Letters to the Editor: May 3, 2017

Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not print any Letters to the Editor criticizing either Goodyear candidate in the May 10 issue because it is the last issue before the May 16 runoff election and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


AG visit was a big deal


I think it is a pretty big deal to have the Attorney General of the US visit here in the West Valley and speak at Luke Air Force Base, but apparently it wasn’t a big enough deal to garner much news coverage. Certainly he was here to visit the border and speak about our immigration problems, but it is quite wonderful that Governor Ducey took him to Luke to see the incredible fleet of F-35s. The west valley is so fortunate to be the international pilot training center for these wonderful jets that one would think it would be worth some mention. I bet General Sessions is telling everyone he encounters just how great these F-35s are for our continuing air superiority.

Jan Mallon


Writer should take own advice


To Mr. Alan Rockman in regards to his 4/12 letter, I seem to have stuck a nerve in terms of Palestinian land being stolen. While he may deem my view as “myopic,” others consider it progressive. It is progress to abide by agreed terms instead of using power to take land by force. Rockman states that “the land NEVER belonged to Palestinian Arab Islamists in the first place.” The world is over 4 billion years old. We’ll never know what land belonged to who “first.” But that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about continued imperialism and oppression in the 21st century.

Have horrible atrocities occurred on many sides historically? Yes. Does that absolve current violence and domination abroad or domestically (see noDAPL)? Absolutely not. The 1947 boundaries were clear and the land taken since has all been from one side. Rockman speaks of a “non-stop cycle of violence and hatred” but fails to mention that Israelis have killed 3 times as many Palestinians. Or that the population was less than 10% Jewish for centuries before the 20th.

Finally Rockman quips that “maybe Keeley might choose facts instead of spew and learn realities.” I suggest he take his own advice. Rockman tries to compare 3 billion dollars in military aid we give Israel every year with Iranian assets we froze, for the specific purpose of pressuring a deal, and subsequently returned in exchange for averting another war which would be much worse than Iraq. It comes as no surprise than that Iran receives no military aid while Israel gets more than any other country we aren’t at war with and 3 times more than the second country. “Just Sayin’.” America has and will continue to be a good friend to Israel despite their government’s actions. Asalamalakum

Trevor Keeley


Saddened by vandalism


It was with great sadness that I heard the news that the Goodyear Farms Historic Cemetery had been vandalized. Obviously, the person or persons who committed this heinous act, don’t know the history of the good people who are buried there. They were, by every standard and measurement, true Americans. Most of the families go back a century or more in this country. These men and women worked long and hard hours making Goodyear Farms and The Wigwam successful not only nationally, but internationally. And they founded one of the largest Catholic churches in the state of Arizona — St. Thomas Aquinas. They dug the canals, drilled the wells, cleared the land, put in the electrical systems, built the roads, erected the buildings, planted the seeds, perfected the farming methods, cared for the cattle and horses, and tended the trees and flowers. They also fought in WWII, with one mother sending her five sons into battle. Some lost their lives in that effort, sacrificing themselves for this country. Their descendants continue to work hard and have taught in our universities and schools, served in our government, protected us on our police forces, worked in medicine, and served in our armed forces. Their cultural thread has enriched the American tapestry with beautiful folk dances, wonderful food, and lovely music; and words from their melodious language name our streets and other areas in the Southwest Valley.

To the vandals — whoever you are — you have caused great pain to these good people and brought tears to their eyes. I know — they are among my friends. I’m appalled at the desecration of this sacred site. Such hateful behavior toward innocent people will not be tolerated. You have disgraced yourself and your country. I cannot stand by and leave this matter without publicly commenting on it.

Judy Cook
Litchfield Park Historical Society and Museum vice president


Vote Hampton for Goodyear


VOTE FOR BRANNON HAMPTON FOR CITY COUNCIL. Brannon has all the attributes that support his high qualifications for a position on the Goodyear City Council. He has excellent educational background and years of working in a professional environment requiring business and operational decisions and policy.

Goodyear City Council is charged with making policy that dictates high standards and responsibilities on city management, personnel, and operations. The Mayor and Council do not take this responsibility lightly. In this current election, the residents of Goodyear must elect a person that will meet these responsibilities, with qualifications that can provide intelligent input, discussion, and opinions, from the start of their term of office. Brannon Hampton is the one in this current election to meet this criteria.

Brannon spent a year and a half as a member of the 2025 Goodyear General Plan Committee. He graduated from the Goodyear Citizens Academy, was a past Board Member of the Arizona Small Business Association for three years, and volunteers for various local organizations.

