Letters to the Editor - April 19, 2017

Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not print any Letters to the Editor criticizing either Goodyear candidate in the May 10 issue because it is the last issue before the May 16 runoff election and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


Out with the old letter writers


Yes, everyone is entitled to her or his opinion, but the WVV should use its editorial discretion and not print the tired, misguided and inaccurate comments of some frequent contributors. For example, in the 3/29 issue, writer R.A. distorts a situation in Iowa to make his two-hundredth attack on something he calls “political correctness.” As usual, he gets it wrong.

The student council at the Des Moines high school chose to apologize for the insulting, racist remarks some of their students shouted at the brown and black players on the other basketball team. The incident had nothing to do with the “patriotic clothing” some of the offenders were wearing, and the other school did not ask for an apology.

The term “political correctness” belongs on the back shelf with the Bigfoot and buggy-whip topics: their time is past. Being respectful of people who are different looking or different thinking than you seems desirable, but it appears to be beyond R.A’s grasp.

An actual and significant concern is our President’s remarks, and apparent beliefs, about refugees, gays and lesbians, Mexicans, journalists, women, Muslims and disabled people. These careless, demeaning comments encourage the disparaging of these groups by many small-minded bigots, some of whom resort to violence.

A range of opinions is expected and healthy, but printing the same writers with the same irrelevant or baseless or misinformed opinions does not help this community consider real issues intelligently. Please encourage new voices and limit the publication of letters from the usual suspects.

John Flynn


Progressive values revealed


Reading “Progressive values explained,” WVV.

March 29, I experienced the uncanny feeling that I’d read that same letter in WVV in 2015.

Written by the the Flim Flam man” also from Goodyear. Could he, I wonder, be using a non de plume?

The term “Progressive values” is, an oxymoran. So called “Progressives” have been around for thousands of years and are nothing more than a bunch of totalitarians who believe in absolute autocratic and tyrannical laws. Their credo? That all “subjects,” should live by their rules. They have a penchant for deception. Prime examples, Obama, Biden, Pelosi, the snarling Chuck Schumer.

Progressive values explained” continues to recycle the same deceptive nonsense which is spouted by the writers idols, mentioned above. His comments on the military, Israel, “Global warming,” guns etc. are all, and have proven to be, false. Case in point “ Most Americans want better background checks.”

Since criminals do not obey laws (that’s why they are called criminals) most law abiding Americans, especially the more than 120 million who own firearms, believe that the current background checks are adequate.

In 1986 just 8 states issued concealed carry permits, now 50 states do and 12 of them eschew permits entirely.

And according to FBI reports crime has plummeted.

This, despite an uptick in some areas, notably run by democrats/progressives, all with draconian gun laws, Chicago, Baltimore, LA.

Elsewhere, property crime, murder, rape,robbery, burglary, vehicle theft and assault, all cut in half.

Progressive,” values” would have doubled these statistics.

For those interested in learning more about “progressives” I suggest a study of Confucious.

He had them pegged long before they decided to adopt the name.

As always, with respect from a freedom loving deplorable vet.

DJ Hammond


No foreign extremists?


The March 29th editorial titled “Fed alarmists find no foreign extremists” was full of so may road apples.

While discussing the travel ban from certain Muslim countries you state: “So what hasn’t happened in the two months since the original ban was overturned by a judge? Reports of terrorists entering the country, that’s what hasn’t happened.”

Just because there have been no reports doesn’t mean that no extremists have entered the country. Do you expect them to to announce on CNN “ I’m an extremist and I’m here!”

You go on to state: “The New York Times reported Islamic extremists have accounted for 16 out of 240,000 murders in the United States since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.” Just when did they say that? There were 49 murders in Orlando alone. Don’t you proofread and fact check your editorials? Are you trying to mislead your readers?

You want to know where Fed alarmists find no extremists — that’s at the airport! The TSA is a program designed to trample on the rights of the public, to condition us to accept such governmental over reach as “normal” and of course to make a ton of money for some people.

Why don’t you look up accurate,up to date statistics on the number of failures of the TSA to achieve their assigned task. Their poor performance may be due to wasting their time frisking grandma’s in wheel chairs. Perhaps some appropriate profiling is in order.

Does that idea offend your liberal/progressive agenda?

Jack Payne
Litchfield Park


Ideas to lower costs


Where did Pres. Trump get the estimate that the Border Wall is going to cost $20 Billion Dollars? Did he go to one of those “Big Box” home improvement stores? Did he go down Aisle 22, where they have Border Walls? He can put it on my “Big Box” Mastercard. For that price, I want a “Southwestern” motif — with cacti and desert flowers embossed on it.

