Enroute Coffee brings community to coffee

Bridgitte Watts, left, owner of Enroute Coffee in Goodyear, and Britain Malik prepare customers iced coffee at her shop, which offers cozy gathering spots and craft-brewed coffees and teas. (West Valley View photo by Ray Thomas)

By Connor Dziawura

A Goodyear coffeehouse is finding new ways to connect with its community through coffee.

Enroute Coffee and Tea House is building a reputation for its 100 percent Arabica, locally roasted coffee beans and friendly customer service. The husband-and-wife duo of Scott and Bridgitte Watts has garnered this reputation through their community involvement and by using Scottsdale importer and roaster Passport Coffee & Tea.

“For us, right here, we’re about community first,” Bridgitte said.

Every quarter Enroute participates in a local event. The coffeehouse is in the midst of a water drive, for which FedEx provided its time and effort to aid.

The menu is just as important. Enroute Coffee’s offerings are extensive, boasting traditional café beverages and pastries, espresso and coffee-based drinks, teas (hot or iced) and even blended drinks for the warmer months. Enroute also offers biscotti, scones, muffins and other pastries. The prices are affordable, ranging from approximately $2 to $5.

Keeping the prices low is vital to the couple, but the atmosphere makes Enroute a unique experience.

“We’re different because we are a gathering place,” Watts said.

The coffee shop was influenced by their previous occupation of driving a commercial truck. They spent 18 months traveling throughout the United States and Canada. The photos that line the walls of Enroute are rest areas, which can be beautiful as well as the landscape, she said.

Enroute consistently brings in new customers, many of whom return often.

“I would probably say about 70 percent is regulars,” she said. “We have different groups that come in and reserve space.”

One of the groups, she said, plays cribbage on Wednesdays. Regulars visit Enroute to play other games such as chess and Mahjongg, which are available on a bookcase. Enroute is looking to grow these events.

But even more importantly for her, the shop instills a sense of Christian values. John 3:16 is printed on its cups. On Fridays, Enroute stays open past its 7 p.m. closing time to host worship nights with the assistance of local churches.

“God’s given us this as a gift,” Watts said.

Enroute Coffee and Tea House

15605 W. Roosevelt Street

Suite 107




Hours are:

7 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Thursday

7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Friday and Saturday

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