Letters to the Editor - June 28, 2017

Celebrities’ going too far


As to Kathy Griffin getting fired from CNN last week, I don’t know how she thought the prank she pulled on-the-air, was in any way funny? It showed utter disrespect and a lack of judgment on her part. The station has guidelines which they have to follow. On her own free time and others who think like her, who knows?) What’s gong on with our news commentators? Now Bill Mahler, is also using inappropriate words on T.V? Some people think that when they get famous, they can say or do whatever they want — and we have to put up with it! There are also “celebrities” who think they know “a lot” — this is a moot question. But their opinion is written in stone and we (the “little people”) have to heed their voice. We have minds of our own. I’ll listen to the “voices” in my own head, thank you. I’m bright anyway...

Laura Rivas


Dumping pets is cruel


I am writing this letter to our community concerning the dumping of live animals, mostly dogs in our community. We have lived in this area for over 30 years and it seems to be the place people think they can bring unwanted dogs, cats, whatever they want to get rid of and drive off leaving the animals to die of heat, get hit by automobiles or eaten by coyotes. I watched just two days ago as a SUV pulled up on the side of the road( Citrus) pull out two dogs and drive off and leave them there to die. I did get to rescue one of the dogs, but I could not catch the second dog, even though I did have concerned people in their vehicles stop and try to help me catch the little Chihuahua. People should know that if they have unwanted dogs, cats, they can take them to Az Humane Society or to Maricopa County Animal Control , they will also try to find new homes for the animal.

Dumping animals is cruel and people need to think before they do such a inhumane thing to any animal.

Judy Blakeman


Community is priority


Regarding the comments by Harry Callahan, “Low class west side”, I couldn’t agree more! We moved to Avondale in 2006 and hoping the area would grow. In last 10 years, the only major development was the Main Event and the American Sports Center. I have seen too many fast food restaurants being build and then close down. We need better restaurants, parks and outdoor activities. Whenever we go visit our friends in the east valley or north Phoenix, it feels better and nicer. The buildings are nicer and the streets are wide and clean. Nice big trees and good housing development. I would recommend anyone who moves to the Phoenix metro area to look for housing/apartments in the east valley.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like the west valley, but it seems the whole culture here just doesn’t care about the community and their neighbors. We need more trees along Van Buren Ave and Avondale Blvd because that is the main attraction area. Also, better streets and more lanes, including bicycle lanes. When visitors are passing by or going to PIR, the west valley needs to take pride on where they live and represent well. Cities like Anthem, Peoria, Scottsdale, Tempe and Mesa care about the community. Let’s do the same here!

Pete Hirpara


No class Callahan


I see Mr. Callahan (June 7th) has all the qualifications to be a resident of the East Side, especially the part “fondly” referred to as “Snobsdale”! He moved here without bothering to investigate the Valley? Judging from his Letter, he’s still woefully ignorant.

Want “better schools”? Guess he missed the news that Tolleson’s University High School is one of the best in the State! (Also 21st in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report). And he never heard about the kids from Carl Hayden High School, who beat prestigious M.I.T. (a university, no less) in a robotics competition? Not bad for a place bordered by the “ghetto” of 35th Avenue!

He likes good views? How about the view of the South Mountains I see driving South on 99th Avenue (when not distracted by all the “slums” which don’t exist along it)? Driving West on I-10, I see the White Tank Mountains (stunning at sunset). And then there’s the mountains I see driving North on Loop 101 (sometimes with snow on their peaks).

Let’s talk about crime in the “ghetto”. According to the maps available on-line from the Phoenix Police Department, the highest concentrations of crime are in his beloved East Side — particularly the South East Valley, Central and North Phoenix, and (for some reason) Surprise. The West Side’s not crime free, but it’s better than “crime-ridden” Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

Places to eat, and things to do? I won’t list them (lest the View reject this Letter as advertising), but rest assured I’ve never starved to death here, nor has boredom been a problem. (Plus, it’s a quick trip “downtown” to central Phoenix, with all its amenities. I’ll take West Side traffic over the East’s any day!)

Sad that only snobbery makes him feel tall!

