Letters to the Editor: May 24, 2017

Climate deal hurts U.S.


Our government signed on to the Paris Climate Accord and committed to 100 billion dollars. The agreement impacts American immediately, but allows developing nations such as China and India thirteen years to start THEIR carbon emission reductions.

The United States of America is just over 4 percent of the worlds population or 325 million people agrees to immediately reducing our carbon emission by over 30%, but the same agreement allows 96 percent of the worlds population, 7.1 billions people to continue polluting for another 13 years or 2030 before THEY are held to the same standards.

Why would our nation agree to put United States at such an economic disadvantage. And before some people get to excited, we are not advocating that we ignore our environment just manage it smarter protecting Americans health.

This agreement is like Vermont embracing the carbon standards and the rest of the nation bring allowed 13 years to comply........does this improve our nations environment or does it simply disadvantage Vermont.....

Virgil E. Warden


Education reform needed


With President Trump we now have the greatest opportunity in decades for genuine education reform. Since the late 1940’s & 1950’s the flower children era, our education bureaucrats have taken more and more control of schools from parents in their communities. Teachers unions stood against meaningful reforms and our government became the nanny over parents rights. You cannot spank your child, Blah, Blah! Children were no longer taught civics, history and constitution, let alone read and write properly, that made our country a prosperous nation. Progressive theories and liberal fads had undermined our K to 12 school education. They just passed children from class to class, whether they qualified to move up or not. Parents had no say. Who paid? The child’s future. The progressives assault on liberty began on the takeover of our college educational systems.

The progressives has also attacked our religious liberties. Our ten commandments offends them! They want God off our coin’s, our pledge to the flag! This all came about by our own lackadaisical attitudes, and problems strangling us just to stay above water stopped us from giving them the fight they truly deserved. If our government cannot protect and defend free speech, then we are fighting the same fascism that started in the nineteen twenties, & thirties in Germany.

Before the end of his term, President Obama relaxed regulations on who can access highly classified information and national security intelligence, why?? To leak information and undermine Trump’s presidency? It would also be a threat to our liberties and security. If this is truly true, pray that they uncover and dismantle these shadow groups. Anyone funded by Hollywood or Soro’s for office like Democrat Mr. Ossoff, in Georgia has to be another like minded Obama. Wake up Georgia!

May the light remain over this country.

Analie Maccree


Progressives will never …


They will never distinguish between legal and illegal immigrants. Doing so, would greatly weaken their empathy for everyone argument.

They will never put their country ahead of their ideology. Everything Obama did was based on progressive ideology, and look at the mess he left .

They will never debate fairly. If they cannot win the argument, they will label the opposition a racist, misogynist, a bigot or a Nazi, in an attempt to discredit.

They will never tolerate a different point of view. Look at Ann Coulter being shut down and the riots at U C Berkeley, as well as almost daily unruly demonstrations, since Trump’s inauguration.

They will never admit that the popular vote is absolutely irrelevant in determining who wins the presidency.

Accordingly, they will never acknowledge that Hillary lost the election , not because of Russian interference, but because she was an absolutely horrible, and dishonest candidate

Progressive judges will never make a ruling based upon how an issue complies with the law. instead they make their rulings based upon their preferred outcome .

Progressives will never embrace the values which made our country great. Instead they will try to use political correctness to pervert and destroy those values.

Progressives will never admit that global warming is NOT a settled science, needs to be measured over hundreds of years and may not be caused by humans .

Progressives will never support building that wall , because they know all those illegals will be voting Democratic . Yes, I said illegal and voting. Careful, progressives will try it .

John Flynn, instead of calling for censorship, why not try to silence me HONESTLY, by rebutting this letter and telling the readers where you think I am going wrong .

Roy Azzarello


Russia’s ‘yuge’ win


It is clear to me that the Russian efforts to embarrass and undermine the United States government during the 2016 presidential elections have been extremely successful. Americans electing an ignorant buffoon like Donald Trump must surely be more than Vladimir Putin could have ever hoped for. Putin’s successful infiltration efforts will be paying big dividends to Russia for many years to come I am sure. And with the full support of American right wing propaganda media outlets like Fox news and AM hate radio, promoting denial and blind support for Trump 24X7, it all adds up to a “yuge” win, win for Putin’s Russia.

