Letters to the Editor: June 7, 2017

Casino fills void


The recent settlement reached between the Tohono O’odham Nation and Arizona will pave the way for the Desert Diamond Casino West Valley to fulfill a vision in the region. As proud state representatives of the West Valley, we recognize the value and opportunities this endeavor will develop in our community.

The casino is estimated to create more than 3,000 permanent, new jobs in the community. That alone will provide a major, sustained economic boost to Glendale, neighboring cities and ultimately the state.

The West Valley is capable of being a prime tourist destination. The region has hosted two Super Bowls and in April was home to the NCAA Final Four Championship game. While these events showcased our home, they also highlighted missed opportunities. We saw tourists leave the Glendale area after these sporting events, opting to celebrate in other nearby cities likely because of the limited options here.

The casino fills a void and is a valuable community partner. Despite many obstacles, this project stands to be an economic driver that will create thousands of new jobs and positive economic development. This will give Arizonans and out of state visitors a world-class casino resort.

Cesar Chavez and Richard Andrade
Arizona state representatives for District 29


Connecting the dots


In many of my letters I have spoken about the dangers we face in America from liberals, progressives, socialists, anarchists, Black Lives Matter , the intolerance for free speech at our universities, political correctness and other subversive groups .

Is there a connection here between all these groups ? I believe there is a financial as well as political connection. That connection is a very evil person with a messianic complex and billions of dollars named George Soros.

Soro’s billions have been financing mini socialist revolutions all over the world for quite some time now, through his open society Foundations . Many of our politicians have become cozy with him as well . Examples would be Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, the Obama era attorney generals and interestingly enough, President Trump’s son in law Jared kushner.

Soro’s goal is for a one world government with no national borders. He hopes to eventually collapse America through revolution brought on by all the groups he is financing here in America . Soros believes , once America is compromised, the rest of the world will fall like a bunch of dominoes. D J Hammonds in his letter of May 3 also alluded to Soros financing.

Ok you say but Soro’s is 87 years old. How can he expect to rule the planet. ? Good question . The fact is that Soro’s has a financial empire dedicated to his revolutionary goals, as well as four sons. His youngest son who controls his day to day actives is just as evil as George and has the same messianic complex. His name is Alexander, and is 33years old . Everything in my letter is verifiable with a little bit of research . So now you know .

Roy Azzarello


Tail turners


To Alfred Molina of Tonopah. Cassius Clay (aka Muhammad Ali)did not turn tail and run,he refused to take part in an unjust war, the same war that Dick Chaney,Mitt Romney and Donald Trump bull sh#$ed their way out of as did super patriot John Wayne in world war 2.

James Tunstell


Low class west side


Back in 2002 I moved from the Midwest to Goodyear with my young family of 4 and our Labrador. Back then the family and I were amazed at how nice Goodyear Arizona appeared. It seemed like a brand new city. When we moved here we didn’t know much about Goodyear or the “valley of the sun”. We were in love with the idea of winter free Arizona living. Unfortunately, we soon discovered a well-known truth about the Phoenix area. The east side of the valley is a much nicer place to live than the west side. The schools there are better, the youth sports teams are better, the infrastructure is better, the views are better, more things to do, places to eat etc. And best of all the east side cites are not next to a crime filled ghetto, known valley wide as the “avenues”. After 15 years the quality of life and lack of class in Goodyear hasn’t changed. We stay hoping that someday Goodyear will improve and somehow be on par with the east side cities. We are not optimistic. I place 90% of the blame for this on the Pebble Creek biased retiree controlled Goodyear city government. If you’re retired and want to live in a giant retirement community, Goodyear is clearly for you. My advice to any young new comers is to look for homes on the east side. With the exception of being closer to San Diego, Goodyear and the “west side” fail in comparison.

