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Letters to the Editor - May 17, 2017

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Both parties lack organs


I have lived in America for 80 years. 40 in New York State and 40 in Arizona.

For the past several years I wondered what was happening to the greatest country in the world.

Finally I see it as a “medical problem” — 1 Republican leaders, both federal and local, have no “brains”

2 Democratic leaders, both federal and local, have no [courage]

Take two baby aspirins and call your doctor in the morning —


Paul Braverman
Litchfield Park


Honest people still exist


While visiting Goodyear on April 7th of this year I lost my wallet at the Safeway store on Estrella Parkway. When I discovered I didn’t have it, I called the store to learn that it had been turned in and I could retrieve it the following day.

Thank you to the honest person who found my billfold and did the right thing by turning it in. You saved a vacation! I hope you see this letter and know that your honesty is appreciated.

Bob Johnson
Camp Nelson, Calif.


Keep calm and carry on ...’


I have been seeing, with increasing frequency, ‘T’ shirts and bumper stickers bearing the message “keep calm and carry on.” This message originated in Britain in July 1939 along with two other phrases.

One read “Your courage, your cheerfullness, your resolution, will bring us victory.” The other stated,

Freedom is in peril, defend it with all your might.”

These slogans were meant to stir the British people to action. That summer of 1939 was when Britain finally began to accept that it faced an existential crisis, recognizing that Adolph Hitler wanted war.

There was a fighting mentality behind “keep calm and carry on.” It meant keep fighting. It meant keep calm and defend freedom. These slogans engaged the public in the fight against Nazi tyranny.

Today, “keep calm and carry on” means keep calm and carry on sleeping, it stems from APATHY and COMPLACENCY.

The morning after an attack by an Islamic terrorist who mowed down 40 people on Westminster Bridge and then fatally stabbed a London “bobby,” signs appeared in Underground stations across London.

One read, “All terrorists are politely reminded that this is London and whatever you do to us we will drink tea and jolly well carry on.”

The reaction to the March 22 attack and the contemporary interpretation of “keep calm and carry on” is destructive and puts Britain and the United Sates on the road to national suicide.

When was the last time an evil force was “beaten” by a pacifist victim who “drank tea and jolly well carried on”?

Defeating a determined enemy requires action.

Churchill said “The habit of saying smooth things was comfort for everyone on both sides of the Atlantic who wish to be humbugged.”

That, sadly, is Britain and America today.

D.J. Hammond


Intolerant left


All totalitarian systems have one thing in common — they do not allow any criticism of their beliefs. Opposing views are met with intolerance and frequently with violence. Freedom of Speech is limited to those of similar views and speech codes are imposed to ensure compliance. Speech that criticizes liberal agenda becomes “hate speech” and is not tolerated. Even some religions like Islam seek to eliminate all criticism by promoting anti-blasphemy laws.

Historically, the most intolerant regimes have been on the left, as witnessed by the 25+ million murdered under Communist ruler Joseph Stalin in the USSR and the 70+ million murdered under Communist ruler Mao Zedong in China. Nice sounding slogans disguise the barbaric reality of communism.

Contrary to totalitarian regimes, the freest of societies, like America, allow for a wide range of beliefs and are strengthened by allowing a free exchange of ideas. Whenever this freedom is threatened as is occurring at UC Berkeley then our freedoms become imperiled.

Igor Shpudejko


New traffic safety concern


There is a newly designed stretch of McDowell Rd in Avondale that possesses a dangerous situation. One that I wish to alert drivers about.

It is the eastbound half of McDowell Rd where a new traffic light has been installed at the entrance to Friendship Park.

1) After crossing the Agua Fria River bridge, the eastbound lanes make a long sweeping curve to the right. The new median landscaping of trees obscures the view of the light until the road straightens out.

2) This traffic light has a long red wait time and during heavy traffic, a long string of stopped cars backs up across all lanes.

3) The speed limit is 40mph but many cars are going faster and suddenly find themselves coming out of the curve and facing rows of stopped cars.

I feel that this is a potential accident site. So drivers beware and watch your speed when you enter this curve.

Jim Chapman
Litchfield Park


Legislators endanger us all


I am outraged that my legislators — Shooter, Mitchell, and Montenegro — acted against the safety and well-being of their LD13 constituents by voting along with their Republican colleagues to strip $1.6 million in gang enforcement funding from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office. No other sheriff’s office in the state was subjected to this cut. Instead of protecting and promoting the interests of their constituents Shooter, Mitchell, and Montenegro chose to endanger residents by engaging in partisan politics. According to Representative T.J. Shope, a Republican from Coolidge who does not represent Maricopa County, a message was being sent to Paul Penzone, a Democrat, that he was not “interested in immigration enforcement.” Instead of reaching out to Penzone to address these perceptions, legislators decided to play a dangerous game of politics and endanger the lives of the citizens of Maricopa County. Shame on all the legislators that engaged in this shocking and potentially deadly gambit! Shame on Governor Ducey if he allows this atrocity to move forward. At election time, I urge every resident of Maricopa Country to remember how Shooter, Mitchell, and Montenegro imperiled our safety and to throw them out of office.