Gordon P.R. Posner


Sanders = Eisenhower


Bernie Sanders is as communist as President Eisenhower (for single payer, 90% tax on rich, massive infrastructure, warned us about military industrial complex). How is sending banksters to prison and free tuition communism? Investing in higher education has proven to bring more tax revenue unlike the trickle down theory. Socialism for the rich is what trickle down is. Mr. Sanders is trying to reign in our out of control federal government. Make it work for the people, not the lobbyist and their masters. I thought you conservative’s would be for this. Even you don’t agree with his politics, he’s consistent and honest. You tube him and you will find that Mr. Sanders has only become more polite in his words. Personally I like the younger version.

Single payer will save us billions. And it’s the right thing to do. VA and UK have socialistic healthcare, government owns and operates it. In single payer, government only pays the bill. Basically buying and negotiating in bulk.

Again how is this not a conservative issue.

You won’t hear this or anything I have written on any fascist cable “news” CNN & MSNBC included. Why? Who are their major sponsor’s? Big pharma (dope dealers) and politicians. If you insist on watching cable “news” try C-SPAN

Finally of all the nation’s who have a some form of single payer, ZERO have repealed it.

Damion Armstrong


Verrado has it good


can you tell me verrado can get sex offender out of they town we can’t get them out of our town w got 500 or more u all got one and you cry about it . we got more you got we got drugs we got thieves we got to watch our kids more then you all take them all back ware they live so buckeye can be buckeye and why is verrado is on airport verrado is north of the freeway like sunvalley parkway that is dome you a kiss but you no I’m talking about land tax you can’t get it off the water so you put on land tax good move we all no you was going to do that

Javan Berry


Left wing wackos


Let us recap the past few months of utter despicable, disgusting, and violent remarks about President Trump. First it was Madonna who wanted to “blow up the White House”, then Kathy Griffin who showed the severed head of President Trump on live TV. Then we had the Shakespearean play in New York showing Julius Cesar, played by Donald Trump, stabbed and murdered at the end of the play. And no outrage from the national media, of course, they thought it was humor! Imagine the outrage had it been Obama’s head, instead of Trump’s! And now, we have this Trump hating, Bernie Sanders loving, left-wing radical sicko who tries to assasinate Congressman Scalise! Should anyone be surprised? Lay the blame where it belongs, squarely at the feet of Madonna, Griffin, and others who have advocated violence against President Trump and his supporters.

What has happened to our decorum, manners, and common decency?? News flash to all you Trump-haters out there, you give respect to the office of “President of the United States”. You don’t have to respect the man, and it’s okay to criticize his policies, mocking and making fun of the President on SNL is to be expected. But if you threaten to kill the President or blow up the White House, you have crossed the line. And don’t be surprised when the FBI or Secret Service knocks on your door and arrests you. So, be careful what you say in public, email to friends, or tweet....because the federal authorities are going to be watching closely now for any kind of activity that threatens the President, or any member of Congress.

Tom Moore


Which party is morally corrupt?


A women held up a prop severed head looking like our President. Do you know the party she belonged too? The filthy mouth of Steven Colbert, can you guess what party he belongs to. The corrupt head of the FBI, and the Senators who knew the POTUS was innocent, but did not tell the citizens, What party did they belong to?

Who do you think is paying for this joke of an investigation?

The wrong people are being investigated.

Who should be investigated? The answer is the the people who worked for Obama. Eric Holder for fast and furious, Loretta Lynch for obstruction of justice. She met with Bill Clinton on the tarmac at sky harbor? She asked Comey to call the investigation of Hillary a matter. That is the obstruction. The IRS corruption case. Remember Obama saying “there is not a hint of corruption”. during the investigation That is obstruction. How about Hillary and Bill? “Pay to play ”Their list of illegal activities is too long to list.

Filthy words spoken by TV hosts on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS. If we add their false news, we have no place to go for truthful news.

How about the man who was trying to kill Republicans. Cars being shot at if they have a Trump sticker.

I can not believe this country has sunk so low in such a short time.

Jean Levandowski
Litchfield Park


Where is the savings?


Sheriff Penzone closes Tent City to save taxpayers millions of tax dollars. Now Maricopa County approves a new $2.49 billon dollar budget, of that, $82.3 million for a new jail, for stays of less than 72 hours. Where is the savings?

Larry Ruvido


Let down by letters to editor


Yes, I’m still enjoying reading the West Valley View! Having lived in the White Tank Subdivision for nine years, a graduate of Liberty Elementary School and a graduate of Buckeye Union High school I’m interested in what still goes on in that area. I get most of my information from the West Valley View.

