Letters to the Editor - March 8, 2017

Judicial tyranny


Although the primary responsibility of the President of the United States is to “preserve, protect and defend the constitution,” as Commander-in-Chief he is also responsible to defend the American people “against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” Indeed, if as President and CIC he cannot protect the first inalienable right of life, then all other liberties become meaningless.

President Trump recognizes this most solemn of all duties and has made a judgment based on security briefings, actual attacks and threats that a temporary travel ban should be implemented against aliens from seven countries that pose a threat to our safety. His judgment has been contested by a District Court judge who apparently knows more than the President.

The Constitution and Congress has given the President broad powers regarding immigration and national security through Title 8 U.S.C. 1182(f) and the Congressional Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. These powers are now being threatened by this judge and by three judges of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals who upheld the judge’s stay by specious arguments about potential hypothetical’s which do not really apply except in the minds of liberal, activist judges. Indeed, neither the Circuit Judge nor the three judge panel cited Title 8 U.S.C. 1182(f).

The chief judicial analyst for Fox News, Judge Napolitano has called the rulings “intellectually dishonest.” Making up false arguments when the law is clear on the power of the President regarding immigration and national security is an abuse of judicial authority and responsibility. Second guessing the President on matters of national security is a dangerous game and unprecedented. President Trump is right to respond to this attack on his Constitutional authority and has a duty to defend the law and our lives.

Igor Shpudejko


GOP haters, look in mirror


Mr. Alfred Molina, for all intents and purposes you are calling me stupid because I’m a Republican. Let’s see, who runs California? Who manages the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, NYC, Detroit, Newark, Baltimore, and Ferguson, just to mentions few? Aren’t these the locations where most of fiscal mismanagement, government corruption, the harboring of illegal alien criminals, murder, and other serious crimes take place? And you have the unmitigated gall to call anyone stupid? For the intellectually challenged, I recommend all Republican haters look into the old proverbial mirror.

Sig Mueller


Hampton has my vote


We just want you to know that Brannon Hampton is your candidate for Goodyear City Council. Having grown up in the West Valley, he would like Goodyear to continue to be a great place for his family to grow up as well, and for all who live here. He is employed at the Palo Verde Nuclear Plant, where he has excelled in his position there as well as getting Community Service Awards.. His knowledge and experience could be beneficial to the council and the City of Goodyear.

Delvina Simonson


We’re lucky to have Joe Pizzillo


Goodyear is fortunate to have a Council Member like Joe. We need to vote to keep him and his experience on our City Council. After retiring as Goodyear City Budget Manager, Joe has volunteered his expertise by serving us. Where else can you get someone who not only knows the Goodyear budgeting system, but also has an education in business and accounting. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Business. He also teaches Finance and Accounting at a local college. Most cities never get a chance to have nearly his experience. My Degree is in business and in my dealings with Councilman Pizzillo I have found him dedicated and extremely knowledgeable. Let’s vote to keep Joe Pizzillo!

Frank Mercy


No 4th of July again


Just got the Vista magazine and in the section on what is coming up We are again reminded that Avondale is against the USA.

There will be a celebration for cinco de mayo But Not For The 4th Of July ! This is America folks why does Avondale celebrate mexican holidays and not Americian????

I have live in Avondale for over 40 years and we use to celebrate all holidays now only non-american!

Lynda Fiorini


McCain needs to go


I wanted to thank Mr. Bradbeer III for his letter (Feb. 22) regarding McCain. I too am getting completely disgusted and suspicious of the senator due to his actions. I voted for the Green Party candidate because i couldn’t stomach giving this fraud my vote. I wasn’t surprised to learn that he has taken campaign donations from such people as George Soros, who also funded Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign. Interestingly, a large number of Never-Trumpers were beneficiaries of Soros’ largesse, including John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, and Lindsey Graham. One can wonder why they don’t just call themselves Democrats and call it a day.

At any rate, McCain endorsed the massacre of Libya and Syria, which led to the current rise of ISIS and Europe’s migrant crises. He would love to start a war with Russia (and undoubtedly was very disappointed Hillary lost, because his warmongering fantasy would have come true) and Senator Rand Paul said it best, if McCain were in charge we would be in a perpetual state of war.

Next election season, I implore voters (regardless of political party) to get informed about candidates aside from what you see on ads or TV. Look up donors. Find out past actions and affiliations. We have a big swamp to drain encompassing both political parties. McCain and his ilk need to be taken out of power, as our best interests are not theirs. If McCain is such a hero, why was the Phoenix VA one of the most corrupted? Says a lot right there.