Lawrence Peters


A tribute


Seldom in our lives do we meet somebody who embodies greatness through being themselves — living a life for the benefit of others — giving, giving and more giving. Such a lady was Mickie Diaz. When I arrived in Arizona in 1978 to serve the Tolleson Union High School District, I was introduced to Mickie and soon realized what a dynamic lady she was and continued throughout the years working for the betterment of Tolleson youth.

Mickie was there as a founding member of the Wolverine-Knight Foundation to raise funds for scholarships and programs to help young people. At first it was Saturday morning “Indian fried bread” fund raisers. She was always at Foundation Board meeting (never in 34 years missed more than maybe two meetings). Mickie was there when the idea of a Thanksgiving Day Dinner was started in 1982. Never missed but one dinner (2016) and helped get other residents to help prepare and serve the meals. It was a great honor for me to know, respect and work with this beautiful lady. Her passing this past March 3 is a loss to the wonderful Tolleson community. Let us all remember her beautiful smile and her marvelous contribution to Tolleson, Arizona.

Charles A. Landis


Free speech not allowed


Facists do not allow free speech; in America our Liberal College campus areas have the same philosophy. Since I’m a simple old sailor my vocabulary can now use either the “L” or “F” word … they mean the same.

Kenneth C Semmler


True meaning of Memorial Day


Memorial day will soon be upon us and along with it, a day to remember all of our military service members who paid the ultimate price in the service of our country from Concord and Lexington to Kabul and Baghdad. A day that will be remembered in reverence and NOT what I have viewed on TV promoting the sales of everything from car and truck sales to carpet covering.

The attached appeared in the “Stars & Stripes” newspaper that I cut out and saved for approximately 64 years. The “attached” was titled “Of Silent Battlefield”, but the author was unknown. To me it was obvious that the author had served in Korea as I had, in 1953. And now it was time to go back home. Courtesy of the navy aboard their version of a cruse liner, the USS Breckenbridge.

This is not a time for celebratory themes, but to truely remember what Memorial Day is all about.

Jordan Barber


Where are the patriots?


Our forefathers founded America based on the timeless idea that all men are created equal, and they are endowed with God-given, unalienable rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Moreover the government role is to protect those principles. From these principles flow the freedoms that have made the American dream possible.

However, those freedoms and that dream needs to be protected by patriots. I remember in 1940 and beyond when patriotism was the norm. By today’s standards, I guess we were squares or something less significant.

As I search for patriots, I find they’re hard to find. It seems unfortunate as it is, most people are self-centered. They don’t care about the country or national values. The only thing of any importance to them is what can I get without any sacrifices? Whenever a veteran proudly wears a hat displaying his or hers service, the comment is they’re showing off!

I find even immigrants that come to the United States legally or illegally disrespect this great nation. Some become citizens; just to see how much can be extracted from the taxpayers. As I ask some that had become citizens and sworn alliance to defend and protect the nation and its values, if called to serve, would you do it? The answer in all cases is, hell no! I’ll go back to my country of origin. I don’t care about this country. It’s not mine; I wasn’t born here, why I should defend it or die for it. And in some cases, even natural citizen shy away from serving our nation.

Eureka! I know where the patriots are! They’re the fireman, police officers, border patrolmen, or military, the men and women wearing the uniforms. They are the real heroes, the patriot’s, defenders or our freedoms and the American dream!

Jaime Ruiz-Sandoval
Litchfield Park


Practice what you preach


It would take more than 300 words to refute all the disingenuous stuff of one Trevor Keeley concerning Israel and Islamists, but there are some salient points that must be made here.

First, and most important is this.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out if someone goes out and buys missiles from Iran to shoot at neighbors, goes out in the streets and throw stones at innocent civilians, wrap batches of dynamite around waists and mass murder people in restaurants, at bus stations, or sitting at a Passover Seder, there will be a response — and woe to those committing such acts — the Palestinian Moslem allies of ISIS.

If it were up to Israel there would have been peace a long time ago. Trevor ought to talk, better yet, go live with his friends in Gaza if he is so passionate about them.

Oh, one more thing here. Trevor says Iran isn’t buying arms. Maybe he should listen to the Ayatollahs — they told us they’re using our billions to fine tune their military and buy weapons from Russia.