Brannon will contribute additional diversity into the makeup of Goodyear City Council. He will represent both the residents and business interest of all of Goodyear, not just one segment of the community

His educational accomplishments, judgment, and decision making skills in the business world, is a real contrast to his opponent, a candidate with many years as a “stay at home mom” with a resume of no history of public responsibility in the business or government areas.

A vote for Brannon Hampton is a smart vote in this election; continuation of Goodyear’s progress and recognition as one of the best places in Arizona to live, both for the retired and for the younger families to raise a family.

Jerry Wigal


Water rates not 2nd highest in U.S.


A letter to the Editor in the April 12 issue that was titled “Water rates 2nd highest in U.S.” really caught my eye. What was this website and am I really paying that much I asked. And so I educated myself.

The writer referenced a study found on foodandwaterwatch.org . I located the survey that listed annual water costs, FROM JANUARY 2015. BASED ON ANNUAL USAGE OF 60,000 GALLONS. First error- The writer had based his claim on 7,000 gallons per month: 84,000 gallons annually. So far, I’ve learned that I can use 24,000 more gallons a year than someone in Flint, Michigan and still pay less.

Next step- Calculate using water rates in effect in January 2015,not current rates! According to the City of Buckeye website, in January of 2015, I would have had a meter charge of $22.35/month and pay $2.97/per 1000gallons. Assuming I used 5000 gallons monthly to equal 60,000 gallons for the year. Final result- In January of 2015, the City of Buckeye would have been ranked #93 on the study, right behind the City of Santa Clara, California. Be informed and keep our city officials accountable. But let’s be sure we’re comparing “gallons to gallons” not “apples to oranges”

Kenneth Judd


State’s legacy is rancher, not wolf


Recently, a citizen expressed her concerns about Senator Flake’s bill proposing to update the recovery program for the Mexican gray wolf. I write in an effort to ease her concerns.

This citizen stated that the wolf is a part of Arizona’s great legacy. A far greater Arizona legacy is that of its cattle ranchers. Arizona’s ranching families have dedicated their lives not only to producing safe, affordable beef, but also to preserving our state’s grazing lands, ensuring that our children have the same opportunities to enjoy our beautiful state.

US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) efforts to re-introduce the wolf in the southwestern US have come at great cost. Far beyond the animals they kill, wolves also disrupt grazing areas and place stress on cattle, contributing to lower pregnancy rates and weights. The presence of wolves on grazing land has forced producers to choose between abandoning the land or shouldering the costly administrative burden of complying with the recovery program. It has also come at great expense to us, the taxpayers. The federal government has spent more than $20 million on a yet unsuccessful recovery program. Clearly, it’s time to update our efforts.

Senator Flake’s bill does just that. It doesn’t automatically remove the wolf from the endangered species list, but requires de-listing once the population target is met. Moreover, although the bill precludes judicial review of the wolf’s de-listing, it does not prevent administrative review of the continued health and welfare of the wolf population. This means that any concerns about the wolf population can still be raised with the FWS, the more appropriate venue for voicing such a concern.

Senator Flake’s bill protects Arizona’s ranchers, Arizona’s $900 million cattle industry, Arizona’s taxpayers, and Arizona’s wolves. I urge you to join with me in supporting S.368.

Chelsea McGuire
Arizona Farm Bureau government relations director


Vote for Hampton


Goodyear is in a run-off election for the third seat for city council and I believe the choice is clear. Brannon Hampton is a professional with over 15 years’ experience in team collaboration, process improvement, budgets, and project management. These are skills that are essential to being an effective and competent city councilmen. Brannon also has his Master’s Degree in Business Management, Masters Certification in Process Improvement, and a certification in Project Management. I feel being a professional with relevant and real life experience in the business world makes him infinitely more qualified than his opponent. Brannon has been attending the City Council meetings long before the election cycle began and completed the Citizens academy. His opponent cannot say the same. Brannon was also selected to participate in the 2025 General Plan Committee and has a working knowledge of the city’s direction moving forward. I strongly feel that Brannon Hampton is the clear choice for Goodyear City Council.

Kristyn Sons


Sounds logical


With all the news recently about who can use what bathroom, I remembered something from a number of years ago. There was reported to be a man who truly believed that he was a dog in the body of a human being. Under today’s laws could he legally use the trees in the park and car tires in the parking lot as his bathroom?

