Letters to the Editor: March 15, 2017

Who are real obstructionists?


Democrats claim they are not obstructionists. They say they must oppose President Trump because his values are not main stream American values.

The President wants to build a wall to keep out illegals, as well as drugs. He wants to expand our military to make it the strongest in the world and if necessary fight to WIN ! He wants Israel to know they once again have a friend in the White House. He wants to end job killing regulations and grow the economy. He strongly supports the second amendment, and will appoint originalists to the Supreme Court.

So please tell me which one of those values, to name a few, are not mainstream American

Democratic values, to name a few, include raising the minimum wage to $15 hourly to carry out garbage at Mc Donald’s. They insist that the unproven theory of man made global warming is settled science, which it is not, therefore allowing them to stifle fossil fuel jobs and throw families in the unemployment lines. They insist a woman has a right to control her body even if it involves killing a healthy fetus which cannot fight back. They care more for animal rights and illegal aliens then they do for innocent unborn babies They want open borders so the whole world can come and destroy our way of life.

It is not that the President’s values are not mainstream American values which annoys Democrats . It is that the President’s values are not progressive values . That is what bites them in the butt!

Schumer, Durbin, Pelosi, Obama, Clinton as well as the mayors of most of America’s large cities are definitely obstructionists. Those progressives represent everything which is wrong with America.

Roy Azzarello


Bad gas from the spiciness


White House press secretary and male Melissa McCarthy, Sean Spicer, has got this Republicans’ hemorrhoids flared up.

In an interview with Politico back on December 16th, Spicer said, “We have a respect for the press when it comes to the government, that that is something you can’t ban an entity from.” He added: “I think that is what makes a democracy a democracy versus a dictatorship.”

Fast forward to Friday February 24th. In just 10 weeks, Spicer contradicted himself by banning several news agencies from his off-camera press briefing while hand-picking other reporters to attend; apparently pouting like a child because he doesn’t like the facts that these “mean”organizations have reported in recent weeks.

It’s not POTUS’s job to hold the media accountable. It’s the media’s job to hold POTUS accountable and it’s the citizens job to hold both accountable. A press secretary that lacks credibility is gonna struggle.

News Flash Sean! You better grow a pair quick. A woman might mockingly portray you on SNL, but that same women has obviously got bigger balls than you, me, or any other Trump supporter who doesn’t know right from wrong.

Arthur Richarelli
Litchfield Park


Special interest influence revealed


It is a travesty that HCR2029 passed in the Arizona House and now moves on to the Senate. HCR2029 erects almost insurmountable and costly requirements that citizens must meet to place initiatives on the ballot. The bill was sponsored by my Representative Dan Shooter and voted for by my other representative Darin Mitchell. Shooter’s reason for sponsoring HCR2029 was his belief that it is too easy for people with money, such as George Soros, to put an issue up for a vote. But the catalyst was the displeasure of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce over passage of Prop 206 to increase the minimum wage. Garrick Taylor, Chamber Vice President, is on record saying that Prop 206 should have never been on the ballot. What HCR2029 reveals is that well-funded special interest groups exert undue influence on legislators. Shooter listened to the “will” of the Chamber. HCR2006, calling for a constitutional convention, is championed not by voters, but by the American Legislative Exchange Council and the Koch Brothers. Senators listened to the “will” of the Center for Arizona Policy and introduced SB1367 and SB1439. Our representatives need to know that we hold them accountable when special interest group agendas undermine our will, rights, and interests. There is still time to let our Senators that they must oppose HCR2029. Rest assured that my Senator, Steve Montenegro, will be sent my demand for him to oppose HCR2029.

Lawrence Peters


PebbleCreek good for Goodyear


I enjoy the articles weekly, but this one is way out of line. Talk about age discrimination. The community of Pebblecreek is not just old people. It is an active adult community, that is a vibrant part, of what Goodyear is about.

4500 homes generating taxes for Goodyear, without increasing School population. We pay for our infrastructure though our own HOA dues! The Fire station is a decision of the city, being close to high density areas, for response times in emergencies.