Remember when Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for an affair with an intern? Surly these same republicans won’t turn a blind eye to Trump’s incompetence and possible treason, will they? There was a time when the Flag waving, patriotic, Christian republicans viewed the Russians as the “great Satan”. What has changed?

Donald Trump is an embarrassment and a national security risk. Trump’s incompetence and his ties to Russia don’t pass the stink test. I’ll bet Trumps tax returns will end up being the “Nixon tapes” of a Trump impeachment and “Believe me” that’s where you’ll find the smoking gun (follow the money).

Let’s make America great again and impeach Trump! Our lives may depend on it.

Harry Callahan


The science is settled?


The global-warming science is settled.

I understand that to mean that our Planet is getting hotter because of man-caused CO2 and that the United States is a major contributor of the CO2 and that 2015 was the warmest year ever, warmer than 2014.

But the US CO2 output in 2015 was less that 1998.

So the warming was not coming from the United State’s created CO2. Either we get a free pass.....or the science is not settled.

You choose.

Chris Slotten


Schools: public or private?


All this talk about giving vouchers so kids can go to private schools has got me to wondering!

Public Schools are not for profit and use our taxpayer money to educate children.

Private Schools ARE for PROFIT and using our taxes for their profits!

Seems that using my tax money to make money for investors is not what schools are there for.

If you want to send you kids to private schools that’s great just don’t expect me to be happy that I have to foot your bill.

Get an extra job like responsible people and do it for your kids. It means more if you have skin in the game and not just setting on the side lines.

Just a thought.

Lynda Fiorini


No oversight provided


I have had at least one child in LESD since 1994. In recent months, I have been more attentive to what is going on in the district. The more I dig the more I have to ask how this happening. First, the problem is me! I have voted for people based on knowing them personally. To quote a new friend “I love my best friend but I wouldn’t’ want them to perform heart surgery on me”. I have done a poor job of selecting members to provide oversight.

Second, is the LESD board. They don’t ask hard, fact-finding questions before they agree to take away dollars from the classroom. When they ask softball questions, Mr. Ceja tells how important it’s to have nice paper work so when the state screws up they can get the right amount of money. Therefore, it’s critical to have higher paid district positions. Yet he shared they were able to get the right amount because of their current paperwork

They have not stopped rubber-stamping spending and claim they are here for ALL the children. I have yet to witness that. Words are empty! I challenge them to show us how. In the last four months, I have attended all but one meeting including the special board meetings — they have asked EIGHT questions primarily from President Jensen with no real answers. Yet they still approve to move forward. When you ask Ms. Baysinger why we are spending grant money to add a second science lab to EMES and Dr. Rogers answers because the other schools have two labs — and you accept that answer — it’s time for you to step down! I thank you for running and for your time served but it’s time to leave! Do LESD children, teachers, and principals a favor please step-down.

Kathy McNamara


Trump derangement syndrome


Why the panic? We have a flexible innovate free thinker in the White House that has surrounded himself with some the finest military minds, uses unconventional communication and suggests ideas and actions that make some uncomfortable. This may cause Trump Derangement Syndrome. Don’t succumb to this paranoid tidal wave that is sweeping America. The negative energy that has been expended in the wake of the legitimate election of our Commander and Chief is simply pitiful. Anyone who has a device or sign to share their views is certainly expressing their right to “Free Speech”, however with our exploding “Social Media” disconnect the only thing that should “Go Viral” is support for our country and the leaders we voted for.

George F Massey III
Litchfield Park


Maximum wage


Fortune Mag had an article on pages 49-50 discussing breaking the excessive CEO pay cycle

I favor a cap on all wages, such that no individual may earn more (everything included) than 250 times the corporation’s earnings in billions the pay which the lowest paid worker is earning. (Part time worker OK, but no contract workers are permitted for the calculation.) If a CEO wishes to increase his pay, he can easily do so by increasing profits or by increasing the lowest paid salary. I think this evens the field much better than a minimum wage, but perhaps it’s too difficult for our dumb government to implement. We, the people, are smarter than those we elect.

