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Letters to the Editor: August 2, 2017

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What happened?

OK, this will be short and definitely under the 300-word limit for editorials. I remember the West Valley View of long ago when it had two separate sections to the newspaper. Then there was one section and now…? I personally think it would make a great fish wrapper. This new format/printing is not making it from my point of view. It is hard to hold and page through it and the quality of the printing is just not good. I will donate my weekly copy of the West Valley View if there is anybody out there in the fish business. Thank you.
Larry Carter, Goodyear

Drawing the line

While I am, of course, gratified by the extravagant praise heaped on me in some recent letters, I must draw a line at Ms. Rivas’ July 26 call to have my ugly features carved into the Estrella Mountains. Hasn’t the Earth suffered enough?
As for an Azzarello vs. Posner debate, I’m game, if the proceeds go to a worthy charity. I’ve already suggested the perfect venue: the Friday evening seafood buffet at Casino Arizona. I just caution our partisan supporters that the event may not be as entertaining as they imagine. (I also must warn people that if you think I’m long-winded in print, you literally ain’t heard nothing yet! My mom used to complain that I never use two words when 2,000 will do!)
I’m not opposed to Ms. Rivas’ plan to increase the number of participants, but do we really have to reenact last year’s debates? Again, haven’t we already suffered enough?
Finally, a question for Mr. Kuentzler: What rock have you been living under? You think Democrats (or whomever) “spill lies, untruths and hatred”? What was lying Trump’s entire campaign last year but a series of all three? And remember how his “fans” reacted when the Arizona Republic (for the first time) endorsed a Democratic candidate for president? The paper was inundated with death threats! (I wonder if the West Valley View was, too?) Regarding “murder,” it wasn’t a Democrat, liberal or progressive who shot Congresswoman Giffords!
It’s no surprise that followers of lying Trump (whom I call “Trumpsters”) want to silence their opposition. I’m sure you (and the “Factless Wonder,” Mr. Azzarello) would be overjoyed if we all simply disappeared! That’s been the wish of every tyrant in history!
You want an example of someone spewing hatred and lies, sir? Go look in the nearest mirror!
Gordon P.R. Posner, Tolleson

Upscale restaurants unnecessary

Vickie Chelini (“Buckeye Deserves Better,” July 26), Buckeye was better at one time when it was a nice small town. But then Mayor Jackie Meck declared that Buckeye was open for business. Sure enough, along came more people, some of whom work elsewhere. Along with more people, comes more crime. So, if people came to Buckeye seeking a job, maybe they should of looked at where there were jobs first. Upscale restaurant? Big deal, if you are meaning a dinner for $50-plus, I do not believe the majority of Buckeye residents can afford a upscale restaurant. People should not move someplace and expect things to change for them. 
Dennis Batterman, Buckeye

Health care policy encourages irresponsibility

This is in response to Karla Thompson’s letter of July 19 that health care is a right.
My question is when does individual responsibility come into the equation? Have you ever sat on a street corner or any public area and watched the number of overweight people who walk by? Many still smoke, drink in excess, use drugs (opioid addiction is epidemic in this country) and constantly make unhealthy choices. Why is the result of their bad choices our responsibility? 
We have something like 46 million people on public assistance. Don't get me wrong, I am all for helping those who are disabled, down on their luck (but trying to get back on their feet). The present policies encourage people to be victims, we need to encourage responsibility.
Jan Kenney, Avondale

Questions abound about the View

Welcome back to the West Valley and much success in your new business endeavor. I read your introductory piece and appreciate your passion to improve our lives.
The West Valley View, under the leadership of publisher Elliott Freireich, was, without question, a very left-leaning, socialist indoctrinating, publication; like so many others in a very conservative state. Where do you stand? What is your political affiliation? Do you have a policy for reporting the news fairly? Did you place any conservatives on your editorial staff, reporters or writers?
I realize you come to us free of charge. Your advertisers carry that responsibility and I always encourage readers, neighbors and friends to support them. However, to a point of your bias one way or the other. The too often overused cliché of “fair and balanced” holds true in our household.
Secondly, please return to editing some poor spelling and grammar; mine included.
As I said, welcome, we are looking forward to a productive relationship with you, the West Valley community and your sponsors.
Sig Mueller, Goodyear
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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Steve:

