Letters to the Editor: July 26, 2017

New progressive liberal party ruining lives

Democrats? Well, 2017 has been, to say the least, an interesting year, filled with hate, violence, murder and a display of anti-Americanism to the likes the world has never seen. Why? What happened to bring out this vile and wild, animal-like behavior? I will tell you that it is not the fault of the Democrats, because there are so few, and they have been beaten back and down by their own party, the progressive liberals. No more John F. Kennedy. We have Joe Manchin out of West Virginia, who is a great Democrat. 
The new progressive liberal party is funded by George Soros and run by hate groups. This new party, brought forth by Obama, hates the Constitution as well as America. They are protected by the media, who spill lies, untruths and hatred daily.
Every call to reach across the aisle is a joke. When you reach out to this party, you get an arm without the hand, or a stub. Riots, burning businesses and cars, killing policemen, blocking traffic, going to people's  homes, burning flags, hating the military, hating God, and on and on and on. And the media is the worst: CNN was caught seven times with full-blown admitted lies. My parents were longtime Democrats who worked for the party and would now be turning in their graves to see this progressive liberal party of hate. It’s a real shame, but working with these types of people is not possible. Look at the hate and shame coming out of what some call “higher learning.” I call it brainwashing. A child enters college with hope, loving God and life and their country and come out just the opposite. God bless our country!
Elwood Kuentzler

Statues should honor ‘great’ Arizona minds

About Jorge Diaz’s letter: How about a debate between Azzarello and Posner? My thoughts exactly! It would be a “battle of wits, with an unarmed man.”
We can have a reenactment of the 2016 presidential debates, with Posner, Azzarello, Oviatt and Maccree; maybe including me and Celini, to round out the group. The first couple questions to this “illustrious” group would be: 1) How would you replace the ACA? 2) How would you balance the budget? 3) Do you see the border wall as a feasible solution to the immigration problem?
I want to create our version of Mount Rushmore, by carving the heads of Azzarello, Posner, Oviatt, Maccree and Flynn into the Estrella Mountains. Then include a statue of me, riding a donkey (or a poor facsimile of a horse). I’ve always thought that a statue of me should be in front of the places where I used to work: McLane Sunwest and Snyder’s of Hanover (now Lance). That’s the least they can do for me. The statue in front of Snyder’s is with me holding a coffee cup. I’m not asking for much. Maybe another statue in front of the West Valley View office. That’s a thought. People of the future will get to see “the great minds of the early 21st century in Arizona."
Laura Rivas

Time to say goodbye to Trump

Enough is enough. I can’t take this presidency anymore. I can’t take these Republicans anymore. There is no more honesty, integrity or truthfulness in the White House, Congress or Senate. The last six months have been like dog years to me, which, in a way, is good. That means we only have a little more than six months left in this presidency.
David Rice

Keep up the pressure

Make no mistake! Repeal and delay means that Republicans will do nothing on the issue until immediately prior to the repeal becoming effective. They will not consult. They will not hold hearings. They will not compromise. They will wait until moments before the ACA will expire, and will then attempt to force Democrats to agree to their most Draconian plan to forestall a return to nothing.
Keep up the pressure and don’t let this happen.
Morris A. Seeskin

Politics are something worth talking about

Recently, I quoted Give ’Em Hell Harry to illustrate that the Republican agenda has not changed in at least 65 years. I asked people to stop voting against their own financial interest. It seems to me that many people do not realize the significance of being involved in politics. 
Politics affect every aspect of our lives, including the food and medicine we ingest, and the quality and existence of our children’s education. It affects the roads we travel, the air we breathe and the taxes we pay or don’t pay. We have different philosophies in the political arena, and those philosophies make a difference. For example, while taxes are inevitable, this is not a game for dilettantes and it is not a game that any of us can afford to ignore. 
If you are not happy with the education that your child is getting, chances are that it is because education suffers when money is pulled out of the public system to fund private schools that only relatively wealthy people can afford. If you think food should be affordable so that people can eat, chances are you might favor lifting the tax on nutritious foods and placing the tax on something else that is not a necessity of life. Whatever your opinion on these and other issues, these are all decisions that have a political basis and affect the amount of money each of us has available. We can all benefit from talking about politics, informing our elected officials of our opinions and voting.
Eileen Fein