If it’s not the wall, it’s our healthcare plan which is on the news. My idea is: since they raised the minimum wage, workers will be in a higher tax bracket. With more tax revenues being generated into this State, we can vote and decide how these tax dollars can be used: to improve infrastructure, our healthcare system or Education.

Last year, our State Treasurer, Jeff DeWitt said we had “a surplus of $3 Billion Dollars in our Budget.” This was due to a record number of Tax returns filed in our State. What about the tax returns in the other 50 States? Did they also have a surplus? Part of the surplus can also be used to reduce our National Deficit.

Why can’t we have socialized medicine like they have in Canada and England? We can have a National Health Insurance Plan available (and affordable) to everyone. If there were a tax recapture plan for our healthcare system in our country.

I have other idea, like how to reduce the price of produce: since some illegals are being deported, why not shift the agricultural industry to prison labor? Hard work may be a very good deterrent for law-breakers. Give them jobs in manufacturing and warehouse work. The price of clothing and goods will go down. While citizens get trained for high-tech and professional-level jobs.

Laura Rivas


Hampton for Goodyear council


I want to take a few moments to explain my campaign slogan “A Goodyear for All Generations”. My goal as a City Councilmen, if elected, would be to represent all residents in every walk of life. This includes citizens from Pebble Creek to Estrella Mountain Ranch and from Palm Valley to Canyon Trails. Participating in the Goodyear General Plan Committee revealed to me the diversity of residents and the need to properly plan for the city’s growth. Regularly attending the city council meetings has given me the opportunity to hear the various concerns and voices of our residents and I look forward to be representing you on the council. I was raised in the West Valley, have family throughout Goodyear, and am raising my own family here as well. Goodyear is my home. Please consider voting for Brannon Hampton in the Goodyear City Council Election Run off. Ballots will be mailed out April 19th and Election Day is May 16th. Thank you again for your consideration and support. www.hampton4goodyear.com

Brannon Hampton


Sara Gilligan for Goodyear


With the runoff election for the remaining seat on the Goodyear City Council approaching, I am writing in support of Sara Gilligan.

I have known Sara for 13 years, as a resident of Goodyear. Sara has the qualifications and skills necessary to be a member of the Goodyear City Council.

She has a bachelor degree where she studied environmental health and planning, criminology, psychology and social behavior. These areas perfectly prepare her to work as a Goodyear City Council member.

I have personally watched Sara take an active role in our community. She advocated to the city for Estrella in both a traffic signal and storage unit issues. Sara is not just a voice for Estrella. Her goal is to be a voice for the people of Goodyear.

Sara has made it a priority to meet residents, small business owners, police and fire service providers so that she can understand their needs and obstacles.

Most importantly, one thing that Sara has is the time to commit to the job of council member. This job of being a city council member is not just a Monday night meeting commitment. As a full time, stay at home parent, she has the time to meet with businesses and residents during the day to research issues that are on the table. She will not just show up on Monday nights for council meetings, but she will have the time during the day to serve the city of Goodyear.

You can see through these examples of skills, leadership, and the time she has to commit to the job of a city council member, Sara Gilligan can help Goodyear continue to prosper.

Please cast your vote for Sara Gilligan.

Pam Schaeffer


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A Reply to that worthless Comment appears in the May 3, 2017 issue: http://www.westvalleyview.com/comment/26030#comment-26030

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Patrick:

   Couldn't have said it better myself.

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I cannot speak for Gordon, but your comment caught my attention and I thought I'd add my two cents.

I too, am of the opinion that "silencing" Ann Coulter, and Flynn's call for the WVV to use it's editorial discretion to "silence" you, was dead wrong.

That being said, how many times have you been proven dead wrong? More times than I care to count, is the answer.

Your opinions, if enacted into law, would trample on more peoples' rights than these two examples, and yet, here you are using them as "proof" of your "progressive" agenda.

Not only that, but you do not have the "right" to be published in the WVV. Publishing your opinion IS at their discretion, so long as their decision is reasonable and equitable. For example, they could limit opinions to once a month, rather than every two weeks per letter writer, which would limit and not print your "tired, misguided and inaccurate comments" to the View so often.

In conclusion, I feel your one time of being partially right is nothing to wrote home about. As they say, "One swallow does not a summer make".


Dear Gordon. Do you see where one of your fellow progressives is trying to silence me because he disagrees with my letters. I have always maintained that is the progressive idea to silence conservatives. Trampling on the bill of rights. There is not a snowball chance in hell the View would silence anyone . I am interested in your comments about John Flynn asking the Vhiew to silence me because he is annoyed with my letters. BTW look at the progressives in California who want to silence Ann Coulter what say you Mr a Posner ?

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