  Send the publisher an e-mail about it.  That's what I did everytime the current issue failed to appear on the list of Letters pages.  They quickly corrected the problem.  (Fortunately, it appears I don't have to do that this time.)

eagle73's picture

....also no 'add comment'

eagle73's picture 'add coment" for 9 Aug


Gordon Posner's picture

"its his grip on reality that is in question"

Dear Vickie:

   Indeed, the only thing scarier than the way he keeps lying is the possibility that he doesn't even realize it!

   It's remotely possible he truly does believe (despite all the evidence to the contrary thrown at him) that he saw a video of "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City", that Scotland voted for Brexit (the Scots voted to remain in the E.U.), and that there really were "thousands" of illegals bussed into New Hampshire to vote.

   I don't know which is worse, for him to be a pathological liar, or "just" pathological!

   Speaking of which, here's another example of his "grasp" of reality to consider:

President Donald Trump called the Russia investigation "a total
fabrication" and "an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of
American politics
. . . ."


      Hmm, I suspect that the following wish that were true:

Herbert Hoover (1932): lost by over 7 million popular votes, and by 413 electoral votes.

George McGovern (1972): lost by over 17 million popular votes, and by 503 electoral votes.

Walter Mondale (1984): lost by over 16 million popular votes, and by 512 electoral votes.

George W. Bush (1992): lost by over 5 million popular votes, and by 202 electoral votes.

      While, in contrast:

Hillary Clinton (2016): beat her opponent by 2.8 million votes, lost by 77 electoral votes.

      Just how does he define "greatest"?

P.S. - This includes 1992 (even though it was a narrow election) because while Bill Clinton won by a greater margin in either vote than Lying Trump did, Republicans insisted (and some still insist) that it doesn't "count" because Ross Perot took votes from Bush (or so they assume). Funny how they don't say the same thing about the votes Hillary lost to Stein in several key States, where the margin was less than those votes!

Dear  Gordon ,

All of  the President's fibs are really starting to add up.

I find them unnerving at best dangerous in the 

Commander and Chief of the USA.

As you have said all alone, its his grip on reality that

is in question. President born in Africa for one, 

When the President is caught in a liar I feel embarrassed

for him, myself ,and the country. 

The worst is Mr. Trump is not going to change.



Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Vickie:

   Dōitashimashite.  (You're welcome in Japanese.)

   And just for the record, I've been calling him a liar ever since he came up with the "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City" fib.

Dear Gordon,

Thanks, Its appreciated.

My property tax says we deserve more than just a very nice library in

Buckeye..  Buckeye use to be a cow pie town. Probably had no property tax.

I do get Progressive, change for the better, Hope Buckeye catches up for the better.

P.S. Gordon you said President Trump was a liar.  The President is now receiving

telephone calls he never received.  Where is it going to end. What a Hoot really.


Mr. Batterman, 

Buckeye now has a new  Economic Planner, salary in the 6 figures.

Wonder if he will earn his keep.  I'll be watching.

Gordon Posner's picture

"People should not move someplace and expect things to change for them."

Dear Mr. Batterman:

   How true.  Did the English who first settled what became the United States expect things to change for them?  Of course not.  They resigned themselves to living in tents, making a subsistence living off the land, and never dreamed of growing their own crops, or creating a "new world" in the New World.

   I'm sure even the first settlers to reach the Valley of the Sun never expected "things to change for them".  They expected to continue living in their covered wagons, and expected their children and grandchildren to do the same.

   Just as I'm sure the new owners of the View don't "expect things to change for them".  They're not going to change the format or page size of the paper, and they're certainly not going to change the on-line edition (for good or ill), such as by removing the Subject line from our Comments!