Harry Callahan


Impeachment was for lying


For the record Mr. Callahan, Bill Clinton was not impeached for “having an affair with an intern” as you stated. He was impeached for perjury and obstruction of justice charges. In other words for lying under oath to Congress, a serious charge. You will remember his famous statement “I did not have sex with that woman”, which was a bald faced lie. And Hilary’s claims that the investigation was a “huge right ring conspiracy”, another bald faced lie.

Of course both Clintons have a long and storied history of lying and covering up the truth and destroying evidence. Who knows... maybe Hillary should be investigated for the death of Seth Rich, the DNC staffer who knew too much. But you probably don’t want to know about the Clintons and their dirty dealings do you?

The bottom line with all you Trump haters is that you cannot and will not accept the fact that he won the election, fair and square. Hillary lost because Trump was the better candidate, period! Accept it, quit ranting and raving and get a life and move on! And don’t keep telling us Hillary won the popular vote, cause you know that is not how our system works!

Now, as far as the investigation into President Trump and possible collusion with the Russians is concerned, there has been no evidence to prove anything.......zero zilch nada. If there is evidence to prove something to the contrary let the chips fall where they may. Until then why don’t all you Trump haters get off the impeachment band-wagon and let the man do what he was elected to do.....MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

Tom Moore


Inverted totalitarianism


Every natural resource and every living being is commodified and exploited to collapse as the citizenry is lulled and manipulated into surrendering their liberties and participation through excess consumerism and sensasionalism (media).” Sheldon Wolin

First I feel criticizing and telling the truth about our government IS the highest form of patriotism.

Before WW2 our federal government, for the most part, was for big business and by big business. I assume state and local governments were better but they, too were prone to being owned and occupied. In other words post WW2 while exceptional, also the exception to the norm.

WW1 vets were killed protesting for money the government owed them. We also have one of the bloodiest, if not THE bloodiest labor history in the world. Sedition during WW1.

14 of the 18 911 terrorist were from Saudi Arabia, as was Bin Ladin. And where ISIS originated, a brutal theocratic monarchy.

Meanwhile, 0 citizens have been killed by Iranian’s on U.S. soil.

The middle East borders were drawn and given to the Victor’s of WW1. Iran’s issue with us is the coo we did to a democratically chosen leader, then installed the shah, a brutal dictator. All because the former wanted to nationalise their oil.

Neoliberals and globalization is capitalism run amok. They claim free market, less government also. F.Y.I. the free market is a great servant (when applicable) a horrible master.

The question we need to be asking is who’s side is our government on.

Stop crying too. The majority of people are good people, it’s the minority that always f#&/- it up for everybody else.

Damion Armstrong


Sanders at it again


So, Comrade Sanders is at it again, preaching from the Book of Marx, also known as the Communist Manifesto. He’s still trying to convert the USA to the USSA. That didn’t work too well for Russia, did it?

Ralph E. Wood


POTUS travel ban


Our current President (POTUS 45) issued and Executive order to “pause” immigration from six predominantly muslim failed nation states for just 90 days. His authority used by five presidents 43 times, 19 times by POTUS 44 (Obama) without a single challenge.

The Authority is given to the president by, section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

Manchester, UK demonstrates the obvious risks our nation faces but the political undercurrents have become so divisive with some working harder to divide our nation than to unit our nation.

Why are the Appeals Court so bent on blocking a lawful order based on manipulated political rhetoric.......while overlooking the obvious legal authority.......this should concern all law abiding American’s who believe in the rule of law..........it’s should not be about political loyalty and it’s not about religious bias, it’s about radical islamic terrorist bent on killing American and destroying our way of life.

By the way had the order NOT been challenged, it would almost be over........

May our Country stand against terrorism and our citizen remain safe against all dangers......God Bless America..!!!!

Virgil Warden


Why preserve an eyesore?


