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Letters to the Editor: April 26, 2017

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Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not print any Letters to the Editor criticizing either Goodyear candidate in the May 10 issue because it is the last issue before the May 16 runoff election and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


Change, don’t break laws


Our country is about Laws and Law and Order. Sanctuary City’s were founded on protecting illegals from criminals acts, but has become a program of protecting illegals that have committed crimes against the very people that extended a hand of friendship.........Congress passes laws. Enforcement is not a choice, it’s an legal obligation........If you don’t like the law, work to change it, don’t break it.

Virgil Warden


Time to remove school super


I am writing in response to the article entitled “Liberty super gets vote of confidence” printed on March 15. In that article Dr. Andy Rogers, Liberty Elementary School District Superintendent, denies to the West Valley View reporter that he asked myself to leave the Westar campus. He stated not only to media outlets but also the Goodyear Police Department that the principal of the school is the one who kicked me off the campus. A little bit of fact checking and police work would have proven he was being dishonest as the principal of the school was out sick on this day. I have been an active parent on this elementary campus for 3 years and also have my fingerprint card. I was making copies for beloved teachers as I do many days a week when Dr. Rogers entered the building and asked me if I had permission to be there. He told me that I needed to leave. I was caught off-guard and asked him for a reason. He said that he didn’t need to give me one and I needed to leave immediately. There were two district administrators in the office and two office staff to witness his actions. I believe these actions were due to my involvement in a Concerned Parents Group trying to remove the Superintendent. Dr. Rogers constant bullying and failure to tell the truth is one of many reasons he needs to be removed from the district.

Emily Snyder


Stop bashing letter writer


The past couple of weeks I have been reading many negative comments directed at Susan Hewitt regarding a letter she had written expressing her dissatisfaction of “frauds” parking in spaces designated for only physically handicapped individuals. Please stop berating Susan, as she is not your adversary.

Susan has the same view on the topic as those of you who are bothered by those careless, heartless drivers who are not disabled, yet are too lazy to walk the extra 200 feet and don’t have a concern for the person who actually needs the spot. Susan is correct in pointing out that there are many frauds out there.

I have witnessed, first-hand (on numerous occasions), physically capable people using these parking spaces for their convenience while having no compassion for the disabled. Some people have recovered from surgery and no longer need the placard (which is usually expired but put out for display) but still park in the space; have healed from an injury where a temporary placard was issued and since expired but still use the placard and the space; or use a family member’s vehicle that has a handicapped plate or placard issued but the disabled person is not actually present. These are all abuses of the purpose in the issuance of a handicapped plate/placard.

Susan took the time to bring this matter to the attention of those selfish (but healthy), self-absorbed, self-centered, mean-spirited individuals who care about only themselves.

So rather than condemning Susan, you should be thanking her for taking a stand for those who cannot.

Robert Sanda


Good SCOTUS pick


I wanted to write a quick note thanking both Senator Flake and Senator McCain for standing with Senate leadership by giving a vote to Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch. I know that Democrats blocked the nomination as a retaliation for Merrick Garland not getting a vote, but the Senators never played the partisan game and always put the Court and the responsibility of the Senate first. They took note of Judge Gorsuch’s qualifications and integrity instead of playing politics, and as such, Arizona is lucky to have two Senators who can rise above partisanship on matters of national interest. We may not always agree with them, but they are always forthright and upfront about their decision-making. That’s really all we can ask for from our elected officials and I appreciate their decision on Judge Neil Gorsuch.

Ken Wright


Objective accomplished


For all the ire it has raised from some readers who wrote in to Letters to the Editor reacting to my letter several weeks ago concerning fraudulant users of handicapped parking spaces, positive outcomes have resulted....and that is a good thing. For example, responders have had the opportunity to share their very personal hardships and health experiences to a large audience, they have seized the occasion to educate “stupid”, “ignorant”, and “judgmental” people like me because they do not self-describe themselves as such, and a door opened that provided yet another vent, to tell a story, to unload some pent-up emotions, and so on. Good for you.

The fact still exists: there are unscrupulous people out there who game systems and milk them for all they can for their own, selfish benefit. I don’t think I’m overly cynical after living almost 70 years to suspect that there are frauds in every aspect of our lives.

Susan Hewitt


I feel better now


Arnold I don’t have a problem with Trump going to ‘HIS’ Mar-A-Lago resort; he’s spent his life working to pay for it, unlike our previous President that has spent his entire life sucking on the taxpayer’s teat.

We now have an Attorney General that WILL enforce All our laws, unlike our two previous AG’s that were more concerned with covering for their boss and his buddies.

We also have a new originalist or textualism appointed to the Supreme Court to protect our Constitution. Hopefully Trump will appoint at least two more Supreme Court Justices and many District and Circuit Court Justices during his two terms.

Building the wall on our southern border will be cheaper than the current costs of the crimes, incarcerations, strain on our public schools and benefits we’re paying for due to illegal aliens.