Boy did I have a let down from “Our Readers’ Viewpoints.” Laura Rivas usually writes quite sound letters, but “How valid is astrology?” leaves me wondering. Being that I’m a Bible based Christian, we don’t mess with “things” like astrology. Sure many people follow it, but you can’t serve two masters. I’m not claiming that is what she has done. Because I’m guilty of watching lots of garbage on T.V., so I’m not throwing stones.

As to other writers, Brenda Roden, you are correct the U.S.A. has never been a democracy. If students would pay attention in their History and Government classes they all would know this. The problem is not only students not paying attention, but teachers who do not get clear messages across to their students. By the way I am a retired High School teacher and several of my fellow teachers never had any business being in a classroom. True the major were good caring teachers, but some just wanted to be coaches and others were there to take advantage of young minds.

Bernard Oviatt

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A couple of summers ago I was at a high school baseball game at Apollo high school in Glendale. While at the game we heard gun fire from the Glendale police department. They were chasing an armed robbery suspect who they found and killed in someone's back yard near the school while we were there. We saw all of Glendales SWAT type police,helicopters, the whole 9 yards of Glendale law enforcement ,in action. It was extremely scary,but just another day in Glendale. At that time we realized, that kind of thing don't happen on
the east side much. High schools we played sports at on the east side were all nice and classy too! I am not in a position to move right now. But when and if I am, I'll be looking for a house on the east side.
My oldest son lives in Gilbert now. He got out of the west side and raves about how much classier it is there, especially their down town area. It's simply a fact that the west side cannot compare to the east side in any category. Go see for yourself.

eagle73's picture

Mildly put.

Sounds like you're saying he has a different opionon?

eagle73's picture


You have just triggered Mr P's lecture on the meaning of 'opinion'.  Although there are a couple of definitions of opinion, he will disagree with your use.  You will read "fact and reason".  Also, it wil not be pithy.


It is my assumption that this forum is a place for people to express their opinions, not a place to simply regurgitate facts. I express my opinions about republicans, Christians, the "west side" Trump etc. I enjoy reading yours and other peoples opinions too. I don't think there is a need to correct an opinion. Disagree sure, but not correct. I already know republicans disagree with me. I express my opionon to them they express theirs to me. Republicans bill themselves as "the moral majority" etc. those kind of generalizations form my opinion. But there is room for common ground, maybe... I hope someday anyway.

I would not expect a lover of all things Bernie Sanders (who's wife is under investigation) and

Hillary Clinton who has always been under investigation to appreciate my opinion of those two

Con Artist.

Democrats Take Back Your Party !

Spelling despite my lack there of , I do have more than my share of By-Iines.

When you have nothing to really attack a persons opinions on there is always

their spell , punctuation etc.

eagle73's picture

Of course Harry Callahah letter of the West Side was the 7th of June

eagle73's picture

But there's a simple solution for the "agony" people like you and Mr. Callahan "suffer from".  The you being Dirty Hairy in the above comment and Mr Harry Callahan who wrote a letter to the editor last week.  I am beleaving this is the same writer. I was hoping you or one of the Harry guys (or The Harry guy) would clear this up.


Gordon Posner's picture

   I hit the wrong button, so my Reply to this Comment appears elsewhere.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Dirty:

   Sorry to disappoint you, but it takes far more than that to get on my nerves.  You did, however, give me some amusement.

   Hope you liked the art museum, it's one of my favorite places.  I especially like the "installation" entitled You who are being obliterated in a field of dancing fireflies.  If you've never entered it, do so the next time you're there.

   As for "guns and violence", from the news reports the West Side (and Glendale in particular) have no monopoly on that.  Again, I point you to the maps the Phoenix Police Department provides of crime areas.  The East Side is hardly "safe".  Indeed, assuming I read the map correctly, it's worse than the West Side!

   As I said before, I measure schools by what they acheived, and my Letter pointed out two on the West Side that have achieved much.  (Contrary to your and Mr. Callahan's claims that West Side schools are all inferior.)  How many robotics competitions against M.I.T. students have kids from Horizon High won?

   As for defending the honor of the West Side, it's clear my Letter struck your nerve, since you continue to make asinine responses.  Again, if you think the East Side is so superior - MOVE!  (I'm sure they have nice houses there too.)


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