Business Briefcase: May 3, 2017

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Howdy, folks, and welcome to the latest edition of the Business Briefcase.

Happy Cinco de Mayo for those who celebrate.

It’s tradition in the Business Briefcase to remind everyone what Cinco de Mayo really is (and isn’t).

No. No! Please don’t say it! It’s not the Mexican independence day. Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of the Mexican army’s victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862, a full 52 years after the country gained its independence from Spain.

I’m sure this knowledge will not be needed in any capacity that day, other than to show off your trivia skills, but I’ll share it anyway. They say knowledge is power, so enjoy being a microscopic percentage more powerful.

Now, let’s venture forth into the business news.

The construction for Coldwater Depot Phase II is rounding to completion this month near 127th Avenue and Van Buren Street in Avondale, just east of the Agua Fria River.

The shell will be complete, anyway. The future tenant will, I’m sure, add some details of its own on the inside to make it a functioning warehouse. Phase II is just south of Phase I, where Conn’s Home Plus became Coldwater Depot’s first tenant in 2013.

Those traveling along Avondale Boulevard to its farthest north point may have a different view in the distant future.

Two housing projects are slated to go in on each side of Avondale Boulevard, north of Encanto Boulevard.

Encanto Crossing, on the west side of Avondale Boulevard, is in the beginning stages of navigating through the city government, but early plans have revealed a development consisting of 217 single-family residential lots ranging from 6,000 to 7,200 square feet. Lot sizes, not square footage for a home, just to reiterate.

The land, which used to house a dairy, is surrounded by residential neighborhoods on all sides, with the exception of a small portion that is Canyon Breeze Elementary School.

San Villagio, on the east side of Avondale Boulevard, is awaiting a final plat hearing, and would consist of 34 lots over 11 acres.

I’ve had a few questions over a couple of items in the Briefcase from multiple people, so I thought it would be a good time to do a quick recap of a few projects listed in the last few weeks.

Ask and you shall receive! Plus, it seems easier to give the answers here rather than a bunch of separate email replies.

Liv Goodyear is the responsible party for the construction in Goodyear at the southeast corner of Pebble Creek Parkway and Virginia Avenue. It’ll eventually be a 432-unit (once both Site A and B are developed) green apartment community.

The Cobblestone Auto Spa and attached Chevron gas station at 14031 W. Indian School Road, on the southeast side of the intersection, closed more than a month ago. A notice posted next to the large remodeling sign said the car wash’s operating permit expired March 14.

Cobblestone has not returned any calls or emails to the Briefcase at this time.

I still have a few email questions I don’t quite have the answers for, but stick with me! I hope to have them soon.

That’s all for this week. Please send your questions, tips or comments to The Briefcase can also be reached on Twitter @ShaneMcOwen.

Take care, folks, and have a great week!


Shane McOwen can be reached at or on Twitter @ShaneMcOwen.

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