Letters to the Editor: July 5, 2017

Changing for the worse


Recently there have been calls for unity in America. I do not believe that will happen. We are more than a divided nation. We are engaged in a CULTURAL WAR , between GOOD and EVIL, which has reached CRITICAL MASS !

We can work with President Trump to make America great again. This would be an America standing on Constitutional principals, whose social fabric is based on God, family and country We would be guided by the principals which made us the envy of the world. These are the principals from which the GREATEST GENERATION emerged.

Today we have the SAFE SPACE GENERATION which is totally incapable of ever being a great generation. Their ideology is based upon empathy for the entire world. There would be no borders. A one world government , in which political correctness would dictate what we were allowed to think and say. Secular humanism would rule the day and freedoms as we know them would be gone. But the good news is that we would all be equal and live in harmony in a transgender world. (sarcasm )

Half the people want to preserve what we have in values and tradition and stand on the Constitution and the rule of law. The other half of us seemingly want to try socialism, which historically has been tried many times and never has brought a better life . It is an absolutely failed ideology. Many patriotic young people who have gone to an American university in recent years, have been turned sharply left by the tyranny of progressivism, and now hate their own country .Those predator, progressive professors, because of the influence they have on our youth, are one of the major stumbling block to the continuation of everyone’s freedom !

Roy Azzarello


Medicaid for more


The Nevada Legislature passed a law for uninsured in Nevada to buy health insurance from their Medicaid program. It would be a Public Option. Medicaid for more of our Arizonans might be the right solution for some of our health care problems. The Congress is looking at scaling back the Medicaid expansion Arizona implemented under Governor Jan Brewer. She did the right thing and Congress is trying to do the wrong thing.

Arizona was the last state to implement a Medicaid program and even gave it a new name; AHCCCS. Our model has become the model for the nation and both Republicans and Democrats have called it the “gold standard”. The legislation passed by a Republican Legislature and signed by a Democrat Governor in 1981, was unique in the nation but it has stood the test of time. AHCCCS has been there as a strong safety net for Arizona for 36 years. When AIDS hit the nation AHCCCS was there. When elderly and disabled needed long term care, not covered by Medicare, AHCCCS was there. When the economy hit a recession and people lost health insurance, AHCCCS was there. When the behavioral health system was failing, AHCCCS was there. And now, with an opioid epidemic hitting Arizona, AHCCCS is there.

The Senate and our two Senators should remember the success of AHCCCS and protect and expand rather than repeal and replace.

Leonard Kirschner
Litchfield Park


Setting the record straight


i would like to set the record straight for the misguided Harry Callahan (and those with the same uneducated assessment) for unfairly criticizing school teachers he believes earn full-time pay for part-time work.

Obviously Mr. Callahan has not been exposed to the reality of what actually goes on in the life of a teacher, as many things are not apparent to those not connected to the profession.

Teachers are paid salary, not hourly wages. The school districts do this so they can maximize (take advantage of) work from teachers at minimal pay. Mr. Callahan asks, “do teachers put in an 8 hour day, every day?” The answer is “no”, it’s closer to 10 hours each day, but getting paid for more like 5 hours a day.

Teachers stay after school to attend miscellaneous meetings after paid contract time, Then it’s a stop at the store to buy supplies so your children don’t go without the next day. They will frequently get home after 7 PM, after your family has had dinner and sat down to watch your favorite television shows.

Now it’s time for teachers to grade papers, field phone calls from parents, prepare for the following day, and so on. Dinner doesn’t always happen.

Furthermore, on weekends teachers periodically conduct community events (not paid), and let’s not forget the half-days when your kids are home before noon. Teachers don’t get that luxury; they are at school waiting to meet with parents (regardless if the parents actually show) until 9 o’clock in the evening (not paid).

Lastly, teachers are not paid for the summer (despite being there then). They pay into a savings account and receive at school’s conclusion. Many teachers work two jobs to make ends meet.

Thank you, teachers!”

Steven Sanda


Everyone deserves health care


I do not believe that our government should be having a debate on which American citizens get to live and which American citizens will die. Health care should be for All American citizens.