Regarding the article about Demolition of the Trotting Park in the May 17th issue, the lobbyist Sharon Girulat was quoted as saying “ I know most people around here don’t understand because they’re not preservationists” How dare she? How can she even begin to know? What’s to understand? The bigger question is why preserve it? It’s an eyesore. It has nothing to do with preservation. The definition of preserve is: To keep in its original state or in good condition. The Trotting Park is neither. She just had to have a cause.

Then she spoke out of the other side of her mouth saying “ It’s their property, they can do what they want.” Absolutely correct, end of subject!

Bonnie Jansson


Repeal, replace with what? Part 2


When the President said that no one knew that health care is complicated my response was simple. What did he say? I knew it was complicated my first day in medical school. The professor gave us all Gray’s Anatomy and said memorize it. That was complicated.

Repealing Obamacare was easy. The House did it 60 times over the past 7 years. Replacing it is complicated. The Replace part is in the hands of the U.S. Senate. For us that is McCain and Flake. I cannot wait to see what they come up with. It will be complicated.

Leonard Kirschner
Litchfield Park

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A casino? Talk about low class. It fits right in with pawn shops and pay day loans.

porr000's picture

Hey Vickie,

I love going out to Saddle Mountain by Tonopah. The view is fantastic and is a fun place to explore.


Gordon Posner's picture

   It's both ironic and appropriate (with a dash of serendipity) that the Letter about the new West Valley Casino should appear in the same issue as Mr. Callahan's ranting.  That, of course, will add another "thing to do" and several "places to eat" to our side of Maricopa County!

P.S. - Hey Roy, any thoughts about all this?

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Of course, what constitutes a "safe" place to live depends on a lot of factors.  We don't know the crime rate of ancient Pompeii, but that turned out to be a very unsafe place to live!  wink

   On the other hand, I find it depressing how frequently I open the View and find the almost inevitable spate of stories about teachers, police, even firemen (never firewomen) accused of molesting or abusing a child - and let's not even discuss what total strangers are doing.  At times it seems as if the entire West Side is one giant child-sex ring!  Which, of course, it isn't.

   And that is where Callahn goes completely wrong.  Obviously the West Side isn't "perfect", but all he can see are its faults, which he projects onto the entire area.  But that's how prejudice operates; it lives on sweeping generalizations which usually turn out to be false.  Something to remember whether the subject is Geography, Religion, or Politics.

P.S. - Now if only you'd learn to use the "reply" link, and to put less spaces between sentences in your Comments!  wink

thank you for information about Tonopha being a safe place to live.  If  there is such a place.

When I watch the local news channels , the crime stories coming out  of Phoneix , I always

say to myself,  " What A Hell Hole."

Buckeye is a very safe place to live.  A big plus for Buckeye.


Gordon Posner's picture

   I hereby apologize to all the other Letter writers who submitted similarly uninformed, ignorant, and stupid pieces.  (You know who you are, especially the "Factless Wonder".)  I was going to address all of you in a Letter too, but I used up my 300 words defending the honor of the West Side.  I trust you understand.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Funny you should mention that town.  In the course of researching my Letter responding to Callahan, I looked up crime statistics for Maricopa.  Although I didn't mention it in my Letter, Tonopah turned out to be one of the safeste places to live in the State!


   (If I read that website correctly, it may be the second safest!)

   As you (and Callahan) will discover when my Letter appears, the same can't be said for his "beloved" East Side!

Thank you for the very interesting perspective on where to live.

East  being so much better then West.

It  just might  knock the Russians under every rock right off the letters

to the Editor page.

Anyone who wants to live closer to San Deigo should move to

Tonopha, great views , and you  can bring all your toys.

The Tonopha Fisher school gets high mark , I think it always

has. There is a need for Retirement Communiites and I am very glad

they exist in our Communities.  Some day when you are so done

taking your kids here ,there, here , there, here , there, we will welcome

you to our Community.


porr000's picture


Funny you say that... I kicked off a letter today in response to his.

Let's just say, you prediction may very well come true.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Callahan:

   Boy, are you gonna get it!

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