Buckeye deserves better

The City of Buckeye is a perfect example why zoning is so critical when a city is being formed. It takes a person or people with vision, wisdom and common sense. Here in Buckeye, we are getting a storage facility and a $3 car wash on prime property facing the main street instead of our first upscale restaurant, which the residents are entitled to. I would support that. 
What a shame. Buckeye deserves better. It’s not cheap to live here.
Vickie J. Chelini

Approves new format

I was pleasantly surprised at the new format. Will the new owners at Times Media Group inform West Valley View readers about the change in the ownership of the paper? Will you publish a statement of principles? A simple hello? 
In any case, I hope the new editors rein in the “Letters to the Editor” section, which the previous owners had allowed to devolve into a printed version of a Facebook open thread, where local citizens fight and trash other citizens over their political views. I may be old school, but I always thought a newspaper's a community service, and I’m not sure what service lies in letting citizens trash each other in print, while others hoot their approval.
Above all, I would hope the new owners never give in to the fear and dereliction of duty that would lead the WVV’s previous editor to boldly publish this disclaimer in every issue:
“Letters to the editor are published without any editing. Any errors in spelling, punctuation or grammar are those of the author. Two online reader polls have indicated that a majority of View readers prefer that the letters not be edited.”
Also bring back the Business Briefcase. I liked that guy.
Jason Bentley
Litchfield Park
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Dear Gordon,

thats the question .I am sure Las Vaga is laying oddes on this one..

We deserve to see the footage of Saramucci being escorted out of the White House after

his strange rant.. Was he foaming at the mouth, did he bit anyone.  We will never know..

Jeff Flake on CNN 1 pm. The TideI Is Turning.



Gordon Posner's picture

"First thing General Kelly is going to do is kick the likes of Saramucci to the curb."

Dear Vickie:

   Well, you called it!  Seems like your hopes were realized faster than I imagined.

   Now if the General can only get the President to cancel his Twitter account!  What do you see in your crystal ball about that?  wink

Gordon Posner's picture

   Regarding Mr. Kuentzler's hate-filled rant against George Soros, there's a very familiar name for it.  (And look at the company he's keeping.)


   As for the "sinister" way Soros is supporting (mostly) Democratic or "liberal" organizations - well, here's a list of the top contributors to Federal political organizations (including campaigns) in 2016.


   Notice that Soros is 12th on the list, and that plenty of "conservative" contributors are "higher up".  Perhaps Mr. Kuentzler would care to discuss the "evil" influence of Sheldon Adelson (2nd on the list).  Not only do his contributions dwarf Soros' (they're almost four times larger), but remember how last year all the Republican wannabee's made a "pilgrimmage" to Las Vegas to "kiss Sheldon's ring" and "genuflect"?

   And look what happens if we consider their contributions to outside groups (like Super PACS).  Adelson is again Number 2 ($77,900,000), while "poor" Soros is only Number 10 ($19,664,693) - and again Soros is outspent 4:1!


   I hope in his next Letter Mr. Kuentzler will discuss the far greater "evil" Sheldon Adelson reprents!

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Regarding General Kelly vs. Scaramucci: one can but hope (but don't hold your breath).

First thing General Kelly is going to do is kick the likes

of Saramucci to the curb.  Thats what I see in my crystal ball.

 Subject Box missing.  Looks more professional with it.

SCARAMUCCI, what an obnoxious, mean little man.

One horrible rant out of this man it turns out R P

was innocent of SCARAMUCCI,S charges.

Best actor of the year goes to Vice President Pence

for acting like President Trump is normal.

If Mr. Trump wants attention just get the peoples

business done with out all the heart stoppers , we

will be throwing flowers at your fee.

Vickie Chelini

P.S. Attorney General Sessions, you are the man.

Classy to.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Roy:

   Agreed, the subject line is sorely missed.

I do not think the lack of a subject line is an improvement at all

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   I would come armed (as always) with facts and reason.  You, of course, would only have your worthless and uninformed "opinions".  I'd call that being disarmed, Mr. Assarello!

P.S. - I's appropriate you're engaging in the use of the sibilant "SSSSS", not only is it "preciousssss", but it demonstrates what a snake you are!

P.P.S. - But on a more serious note: what do you think about the disappearence of the Subject line from these Comments?  I don't think it's an improvement.

If there were to be a debate between me and Posssner which there won't be because I do not debate It would be Posssner who would be the unarmed man .

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