   Nope, anyone who moved to Buckeye should have done so expecting it to remain a "hick town", with its feet firmly planted in the 19th Century!  (Or whenever it was founded, thus changing the area forever.)


P.S. - To Vickie:  I bet you never expected "things to change" for you - such as by having me defend you against this nonsense! wink

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. (or Ms.) Kenney:

   In a word: Baloney!

   Whatever one's philosophical view on whether or not healthcare is a "right", please don't turn that debate into another excuse to rail against "welfare bums", or "takers vs. makers".  Especially when you have to distort to do it.

   Are "something like 46 million people on public assistance"?   Well, since you provided no proof for that claim, how are we to know?  Furthermore, what exactly do you mean by "public assistance"?

   Does that include "Aid To Families With Dependent Children" (now replaced by the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families).  If so, rest assured that program (designed to help children) doesn't constitute your "46 million".

   Maybe you mean Social Security Disability Income.  Well, as the name indicates, it's for people who can't work due to injuries and medical conditions.  Maybe some of that is caused by being "irresponsible", but do you know how much?

   In short, the phrase "public assistance" is so vague as to be meaningless, and it can be manipulated to promote any "agenda" a person wants.  As the saying goes: figures don't lie, but . . . .

   So, turning to the question of healthcare (and in particular programs like Medicaid, for the poor, or even "Obamacare"), how dare you assume it's all the "patient's" fault!  Recently the Arizona Republic included the story of a mother deeply worried by "conservative" proposals to cut Medicaid.  Her son, you see, was born with Spina Bifida, an incurable condition which requires expensive medical treatments (surgeries, medicines, devices) just to keep him alive.  Was it "irresponsible" for him to even be born?

   And since we're talking about "Obamacare", where do you get off assuming the people aided by that program were somehow "responsible" for the medical conditions they need treatment for?  Does that include women suffering from Osteoporosis (weakening of the bones, which has nothing to do with smoking, drinking, etc.).

   There are plenty of other examples, if facts hold any meaning for you.

   And since you appear to be a "conservative", what about the "right to life"?  Does it only exist until birth?  If the government is going to take away people's choices about having babies, shouldn't the government help pay for the cost of that decision?

   Then there's the question of Religion.  I don't know what faith you belong to, but mine (Judaism) constantly tells us to care for the poor and the sick.  Indeed Tzedakah (the Hebrew word for "charity") isn't just an act of kindness, it's a Commandment, as important as any of the Ten more famouns ones.  And there's no limitation on it regarding people who smoke or drink too much.

   Kindly spare us your arrogant, ignorant, opinons.  You don't like paying to help others live.  I get that.

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Mueller:

   Really?  The View "was, without question, a very left-leaning, socialist indoctrinating, publication"? Allow me to question your basis for saying that.  Were the editorials of Ms. Carey Hines your example of "very left-leaning, socialist indoctrinating" opinions?  As I recall, she was fairly consistent in her "conservatism", mindlessly spewing rhetoric "worthy" of the N.R.A., and always criticizing Democrats (particularly Ms. Clinton), while mostly giving Republicans a "pass".

    What examples of "very left-leaning, socialist" indoctrination can you offer?  Was it on the Sports page, in the stories of local events (arts festivals, charity drives, kids "making good" in their school work or extra-curricular activities, etc.)?  Or, as seems to be the case with many "conservatives" on this page, are you just upset that yours isn't the only point of view allowed?

   And may I remind you that the cliche' of "fair and balanced" (a lie really) comes to us courtesy of that "conservative" source of fake "news" known as Fox!  (Though these days Lying Trump is outdoing them in the fake news department.  Rule of thumb: Anything he says is probably either wrong, or a bald-faced lie!)

   I'm sorry if you find the expression of opposing points of view upsetting.  May I suggest you move to a country where they don't have a First Amendment, and don't take Free Speech seriously?  I'm sure Russia, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea will be more to your liking!

   Sig heil! wink

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