Let’s withhold Mexico’s Federal Aid ($53.4 million in 2016) to assist covering these expenses. An added bonus, since the Supreme Court ruled with Obamacare the Government is free to impose any tax it wants, let’s place a tax on all monies illegals send back to Mexico or any other Country.

Hopefully Trump & Congress repeal all Obamacare mandates and substantially reduce or cap Medicaid enrollments. As of June 2016 11.4 million, just 3.5% of the population, had Obamacare. What about the majority of Americans that can’t afford the monthly premiums, annual deductibles of thousands of dollars, with limited access to doctors?

If you want BULLSH** Government run health-insurance and health-care join the military and get on the waiting list at the VA!

Arnold you’re correct; the globalist, open borders Governments’ of England and Germany are not too happy with Trump, but more importantly the native populations of these countries wish they had Trump in their own government.

Am I Happy? No I’m ECSTATIC!

Terry Newman


Medical system is broken


I haven’t written to you in a long time, but there is something that is bothering me now! My niece is in a Westside hospital and they don’t know what is wrong with her. Her husband makes too much to get welfare, but not enough to have medical insurance. So no doctors are finding out what is really wrong with her. (I haven’t heard from my sister in a week, so things could have changed?) Anyway there is something seriously wrong with our medical system when Doctors don’t take care of a patient because “they” don’t have insurance!

Perhaps things have changed now, it has been a few days. Though I have had any positive news yet. What I have learned is that you better have some-kind of health insurance or don’t go to a hospital on the Westside of Phoenix. Where I live most-likely I would end up in either Wickenburg or Parker. I’ve seen doctors in both places and they were OK!

Bernard Oviatt


Editorial made good point


This is in response to, “West Valley gets no respect ‘four’ car race, Big Dance” in the April 5th issue. I agree that West Valley cities are not properly recognized. Although Phoenix is our capital it doesn’t make much sense to continue to generalize each city as “Phoenix.” I am constantly asked where I am from and it is always disheartening that I cannot respond with “Avondale” or “Tolleson” without getting looks of confusion.

Only when I answer “Phoenix”, will they suddenly understand the vicinity I am talking about. I have been a resident of the West Valley since I was born and have watched our cities evolve to their current status. We each have developed our own brand and offer unique entertainment and atmospheres; However, none of this development matters if our valley continues to be generalized as “Phoenix.” I do not see the difficulty of mentioning the specific city in which events such as the Super Bowl or even the annual Nascar races are held. The use of Phoenix is purely for the sake of common knowledge in my opinion. I have always been taught a chain is only as strong as its weakest link so why continue to build up one city versus having multiple strong economic based cities. After credit is properly given the community will not only have pride in their city, but also enjoy the attraction of other events and companies that desire our unique amenities.

The proper naming of an event or even listing the specific location may seem minute and perhaps minuscule in comparison to other issues; however, that simple detail can possibly be the difference between landing a multi-million dollar deal or losing it to a trusted name backed by the work of others.

Raiannon Baca


Clearing up confusion


I read with interest, and amusement, all the letters about parking in the handicap space.

Indeed, there are many forms of handicaps, but only a few of them are noticable. And, only 1 or 2 that allow for parking in a Handicap space.

As the Son and Nephew of several people who are handicapped, as well as having two physical handicaps myself, there is a very strict criteria for issuing the Handicap placard.

With my two handicaps (vision and hearing), can I get a Handicap placard? Yes, I can. Am I allowed to park in a reserved space? NO, I am not.

Likewise, most of my family members are in the same boat as I am. But, for those people whose handicap prevents them from walking more than 200 feet without having to stop, then they are allowed to park in a Handicapped parking space. Provided their vehicle has either a Handicapped Placard, or License plate.

Hopefully, this clears up the issue for most people.

Anthony Sanseverino
Litchfield Park


Rule of law trumps empathy


Artie, Artie

I usually do not answer letters directed to me in this section . However, in your case I am making an exception.

I appreciate and respect your sincerity. You are correct. Empathy is a wonderful thing. You have a lot of it and maybe I should have more. I do, however, fundamentally disagree with your line of reasoning. Empathy does not trump the rule of law. That view is naïve I believe that is where you are going wrong. I also disagree that patriotism is a group of people living together in harmony. Patriotism is an individual relationship to a higher legal authority and is based upon “ values ” fostered for the benefit and survival of all. It is all about values. Our values define who we are in the real world.

As I see it, not all progressive values are intrinsically bad. They just do not know when to stop.

We should be able to have clean air and water without destroying an entire industry (coal) We should be able to say who can and cannot come to our country without letting the entire refugee world enter, just because of empathy. Do you Artie, have empathy for Kate Steinle’s parents who’s lost their child to an illegal ?

We should teach our college students to live in the real world by encountering different points of view, not by running to “ safe places”

The difference between us is that you see the world through the eyes of all that utopian fiction you are reading ; where as I see the world as it really is. Who’s world view will better equip a young person to live in the REAL world, your’s or mine ?

Roy Azzarello

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