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Letters to the Editor: September 6

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A monument?

No thanks


I was thinking I was going to write a letter to the editor in regard to Mr. Posner and Mr. Azzurello, but Ms. Rivas now has included me in the same category!

The way I see it, Mr. Posner is all about facts! OK, that’s fine. Mr. Azzurello is all about ideals! This is OK, too. My guess is that Gordon is a Democrat and Ray is a Republican. In my youth, I was a Democrat, though with Clinton in, I changed to a Republican.

Here in my senior years, a young lady has included me in with Gordon and Ray. I’m not sure whether I’m being honored or degraded? The Sierra Estrellas are just beautiful the way they are! We don’t need our faces on them nor anyone else’s.

My first graduation was from Liberty Elementary School, then Buckeye Union High School. This was followed by graduation from Glendale Community College, then on to ASU with a graduation. Because of the administrations where I taught, I have 38 hours beyond my BA, but no MA.

Ms. Rivas, my guess is that you are about 13 years younger than my youngest son. This doesn’t mean you aren’t sharp. It just means you don’t have as much life experiences as someone who is twice your age – or more.

Bernard Oviatt


Opposition in Washington


Watching the events unfolding over the past eight months – basically our newly elected president versus most of the Washington elite – makes you stop and wonder just why he is being met with so much opposition. His own party refuses to go along with the policies that both he and most of them ran on in recent elections. Then remember his promise to “drain the swamp.” Well, most of these politicians are the swamp and they are not planning to go anywhere.

When our former congressman Matt Salmon was interviewed on a local radio program shortly before he resigned, he was asked how many in Congress had the best interests of the public in mind, as opposed to their own best interests. He replied, “About 2 percent.” So, in his opinion, about 10 members throughout the House and Senate really give a hoot about the American people. These people don’t want outsiders playing in their sandbox because, instead of being filled with sand, it’s full of money, money supplied by lobbyists. I have no interest in trying to verify the number, but some time ago, I read that lobbyists spend about $9 billion in Washington each year. Tempting. I could go on and on, like many others who contribute to the West Valley View, but because this is my first, I’ll end it here.

Gary Byrne


School tales


Liberty School District and the True Story of the Three Little Pigs: This story remarkably reminds us that there are always several sides to a story. While we all think the three little pigs were innocent in the matter, this story opens your eyes to the truth or, as the wolf says, “I was framed.”

As a past teacher serving the last 14 years in the district, I feel it is time to hear from a side you never get to hear from: the teachers. And why, you ask? Board policy prohibits it, and if you are brave enough and dare to speak up, you are slapped with the catch-all “unprofessional conduct” letter.

When I look at what is going on between Dr. Rogers and the community members he refers to as a “special interest group,” it is clear something’s not right. Who knows where Mrs. Larson’s bread is buttered (“Communicate to solve problems,” August 16)? She seems to be the only one who has come forward in support of Dr. Rogers, outside his letter of support from the board that he wrote himself, and Principal Sharon Marine, who also knows the mutual feeling of returned favors in the form of unfair educational spending on her IB program.

This school’s enrollment has declined consistently over the years. Still, Dr. Rogers placed seven additional teachers there, spends $30,000 to IB to secure the elite program title, paid $20,000 for two teachers to coordinate the programming on top of their salaries, and funded two Spanish teachers required by IB, which gives their teachers extra prep time that no other teachers get. No other campus in the district receives the same kind of funding. Board members have requested a breakdown of spending school by school, but Dr. Rogers has yet to deliver this request. When and if it is provided it will be easy to see that we are not doing “great work for all kids,” only some kids.

Mrs. Larson speaks of the need for communication and states that people are being bullied, ridiculed and threatened. I will 100 percent agree with her. Dr. Rogers is doing that and has for many years. I can count seven principals in the last 10 years who have been pushed until they break and resign because of his bullying tactics. I have lost count of the number of teachers he has done the same to. As matter of fact, I am one of them. He is right when he told the media that he has “never fired anyone.” How many have you run out? That is the question that needs to be asked.

So, what has stoked these concerned people to come forward many wonder? I will tell you, they want what Dr. Rogers has promised: “a world-class education for each and every student, regardless of their circumstances.” They have tried to communicate with no resolve and their children continue to be harmed because he ignores law that is set forth to protect their children.

This law is what began my troubles with the superintendent. I am a whistleblower because for years I have watched this group of students be slighted and have gone unserved according to ARS 15-779. I have done my due diligence to report this to my superiors and, ultimately, Dr. Rogers, who has the control and authority to do something about it with no resolve. So, yes, they have every right to question his “character, professional reputation, decision making and his motives” because it has hurt children for years.

This newly appointed board member is up there doing her job for the people. She is asking the hard questions others have rubber-stamped. Just to be clear, many of the members of the board have been appointed, but appointed by Dr. Rogers. This is the first time in a long time that a county superintendent has done their job to interview and select the best fit candidate. So, in conclusion, Mrs. Larson, this all could have been solved at every level with communication and transparency of the superintendent and I also believe you are correct in stating “the Liberty School District would be very different without Andy Rogers leading it.” As a matter of fact, it would be amazing, because no one would live in fear to speak up for what is right for all students without the fear of being bullied.

Connie Crowley


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