Mr. Keeley ought to put down his Communist (no, Trevor, it isn’t progressive — it’s regressive supporting those who slit baby throats or use bomb-laden donkeys to kill)comic books and open up a REAL HISTORY BOOK SOON.

If Keeley’s so upset about “Imperialism” and “Oppression” then Keeley needs to leave Native American land illegally occupied and move out to an Islamist republic — either Iran, Gaza or Syria would do nicely. If this country is so rotten to the core maybe Keeley be much happier living under Sharia Law.

Kindly do practice what you preach, Trevor.

Alan Rockman


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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Rockman:

   No, what you and Mr. Keeley have indulged in isn't real history.  Indeed, it really isn't history at all!  I've dealt with some of the nonsense you both are spewing in prior Comments, so I won't recapitulate all your errors here, but let's deal with a few key facts.

   1) The only legal basis for the existence of a Palestinian State is also the only legal basis for the existence of Israel: International Law as created by the United Nations.  We can't make a claim for either group based on "who got here first".  (That would be the Canaanites, by the way.)  Nor on which government was there before.  (We'd have to give the land back to the Turks, whose Ottoman Empire controlled the entire region until just after World War One.)

   2) So, denying the right of either nation to exist throws us back to "the law of the jungle", where "might makes right".  That's exactly what happened in 1948 (and thereafter) when the Arabs (no one talked of "Palestinians" back then) refused to accept the existence of Israel, and invaded to "push the Jews into the sea".  Funny thing, it didn't work out that way!

   3) But that means Israel can't simply engage in a "creeping annexation" of the West Bank (as it is through those settlements).  Deny the legal basis for the existence of a Palestine and you deny the legal basis for the existence of an Israel.  It works both ways!

   4) The Palestinians may be Muslim (can't you even spell?), but that doesn't make them "allies" of ISIS.  Iran is Muslim, and I don't think it's an allyof ISIS either.  Furthermore, given that most of the victims of ISIS are Muslims, I suspect there are plenty of Palestinians who'd rather not be part of an "Islamic Caliphate" - especially since there'd be no State of Palestine in such a place.

   As a Jew I have no love for the Palestinians, and during my 64 years I've witnessed plenty of crimes committed by them, or in their name.  But "even a bad man can have a good cause", and "two wrongs don't make a right".  Israel has no business engaging in "creeping annexation".  The determination of the Likud government to continue that is as much an "obstacle" to peace as anything the Palestinians may have done.

   Right after the Six Day War, when Gold Meir and the Labor government were trying to get Israel's neighbors to finally accept her existence, offering "land for peace", I made a prediction.  (Something I usually avoid.)  With the "wisdom" of my 15 years I said that by the time the Arabs (today we'd say "Palestinians") finally became truly interested in peace, the Israelis wouldn't be interested anymore.  I hope I'm wrong, but it seems as if that prophecy is coming true.*


* Except, I remain skeptical about how "sincere" the Palestinians are.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Ruiz-Sandoval:

   You know what's wrong with sweeping generalizations?  They're ususally wrong.  There's no great mystery why.  If someone claims all "liberals" hate America, just finding one who loves this nation makes the claim a lie!  Similarly, proclaiming all "conservatives" to be racists can easily be disproven by even one example of a "conservatives" who isn't.

   Which brings us to the dumpster load of sweeping generalizations in your Letter.

   It seems to you that today "most people are self-centered", and don't care about "the country or national values" (whatever the heck the latter are).  What about all the people who marched in protest against the policies of the Trump Administration, or those who did the same during the Obama years?  It seems to me that both groups (whether or not we agree with them) cared very much!

   I don't know who you have been "hanging out" with, but whenever I see a Veteran who "proudly wears a hat displaying his or her service", the first comment I make is "Thank you", and I never even think they're "showing off".  I can't say I've met anyone who thinks or acts differently.  (They probably do exist, but I doubt they're "the norm" as you put it.)

   As for immigrants (I assume you mean those here legally, since "illegals" can't do this) becoming citizens "just to see how much can be extracted from the taxpayers", I question the accuracy of that statement for two reasons:

   1) There is no extra financial benefit to becoming a citizen.  If a legally resident person works here, and pays their taxes, they're entitled to the same benefits as any citizen.

   2) There is, of course, one great legal benefit, since only citizens can vote!  (Or run for public office, I think.)

   As for that slander about the willingness of these "new" citizens to serve (I assume you mean in the armed forces), I seriously doubt you've polled every one of them, much less even conducted a scientific survey.  But if you want to see a "natural born citizen" who was unwilling to serve, look no further than our current Commander-In-Chief, who boasted of how he "fought" the Vietnam War in the bedrooms of New York City!  (He was risking V.D. you know.  Perhaps we should award him a new medal for such valor - the Purple Scrotum!)