Jodi Klimek


Bad times ahead


Regarding Mr. Vallie’s comment on the 4400 troops that lost their lives in Iraq. The president relies on his military advisers to help him make a decision. Guess they messed up. Vallie like many of our fellowman is always trying to point out the bad points, mistakes, etc. of others rather than looking for good that a person has done. (Unlike Mr. Vallie — who makes no mistakes or has no bad points.) .I hope that Mr. Vallie read Mr. Krupp’s article in the February 15, 2017 issue of WVV. Unfortunately — I am afraid that Mr. Krupp is correct, we are looking at some bad times ahead. So — as a final note to Mr. Vallie and those who voted for Trump, I pose the question — do you like the low price of gas today, the low interest rate that has boosted our economy, the individual $7500.00 no interest loan for new homeowners, etc., All set in motion by Obama. As Mr. Krupp put it — with a wild cannon like Trump in there — you can start kissing all that good bye. I, at my age, was glad to see Trump win. I can hardly wait to see the global chaos that he will cause while in office — exciting to me. What will the Trump supporters come up with to justify this? Oh well — not to worry — I doubt that Trump will make a full term anyway. I don’t agree with most of Trump’s strategies — in fact I kind of feel sorry for him, as a human being. OH — the numbers are closer to 3% vs 97% on who has most of the money in this country. And if Trump can change this — he will — guess for who. Not for you Mr. Vallie.

Dennis Wood


Recall efforts hurt us all


Buckeye has been my home for many years and it was my honor to serve the community as Buckeye Elementary School District Superintendent. I believe Buckeye has tremendous potential and is filled with great people.

That is why I am troubled by the individuals who continue to bash Buckeye over its recent water issues and misrepresent the City and its actions.

I have known Mayor Jackie Meck for a long time. He is a man of integrity and someone who keeps his word. The Mayor, Council, and staff have worked hard to tackle these water issues head on — setting up the hotline, coming to people’s homes, and performing audits. They have admitted that there were some bumps along the way, but overall, they have been responsive and are actively solving the problem.

It’s irresponsible for anyone to continue to say that the city is doing nothing. It’s wrong that some of these individuals have had the city bend over backwards to help only to tell the media another story.

They claim that they just want to punish our city officials, but the reality is, their efforts punish all of us.

Mike Melton


Support our public schools


Confucius is quoted as saying, “Education breeds confidence. Confidence breeds hope. Hope breeds peace.” At no time in my lifetime does this have more meaning than now. As a former teacher, school administrator and now a School Board member, I am greatly concerned about the movement to take scarce public funds and divert them into the private sector while holding our public schools accountable for the education of all children.

Public schools are at the very heart of our American democracy which depends on an educated populace. We cannot continue to expect to attract highly qualified individuals into the field of education unless we are willing to invest in the very heart of our schools who educate the vast majority of our nation’s future, our children. In our rapidly changing world it is critical that all our future citizens, have the skills to comprehend, to communicate and problem solve in a world which is rapidly changing.

It is critical that we defeat any move to expand vouchers. It is imperative that our state government brings added resources to public schools which are held accountable to educate our state’s future.

Jane Hunt


Re-elect Georgia Lord


I recently attended a candidates night for the upcoming election. I have always supported Georgia Lord & that was re-affirmed after I listened to her & her opponent, Georgia has done an outstanding job for the city of Goodyear and she has great visions for the future. After listening to Georgia you know she has the the knowledge to continue moving Goodyear forward.You can hear in her voice the love she has for the great city of Goodyear.Please join me in voting for Mayor Georgia Lord.

Terry McLaughlin


Grow up, Estrella adults


Recently community members of Estrella have been posting inaccurate and disparaging social media posts and grouping the youth of our community into a large bucket of vandals and delinquents and grouping parents into a bucket of irresponsible losers. We live in a great community up here in Estrella. We are fortunate to have three fine public schools within very short distances of each other as well as very involved parents who spend countless hours volunteering with the youth in addition to working their responsible and full time jobs. We have youth who participate in winning sports teams including student athletes who go on to college with academic and athletic scholarships: international award winning robotics clubs; youth led sports camps in the summer and students who go on to serve our country. We are proud of all of your youth. Our youth deserve a community of elders that are supportive of their accomplishments instead of bashing and generalizing them on social media. Time for the adults to act like adults.

Tamara Greabell


We don’t get to pick and choose


I have read your “Opinion” column in the 2/22/17 West Valley View and I disagree with a number of your ill-advised statements.

We are supposed to be a nation of laws. It is my understanding we don’t get to pick and choose those laws we will obey and those laws we will break. The only person I can think of who believes he can choose the laws to obey is Barack Obama. He called it “Prosecutorial Discretion”. In your column you have changed the word from “discretion” to “hierarchy”. Our legal system already has a “hierarchy”. We call it misdemeanor and felony.