In response to traffic lights, these are put in for the safety of all citizens, not just Pebblecreek. The new one on Bullard is for safety, and to slow down the traffic in a residential area. During the installation there was a car accident that two of Goodyear’s police responded. Their lights were flashing and right in front of them, a 3 car accident happens due to speeding.

During the Holiday season Pebblecreek continues to raise $14-15,000 for the underprivileged children of Goodyear, so they might have something for Christmas! So before you claim that Pebblecreek should be its own city, you should open your eyes to making Goodyear a great city for all.

Tom Szylkonis


Ballpark was a mistake


It was a beautiful day, a Friday, already 7 days into the 33 day season, and there might have been 1,000 people in the $100 million dollar GY stadium which costs GY tax payers $8 million dollars per year to operate. (TOTAL primary property taxes in GY are only about $7.5 mil per year.)

If you can’t fill it in the year that one of your clubs won the AL Championship and nearly the World Series what chance do you ever have to fill it up?

Except, of course, the two games per year when the Cubs play there in March.

This is what happens when you have people who have never had a real job, or run a business, or even know the difference between depreciation and operating costs, run your city government.

Howard Brodbeck


Patriotism redefined


It’s obvious what is going to happen with the “Affordable Health Care,” the more than 20 million Americans who now have policies that cost about $400 a month will be asked by the insurance industry to pay $1000 a month. Do you believe these numbers? Believe them or not, they are the only numbers you will hear, Trump doesn’t use numbers he uses words. Words like we will have a system that you will love etc. etc. Now that Trump is in Washington his need for people to love him has been transferred to the insurance industries (government health care is cutting into their profits), the arms manufacturers (building up the armed forces to fight the type of war we have not fought since WW2), the pharmaceutical industry (notice he has stopped saying they are the cause behind high health care costs) the oil industry (of course you can build a pipeline) and of course the coal industry that has already contaminated the drinking water in Virginia to the point that it is flammable and unfit to even bath in.

It would be easy to chalk this up to more of the same but there is a difference. There are a lot of people who agree with the patriotic rhetoric that seems to give license to hating immigrants and even Americans who are not fortunate enough to have their health care subsidized by an employer. Many in our country believe themselves to be Patriotic Americans and Christians. Patriotism signifies a love of country; the Christian religion signifies a love of our fellow man. Being a Christian requires us to behave as the “Good Samaritan,” patriotism is being used to allow us to stand by, and cheer, while our fellow Americans are being taken advantage of.

Art Boyle


Irritated by frauds


Do you ever get irritated seeing people exit (or return) to their vehicles parked in “handicapped” parking spots with no obvious physical disability? For example, sitting in my vehicle for half an hour in one of the Palm Valley parking lots this past Saturday waiting for my grand-daughter and husband to finish an errand, I saw 12 different vehicles pull in or out of handicapped spots. All of the vehicles had either a handicap tag hanging or had a handicap license plate. Only ONE of these vehicles had an occupant who was physically impaired (he walked using a cane).

I see this fraud all the time. How do people get away with this? Very annoying....

Susan Hewit

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I see things haven't changed in my absence--except Gordon has learned that making a point and brevity can go hand-in-hand.


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The American military is ALREADY the strongest in the world.


Gordon, What I am enjoying is expressing my opinion in the letters section. I have been doing so for the last 8 years without regard to who likes my opinion and who does not. Your criticism which is frequent and nasty has not deterred me in the least. Wait until you see my next barn burner of a letter. Enjoy your day .

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   Surely you don't need to ask to know my opinion of your Comment.  (And I apologize to Shirley for calling you that.)

   But gee, I didn't know you cared.  Don't worry, I'm well and "in town".  I've just been busy with other things, like renewing the license and registration on my car, preparing to go on Medicare (I turn 65 this Summer), and getting my financials in order as step 1 of doing my Income Tax Return.  You see, Roy, unlike you (apparently) I have a life!

   Meanwhile, aren't you enjoying the ability to poison these pages with your mindless rants, without me proving what a lunatic you are?

Gordon It is past early morning. I have already finished my cup of morning Joe and still have not heard from you. What's the matter? Are you sick or perhaps out of town? Your incisive and all knowing analysis is what keeps this section going. So can I assume that you agree with my comment that Progressives represent everything which is wrong with America ?

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