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Letters to the Editor: August 16, 2017

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Liberty superintendent proud of his work


I am grateful for the opportunity to share some thoughts about what is happening in the Liberty Elementary School District. Our district is in a period of tremendous success after eight difficult years during the recession.

We are implementing a new reading and writing curriculum for all grades this year, our first textbook adoption in 11 years. We have purchased 1:1 technology for all students in grades six to eight. We are retaining teachers at the highest rate in at least seven years. We have innovative signature programs at all six schools, and our enrollment is growing. Our academic performance is improving on the new, more rigorous AzMerit State Assessment.

These are the things that I believe are important. Unfortunately, we have spent the last six months fending off some very ugly attacks from a small special interest group. This group meets in secret, purges people who disagree or will not pledge loyalty and has yet to offer any constructive goal or purpose. Members of this group viciously attack district staff, other schools in the district, board members who they don’t like, parents who disagree with them and local law enforcement. Their favorite target is me. They plaster social media regularly with all sorts of vile attacks against my character, professional reputation, decision making and motives.

My response? I keep showing up and doing the job that the governing board has asked me to do. My job is to lead the district, implement the goals and strategic plan, and make sure that we are fulfilling the mission of the district, “To create a world-class education for each and every student, regardless of their circumstance.” The governing board has demonstrated their support of me in their statement of support and very positive evaluations of my performance. I am proud to be the superintendent of such an incredible school district doing great work for all kids.

Dr. Andrew Rogers

Superintendent, Liberty

Elementary School District


Encouraged by Trump


As a proud “Trumpster,” I agree with Mr. Kuentzler’s viewpoint in the July 26 West Valley View.

I was disappointed, but not terribly surprised, by “Drawing the Line” in the August 2 West Valley View.

The writer had a great opportunity to display humility and rebuke the sycophantic authors of the infantile “letters” that recently appeared in the West Valley View.

But alas, true to form, he could not resist preening himself. As a wise man once said, “Character isn’t built. It is revealed.”

As for his venomous castigation of Mr. Kuentzler, there is a mass hatred, a coldly staged organized rage against Donald Trump. It’s leveled against what should be the normal, peaceful change in government.

It is manufactured rage against the good Americans who voted for a change of direction for our nation. In all of this, the “drive-by media” rage machine is promoting talk of impeachment, based on nothing but blind anger. The rage is against all Americans who want to end Obama’s planned decline of the United States. Those who are orchestrating this relentless campaign are the keepers of the swamp.

This is a class hatred most Americans in modern times have never witnessed. The election was about returning to what Abraham Lincoln described as the vision of the founders – a government “of the people, by the people, for the people.”

For the last eight years of Obama’s “fundamental transformation,” it has become his government “of the elites, by the elites and for the elites.”

If any person of reasonable intelligence fails to comprehend that fact, it is him or her who is living under a damn big rock.

DJ Hammond



Support local community


While driving to work, I heard a story about the growing percentage of teens who don’t work. The major reason: Retail businesses aren’t hiring. Instead, they’re reducing jobs at a rapid pace. Think about that the next time you order just about everything online. We can’t complain about lazy kids if we’re the reason for it! The recent move by Amazon to buy Whole Foods means they could soon start to swallow up grocery chains. Amazon is known for automating almost everything they do. Think about how this could shrink local tax income and retail jobs, especially for teens. Maybe it’s time to put down our electronic devices, actually leave our homes and support the local community.

Karla Thompson



Communicate to solve problems


I am a math consultant who works with school districts throughout the state of Arizona. I live in Goodyear, in the Liberty Elementary School District. I worked with the school district from 2008 to 2011 and am currently working with them.

I am greatly concerned about the tone and lack of civility I have observed at recent school board meetings. School board members have allowed the superintendent as well as speakers to be verbally abused at meetings. Some people in attendance video every interaction, I assume to intimidate those speaking. Police officers are present to escort people to their cars if needed. I now read that a school board member had to be escorted off of school grounds due to verbally abusing someone there.

As educators, we try to teach children to resolve issues through communication, not by bullying people, ridiculing them or threatening them. At a meeting I attended recently, Superintendent Dr. Andy Rogers spoke specifically about the problem and suggested the school board members be trained by the AZ Association of School Boards to be better informed about how the relationship between him and the school board should work. I heartily recommend that this training take place.

There is a concerted effort by recently appointed (not elected) school board members to remove Andy Rogers as superintendent as well as to remove his leadership team. Andy has led the school district through some very difficult situations. He has always put children first. He makes decisions based on data, not because someone is yelling really loudly. I urge parents, teachers and principals in this district to support Andy and let the school board know that you support him. The excellent education the Liberty School District provides would be very different without Andy Rogers leading it.

Susan Larson


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Further explication  for anyone thinking about signing up as a  APS , Solar Partner.

You sign a contract with APS for 20 years.  APS owns the Solar and is responsible

for all maintinance of the Solar Panels. Sounds really good.

This should of been crystal clear to me , but it wasn't. the$ 30.  fixed savings a month

could end up being nothing after a few of APS's rate hikes.

If it had dawned on me about the dewindling away of the savings , I never would have

allowed APS to put many holes in my roof to install the Solar or allow the 4 unslightly

Boxes to be installed on the side of my house.  Including my own Boxes I think there are

7 over there now.  A real visual experience.

Governor Ducy should step in on the swindle to the APS customers .but given that he

probably got millions in campaign contributions from APS I doubt he will say  anything.

Watching the spokes woman on the News, she looked pathtic trying to justify APS's bill increase by $8.00, I knew

than we were dealing with a bunch of very dishonest people.


Your Call,

Just wanted to inform the pulbic about APS's  Bait and Switch, Solar Partner Program.

Vickie J Chelini


the P.S.

their next rate hike will make my 360 a year savings 252.

APS has no shame.


I was very pleased to get a Solar System free through APS.

APS uses the information off the big boxes on the side of the

house for their research and they sell the extra energy generated

by the Solar Panels.

It is a savings of  $ 360 dollars to the Solar Partners.  I have had

the Solar less than a year and APS has just increased their

customers bill by $ 8 a month. $ 96 dollars years,  Their excuse

for the rate hike is to develope more Solar Partners.

So my promised 360 saves a year is really 264.  and APS 

pockets the profits.  About what you would expect from a

Utility Company.

P..S  rate increase my 360 a year savings will be 264.

Bat and Switch.


Vickie J. Chelini

Buckeye, AZ

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