   You know who else are patriots?  The doctors, nurses, and emergency medical technicians who rush to keep Americans alive. The school teachers busy educating the next generation, and teaching children what true "American values" are.  (I guess you skipped those classes.)  It also includes (most people might find this surprising) the members of the legal profession, whose job (after all) is "keeping us honest".  Lawyers and courts exist to insure we all live by the laws we create!  So, among the patriots, are people who simply abide by the rules, and who find the time to show compassion and courtesy to their fellow Americans.

  But if you want to see example of people who aren't patriots, look at those who refuse to put their shopping carts in the carels - preferring to leave them blocking cars and traffic in parking lots.  Look at the fools who insist on speeding and tailgaiting because they're "too macho" to drive safely, courteously, and in accordance with the Law.

   If you look you can find examples of patriotism everywhere.  Alas, you can also find plenty of examples of the opposite.  Your Letter is a prime example of the latter!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Hammond:

   Well, once again you prove yourself a master of fake "history".  You've somewhat mangled the story of the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster.  You correctly note that it was created as part of a set of three in 1939, but they weren't created "in the summer of 1939, nor were they designed to "stir the British people to action".

   In fact, the British Ministry of Information was commissioned to produce these poster in late 1939, after the outbreak of war!  (I think declaring war on Germany following its conquest of Poland was all that was needed to recognize an "existential threat".  Although, in fact, Hitler deluded himself into thinking the British, as fellow "Aryans", were his natural allies.)

   Most importantly, the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster was never used!  It was meant for publication in case Britain was invaded. Since that never happened, the poster never saw the light of day.  Indeed, the only reason we know of it at all is that (like our Declaration of Independence) copies turned up at auctions decades later.

   As for what the message means, we'll never know, since there are no records of who designed that poster, or what the author had in mind.  Best guess? It's another way of invoking the British penchant for "keeping a stiff upper lip" - carrying on in the face of adversity.

   I submit the "jolly well carry on" sign you take such umbridge at is another way of saying the same thing.  It's a message to the terrorists that no matter what is thrown at the British, they "never, ever, ever, shall be slaves" (as an old song goes).

   But let me ask the all-important question your silly diatribe begs. What action should we take, and against whom?  Apparently it's escaped your notice that we have been beating the hell out of ISIS - destroying their supposed "Islamic State" in Iraq, and bombing them to bits in Syria.  (Yes, America as well as Iraq and Britain are involved in this, among other nations.)

   You see, you misquote Churchill, by taking his words out-of-context.  He was speaking of the period between the world wars when Appeasment was the policy (exemplified by the "sell-out" of Czechoslovakia at Munich in the name of "Peace in Our Time").  Who, pray tell, is busy "appeasing" ISIS, and what country have they "sold-out"?

P.S. - If you want to see appeasment, look at the guy busy "making nice" to Putin.

Gordon Posner's picture

   Just don't assume either of our requests will be granted.

Gordon God bless you and enjoy life

Gordon Posner's picture

Note: this is in response to a Comment in the previous issue:


Dear Factless and Cowardly Wonder:

   When are you going to agree to meet without restrictions on speech?  It's somewhat hypocritical of you to complain about Flynn when almost your entire "career" here has been one long attempt to silence those you consider "Progressives".  (Like your "fellow travelers" in this issue: Misters Shpudjko and Semmler.)  And you "double down" on that hypocrisy with your insincere claims you want to meet me in person, while simultaneously restricting what we can talk about.  So much for "Free Speech" Azarello style!

  But as for Flynn, you may have noticed I haven't written a Letter to the View in over a month!  Here's a little "secret": I haven't read the paper in all that time either.  As I've said before, I have a life, and there are some things more important to me.  (Such as doing my taxes, and preparing for going on Medicare - which is a headache all by itself!)

   In fact, I wouldn't even know about your little contretemps with Flynn if it weren't for the headsup's I've gotten from Patrick, telling me about your Comments of April 19th and May 10th.  I'm sure there have been others I never responded to.  (Hope that didn't hurt your delicate feelings.)

   But when it comes to "empty words", you prove again to be the "master" of them.  When have you ever spoken up in favor of the Free Speech rights of "liberals" or "Progressives"?  I can't recall a single occasion.  On the other hand, as I've said before, I already did so for you and other "conservatives" several times, both in Letters and on-line Comments.

   So I'll make you a deal: write a Letter denouncing those (like yourself, Shpudjko, Semmler, and Lying Trump) working to intimidate and silence those who aren't "Conservatively Correct" and I'll be happy to come to your defense.  Till then, I will waste no energy on behalf of such a worthless hypocrite!

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