I placed your statement placing a teenagers illegal actions to be served in a bar in the inconsequential category as being ill-advised. Think it through. A minor is served alcohol, drives a car, involved in a property damage accident, parents or legal guardians are on the hook for damages, bartender and owner of the bar are also on the hook for serving a minor. Where does that fit in your hierarchy?

If you don’t like the immigration laws — or any law — change it. The corrective action is NOT to ignore the law. The proper corrective action is to change the law.

Finally, Ms. Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos did not use a fake FICA number. She stole two legitimate identities.

Russell Galewski


Keep Wally Campbell


Over the past several years I have had the opportunity to see Wally Campbell’s leadership in action. Wally stands out as having been actively engaged on the Goodyear City Council and in her community. She’s at new business ribbon cuttings, serves on several local boards, attends community meetings, been a leader in organizations such as the Maricopa Area Government (MAG) and has traveled with the National League of Cities to promote Goodyear outside of the State of Arizona.

Wally doesn’t make empty promises without a plan. She’s creative and works with her resources to make things happen. She doesn’t take individual credit for things it took a team of people to do. Wally understands Goodyear’s priorities and with a team effort of community, city council, city staff and economic development, Goodyear will continue to thrive.

I am endorsing Wally Campbell for Goodyear City Council.

Kate Hopeman


Border tax will be bad


Under the new administration there has been much discussion about tax cuts and turning the economy around by creating jobs in the US. We all want to believe that and as of now we have no reason not to be hopeful, but we do need to be watchful of what is happening in Congress as they prepare the budget. Right now we have begun to hear about the Border Adjustment Tax or BAT. It is a very bad thing because if enacted virtually everything you purchase will come at an increased price. It means that everything that is imported will be taxed and the end user (you) will end up paying that tax.

Right now it appears Congress is ready to address simplifying the tax code for individuals, lowering the corporate tax rate and fixing the badly broken international tax system. All of this is necessary and will change our economy; however, if they add the BAT it absolutely will cause increased prices because any tiny little thing that is imported will be taxed. The only winners in this are a few companies that right now make all their products wholly with US made parts. Someday soon there will be more of them, but right now the BAT will be a job killer and consumer price increase.

Contact your Congressmen/women and Senators and tell them this cannot be a part of the tax cutting package because it will have the opposite effect on retailers.

Thomas Little


News is better than soap operas


I watch the news more lately it is better than watching the soaps of yesterday — remember those? There are so many perplexities driving this country and citizens at this time. It’s follow the herd mentality! Yet when asked “What are you reasons”, it’s an inane answer. The money that supported the Clinton’s and ex President Obama’s campaign are now supporting these rabble groups against President Trump and Christians. Leaks in government and against Christians in our armed service chaplains & religious still goes on.

Pro life citizens are frowned upon by the media. After President Trump’s inauguration women marched their displeasure over his election and wouldn’t let the pro life people march with them. That was a win-win for pro life, those liberals made asses of themselves before the world and the media helped them and with Madonna, no less.

Many chaplains, servicemen and women’s careers have been destroyed over these attacks by the left to wipe out Christianity in our country and armed services. We must pray against the insidious forces that are at work in our country today. Even Muslims have come forward saying they feel safer since President Trump took office.

How awesome is that!

Analie Maccree


Keep the tremendous trio


The Goodyear city council works so well due to the efforts and leadership of the three incumbents running to maintain their council seats. Mayor Georgia Lord, council members Wally Campbell and Joe Pizzillo deserve to be reelected as they certainly are looking out for the best interests of Goodyear and its citizens. Astute, hardworking, knowledgeable and well informed these three candidates have certainly contributed to the growth and success of Goodyear. Cast your vote, if you have not already, for Mayor Georgia Lord and council members Wally Campbell and Joe Pizzillo and continue the successful growth and safety of our community.

Walt Steiner


Water rates merit closer look


I moved from the Midwest to Buckeye in October just as heads began rolling at the Water Dept. for excessive bills and an apparent lack of accountability. Water continues to be a very hot topic here and I can certainly see why. According to my water bill, I used 26,000 gallons my first month and less than 6,000 every month thereafter so far. I live alone and was quite shocked when I got my first bill. However, even if the consumption discrepancies are worked out, there exists a larger problem that affects every Buckeye water customer. Doing some simple math using the rates posted on the city’s website, it’s apparent that water rates have increased more than 35% in a mere 20 months. Given that our inflation rate has been around 2-3%, folks should find this appalling. I sure would love to know the reason for this massive relative increase when it appears other Valley cities have had much more reasonable rate adjustments and run their water department in a responsible fashion. The electricity to pump the water hasn’t increased more than 5%, we don’t see much in maintenance as we aren’t subject to weather-related deterioration, and it appears developers are funding their own new infrastructure as they should. I really feel somebody needs to take a close look at the books and see what sort of accounting hijinks are going on down there. Either everybody was being massively undercharged before, or we’re being massively overcharged now. Either way, somebody needs to take responsibility and provide answers. I’m certain that the wide publicity on these matters has had some impact on the desire to live here and therefore has impacted property values.

