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Letters to the Editor - June 21, 2017

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Our teachers, school buses


Now that my last child has graduated from high school I feel I can complain about teachers without fear of retaliation. The teachers at the schools my children have attended have all been very nice people. Of course I too would most likely be a nicer person if I earned full time pay for a part-time job. Having summers off, fall break, spring break, Christmas break, Thanksgiving and all federal holidays off (plus the Friday’s before) must do wonders for a person’s demeanor. Just 180 days of work a year for teachers, and there’s more! High school teachers also have a new scam known as “late start” now two times during the school week. “Late start” begs the question; do teachers put in an 8 hour day, every day? I also wonder if teachers are subjected to mandatory and random drug testing like the rest of the working world.

Also, how much money would the school districts save if they charged users for school bus service? Do even a quarter of total students use bus service? All schools public or private should be served by school buses if they’re available since everyone pays school tax. Traffic associated with the pick-up and drop-off of students not using bus service is a nightmare at all schools. Students pay fees for sports and band, why not pay for the bus ride separate too? If not enough students use buses cancel the program.

The tourism lobby will never allow year around school. Who does our state government side with, schools or tourism? Disneyland wants summer vacations! And clearly the teachers union will take all the time off they can get. Full time pay for full time work, part-time pay for part-time work, teaching jobs is part-time.

Harry Callahan


Political correct terrorism


Recently, a Muslim terrorist Salman Abedi set off a bomb which killed 22 people and injured many more at a concert in Manchester, England. Prior to that , Abedi, a British citizen, spent time in Syria being trained in terrorism. Why was he not taken into custody upon his return to England ?

Over the last few decades, because of empathy, millions of Muslim have been allowed to enter Europe and the United States. Most were never vetted. These people do not want to assimilate. They want to live by sharia law. Many hate the country which took them in.

Politicians tell us that terrorism is the new normal They say most Muslims are law-abiding people and not terrorists. That is true. However, the fact is all ISIL terrorists are MUSLIMS , and the world needs to deal with that

Because of political correctness, most European governments are soft on terrorism. instead of deporting the Muslims who have ties to terrorism, and they know who they are, these politically correct progressive politicians, especially Merkel of Germany, are gutless buffoons scared of offending someone, and thus do nothing to protect the people.

All they do is make excuses for the terrorists. Europe is a time bomb waiting to explode, thanks to years of empathy, tolerance, diversity and multiculturalism . Are Europes leaders insane ? Maybe. These snow flake progressives who believe in empathy for anyone and everyone, are delusional, lack common sense and live in a make believe world ! Because of their progressive ideology, many innocent people have died

Fortunately we are better off than Europe . President Trump sees the problem and is taking a hard line against it. Hillary, had she won, would have expanded the empathy and expanded terrorism in America.

Roy Azzarello


Cartoon was appalling


I am upset about the cartoon on page 6 of the June 7th edition. Griffin using the beheading of President Trump as a way to amuse people was bad enough (she admitted later that she had gone to far) but to have our local paper continue by printing this cartoon is appalling to me. I expected more from a paper that I have been reading for over 40 years.

Fred L. Amator


In defense of Goodyear


I read Mr. Callahan’s recent criticism of Goodyear, and was candidly surprised that a long time resident could hold such a poor opinion of our great community. I too moved from the Midwest and am raising a family (5 kids) here in Goodyear. Reasonable minds can disagree, but I felt the View’s readers should have a different perspective.

With regard to education, my children attend a top notch charter school on a beautiful new campus (in Goodyear) that I would put up against anything in the east valley…. period. With regard to youth sports, my children have had numerous opportunities to participate in city sponsored volleyball, little league baseball, swim lessons, etc. (all in Goodyear) that were all well run, reasonably priced, and utilized good facilities in the community. With regard to the views, I’ll take our views of the Estrellas and White Tanks any day, and have often felt we have the best mountain views in the valley. With regard to entertainment, we have a first class major league spring training facility, the nicest movie theatre I’ve ever been to, and a great mix of ‘mom and pop’ and national dining options (ever tried a Dino’s gyro or a Garden Pizza cheese pizza?).

I also think our city leaders have done a nice job of requiring aesthetically pleasing retail and commercial development. Our city has several great options for places of worship. Our streets are well policed. My only critique would be needing to provide more family friendly park/waterpark facilities in Wildflower/Canyon Trails/Cottonflower area of our city. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side, but I would recommend young families take a good hard look at Goodyear and see all that we really have here.