Ralph E. Wood


No farms, no food


I remember back in 1952, I was 17 years old. It was the first time I came to the Phoenix area. I was on my way to the Korean War. You see I have always love my country, the greatest nation in the world. And I would do whatever it takes to protect it. That was why I gave my country the best 20 years of my life.

Flying over the nation I enjoy all those farmland on all the different states. When I arrived on this beautiful valley, I fell in Love with all the farmland. It grew enough food to feed the nation and other countries as well. Now there are not as many farms as it used to be, and we do not produce as much food as we used to.

I found out that we are losing over 40 acres an hour of farm and ranch land to developers. I realized that where there are beautiful places people will go to settle and make beautiful homes.

We are lucky in a way, because we do not fracture our land like they do in Mexico. In Mexico land is divided by all the male children until there is no farm land left. Here the land goes to the child who wants it. The other children go on to find other types of work. Other countries farmland is sacred, homes are built on non-arable land. We should study countries that use that system and do the same. Maybe we can save whatever is left, remember, NO FARMS NO FOOD!

Jaime Ruiz-Sandoval
Litchfield Park


Censorship not the answer


I read the recent article by John Flynn, and found it amusing, but not surprising, that he wants the WVV to censor some writers that he finds offensive. Censorship is Un-American and not in keeping with the values our country was founded upon. Sometimes I don’t agree with Roy’s articles, but he has the right to express his opinions. And Mr Flynn, I almost never agree with your opinions, but you certainly are entitled to express them, and I would never think of asking the WVV to censor you.

In fact you and anyone else are free to write articles as often as you wish. To my knowledge there is no monthly or yearly limit on how many articles one person may submit.

Just for the record “Political Correctness” is not dead, but very much alive and well. Case in point is gender equity, where males who self-identify as females can use the female restroom, and vice-versa.

And people who denounce Muslim terrorists are labeled as being Islamophobic, and if a Black person is criticized, one is labeled as being racist. Then there was the boy wearing the colors of the American flag who was sent home, because it offended someone at school. Since when did the colors of our flag become offensive??

In closing I will quote Voltaire “I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”.

Tom Moore


Build a wall


Build a wall. Build a wall. —All you need is a picket fence. I am a supporter of “legal” immigration. However, if you enter or have entered the USA illegally, you will be eligible for only one thing, deportation. No work, no subsidized housing, no schooling, etc. etc. — Just deportation.

A wall will not stop the entrance of illegal drugs to the United States.The smuggling of illegal drugs will only be stopped by eliminating the production of these drugs at their source. That would entail a concerted effort by the countries/areas where these drugs are manufactured.

Charles Schweda


Opinion confirmed


Right on cue, the flim flam man his good self confirmed my opinion of progressives with his letter “ Out with the old letter writers,” WVV April 19th. Yes, censorship of those they don’t agree with is another hallmark of their vision of the future.

My apologies for “non deplume” and “oxymoran.” These should have read “ nom de plume” and “oxymoron.”

WVV April 19th.

On January 30th Barack Obama, issued a statement encouraging “Americans” to publicly protest President Trump’s executive order that temporarily restricted the immigration of refugees coming from seven Muslim — majority countries known for exporting jihadists. His “spokesman/mouthpiece” Kevin Lewis gushed, “President Obama is heartened by the level of engagement ( read violence) taking place around the country.”

He then spouted on about “right to assemble “organize and have their voices ( and only their voices) heard when “American Values” are at stake.” Since when have riots by thugs organized and paid for by George Soros been classified as “American values”? With seditious and influential Progressive Party politicians like Obama and “crazy Bernie” aiding and abetting such protests, with “Organizing for Action,” 250 Obama controlled chapters. “United to Protect Democracy” operated by pro bono so called “lawyers and “Action Network” organized by a former HRC staffer, they will develop into an increasingly common disruption of American society.

As always with respect, from a freedom loving, deplorable, uncensored vet.

D.J. Hammond


Goodyear art a waste of money


How much is this “art on light poles” boondoggle going to cost the taxpayers of Goodyear?? This money surely could be used effectively elsewhere...the only people that will benefit from this waste of money is the art “winners.” Come on Goodyear, get a grip..