Peter J. Szerszen


Are some more equal than others?


A legal permanent resident (immigrant) in this country can legally lose that status and be deported based upon felony criminal convictions. It happens all the time. It’s business as usual. The media trots out like cases and puts a spin on them as if other factors would erase the conviction and the deportable status it brings. It’s a matter of U.S. law!

If you went to a foreign country, violated their laws and demanded to be rewarded for it, what do you think would happen to you? Aliens (non-immigrants), according to the media, think they should benefit from violating the laws of a foreign nation (us). It’s the tail wagging the dog. Absurd!

Undocumented aliens who entered without inspection are in violation of 8 USC 1325 (a)(1) and can for the first offense be imprisoned up to six months and for subsequent entries up to two years. Again. it’s a matter of law!

A majority of immigration cases are handled administratively while others are dealt with at the administrative and criminal levels. Deportation is a much misused term. Most aren’t formerly deported as some sort of voluntary return is the norm.

Now let’s look at sanctuary cities and again we find ourselves at odds with the law — Title 8 USC 1324 (a) (1) (A) (III) relates to harboring —– giving refuge from danger. (A)(V)(II) relates to aiding or abetting in the commission of any of the preceeding acts — (A)(III). Under Section B there are serious cosequences for such violations. Officials openly violating the above should be held accountable. After all, people are convicted for such violations all the time. It’s business as usual. It’s a matter of law!

Except that some violators seem to have been gives a pass as to accountability before the law — some are more equal than others?

Karl Nelson


A good start


After reading your semi-inane editorial of February 22, the following questions came to mind:

(1) What can the significance of removal of 235,413 criminal illegal “immigrants” annually be called?

(2) What do you call 20,000 lawyers at the bottom of the sea?

The answer to anyone with a lick of common sense, love of country, and respect for the law would be: A GOOD START!!!

Don Rinzel


Trump is a megalomaniac


Yes, we all know that the public can’t diagnose, from TV and press commentary, whether our president is truly mantally impaired.

BUT: I’ve just researched the definition of a megalomaniac from my trusty Webster’s dictionary.

Megalomaniac: “One who has a mental disorder characterized by delusions of grandeur and power.”

So all I’m sayin’ is, if the shoe fits…

Steve Berline


Shhh, you voters


After arizonans voted to tax themselves to fully fund education, the legislature did everything it could not to. A lawsuit later forced them to respect the voters will. Next, citizens passed a proposition to increase the minimum wage. The legislature’s response is to make it impossible to put propositions on the ballot. They apparently don’t care what voters want. Just to make that point clear, they acted to make sure we don’t interrupt them while they do exactly as they please. Last week they voted to make protests hazardous, and possibly expensive. If civil disobedience or a riot occurs during a protest, it’s organizers can be charged criminally and may face financial penalties. They’ll be charged, even if those causing the disruption are NOT part of the group who organized the protest! The bill is likely unconstitutional. It’s sponsor thinks protesters are paid agitators. That fake news fact makes it okay for a random brick through a window to take away someone’s constitutional right to free speech. Given the legislators recent actions, this should be considered as just another tool to shut the public up.

Karla Thompson


How many kids have to die?


How many Kids will have to die before the County Supervisors and/or our State Reps step up and start enforcing the Code that says you have to have safety measures in place in the Home and outside “Namely A Fence around the Pool” with Gates that are Spring Loaded and that have locks in place. The ones that have Fences should be checked out every so often to make sure they are in tact and operating Properly. Along with what ever Safety Measures they are required to have in the House, which includes an automatic sliding Door or Door that has spring Loaded hinge’s so the Doors will close automatically behind them. That way the Toddlers can’t go outside without someone going with them. Plus they won’t be able to get into the pool with the Gate Closed. I heard the Statement by one Parent that lost their child say“ But we do have a Fence”.

Then the Gate had to be propped open if it was working right or it was left open. Thus giving the Child access to the Pool. Either way it is a lack of responsibility by the Adults that are present when the Pool is in use. There is no excuse for a Baby or a Toddler to Drown. COME ON PARENTS WAKE UP...These are your Children Keep them Safe.

David Turner


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