John Brinker


Goodyear gov’t needs new blood


We wish to respond to Mr. Callahan’s comments on 6/7/17. We too moved to Goodyear from the Midwest in 2003 in search of a warmer winter climate and all the appurtenances a new community might provide. Even though we were not retired, we moved to Pebblecreek as it seemed to offer a lot. Our first five years here proved to be very exciting; shortly after that, we became disenchanted, both with Pebblecreek and the government of Goodyear which seems to favor it and Luke Air Force Base. Pebblecreek is a self-centered community and it cares very little about anyone else — especially families. Granted some do a bit of volunteering, but we found the greater majority were only concerned with their own selfish pursuits. If you do not play golf, very few want anything to do with you. The City is being run by many with this mindset. We need some young blood and new ideas on the City Council. We are not aware of ‘the avenues’ of which you speak, but there certainly are pockets of gang type activities in the area. That coupled with the over abundance of dollar stores and cheap chain restaurants as well as the inability to build the mall promised in 2003 add up to a less than desirable environment. Goodyear has an incredible dearth of amenities provided for residents of the east valley. Why not bring in the quality places we desire instead of more of the same old stuff on every corner. We have moved from Pebblecreek to a more accommodating environment in Palm Valley with the hope that maybe the voters will wake up and bring in some new life into our City government so that we can change the undesirable pattern which has evolved here. We are all worth it.

Ginny Boyle


The grass is not always greener


Over 2000 years ago, a Greek mathematician named Euclid wrote, “Things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other.” In his book, Euclid says this is “self-evident”. If a=c, and b=c, then a=b. It is simple and beautiful because it works, even on things that are not mathematical.

For instance, if SNOB = one who is patronizing to those he considers to be inferior, and Harry Callahan’s letter entitled “Low Class West Side” June 7th = patronizing to those he considers to be inferior, then... I’m sure you can figure out the rest.

Among the many virtues of the West Side, one virtue stands out, which is why I also moved here in 2002. That virtue is affordable housing! Compared to the east side, I got a bigger bang for my buck here in the west side. The same model home being built in Chandler by the same builder at that time was much more, just because it was on the east side.

My quality of life here on the west side is much better than it would have been on the east side, where it is more expensive! Housing, property taxes, HOA fees, food, entertainment, shopping and the like, are all more expensive on the east side. My money has greater buying power here on the west side. I like that.

That has nothing to do with “class”. It has to do with economics and being fiscally conservative.

Patrick Orr

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I'd agree, they are paid appropriately.

My point exactly low rent = low class. Your money would have even more buying power in Maryvale why not live there?

I live a crossed the street from a high school, the teachers parking lot empties out shortly after the last bus leaves. They work part time, which is my point. And less than 8 hours a day. Being a teacher is a great gig .

Mr. Callahan,

It is pretty obvious that you were never a teacher.  If you had been, you wouldn't have such a poor review of teachers and their salaries.

Teachers do not work the same school year that students do.  They are required to start a minimum of a week earlier and end a week later. When your children have off for inservice days, the teachers are working.  Teachers attend training on off time.  Teachers do not arrive at school or leave the same time that your children do.  They get there at least a half hour earlier and stay half hour or longer.  

Lesson plans need to be done weekly and turned in for review.   Tests need to be graded.  Report cards are prepared. These are done in the time before or after  the school day starts as teachers have your children as their main focus during class time. 

In addition, there are conferences and faculty meetings.  

I can go on and on, but I am sure that you will never open your eyes.  You should walk a school year in a teacher's shoes and you will change your view in no time at all.

porr000's picture

Mr. Callahan:

It can be argued, that the salary of teachers here in Arizona is indeed the equivalent of a PART-TIME salary.

Patrick Orr

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   We frequently disagree, but thanks for what I take to be an expression of support.

   The real problem for me is now my annual Letter on "American Exceptionalism" will appear long after July 4th!  I might even not bother sending it, but post it as a Comment instead (thus following your practice).

Years ago when I wrote for a weekly newspaper with an editor at each elbow

the publisher printed the letters to the editor in order of  addressing  current  topics

other subjects printed next.

Gordon Poser,s (paraphrasing) correct all of Harry Callahan's misconceptions

would be printed this Tue(Wed) June 21.  Posner's letter in fact will be printed

June 28 th responding to a June 7 letter by Harry Callahan.

Thats why I will not personal send in a letter on a very current topic.

I might send in something that has no time stamp on it.








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