Goodyear election results released

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Goodyear had five candidates vying for three City Council seats and two facing off for mayor in Tuesday’s election.

Current Mayor Georgia Lord was being challenged for the seat by former Mayor Jim Cavanaugh.

Council member incumbents Joe Pizzillo and Wally Campbell and newcomers Brannon Hampton, Sara Gilligan and Jayson Black competed for the three open council seats.

If any of the four seats does not result in a majority vote, a runoff will be held May 16.

The following are unofficial election results from the Maricopa County Elections Department:


• Jim Cavanaugh — 4,309 votes (35.79 percent)

Georgia Lord — 7,731votes (64.21 percent)

Council members (3 seats)

• Jayson Black— 5,479 votes (17.59 percent)

• Wally Campbell — 6,687 votes (21.47 percent)

• Sara Gilligan — 5,587 votes (17.94 percent)

• Brannon Hampton — 5,883 votes (18.89 percent)

• Joe Pizzillo — 7,511 votes (24.11 percent)

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