Letters to the Editor - March 29, 2017

Not a PC snowflake


That old serpent Satan has raised his ugly head again. Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to insult the devil. I meant to say that old serpent “ political correctness ” has raised its ugly head again !

Valley high school of Des Moines was playing Des Moines North. As was their custom, Valley wore patriotic red white and blue attire as a show of support for their teams during big games.

Now get this. Because the students and families of Des Moines North were made up of a lot of immigrants and refugees, Des Moines North protested because being a diverse school, their students felt intimidated in that Valley was wearing patriotic red, white and blue . According to the politically correct behavior police, being patriotic may hurt someone’s feelings ?

Sadly, the wimps at Valley apologized for being patriotic !

All Americans should be outraged . If the immigrants and refugees at Des Moines North do not want to assimilate and become Americans, but would rather cling to their old world culture, as far as I am concerned, those immigrants and refugees can go back to where ever the hell it is they came from and rot, living under some oppressive third world dictator .Instead of embracing the opportunities America affords them, they protest our love of country. As I have said so many times before, political correctness be DAMNED ! Political correctness and those who support it are being subversive, and they are too stupid to know it . I am a proud American, not a P C snowflake . Certainly I am not afraid to take a righteous stand against evil, when I know it to be evil, and hurting our nation.

Roy Azzarello


Presidents of our great nation


I was born in 1935, since that time to the present we the people elected 13 presidents. Some I never agree with their policies or voted for them. But they were always my president for they were elected by the majority of the people, and they are the ones that rule.

Now days we hear ignorant individuals saying that president Trump is not their president, as it was with President Bush and other republican presidents. It seems that the individuals whom use such flake comments. Are of the Democratic Party.

It seems that they forgot all the damage that President Obama did during the 8 years of his administration. He weakens our military to the point that we can’t fight our way out of a paper bag. Further, Mrs. Obama almost divorces him because he wasn’t doing to her what he was doing to the country.

Now we finally have a President who is trying to fix all the ills of our nation and the Democrats won’t even allow him to get his cabinet together. How can you rule when the sour losers impede you from doing so?

Perhaps those individuals whom keep saying that Mr. Trump is not their president, should pack their bags and go where ever the hell their President is. There’s always been a great president from either party. But, good or bad they were always our presidents.

Jaime Ruiz-Sandoval
Litchfield Park



U.S. values are progressive values


In his 3/15 letter, Roy Azzarello again claims mainstream American values are in line with trump, not progressives. Roy you really don’t get it. American values are progressive values.

Our military is already bigger than the next 7 countries combined. Spending in the Middle East has surpassed 5 trillion dollars. Not to mention the heavy burdens on troops, over 1 million dead civilians, & over 15 years of chaos. Most people don’t want more war. They want that money spent at home.

On Israel, the White House has never stopped being a friend. Obama just gave them 38 billion. If you are referring to speaking out against stealing Palestinian land, the whole UN and most Jewish Americans are also opposed.

On guns, most Americans want better background checks while Republicans repeal restrictions on mentally ill people purchasing guns. These actions will kill far more Americans than any refugee.

On healthcare, trump wants to trade Americans’ health for more tax cuts for the rich.

On the Supreme Court, trump will appoint justices that will uphold the disastrous Citizens United decision that allowed unlimited bribery in politics.

A $15 minimum wage is widely supported because the average American earns less than they did 40 years ago while 50% of new income goes to the top 1%.

On global warming, the science is very settled, carbon levels are higher than they have been in 650,000 years, and we are nearing a point of no return. Fossil fuels are dying and if we don’t lead on renewables, China will. Propping up oil will make Exxon richer but it won’t make America great.

Again Schumer, Pelosi, Obama, and the Clintons aren’t progressives. They’re corporatists. If you’re looking for progressives, take a look at Paul Wellstone, Nina Turner and the most popular American politician, Bernie Sanders.

Trevor Keeley


All disabilities aren’t obvious



Concerning the letter to the editor asking ‘Do you ever get irritated seeing…..vehicles parked in “handicapped” parking spots with no obvious disability.’

