Letters to the Editor: May 10, 2017

Changing law for lawbreakers


Has anyone articulated whats wrong with current Immigration Law?

All we hear is that it needs to be changed by those who broke our immigration law and came here illegally.

The change wanted is to make it LEGAL FOR THEM TO STAY......

Virgil Warden


Wall kills public programs


President Trump stated in his first budget message that he believed in “a Government that puts the needs of it’s people first.”

The president then professed the need for a wall between the U.S. and Mexico that will cost 1.4 billion for the down payment. “Mexico will pay for this wall believe me”, he promised.

The president also intends to cut the budget to arts and museums and sciences that are directly funded to the states. These funds benefit small communities as well as our cities for such things as; libraries, public television, all art and museums as well as grants to organizations and private citizens.

The fact is that not one border state with Mexico wants “the wall”. Why are we cutting much needed funds from public programs that benefit millions in order to fund a presidents dream?

Judith Amsden
Litchfield Park


Grateful for the chance to play


I attend Palo Verde Elementary School. Just recently, our football season has ended. We went undefeated, 7-0, throughout our season. We also were able to win the championship game. Myself and my other teammates go the opportunity to play the championship game at the Buckeye Union High School football field. We all had a blast. It was so much fun. I am grateful for the opportunity I had to make the team and develop my football skills. I look forward to next year.

Tanner Merrill



Glad paper is around


I was saddened to read of the passing of Burt Freireich in your April 5th issue. He had a great career and achieved much in life. Some 50 years ago, I had the privilege of writing a small news column in the Westside Enterprise “The Westside Window” but don’t know if he owned it then. It was so great to have an opportunity to find out about the Non Profits of that day and write about what they were doing in the community. In the same issue I read of the Southwest Literacy program which is still going after many many years, supported by Volunteer Teachers.

Occasionally I read letters to the Editor who are very angry because they don’t agree with your editorial viewpoints, or think you give too much attention to the “Progressives.” I think it’s rather nice to Progress, rather than Regress to the “Good Ol’ Days” My old Dad referred to them as the “Good Ol’ Bad Ol’ Days” which seemed more appropriate. Seems that there are advantages in changes due to time. Sometimes we gain or lose, and we can debate whether life is better. The best we can do is discuss life without rancor.

Anyway, I think it is very commendable that the weekly paper continues due to people like Burt Freireich and his son. If you don’t like the paper…. Wastebasket! I prefer knowing what is happening in our communities, what some people, businesses, governments are thinking and doing and it’s FREE!

Jean Stewart


The blarney man


In his April 19 letter, John Flynn called for sanctions on another letter writer , whom he identifies as (R A) Flynn likes initials. It leaves him wiggle room.

Flynn urges the View to use editorial discretion to not print the misguided, and inaccurate comments of certain contributors like (R A ) ” What’s the blarney man really saying ?

Since progressives , with their totalitarian ideas , have not been able to win the ideological battle for the hearts and minds of the American people , they resort to smear tactics, and intimidation in an effort to silence the opposition . This is exactly what Flynn’s attempting to do. He wants to silence RA quickly and permanently; then rush back to his secure safe space ! Obviously anyone who disagrees with a progressive is a racist, misogynist, anti-semitic , a homophobic , privileged white man and probably a Nazi and needs to be silenced. Right ? Scary to think , but sadly, that’s what John Flynn seems to believes .

The blarney man then makes the ludicrous comment that “political correctness belongs on the back shelf . He actually denies its existence ! That statement is either totally naïve or totally deceptive. Political correctness has so imposed itself on our lives, that the average person doesn’t even know what public washroom he or she is suppose to use, or if an opposite sex predator may be in there with them. Political correctness demands that transgender rights trump yours.

To their credit, the West valley View hasn’t succumbed to political correctness. They print all letters in the order received. If they decided to silence RA, likewise they could also silence John Flynn . Kudos to the view for their impartial printing of the letters and defending everyone’s first amendment rights.

