I’m not as bent out of shape as some seem to be is this: there are two symbols both called swastikas. The first one was found in ancient europe as well as American Indian tribes. The second one was done by the Nazi party in Germany.

From what was shown on TV looked more like the first one to me. But the interviewed person immediately said, “Nazi”! People should know there is a difference. Because of the two teenagers in Colorado years back, seeing swastikas immediately think danger for their children, it doen’t need to be.

I remember at 9 or 10 years old playing war. Someone would be the American soldier and the other the German soldier. We never got into the ideas of Nazi and swastikas. We just knew the whoever was playing the German, he lost!

Bernard Oviatt


What’s wrong, city planners?


Chandler gets a 5 billion dollar deal with Intel. Goodyear gets a great ballpark, a great movie house and a lot of good restaurants.

Buckeye gets a car wash to go along with 4 tire & brake stores.

Great job Buckeye.

Well whoop dee do

Larry Ruvido


Snowbirds in Buckeye, take note


There are over 1,000 winter visitors in Buckeye that are directly affected by what you’re about to read.

One: If you’re gone for 3 months; up to 6 months you can sign up for a vacation hold, on trash pickup.

Two: There’s a “Fair Share” program you can sign up for. With this program they come and count all the plants in your yard. So they can determine how much water your plants and pools require.

Sounds good right? Well it took 2 years to get them to inact the vacation hold on trash. “If we do not use it for 3-6 month, should not have to pay for it.” Wrong say our city. They say you pay $11.00 instead of $18 p/m. Better than nothing right? No, we say better than nothing is $8 p/m. Remember we don’t use the service, what so ever!

Now back to this “Fareshare” program they devised after much, prompting. They came and counted all my plants and sign up for a sewer relief program also. They’re still charging for six months for all the water that goes on the yard, that it is going into their sewer.

Don’t get us wrong, this is not about the money. This is about common since and the principal.

I was told by the utility billing dept. “if you can afford two homes you can afford to pay for something, you are not using.”

The city of Buckeye is raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars on these two policies.

Let all flock together and peck away at the city. Until this is corrected for all snowbirds. Winter visitors bring a large amount of revenue into the city of Buckeye. We do not want to be their bank account. We just want to pay our fare share.

Charles Burton


Trump is Russian puppet


The reports came out today confirming parts of the dossier that surfaced a month ago. They haven’t yet confirmed the direct interaction between Trump or his team and the Russians, but it’s only a matter of time.

This man has money tied up in Russia. He focuses his energy on protecting his brand, using his office to threaten private companies like Nordstrom’s for not selling his family’s merchandise. And now it seems likely that he had some deals with Russia before he was inaugurated.

We are trouble, folks. This man is dangerous. If you don’t see it, you’re blind. I’m not saying progressive ideolgy is the answer. I’m just saying that Donald Trump is a Russian puppet who is more interested in calling Meryl Streep “sad!” than actually governing.

Join me in calling/e-mailing Sens. John McCain and Jeff Flake and urging them put pressure on this president to step aside and allow Mike Pence to take office. I don’t like Pence, but at least he’s not dangerous.

Tony Cass


Trump should fire staffers


Alternative facts”, lies, lack of ethics, are all clearly a challenge for this new administration. If Mr. Trump’s staff, in particular National Security Advisor Flynn and spokesperson and advisor Kellyanne Conway are this careless and questionable in their behavior then perhaps it’s time for him to look these people in the eye and tell them “you’re fired”. While he’s at it, he should tell the same to Steve Bannon. Claiming ignorance of, denying knowledge of, or condoning such actions is not acceptable Mr. Trump.

Don Rerick
Litchfield Park


Seeking understanding


I was listening to Mr. Steven Miller, one of Presidents Trump’s many advisors on TV and heard him repeat several times “the President intends and will deport all illegal residents who commit violent crimes here in the United States”. Being a veteran, having served proudly and honorably in the United States Air Force for 26 years, supporting the United States Government and the Constitution of the United States, can someone please help me understand what “violent crime” Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos committed to warrant her deportation and being torn away from her two “United States citizen children” after living here in the US for almost two decades, working hard as a cleaning lady to support and raise her kids, striving and working hard to live the “American Dream”! I am not an history buff but it’s my understanding our great country was and still is made up of immigrants or descendants thereof, mine being from Italy & Mexico. I do not want to engage in a political argument, I just want to understand better “why”!