Carl Deierling


1st 100 wasted days


One houndred days of wasted time. Things done none, oh I thing was accomplished the supreme court judge, and that underhanded, typical Republican way.

Other than the judge, you Republicans wasted the American peoples time. When I was in the air force we called Republicans like you, the blind leading the blind,

If I would have known that I was going to the Vietnam War for a bunch of Republican loonys I would have done what Cassius Clay did, turned tail and run.

But I care to much for my country to do that.

When I see Republicans bringing my country down I get mighty angry.

Promised actions that Donald Trump diden’t or can’t keep, we the American people will pay through the nose for the wall, Mexico said nyet, no way Jose.

Donald was going to demolish Obama care, its still here.

The Republicans were going to make America great, its worse than ever.

The hatred is every where.

Donald numbers for a first timer is dismal 41 percent, does that tell you anything.

You Republicans probaly think 41 percent is his age.

I know you’ve heard the saying you get what you pay for, well you Republicans paid with funny money, thats why this country is in a mess.

The circus diden’t go out of business, it just moved to The White House, with its elephants and clowns.

Alfred Molina


All Faith supports W.V.


All Faith Community Services has been supporting the Southwest Valley for the past 17 years by helping others to understand and address their problems. The organization was driven by the continuous ask for assistance from the faith-based community with the intent to combine resources and expand efforts. Through partnerships with local grocers and retail, they were able to feed over 4,675 Goodyear residents in 2016 and aside from volunteer time, have collected over 44,000 pounds of goods to date. All Faith Community Services offers emergency boxes, baby boxes, clothing and skills training to residents of all ages throughout the area. All Faith is a St. Mary’s Foodbank contracted agency, which allows local foodbanks to work in conjunction and lessen the likelihood of duplication and having the capability of reaching more residents in need. Last year, they were able to produce 2,000 meals per week and 500 weekend snack-packs for the children and seniors of our city. All Faith Community Services supports the quality of life everyone deserves and accepts donations year round, not just at the holidays. They hope to secure a Goodyear location in the near future to expand its services to our residents even more. These comprehensive services would not be possible without the coordination with the area businesses, social services agencies, crisis intervention centers, school districts, city governments, courts, churches, counseling centers, other agencies, and YOU. When it is time to clean out your shelves, don’t forget about All Faith and their efforts to “hand up” rather than “hand out”.

Wally Campbell


The ‘funnies’


The Letters section of your paper is becoming the “funnies” of the West Valley View. (Remember? “Daddy, can I have the funnies?”) It is comical that some of your contributors are accusing “liberals” of being fascists when it is the boy they put in the White House who openly admits he wants to limit free speech and is already restricting freedom of the press.

Bob Golden


The intolerant ‘right’


Misters Shpudjko and Semmler (May 17th) provide two examples of the Intolerant “Right”. Through slander and deception, they demonize and want to silence anyone who refuses to be “Conservatively Correct”.

So, the most intolerant regimes have been on the “Left”? Gee, were Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, and Franco “Leftists”? Tell that to all the “lefties” they murdered, or to those “conservatives” in America who made excuses for, or express admiration of, such “strongmen”.

Anti-blasphemy laws? We’ve had them in this country (some States still do), but they weren’t passed by “lefties”, nor did they protect Islam. They were created by people who wanted to keep America a “Christian Nation”. (As they imagine Christianity should be, of course. No “liberal” version of Christianity allowed.)

The history of Christianity has hardly been one of tolerance and free speech. Ask the Jews whom Christians persecuted for almost two thousand years. Ask the Catholics persecuted by Henry VIII, or the Protestants persecuted by his daughter “Bloody” Mary. (Ask all the people killed during the Wars of the Reformation in the name of the “Prince of Peace”.) One can’t blame “liberals” for any of that!

