Letters to the Editor - March 22, 2017

Done with Coyotes


Recently read an article in the Az Republic, regarding the new arena. The new management team said “ that playing in the west valley is not financially viable because the arena is not close to the majority of its fans and sponsors”. So in other words everyone in the west valley, there money is not worth as much as the people in the east valley. What about the business at Westgate, who will lose money due to the move, and people who will lose their jobs. So since my money and my friends is not worth anything.I have attended my last game and will not drive to the east valley.

Maybe they should consider, buying the arena from Glendale and remodeling it to a smaller seating bowl. That’s right Glendale doesn’t want any sports team/activities at Westgate. Hope the people of Glendale, enjoying paying the 13 million until 2033 for an empty arena.

Harvey New


D.C. out of control


Our leaders either elected or appointed and their staffs in Washington DC have lost their way. The focus has moved from legislation to litigation. This pitiful path magnified by many in our electronic informational age has made a mockery of the original intentions of our founding fathers. Our flag and the republic for which it stands have unfortunately been besmirched by many in public service and those who put them there!

George F Massey III
Litchfield Park


We are under siege


The “politically correct” are at it again, determined to send Christians “Underground” or suffer retribution in our armed service. I pray that President Trump will halt this travesty in our military. We are all under siege including our Pastors!

In the Legion magazine, recently the article by Nina Shea reports; The United Nations lead agency for aiding refugees, the office of the high commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), “Marginalize Christians and others targeted by Isis for eradication.”

Citing state department data, she notes that 12,587 Syrians refugees admitted to the U.S. in fiscal 2016 “only 68 were Christians and 24 of Yazidi Sect though they have long accounted for 10% of Syria’s population. In 2015, among 1,682 Syrians admitted, there were 30 Christians.

Shea also reports that U.N. refugee camps are unsafe for Christians fleeing war-torn parts of Iraq and Syria, U.N. humanitarian aid often bypasses Christians, and the UNHCR has “dismissed” claims that Christians have been targeted for genocide.

It’s time to stop our money going to the U.N. They are not friends of America, nor any of God’s people (no matter their religion). Money is all they understand. The next attack will be on our Pastors.

Pray that the “Cair” group, Hamas or the Brotherhood group are all kept out of our White House. God is love, mercy and peace. ISIS, it is you who are the Infidels!

Analie Maccree


I’m no coward


Re “Let Women Decide” (WVV March 1st): I’m a pro-lifer and I’m not a coward. My husband’s birth mother was a pro-lifer and she wasn’t a coward either. In fact she was very courageous, a hero really, at least in our eyes. She chose adoption rather than abort him like his birth father wanted to do. He even provided the money then walked away. I don’t believe pro-choice people are cowards either. I simply don’t agree with their stance and never will. As a woman, daughter, mother, grandmother and retired nurse I’ve just never believed a woman’s body is hers alone once conception has occurred and she is carrying a child.

Sara Voorhees


When life begins


Re: “Let women decide,” March 1, 2017

The writer states she has “ a terrible aversion to people telling me etc,etc, how we should live our lives.”

Ironic, as this is the same person who ranted on about banning so called“assault weapons” and “oversized ammo clips,” virtually instructing law abiding gun owners how we should live our lives. Since 1973 over 60 million unborn children have been murdered in the womb, that’s roughly 3.322 per day.

Would the retired deputy sheriff be happy I wonder, if those figures were doubled?

Researchers Horan,Gorby, and Hilgers wrote “ Individual human life begins at conception... This is a fact so well established that no authority in medicine or biology can be cited to refute this concept.

I personally know many vets who have earned chests full of medals for valor and who are all solidly pro life.

According to the former deputy they, and many of her “brothers and sister in law enforcement” who are pro life, are cowards.

No madame the cowards are the “lounge lizards” who pick up women who are usually impaired by alcohol in clubs/bars and impregnate them. They then abdicate any responsibility for their actions.

If a pregnant women carrying a-one-year-old-child entered a doctors office and asked the doctor for an abortion and the doctor said it would be easier for me to kill your one year old, the woman would say that’s murder.

The Doctor explained that his offer to kill the one-year-old was no worse than her request for the destruction of her unborn child. Either way, it would be murder. The only difference would be in the age of the child.

As always, with respect from a pro-life deplorable vet.

