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Business Briefcase - March 16, 2016

Hello again, friends! Welcome to the Business Briefcase.

This edition is officially the last of the winter. While it hasn’t felt like it, the first day of spring is actually Sunday, despite the temperature hovering around 80 degrees since mid-February.

If you’re new to the Valley, it won’t take long to realize we don’t run on the conventional standards for seasons.


Business Briefcase - March 9, 2016

Welcome to the Business Briefcase, readers!

I’m back from vacation! I know I didn’t telegraph this information beforehand, but I was out all last week in Kansas City and New York. Very different places, but nice in their own ways. Through some fancy time-management shuffling, I was able to take that week off without missing a Briefcase. Can’t get rid of me that easily!

If anyone is wondering how to get rid of me, sorry, that’s classified. Locked away in the Business Briefcase vault.


Business Briefcase: March 2, 2016

Hello again, readers. Welcome to the Business Briefcase!

I admit, I’m not much of a movie buff, and I’m certainly not an award-show expert, but the news of Leonardo DiCaprio’s winning an Academy Award for best actor found its way across my desk.


Business Briefcase: February 24, 2016

Welcome to the Business Briefcase, readers!

This is the final edition for February, which means we’re roughly two-twelfths of the way through 2016. That reduces to one-sixth, which is a fancy way of saying the year is coming at us with lightning speed. Maybe it has something to do with scientists discovering gravitational waves earlier this month.

I doubt it, but it’s still pretty cool that Albert Einstein predicted their existence in 1916, 100 years ago!


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