The answer is NO I don’t. As the spouse of one of those individuals who parks in handicapped spots even though there is no obvious disability, may I say, not all disabilities are obvious. It is very possible those parking are in pain with every step they take to the entrance. Maybe the pain is from walking, maybe it is deep arthritis in the hands or shoulders. Maybe today they feel blessed they don’t have the pain and they got out after being in the house for 3 days in pain. They are hoping for the pain to not return and are parking there in case it does.

So know that not everyone that is handicapped has an obvious disability.

Might I suggest compassion.

Glenn Henson


All disabilities aren’t visible


The writer must be medically trained or have x-ray vision to judge who does and does not have a disabling condition.

She cannot see someones lungs, heart, or any arthritic condition. Not everyone needs a visible source of assistance, maybe they just cannot walk any distance because of health issues.

I use a walker and do need the spaces, I am very angry with people who do not have plates or placards for the handicap spaces at all.

Don’t be so judgemental!

Charlotte Foster


Ballpark is an asset


I am responding to Mr. Brodbeck about “Ballpark was a mistake”. Mr. Brodbeck was referring to the Goodyear Ball Park. I disagree with Mr. Brodbeck. I have been to GY park about 10 times at the time of this writing and about 15 times last year. I went back in the books and found out that the lowest attendance at a game was 4,000 this year. The average ticket price is about $20.00, That is $80,000.00 per game. Plus parking, program and concession. Now this is one game at the lowest attendance. There is a game there just about every day from late Feb. to the end March. Plus the Indians and Reds have several hundred personnel that come in late Jan. and stay into April with some staying year round. Now the only local team in town is the Diamond Backs and they play in Scottsdale. So just about all the people that go to the games at GY are people from outside of the area. They will need to eat,drink, get gas, have entertainment and lodging. I also was told that the park is used for different events through the year. I enjoy going to Goodyear Park. Compared to the other parks it is a fan friendly park and well maintained. Goodyear Park is a big asset for the area.

Butch Klug


Thank you, Goodyear voters


I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks and gratitude to the voters for re-electing me to my third term as your councilmember.

Believe me, I have taken your concerns to heart, I take your trust very seriously and vow to work tirelessly on your behalf. While we face many challenges in the near future for growing our city in the way of amenities and job opportunities, I will be your champion to propel our jewel of a city into secure and lasting amenities that meet the needs of our growing and vibrant community.

My goal is to continue to make Goodyear a great City to work, play and raise our families.

Again, I thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Joe Pizzillo


All disabilities aren’t external


Irritated by frauds: Susan Hewit I’ve often wondered (as I’m exiting my vehicle) what people are thinking as they watch me walk into public places. You see Susan, I don’t walk with a limp, I don’t use a cane. My handicap is internal. Something you can’t see. IGNORANCE is ANNOYING.

Patricia Ann Martin


No right to question handicap


I am responding to an opinion written by Susan Hewit, where she expressed her irritation with handicap placard or plate users who do not appear handicapped and are fraudulently using these to park in handicap only parking places.

30 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with late stage lung cancer at the age of 47. Her oncologist approved her application for a handicap placard as she could not walk more than 100 feet before being unable to breathe. By looking at her, she appeared healthy, although it was obvious she was wearing a wig to cover her bald head. One day a woman approached her and reprimanded her for “faking an illness” to park in the handicap space she had chosen. My mother stood proudly and told this ignorant woman that “I have lung cancer and I can’t walk far”. The woman just scoffed and walked on.

Just because someone has a handicap that is not visible does not give one the right to question their dependence on handicap accessible parking.

Carrie Pace


Are you praying?


We have troops fighting and are being wounded and killed.

North Korea is causing trouble, China is flexing its muscle. Russia is not our friend. Iran will soon be nuclear, Iraq, is a disaster, Syria is a disaster, Turkey is no longer our friend. Afghanistan is hardly a good friend.

Our debt is out of control, Washington is disappointing ( they can not work together for we the people.).

I could go on but I’m sure you know the problems as well as I do.

These problems are in the hands of our President. If he fails in only one, we lose. We have got to get over petty problems. If you have children,or grand children you need to be on your knees for our government. Let us come together for the sake of our children.

Jean Levandowski

Litchfield Park


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