D.J. Hammond


Please reread my letter


In his March 8 submission, Dennis Wood apparently, and incorrectly, indicates I was referring negatively to President Obama in my February letter to the editor. Quite the contrary, my criticism was of Bush ordering the invasion of Iraq, resulting in the needless loss of over 4400 of our troops. I would ask Mr. Wood to reread my letter, as it was refuting a letter written by Mr.Azzarello criticizing Mr. Obama.

Roger Vallie


I don’t care’


I was talking to my neighbor about Donald Trump.He’s a good guy and I respect his opinion. But no matter what was I said about what Donald Trump had said, or tweeted. His response was the same, “I don’t care”. About how he takes no responsibilities for his own actions, blames the media, gives what he calls alternative facts, on factual issues. Denies this subject even existed, makes that subject a bigger issue than it really is. And it’s always the same response, “I don’t care”. I said to him “this makes no sense”. You hold all Democrats, to one set of rules. How do you not apply those same rules to yourself as Republicans? His response is always the same. You’re missing the point Dave. What’s “your point”I said. As long as he’s not a “Democrat, a woman, or a minority”, “ I Don’t Care”.

David Rice


Cheaper alternatives to wall


According to Steve Berlingers’ letter which appeared in the WVV on March 8th, 2017, he says “Pres. Trump is a megalomaniac.” This is a mental disorder characterized by delusions of grandeur and power. However, Pres. Trumps’ net worth of $10 Billion Dollars is not a delusion. Neither is he mentally-impaired. One psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman said Pres. Trumps’ IQ is 163. This makes him the second smartest president since John Quincy Adams, whose IQ was 169.

Being as smart as Pres. Trump, can he come up with a cheaper alternative to the Border Wall? I contacted him recently and I posed this question to him: “Since the estimate of the wall is going to cost $20 Billion Dollars, what is the cheaper alternative?” One suggestion I have, not too many people will agree with me: “To microchip U.S. citizens.” Or issue a National ID card with a microchip. On the microchip, you can download a Social Security number, a drivers license, your paycheck, etc.,

There was a company in Illinois that microchipped their employees a few years’ ago. They no longer needed badges or time cards.

Another idea is to install a (sensitive) security system, like the one in Area 51. If you use speed cameras — like the ones used to catch speeders on the Freeway, are a good enough deterrent. I recommend the use of cameras at one food distribution warehouse where I used to work at — to prevent (some) employees from stealing merchandise or sabotaging other workers orders.

The idea about the security system would cost a fraction of what it would cost to build the wall. A hundred years ago, people didn’t care who crossed the Border. But, we are living in different times now. As they said in Ancient Rome: “Spero Meliora.”

Laura Rivas


Thankful for medical advances


I know it’s not exactly the exciting topic in the world, but this week is Brain Injury Awareness week. I’ve had several close relatives and friends with brain injuries, mostly due to stroke, and I can say that I am tremendously thankful for the advancements our healthcare has made in treating it. One example is ischemic stroke, which starts in the brain. New treatments like endovascular treatment have done wonders for its patients. It’s easy to be negative given today’s political climate, but advancements in the way we treat stroke patients is one reason to be optimistic. Arizona is continually updating it’s emergency medical protocols, and I hope they continue to do so as our treatment options advance. It’s one of the unrecognized parts of government, but it can be a life-or-death matter for many.

Art Peterson


Border tax reads bad


I just read the letter from Thomas Little titled “Border tax will be bad” and it gave me a whole new insight into what it means when we hear Congressmen say the words Border Adjustment Tax. Somehow I thought it meant taxes would be implemented on people who crossed the border after purchasing goods in another country. I had no idea it means that everything imported that we buy on the shelves at WalMart would necessarily have a price increase because the importer would be taxed and then pass on the tax increase to the consumer.

Mr. Little is certainly right. Somehow this just doesn’t seem like a good idea right now. If we get tax cuts and the job market improves and people get a pay raise it might be acceptable, but as of now it is a very bad idea.

Barry Cole


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   While one should be careful not to "crow too soon", for the moment (at least) it looks like America will be spared the dubious "benefits" of what some call "Trumpcare" (or more accurately "Lying Trumpcare"), and others call "Ryancare", but which I prefer to call the Unaffordable Care Act!

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