Roy Azzarello


Let’s stand with President Trump


The democrats need to stop their nonsense and get on board with the republicans to put out the best insurance policies possible, for the democrats were enablers of that mess and own it. All democrats were bought by Obama by millions of dollars to sign on the health package including three hundred million to Louisianna’s – BLEEP – Senator. They all lined their stinking pockets! Social security was raided to implement the package that wouldn’t serve the people in its execution except to put their health under the goverments thumb.

I watch the news and feel like weeping at the destruction of towns and cities in Syria and Iraq. Imagine the hardship that Assad and Isis foisted on their people. The food supplies depleted and facing starvation. We depend on the United Nations and other Mercy Corps, are they really there in time of need? The very safety of our own families and survival of our nation is worth the sacrifice of our prayers. We are in a spiritual war against the spirits of darkness like Isis and others who want us dead. They have murdered thousands of their own people.

Lots need to be done, here at home and abroad. Pray that President Trump can carry it all. Do we believe Obama salted the field before leaving office? You better believe it!! Just go over his history, the IRS debacle on citizens and involvement with the sheiks. Now he’s at colleges speaking about his days as a community organizer?? We need to stand with President Trump to rid ourselves of excessive taxes and regulations.

An Abbot once wrote “Faith is a free act of the will, no a forced act.” You cannot force anyone to believe, nor compel it by violence.

Analie Maccree


Dinner was disgraceful


Hasan Minhaj dropped more bombs at the Correspondents Dinner than his intended target President Trump did Last week. The new found comedic Muslim and “Free Speech” advocate was an absolute embarrassment to the likes of Bob Woodward & Carl Bernstein. The facial expressions of seasoned journalists’ in attendance reflected the complete disdain that most American’s have for today’s skewed reporting peppered with political views. Correspondent’s bent on roiling the political pot undermines the sheer fabric of our country and influences impressionable youth. Just another sad commentary on American values being dismantled.

George F Massey III
Litchfield Park


Misinformation a powerful tool


In the 1970’s congressional and state committees to investigate subversion in government were shut down. There have been about forty years open for infiltration into our society at all levels without fear of exposure. That’s happened! We have a resurgence of militant Marxism, a communist underground, Jihadists, ISIS, assorted militant America haters and those smuggled in to take up arms against us. We have a volatile underlying situation. It matters little whether you believe it or not. The stage has been set, accomplished without national media, congressional or governmental reporting or warnings. You should ask — why? Of course, if you don’t believe it, you will not investigate to find out if it is true or not. In any case, at some point, the answer will become obvious.

After decades of preparation the enemies of freedom had victory within their grasp but in the last election lost the important foothold needed to consolidate control. They took to the streets to show their anger and demonstrate the brutality which they represent.

Any Administration opposed to loss of freedom (communism) is going to come under heavy attack from many levels and sources to stop exposure of what is happening. Misinformation is a powerful weapon and can lead to surrender by mindset. Tell a lie long enough and it becomes fact in the public mind.

This internal war (now) has three major targets: 1 — nationalization of the police; 2 — generate support for the United Nations; 3 — destroy the Constitution. Any setback in these areas could help turn the tide.

The present administration has inherited all this and therefore is considered a threat that has to be dealt with. The future is unknown. Exposure is needed or we will continue down this road. Will that happen or have we been conned again?

Americans, pay attention!

Karl Nelson


Hampton for Goodyear


Dedicated and enthusiastic, kind and compassionate, hard working and loyal…all characteristics that accurately depict both Brannon Hampton and Sara Gilligan, candidates running for Goodyear City Council. Running alongside both these very capable individuals, I gained valuable insights and a deeper understanding of the important role that these two people play in our community as well as the level of support they would be able to provide our growing city. Giving of their time and committed to learning more about our city, both candidates established themselves as being both viable and worthy council members. Throughout my candidacy, there was one that continued to impress me and stand as a reminder that the role of a city council person is about the entire community and the selfless actions one must take to ensure that they set the city up for success both now and far into the future. Meeting Brannon for the first time while collecting petition signatures, he remained steadfast in his positive support, informed guidance and constant encouragement to me throughout the primary election cycle. Brannon Hampton has a heart for our city and running for a second time, has shown his loyalty to Goodyear. Brannon served as a member of the 2025 Goodyear General Plan Committee and graduated from the Goodyear Citizen’s Academy in 2016 while participating in countless community events and I believe he is going to do great things for Goodyear.