Trudy Hann


The truth about teachers


In response to Mr. Callahan’s letter from the 6/21/17 edition regarding “Our Teachers and School Buses.” Mr. Callahan states that the reason that teachers are “nice” is because we receive full-time pay for part-time work. Teachers do work 180 school days and we do have fall break, holiday breaks, and are given summers off. I recently retired from teaching. We do not teach because the money is great and we have lots of “vacations.” Teachers work hard because we love the children and families we serve.

Generally, teachers are contracted to work 7 to 8 hours per day, but also work 3 to 4 hours on their own each day in order to grade papers, prepare for lessons, required meetings, phone calls and letters to parents, and shopping for materials that the schools cannot pay for. This also includes working at home on the weekends. Also, every teacher that I know has worked at least part of every vacation or break from school. Many teachers work a second job and/or work a summer job as well because they cannot afford not to. In the spirit of openness, I used my annual salary of $38,000.00 and divided that by 180 days x 7 hours that I was contracted to work plus the extra hours I worked during my off hours and “vacations.” I actually made $14.00 per hour teaching school last year.

If teaching was as simple and easy as Mr. Callahan seems to believe, why does Arizona have a teacher-shortage? Also, is there a problem with nice teachers having some time off to regroup? Do we want mean teachers as instructors for our children?

Gina McElroy


Keep the letters coming, Roy


I always look forward to reading Mr. Azzarello’s letter too the Editor… He’s quite smart and impressive, and very knowledgeable in my eyes!!! I lived in Avondale from 1996-2017. We just moved too Buckeye, and when I didn’t et my West Valley View, I called Circulations Department and got my View coming to our new address. Circulations Department was very nice, Indeed… I Just want to Thank Mr. Azzarello, to Please keep His Insightful, truthful, straightforward letters Coming; because more and more reader’s Need to Read His Letter’s.

Deborah Mehrlich


Freedoms upside down


The idea that opportunists may assault public figures at will has become absurd! The imbalance of opinion and harmful rhetoric that is saturating the narcissistic “me media” is disgusting. You can’t put the “spews” back in the tube, just make a shallow apology and all is forgiven! Really?

George F Massey III
Litchfield Park


Medicare must be saved


It’s come to my attention from a very worthy person, that former President Obama authorized a secret new 962 page Medicare gutting regulation shortly before leaving office. Just a political payback to seniors like me who understood what he was really about and who refused to elect his friend crooked Hillary.

The former President Obama played a lot of “Sue and Settle” games with the law and I’m sure his crooked judges went along with this game. You see “Sue and Settle” game is you have someone sue over a certain thing, then you settle by setting certain rules that are set in law and cannot be undone except by law. Obama did many of these types of cases to gum up the works for Trump over Obamacare and other issues.

These new rules strip coverage of critical procedures like hip and knee replacements, cataract operations and heart surgeries. Even worse, these policies are in effect now and will remain in effect unless we act immediately to repeal them. Please work with Republican majorities House and Senates to fully repeal these new Medicare gutting regulations.

Moral decay in our society, crime, terrorism, racial unrest, personal unrest and difficulties we all face every day. Trouble makes the future seem bleak, but don’t every doubt “the word” bringing sunshine in, tells us to be strong.

Analie Maccree


Try walking in teachers’ shoes


Mr. Callahan,

It is pretty obvious that you were never a teacher. If you had been, you wouldn’t have such a poor review of teachers and their salaries.

Teachers do not work the same school year that students do. They are required to start a minimum of a week earlier and end a week later. When your children have off for inservice days, the teachers are working. Teachers attend training on off time. Teachers do not arrive at school or leave the same time that your children do. They get there at least a half hour earlier and stay half hour or longer.

Lesson plans need to be done weekly and turned in for review. Tests need to be graded. Report cards are prepared. These are done in the time before or after the school day starts as teachers have your children as their main focus during class time.

In addition, there are conferences and faculty meetings. There can be lunch duty or detention supervision.

