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Letters to the Editor - June 14, 2017

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How valid is astrology?


Here’s a question for your readers: have any of you at one time read your horoscope in the newspaper? I went on-line to and saw a copy of my astrological natal chart-complete with a general interpretation. If you want a more in-depth chart, they will email you one, for a fee. I am a Capricorn with Virgo rising (indicates a later-in-life marriage); My Moon is in Taurus(singing ability), have Venus in Scorpio(sexy); Neptune in the third house (spinto lyrico); Uranus and Jupiter in Cancer (cooking ability); Mars in 7th House (more than one marriage); Chiron and North Node in Capricorn.

According to the interpretation of my chart, I’m suppose to be “shy, yet analytical and creative.” How valid is Astrology?

I looked up Jeopardy contestant Matt Jacksons’ birthdate (6/24/1992). He’s won $441,000 Dollars on that game show. He was born on a Gemini-Cancer Cusp. In his astrological analysis, it indicates he will be “famous for his brains.”

Do you know your Chinese astrological sign? Mine is the Year of the Horse. The signs change once every 12 years. If you’re born in January (like I am), your Chinese astrological sign is in the previous year. People born in the Horse year are responsible, hard-working, but their Achilles’ heel is love. Look at Princess Margaret Rose (born 1930), she fell in love with a commoner, but was not allowed to marry him; she married somebody else. The Horse is an egoist-it’s all about ME. The previous sign before I was born, was the year of the Snake: the savants and very beautiful women are born under this sign.

I plan to contact other people who share my birthdate (1/3/1955) and see what they have in common with me. I can be reached at


Laura Rivas



Double down, I don’t care


Again I was talking to my republican friend. Who supports Donald Trump. In whatever decisions Trump chooses, he supports it. I had to tell him it’s getting really hard for me to take this President actions. First of all he acts like a “King” and not a “President”. Oh, got to stop you there Dave. You know my saying, yep I do,I say back to him, its, “ I Don’t Care ”. There you go, continue please. Alright, I say, first off, you want me to believe all news CNN, Headline news and news agency’s world wide. They are giving us false facts as news. “That’s right”, but you’re false facts, given to us by “King Trump” is the real factual news. “That’s right”, he gives us the facts. “O.K” I say, we can’t have an intelligent conversation. Because one of us is lacking in something I can’t explain to you. “Alright then” I guess our conversation is over then, I say. Well Dave, remember Trump’s motto, it works for him, and it works for me. Yep, know by heart now, “ Double Down, I Don’t Care”.

David Rice


We are not a democracy


Every day I hear someone talking about our American democracy, including from our elected politicians. We have never been a democracy and our founding fathers never intended us to be. The reason the Electoral College was written into our Constitution was to have our states, as opposed to having Congress or a majority of a popular vote, elect our president. With the states selecting our president, it forces the candidates to impress on the states that they are the most qualified for the position.

The National Popular Vote would virtually eliminate smaller states and rural areas from having a voice in the choice of president. Instead of candidates wooing ‘swing states’, they would concentrate their efforts solely on densely populated areas. Cities like New York, Los Angeles and Chicago would be electing our president under NPV. This reduces the effectiveness of a single vote even more than under the Electoral College where a candidate needs to win at least 11 states.

In 58 presidential elections there were only four instances when the candidate won the Electoral College and did not win the popular vote. Amazingly the country did not come to an end.

If the system is not broken, why try to fix it.

Brenda Roden


Bad deal in Paris


Somehow saving billions of dollars and thousands of US jobs doesn’t seem to be important to the left. Instead, transferring jobs and giving our tax dollars to large, unaccountable bureaucracies to pursue a .2 Celsius degree drop by the year 2100 is more important.

Under the Paris Climate Accord, the two largest polluters on the planet, China and India are given a pass until 2030, but the country with the cleanest air, water and a leader in clean technology is forced to pay billions into UN slush funds like the Green Climate Fund. Such irony seems only fair to large, socialistic countries who envy US capitalistic innovation and creativity and want only to punish us. Instead of allowing the free market to determine clean tech winners and losers, the socialists want to waste billions subsidizing their cronies.

It has been American ingenuity and competition that has kept energy prices low at home and European socialism that has made electricity a luxury in parts of Europe. Indeed, the average German pays three times more for electricity than the average American thanks to Germany’s reliance on expensive windmill and solar energy.

By putting America first while pursuing reasonable environmental policies our President fulfilled his promise to the American people by withdrawing from a very bad deal.

Igor Shpudejko


AHCA favors insurance cos.


When it comes to pre-existing health conditions, there’s no such thing as “the good ole days”. We can’t afford to go back in time. Not many years ago (before 2010) insurers could charge sick people impossibly high rates. If you had cancer, diabetes, arthritis, or even a Caesarean section, insurance companies labeled it a pre-existing condition and slapped you with a whopping insurance premium. Rates were so high people I knew had to go without health insurance. They just couldn’t afford it. In fact, a personal friend with a life-long “pre-existing condition” went bankrupt. She was ill, broke and denied health insurance.

Well, here we go again. The American Health Care Act (AHCA) that the U.S. House of Representatives passed recently gives the upper hand back to the insurance companies. The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration. But this bill is still especially punishing for people age 50-64, who often have chronic conditions, like more than 480,000 Arizonans right here in our state.

The U.S. Senate is at work revising this bad bill behind closed doors. Instead of disqualifying health insurance shoppers due to pre-existing conditions, the popular pre-existing protections of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) MUST be retained in this replacement bill. Health care for Americans must be (1) realistic for our health needs and (2) financially within reach for all of us.