Jayson Black


Elect Sara Gilligan


Goodyear voters: On May 3, two opinion letters were published in support of my opponent, that took a turn I didn’t fully expect.

Yes, I am a stay at home mom. But, that doesn’t mean my brain is any less developed or any less prepared to serve on Goodyear City Council. In fact, I’d like to share with you the level of my education and my areas of involvement here in Goodyear since we moved here in August of 2004.

I have my BA in Social Ecology, from UCIrvine, with a specialization in Psychology and Social Behavior. Additionally, I studied Criminology, Law and Society, and Environmental Planning, Policy, and Design. My senior project focused on matching high school students with senior mentors. Next, I completed my K-8 Multi-Subject teaching credential at UCIrvine.

Since moving to Goodyear, I have served on multiple PTO Boards, worked part-time as Office Manager for Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, a statewide non-profit organization serving the needs of Gifted students, teachers, and administrators. I have led a GS Troop. I have volunteered many hours in a variety of capacities. I have successfully collaborated on two projects in my community where I communicated our needs to City Council and city leadership. I participated in Goodyear LEAD. I am not poorly qualified. I am ready!

As a stay at home mom, I represent a large demographic here in Goodyear. And, I have made the effort to meet residents in all communities of Goodyear. I also plan to represent our growing 55-plus communities, as my parents are 80 and 81. And anyone who has been paying attention knows that I have been visiting local businesses, and asking them questions about their experience here in Goodyear. I respectfully ask for your vote!

Sara Gilligan


Proud to vote for Gilligan


I am writing in response to Jerry Wigal’s letter published on May 3rd. I am perplexed that Mr. Wigal would discount a person’s abilities because they are a “stay at home mom”.

I went to college and worked for 17 years as a Sr. Financial Analyst. After working for 17 years, I chose to stay home to raise my children and have been doing so for the last 16 years. I may not have served in any political arena, but that does not make me any less competent?

Yes, Sara Gilligan has been a “stay at home mom” with a BA Degree in Social Ecology from UC Irvine in 1990. She completed her K-8 Multiple Subject Teaching Credential from UCI. She spent four years traveling the world as a professional figure skater and spent 10 years coaching before choosing to devote fully to being a stay at home mom. Sara has served on multiple PTO Boards, worked part time as Office Manager for the non-profit organization Arizona Association for Gifted and Talented, advocating state wide on behalf of gifted students, teachers and administrators. She has been in communication with Arizona state legislators and communicates community needs to Goodyear City Council and leaders.

I am proud to cast my vote for Sara Gilligan. She will proudly represent city of Goodyear, which includes “stay at home moms”.

Pam Schaeffer


Gilligan for Goodyear


This is not a letter critical of any candidate. However, this is in support of the idea that a “stay at home mom” can be a legitimate candidate for the position of City Council. I support the position that a “stay at home mom” might be well versed in the issues facing Goodyear. I support the position that a “stay at home mom ’ might be able to focus her time on the issues facing Goodyear. I ask you — do you want a full time representative, or a part time one.

Brad Weir

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Note: a response to this bit of hypocritical blarney can be found in the next issue: http://www.westvalleyview.com/comment/26049#comment-26049

Gordon, when are you going to walk the walk and send a letter to the View that Flynn is totally out of order trying to silence me or anyone else? You say you believe in the first amendment but those are empty words until you back it up with action I won't hold my breath waiting for your letter to theView

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