As for Berkley, the assault on Free Speech there wasn’t by “liberals”. Those responsible hijacked a peaceful protest, pursuing a strategy known as “Black Bloc” — a cowardly campaign of violence committed while wearing black masks.

And what do real Liberals think of such behavior? Chris Hedges (a very prominent “lefty”) considers Black Bloc a “cancer”, and says its members engage in “petty vandalism and a repellent cynicism”. Self-described “ultra-liberal” Scott Adams (creator of Dilbert) condemned “the hypnotized zombie-boys in black masks . . . clubbing people who hold different points of view”. That’s the Liberal opinion!

Then there’s Lying Trump, who condemns and would silence all critics. How totalitarian!

More on-line.

Gordon P.R. Posner


Palestine, Israel explained 2.0


This letter is a response to Alan Rockman’s 5/17/17 letter addressed to me. It speaks volumes of your character that instead of using your 300 words to try to refute or debate facts I presented, you use your words to conflate all Palestinians with terrorists or violence and to libel me. So I will again state the obvious, most Palestinians are not terrorists and the presence of some terrorists does not justify human rights violations by Israel on the greater Palestinian civilian population. You see, you seem dismayed at Palestinians (although you are generalizing) who “slit baby throats” but don’t seem to care about the many many more babies decapitated from Israeli state sanctioned bombs that we help finance. This creates more terrorism not less. Bibi has dominated, oppressed, and longs for 1 Jewish apartheid state where Palestinians are second class citizens. These aren’t actions of a leader seeking peace.

Finally, no I won’t move to the Middle East. I was born in America and this land is as much mine as yours. I own no land to return and I had no say in the atrocities that our white supremacist government inflicted on Native Americans but I’ll be damned if I let that cycle continue quietly while I do have a voice. No, I intend to stay right here and continue fighting to make this country a better place because I do “practice what I preach.” So if you or anyone else reading this is tired of hearing these difficult truths (which are still not refuted), I suggest you stop responding to me by misrepresenting my sentiments or blatantly lying because I will keep coming back and back and back. Otherwise, I’ll write ya in a few weeks.

Your Progressive,

Trevor Keeley

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Steve:

   Sorry, it's not a question of who hit the "Send" button, but rather whether or not the e-mails in question were marked "classified" at the time!  They weren't.

   Indeed, Comey, in his testimony before Congress admitted this.  And a later letter from the FBI confirmed this.

   Let's look at what Comey said about this in July of last year.  (The exchange is between him and Democratic Congressman Cartwright.)

MATT CARTWRIGHT: You were asked about markings on a few documents, I have the manual here, marking national classified security information. And I don’t think you were given a full chance to talk about those three documents with the little c’s on them. Were they properly documented? Were they properly marked according to the manual?


MATT CARTWRIGHT: According to the manual, and I ask unanimous consent to enter this into the record Mr. Chairman

CHAIRMAN: Without objection so ordered.

MATT CARTWRIGHT: According to the manual, if you’re going to classify something, there has to be a header on the document? Right?


MATT CARTWRIGHT: Was there a header on the three documents that we’ve discussed today that had the little c in the text someplace?

JAMES COMEY: No. There were three e-mails, the c was in the body, in the text, but there was no header on the email or in the text.

MATT CARTWRIGHT: So if Secretary Clinton really were an expert about what’s classified and what’s not classified and we’re following the manual, the absence of a header would tell her immediately that those three documents were not classified. Am I correct in that?

JAMES COMEY: That would be a reasonable inference.




   Hmm, let's see now, the correct way to indicate an e-mail contains classified information is to state that in the header.  Putting little "c" markings in the body of the e-mail isn't the way to do it.  And anyone following the manual, especially an expert, would know that without the header marked "classified", the e-mails didn't contain classified information!  (Or, at least, that would be "reasonable inference".)

   I'd love to know how you would determine an e-mail you received "may be classified" when it isn't marked classified.  I guess your training used a different manual.