I can go on and on, but I am sure that you will never open your eyes. You should walk in the shoes of a teacher for one year.

Maggie Bridges


It’s not sour grapes


Yes, a businessman with questionable ethics, who walked away from his debts multiple times is President. That is a fact. Another fact: Trump supporters are confusing a lack of respect with sour grapes about the election outcome. Those who are not his fans pay attention to what he does; not what he says. We see that Trump and his children are primed to use the presidency for self profit, and appear to be doing just that. Releasing his taxes could ease the anxiety — but Trump won’t. Appointing a White Nationalist as his closest advisor certainly didn’t help. Some people just don’t like Trumps fact-free, reality show style. For others, it’s the investigations surrounding his campaign team. Oddly, several have some type of Russian connection. Trump’s total disrespect for the First Amendment and our Intelligence Community in particular bother me. Let’s not even talk about those un-presidential tweets! These issues have nothing to do with sour grapes. It’s about what standards a president has, and how he behaves. Last fact: not all people who feel this way are Progressives, Liberals, or Democrats.

Karla Thompson

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porr000's picture


So typical of you, as it is of Glen Beck, to make false accusations without proof.

He is notorious for it, as are you.

Herr Hitler is no hero of mine. I'd kill the bastard myself if I was alive then and had the chance. So I have no idea where you get that idea from, but like Beck, I don't get where he gets many of his crazy ideas from either.

Nobody else with half a brain does either.

Perhaps you, like him, are loosing it. If you aren't, then what you yourself are accusing me of is what is truly evil.

I often find that people in political forums such as this accuse others of that which they are themselves guilty.

You are living proof that it is true.

Get it together Roy!


Well Patrick I would rather be compared to Glenn Beck than to your hero Adolph Hitler . BTW why do you always wear those sun glasses . Does the light of day shine too brightly on your evil deeds ?

Prior to meeting with Trump , Putin knew about the meeting with Trump Jr. 

and the Russian .  We didn't ?  Did Putin talk to President Trump about this

meeting that the American people did not know about.


President Trump 2 plus hour meeting with Putin. 

Why give Putin any respect.

Vickie Clhelini

porr000's picture


I totally agree.

Pence would be better for America than Trump.

Even though I abhore some of his politics, Pence at least has some experience in government, whereas Trump has None!

Republicans have literally picked up a man off the street who knows nothing about football and put him in as quarterback of the Superbowl five minutes before the game, by voting Trump into the White House.

At best, Trump was only qualified to be an advisor.

I am pleased at least to see President Trump reconfirmed out commitment to NATO, rather than pulling out.


porr000's picture


Somebody needs a white coat and a padded cell for even entertaining such an idea.

Oh, and while they are here, they might want to swing by and pick up the Glen Beck of the West Valley, Azzarello, while they are at it.



Pressures of the job. Obama handled the onslaught by the right extremely well. I liked 80% of what he did as POTUS. Obama should of had hearings on the second Iraq war. Taking out Osama bin laden was stone cold badass. Over all Obama was a great president.
P.S. Surly we'll find something to argue about ...

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Compared to Lying Trump, a "President Posner" is "looking better and better"!  wink

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Like the people in the following article, who just can't believe Lying Trump, the man they voted for, intends to take away their healthcare, and possibly end their lives!


   They're sort of like the high school girl who believes the captain of the football team when he says "You can't get pregnant the first time.  Trust me."  We all know how that story ends!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Though the depth of Lying Trump's egoism knows no bounds, and the thinness of his skin can't be measured even with a scanning-tunneling microscope, that's not the real reason behind his "Voting Commission".  It's simply the latest move in the continuous Republican drive to suppress the vote!




Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   As I've said many times, one should beware of sweeping generalizations - particularly where Religion is concerned.  That's why I applaud you for pointing out some of the good that's been done by religious people and organizations.

   On the other hand, it's important to remember that none of them are "perfect", and there are many sins that can be laid to their door.  (Yes, even the Salvation Army.)  On balance, though, I think the World would be a poorer place (not  just economically) without charities such as that in it.


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