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Letters to the Editor: August 30, 2017

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Mourning Vice Mayor Nielson


It was with great sadness that we learned of Vice Mayor Sandi Nielson’s passing. Nielson overcame incredible obstacles to devote her life to public service, and she took great pride in her commitment to her constituents and worked tirelessly on behalf of the residents of Avondale. We send our condolences to her family. We have no doubt that her life has left a lasting memory in the lives she impacted.

Sen. Lupe Contreras (D-Avondale)

Rep. Mark Cardenas (D-Phoenix)

Rep. Diego Espinoza (D-Tolleson)


Vowing to help the West Valley


The Arizona Justice Center opened its doors in Glendale in April 2014. The AJC has been established to help provide legal services to families in the West Valley. In addition to providing legal services, the AJC is a partner with the state of Arizona in assisting residents who apply for SNAP benefits and medical assistance through AHCCCS. The AJC also offers marital, family and addiction counseling. Thus far, over 1,000 folks have sought legal consultations at the center.

The AJC has also assisted several individuals with litigation matters, including offering legal assistance to widows and veterans in contested landlord tenant matters, as well as a number of other services. The attorneys at the AJC have helped individuals in the family court and in guardianship matters.

Recently, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the AJC in a matter appealed by opposing counsel. The case involved a widow who needed assistance with a foreclosure matter and was in jeopardy of losing her home. In this situation, the trial court was persuaded to set aside the default judgment. The decision was then appealed and the Court of Appeals only recently ruled and affirmed the order setting aside the default, allowing the widow to remain in her home. Earlier this year, a veteran who was suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder was sued by his prior landlord for $8,800, plus attorney fees for property damage and past due rent. The veteran had a wife and four young children. The AJC defended the veteran in the court matter and the outcome was a total award of $1,800.

The AJC is dedicated to helping the poor with their legal problems, especially children, widows and veterans. Lyle Clark recently received a check for a grant from the Glendale Elks Lodge for $2,000. It is because of the generosity and financial support from organizations like this that we can keep our doors open and serve the West Valley.

Gwen Kemnitz

Arizona Justice Center

Communications Director


LESD lacking true leadership


I read a great leadership article the other day in a business journal. The article talked of a true leader being able to anticipate and lead change, build and empower their team and to trust the board to exercise good governance. The exact opposite or the traits of a sheep are what is displayed by the leadership of Liberty Elementary School District. Superintendent Dr. Andy Rogers is a reactionary leader, one who makes changes once confronted with a problem.

Case in point would be the January 2017 board meeting during which a parent spoke of the huge class sizes in the seventh grade at Westar. Even though the class size was the same in January as it was in September, Dr. Rogers determined that it would be good to add a teacher. Unfortunately, hiring a teacher in January is impossible and a teacher wasn’t added.

When it comes to the board, Dr. Rogers believes that they work for him and attempts to influence every step of the process. I can’t narrow this down to just one example. In the February board meeting, Dr. Rogers admitted that he had not scheduled board training—that is a benefit provided by the dues the district pays—in the last six years. It was mentioned by the board that they wanted it added to the agenda to get the training scheduled. It actually appeared on the July agenda, five months later. The superintendent sets the agenda. Dr. Rogers wrote his performance review, not a self-review, his actual review and presented it to the board to vote on. Dr. Rogers is also the person responsible for investigating any and all complaints made about him. They are generally found to be “unfounded.” I would love to be able to conduct my own complaint reviews. How about you?

Robin L. Johnson



Enemies of the state


The demise of any country is usually self-inflicted. The European Union is feeling its demise, brought upon by its carelessness by admitting thousands of immigrants without first being vetted

President Trump prohibiting the residents of six countries from entering the United States of America, I see it as a deterrent of our demise. President Obama saw the same problem before any of us. He designated the same six states as problematic.

Now we encounter citizens and other immigrants demonstrating against the legal order of the president. Further, a liberal judge undermined the constitutional right of the president.

I am not saying that Muslims and other legal immigrants are not welcome in this country. My family and I have lived among Muslims for 15 years. I worked with many decent people. However, you must know who is entering the country. The USA and, in particular, Christians and Jews, are hated within the Muslim community. Americans are ignorant to these facts because the average American has never come to face any of the problems the Israelis and Christians encounter daily.

Immigrants legally welcome to our nation like the Europeans and other nations have assimilated the American culture. Something most refuse to do, such as Muslims, Mexicans and others from south of the border, even when they become U.S. citizens. All these individuals should be considered enemies of the state, including citizens illegally trying to remove any politician from his or her office. Are we inflicting our demise?

Jaime Ruiz-Sandoval

Litchfield Park

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