Agua Fria Union provides 1:1 student tech devices

By West Valley View staff

Avondale’s Agua Fria Union High School District recently completed a two-year project to provide one-to-one technology devices for all 8,150 district students.

Every student has the option to be issued a Chromebook that allows them to interface with electronic curriculum resources. Many of the student assignments are completed and submitted electronically to teachers via the devices.

This not only saves on paper use but also allows for more efficiency with access to information and materials, editing and correction of work and quicker feedback for students and teachers.

“Technology integration within the learning process continues to be one of the most visible changes to the classroom teaching and learning environment,” said Superintendent Dennis Runyan.

This effort was made possible by the passage of a bond authorization during the 2015-16 school year.

“Support from our community and local businesses have made the difference for schools across the Southwest Valley,” Runyan said.

Along with the one-to-one devices for students, the Agua Fria Union High School District has purchased a wide range of online curriculum resources for teachers. Therefore, they can dedicate more time to instruction and student success.

“We have really transformed the way teachers use and access technology in the classroom,” said Grant Conway, curriculum director.

“Another project that was part of the bond authorization is the expansion of bandwidth to improve accessibility and processing speed with the student devices. As Superintendent Runyan suggests, ‘With technology you’re always trying to stay ahead of the curve.”

Agua Fria Union High School District serves more than 8,000 students in four high schools and one nontraditional high school. The Vision of the Agua Fria Union High School District is “All Students College and Career Ready.”  

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