E.F. Merdick


Trump will sink


The first 100 days of the Trump Administration is a rudderless ship going down and one who even couldn’t get it straight with the “armada” going to Korea. Policy directions seem to equivocate from the mouth of Trump that contradict the previous day’s policies with the perfunctory use of a 5th grade vocabulary with excessive adjectives and adverbs with petulant overtones. It is mired in internecine warfare among cabinet members and the staff with fractious effrontery and distrust instead of cohesiveness. One minute, cabinet members such as Flynn, Priebus, and Bannon are praised with laudatory comments only to be thrown under the bus a week later. It is a cluster conflagration of malevolent missteps and meltdowns exhibited by the most incompetent president in history.

Now former Trump advisors such as Carter Page, Paul Manafort, John Flynn and Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) appear to have benefited illegally from contributions from shadowy Russian mob figures that have inextricable ties to Trump. They are all, among others, facing certain indictments. The writing on the wall indicates they will turn on Trump and reveal his ties and lies.

One does not have to look far. Trump bought a gaudy Palm Beach mansion in 2004 for $43 Million and sold it in 2008 for nearly $100 Million to Russian mobster/oligarch, Dmitry Robalovlev during a “crash & burn” real estate market. As has been revealed, these oligarchs launder illicit money by buying expensive real estate in the U.S. Paul Manafort has a notorious history here. The mansion has since been razed. It will be the money laundering that will sink Trump. He is going down and he will take many with him. By the way I am enjoying the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake I have ever had.

David Compton
Litchfield Park

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Speculation without facts is worthless . However that does not apply to opinions because it is complicated . To be clear , having said that . If you keep kicking the can down the toad, at the end of the day, it is what it is !

Gordon. It occurs to me that all of the nastiness you have directed towards me in the last 8 years and God knows there has been tons and tons of nastiness , had been directed at me for one reason and one reason only, which is that you do not agree with my political views . Congratulations you are an outstanding progressive in every sense of the word .

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Coward (a.k.a. "Factless Wonder"):

   It's now over three days since I issued my challenge (or counter-proposal) to you about our meeting.  I allowed you to censor our discussion by forbidding Politics, but challenged you to allow Religion (which, though for you are one and the same, for most rational people are not).  So far the silence on your part has been deafening!  (Even though, in that same time period, you managed to hurl you usual abuse at Dennis twice!  But you won't agree to meet and discuss Religion - among other things).  I repeat, what are you afraid of?

   In the past you've told us we should only elect people who follow Jesus, and acknowledge him as their lord.  You  (or was it "Mother" Maccree - I keep getting you mixed up) have told us "every knee shall bow". And that's certainly a belief of the form of Christianity you practice.  So why not take the opportunity to convert this "heathen" Jew from his "mistaken" beliefs?  Don't you have "the way, the truth, and the light"?  Are you going to consign me to "darkness" by not taking the opportunity to prove what you believe is true?

   Patrick has already expressed his willingness to attend.  His exact words were that he wouldn't miss it "for all the tea in China"!  I'm sure there are plenty of others (on both sides of the Political/Religious Spectrum) who'd love to attend.  Why not join me in making the Eagles Buffet at Casino Arizona very happy, by having a whole crowd of "fans" (or "opponents") join us to eat and watch?

   Obviously you don't have the "courage of your convictions".  At least not when you can't use the "Groper-in-Chief" in the White House to impose your views on others.

   My, how shallow your Faith must be.


Point well taken Gordon. I understand completely. 

PersonalIy, I  got tired of responding to his comments because he always attacks in the most childish ways, dumb insults. Oh well,  a coward and a bully never change, they just scream their insults louder. Of course he never answers, just screams insults.


Roy, all you know is mocking and insults. You have proven my point completely LOL


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Wood:

    Sorry, but the various "bathroom bills" being passed in State Legislatures all  have one "tiny" flaw.  They illogically depend on gender at birth, instead of current anatomy!  Why is that important?  Here's a picture of a transgendered male (born female, but now anatomically male).  Which bathroom would you want "her" to use: yours or the one with your mother, wife, sister, or daughter?



   According to those bathroom bills, he'd have to use the Ladies Room!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

  Speaking of "pea brains", only someone with a brain that small would think that repeating his mindless and abusive Comment made it more worthwhile.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless (and Cowardly) Wonder:

   Still haven't learned to use the Reply link I see.

   And instead of hurling abuse, why not accept my proposal to meet and discuss Religion (among other things if you like)?  What are you afraid of?

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Dennis:

   Because as Al Gore and John Kerry should have known, you can't let people like Roy monopolize the discussion.

Dennis. Do you have as much as one original thought inside that pea sized brain of yours or do always mimic Gordon for your talking points?


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