Joe Fuller
Litchfield Park


Crimes have consequences


Recently a woman was deported to Mexico from Arizona because years ago she committed a crime by stealing someone’s SSN. I feel bad for her being separated from her family, but she willingly committed this fraud that she knew had consequences which she was willing to risk. Just because it was not a “violent” crime shouldn’t change the facts. I have had my info stolen in the past and feel that to be excused for this crime is unacceptable. I realize that the news media don’t always tell the whole story but I wonder if she has paid for this crime in any way? If our government allows her back in the U.S. then make her serve jail time and her kids can visit her there!

Deb Hewitt


Let women decide


Since abortion continues to be a major topic, I thought I would include my opinion as well.

I will admit, that at 72, I am not going to be getting an abortion any time soon. But I do have a terrible aversion to people telling me (or anyone) what to do with our bodies or how we should live our lives. Whether it is your religion or personal beliefs, you really should keep them to yourselves and respect other peoples alternate choices.

However, what really, truly offends me is that the vast majority of pro-lifers are the very same people that do not want to pay taxes for this child once born, to be fed, educated, medicated or clothed. They would rather see the child born, but to slowly starve to death, be abused or ignored.

Just how many of you pro-lifers have adopted a child? How many of you have seen(forget held) a child addicted to cocaine or having AIDS? I won’t say 0%, but that is a lot closer than 100%.

The vast majority of pro-lifers are cowards. Let women make the choices that are important to them, not to you.

Sue Coady


Voters, check out the facts


There are two sides to everything and voters need to know some differences between Jim Cavanaugh and Georgia Lord. While it is true that Lord’s administration has brought new business growth to Goodyear, the types of business primarily employ semi-skilled and lower paying jobs; jobs that would not support a worker being able to buy a home in Goodyear. Lord’s administration has increased the City’s tax rates to the highest levels in three categories. Goodyear’s city tax rates are higher than the cities of: Scottsdale, Chandler, Surprise, and Avondale, to name a few.

The Cavanaugh administration is responsible for bringing the ballpark to Goodyear, which results in supporting local businesses. Cavanaugh attempted to bring a West Valley campus of ASU to Goodyear but the effort was blocked by Lord; as such, more than 100 acres of land remains unused which would have been used for higher education development and professional level jobs. Cavanaugh also brought SUNTEC, SUB-ZERO, and CTCA to Goodyear. Cavanaugh wants to reduce the cost of government and cut taxes.

Cavanaugh is anything but a quitter, serving 30 years in the Air Force, retired as a Colonel, and has both a BS and MBA degree! Do some fact checking. Go to Jim’s website: jimcavanaughformayor.com. Be a responsible voter.

Gail Quillen


A vote for Mayor Lord


In 2009, during the height of the recession, I had the honor to sit on The Citizen Budget Committee in Goodyear. While on that committee my fellow citizens and I made several tough choices. One of these choices was to make adjustments to the primary and secondary tax rates (increase property tax rates) to offset the loss in assessed evaluation ( #11 in the CBC Recommendations). This recommendation was done to try and maintain levels of service since we were eliminating positions and recommending furloughs as well as several other cost saving measures. You can imagine my disappointment when the former mayor, Jim Cavanaugh, decided to try and raise the property tax from $1.60 to $2.10, not to maintain essential city services, as the committee recommended, but to build an unnecessary city center that cost $88 million. He seems to forget that fact when he criticizes the current council for raising the property tax to $1.86. When he did not get his tax increase or his city center he quit. Now that times are good and the current mayor and council have led us out of the Great Recession he wants to come back.

That wasn’t the kind of leadership we needed then and Cavanaugh definitely isn’t the kind of leader we need now. My vote is for Georgia Lord.

Rayne Gray


3-week wreck


As a long time Republican and Trump voter, in just three weeks time I’ve become ashamed of my vote for president. It seems like each day we hear about something new and totally ridiculous that surpasses the previous days’ ugliness made by this inexperienced group of buffoons.

Without needing to go into details of what’s transpired, this joke of an administration hasn’t done one thing to “Make America Great Again”. Instead, it’s made us look like complete fools to the rest of the world and Trump supporters out to be the old, senile, rascist, fanatics that we are.

It’s hard to watch and shameful to have bought into.