   And please note an important point: the article I linked to doesn't say the material was classified, only that it wasn't marked as such at the time.  Why is that important?  Because (and I'm sure your vast experience included this) things have a way of being declared classified after the fact.  (And vice versa too.)  So leaving side the question of markings (and the fact Hillary was entitled to rely on the absence of a "classified header"), was the material in the e-mails actually classified at that time?

   Well, here's the answer.

In his testimony, Comey said three of Clinton’s emails had “portion markings” on them [those "c" markings] indicating they were classified, but since they weren’t properly marked in the email header, Clinton could have missed them. He also said he believes at least two were mistakenly marked as confidential, indicated by a 'c' lower in the body of the message.


   Got that?  The two e-mails with the "c" markings actually weren't classified at all!

   But it gets "better" (or "worse" depending on your point of view).  Remember I said the FBI later sent a letter more fully explaining all this.  Well, here it is.


   Please note what it adds:

1) Only one of those e-mails actually contained classified information!

2) There's been no determination  whether any of those e-mails were classified at the time they were sent!

   For me it's clear Hillary had no reason to know the e-mails might be "classified", and there's a big question whether they even were!  (Though there's no question that they weren't properly marked as classified!)

P.S. - Meanwhile, of course, Lying Trump gets to blab information that no one denies was classified to the Ambassador of a hostile nation (guess which one), and all we hear on the "Right" is dead silence?  Hey, how about a few hundred investigations of that!

eagle73's picture


True she did not hit the send button.  But she was at fault on ones she resent with classified info in them. Also,  us who have had clearances have to protect classifed whether marked or not and we are resposible to report such violations.  If I recall she claimed she did not know some info was classified.  I guess in her entire career she managed to not show up to training etc. or gather a general knowledge through experience what may be classified even when not marked


Gordon Posner's picture

   Hey, anybody remember those parents who sued Hillary over Benghazi (by some strange coincidence in the middle of the election campaign last year)?  Well, guess whose lawsuit just got tossed out of court?


   And note the last sentence of that report:

Emails later released under the Freedom of Information Act showed some contained classified information, although they were not marked as such at the time.

   So let's recap.  Once one leaves the "court" of public opinion for a real court (where, you know, you have to prove things), the cries of these political tools (sorry "grieving parents", especially the hysteric who appeared at Lying Trump's Convention) prove to be "fake news", just like almost everything else that comes from the Trumpsters and their "Fearless Leader".

P.S. - Because, of course, it's Hillary's fault that the e-mails she received weren't marked classified!

Gordon Posner's picture

   Much of what I wrote in my Letter came from this article in the February 24th issue of Newsweek.


   But in addition to Mr. Hedges and Mr. Adams, consider that Stephen Zunes (a University of San Francisco professor) describes Black Bloc as "basically hoodlums looking for a mass rally to ride the coattails of".

   Gee, all those "Progressives" (or Liberals) speaking so unflatteringly of the Black Bloc rioters.  Time to rethink the view that the riots were some "Progressive Plot".

   And when it comes to an organized campaign to silence speech through intimidation (and worse), look no further than "conservatives" - particularly those who are part of the "Alt-Right".  Not only do they have websites devoted to intimidating and harassing professors who aren't Conservatively Correct, but they do this knowing it produces the vilest forms of death threats against the professors targeted.


   And, as I said at the end of my Letter, our "Fearless Leader" (Lying Trump) repeatedly said he wants to change the First Amendment so that he can sue (and thus intimidate) those who dare to disagree with him.


   Finally, here are links to articles about U.S. blasphemy laws.  Please note that Massachusetts punishes:

Whoever willfully blasphemes the holy name of God by denying, cursing or contumeliously reproaching God, His creation, government or final judging of the world, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, or by cursing or contumeliously reproaching or exposing to contempt and ridicule, the holy word of God contained in the holy scriptures. . . .




   Somehow I doubt the “holy scriptures” in question are the Koran.

   So, what’s left of the claim that intolerance is found only among the “left”, or within Islam?  I’d say nothing!


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