Ginny Correa Creager
Litchfield Park


Wake me up when it’s over


Everyone is wrong. Just ask anyone. The Left is right and the Right is wrong.

The overwhelming amount of information that is propagated by those who would hope to influence anyone who will absorb it is beyond the pale. The ability of anyone with a device to be recognized has become absurd. Our litigious society is commonplace and overwhelming. The narcissistic nature that is capturing our youth and their institutions of higher learning is not only disturbing but deeply troubling. Unfortunately, the popular agenda of rewriting our history and ignoring the truths of America’s historical founding has overcome our society. Just ask anyone.

George F Massey III
Litchfield Park

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Massey:

   And according to you, just what "truths" would that be?

   This isn't a rhetorical question, over the years I've been struck by the utter ignorance displayed on these pages (and elsewhere) by people who are absolutely sure of things which are absolutely false!  Ms. Roden's tirade in this issue is a splendid example.

   So, care to tell us what you consider to be those "truths"?  If you're correct, I'll find it a pleasant exception to the trend.  And if you're wrong, then as I've done before (and will do again) I'll prove you're in error by citing the words of the Founders themselves.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Creager:

   Yes, and I wonder why the "conservatives" (especially here) aren't screaming about how the Republicans are trying to pass this before we can read it!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Shpudejko:

   I see you believe in "fake news", at least when it comes from Lying Trump and the Trumpsters.  There are so many things wrong with what you wrote that I scarcely know where to begin, but here are a few points:

   First, neither China nor India have been given a "pass".  Indeed, they've already worked to meet their pollution restrictions ahead of schedule.

   Second, whatever else India may be, it's hardly "socialistic".  But throwing that empty epithet around willy-nilly is a favorite tool of "conservatives" who can't bother to think.  (And while China may officially be Communist, its economic system is far more Capitalist than you suppose.)

   Third, I doubt the U.S. has cleaner air or water than Australia, Canada, or New Zealand.  (I'd add Antarctica - but that's not technically a "country".)  On the other hand, the mindless pursuit of technological development in Eastern Europe (under the commies) caused those areas to become ecological nightmares, which only ended when those dictatorships were overthrown, and environmental regulations were put into place.  So your call for the same to happen here is very "communist" of you!

   Fourth, to the extent our air, water, and land are cleaner than they were, it's because of the very environmental laws and regulations people like you want to repeal, which Lying Trump is busy doing.  We may once again see our rivers catching fire, or becoming "dead zones" where nothing can survive.  What a "splendid" legacy you're leaving for posterity (including your children or grandchildren, if you have any).

   But, to return to the real world, I personally don't care.  Why?  Because I'm about to turn 65, and will probably be long dead when the harm stupidity like yours causes becomes manifest.  Since I don't have any children or grandchildren to worry about, in the true spirit of today's "conservatives", I don't give a damn!  Instead, my plan to deal with Climate Change (which is happening, no matter how hard you try to deny it) is to have my grave stone read: "So long, suckers!"

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Roden:

   Thank you.  Your ignorant and uninformed Letter has given me the perfect reason to resume my "seminar" on the Electoral College, which I interrupted and never resumed.  In addition, I'll start by dusting off another Letter of mine, which quoted a famous and "beloved" former "conservative" President on the fact that we are a Democracy.

   But first, after my Letter responding to Mr. Callahan from the previous issue gets printed, I'll be submitting my annual Letter on what makes America "exceptional".  So, I trust you can wait for mid-July before I start tearing you to shreds!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Rice:

   The next time you and your friend have a talk, just call the President by the name which most accurately describes him: Lying Trump.  Then, when he objects, make this challenge to him.

   Lying Trump repeatedly insisted there were thousands of Muslims dancing in the streets of Jersey City, celebrating 9/11 as the towers fell, and that he saw a video of this.

    When it was proven there was no such video (because this never happened) he responded by citing a newspaper story (not the supposed video) in the Washington Post (which, suddenly, wasn't a purveyor of "fake news").

   When the reporter who wrote the story pointed out he'd written no such thing, and that all he reported were unconfirmed reports of roof top parties (not the same thing as dancing in the streets), and that furthermore those reports were later determined to be false, Lying Trump cruelly mocked the man's physical disability (and then, of course, denied doing any such thing).

   Meanwhile, the sycophants around Lying Trump (whom I call "Trumpsters") were busy trying to justify his actions and claims, by pointing to other "facts", including:

1) Supposed dancing and parties in other parts of New Jersey.  (Which claims were shown to also be false, and which in any case didn't happen in Jersey City, and for which there were no videos.)

2) Supposed dancing and parties in Brooklyn and Queens.  (Which claims were also shown to be false, and in any case that's not even in New Jersey!)

3) Videos of Palestinians dancing in the streets of the West Bank.  (Which was well known, and fully reported back when it happened, and which again had nothing to do with what Lying Trump said!)

   So, here's the challenge: Tell your friend to produce that video Lying Trump claimed (and still claims) to have seen.  Have him prove this vile slander against American Muslims, that Lying Trump used to help himself get elected, was true.  Tell your friend that if he does that, you'll cease calling the President Lying Trump (even though this is but one of the many lies he constantly tells).

P.S. - And to anyone here who objects to my calling the guy Lying Trump, that challenge applies to you as well.  Put up, if you want me to shut up (about this).

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Rivas:

   About as valid as Numerology, Necromancy, or reading entrails.  Which is to say not at all!

   But maybe I'm just saying that because I'm a Leo (born in the year of the Dragon).  wink

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