Arthur Richarelli
Litchfield Park


PebbleCreek vs. Goodyear


Well it looks like it’s time for the Pebble Creek popularity contest once again (also known as the Goodyear city election). I think for the health of our city going forward it would be better for Goodyear’s government to have less Pebble Creek biased members. It’s hard to compete with a large population of old retired people. With far too much time on their hands, complaining about and participating in city government becomes a full time job for the Pebble Creek crowd. They influence Goodyear city government for Pebble Creek. From expensive art work for Pebble Creeks own fire department, to new traffic lights at their entrances. Pebble Creek gets what Pebble Creek wants! Too bad the rest of the city doesn’t get similar treatment. While it doesn’t look like we’ll have a choice for mayor, it appears a few younger people have stepped up to run for council. I will vote for them even though beating Pebble Creek will be hard to do. Let’s make Goodyear a city that rivals cities on the east side and not a sleepy retirement community just west of the ghetto. Maybe Pebble Creek should be spun off into its own city?

Harry Callahan


Leaks were necessary


What a great combination, necessary leaks and dogged journalists. They can force someone to make a right decision even when they are not inclined to do so. Would General Flynn still be on the job had such revelations not been made? Unfortunately when we are dealing with someone who praises Russia and compares this great country to that evil empire, I believe the answer to be yes. As Mr. Trump would say “sad, so sad.”

Don Rerick
Litchfield Park


History repeats itself


Now that Betsy DeVos is the Secretary of Education, I am hopeful that high school graduation percentages will significantly increase.

Students will be able to WRITE , as well as print their names. Soon a diploma will signify a level of achievement, rather than simply signify attendance Hopefully greater student achievement will be recognized and rewarded , without worrying about hurting anyone’s feelings.

School vouchers should be given to parents of needy students . These vouchers will benefit minority students the most, since many are stuck in hopeless deficient inner city schools

The reason why Democrats and their union lackeys have traditionally opposed the voucher system is because, if minorities become better educated and empowered to chase the American dream, the Democratic voting base would begin to evaporate. Yes Democrats have a self sustaining need to keep minorities in the ghetto . Democrats exploit minorities .

Nikita Khrushchev once boasted that he could destroy the United States from within, by corrupting our young people. “Yes from within ” is exactly what Progressive educators have been doing to our country. Look at the violence at UCBerkeley. More and more the uber left does not just protest. They try to shut down opposing views. Their legal protests frequently deteriorate into unlawful violent events . This is what happened to Germany in the 1930’s. Today it is happening to us. Is America now being threatened by modern day “left wing Nazis ”

I believe there is a well funded organized cadre of educators , Hollywood elite, politicians and main stream media who are acting, either willingly, or as “fellow travelers as a subversive group . This fifth column is a real threat to our way of life . Their actions frequently border on anarchy, and are not spontaneous, but well planned.

Roy Azzarello


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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   Or, "conservatives" like you are and will!


P.S. - Accusing one's political opponents of being "subversives", comparing them to lower life forms (such as rodents, microbes, and "mad dogs") is something tyrants throughout history have done.  You should really consider the company you and Lying Trump are keeping.

Progressives are subversives and if not stopped will likely be the cause of a second civil war which will cause the physical break up of the United States into several different countries

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Oviatt:

   You're quite correct.  Although the Nazis appropriated and perverted the Swastika to their own use, the symbol itself has appeared in many different forms, and in many different cultures, throughout the ages.  Here, for example, is a comparison of the Hindu Swastika (a symbol of purity and good fortune) with that of the Nazis (which, of course, symbolized something else entirely).


   Then there's the Swastika which appeared near the school:


   At first blush, it appears to be modeled after the Hindu version, but note that it's reversed!  That could be explained as poor "artistry", or ignorance on the part of the person responsible as to how to draw a Swastika.  As to what was intended by this, one can only speculate.  But, sadly, ever since Hitler and company, this symbol has rarely been used for a good purpose.

Gordon Posner's picture

   Dear Factless Wonder:

   I'm confused.  Awhile ago you condemned Nikky Haley (Lying Trump's nominee to be U.N. Ambassador) because she'd taken the "Progressive" position of removing the Confederate Flag from her State's Capital.  Yet now you're enthusiastically supporting Betsy De Vos!

   After all, reportedly, De Vos opposed Lying Trump's repeal of protections for Transgendered students, even going so far as to Tweet support for their protection (and the protection of all students, Gay or Straight).

   My, how Progressive of you!

P.S. - And since those school vouchers you tout will undoubtedly be used to send kids to religious schools (which, of course, is your "hidden agenda"), I look forward to hearing your praise for it - especially when the kids are sent to Islamic Medrassas.  Does your subversive (sorry "Progressive") behavior know no bounds?

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