City’s concern over water bills seems shallow

Buckeye officials seem to go off the deep end every time they’re confronted with their residents’ deluge of mysterious water bill spikes.

The City Council held a meeting Nov. 28 to decide 2017 water rates. The council had previously approved a rate hike that was to take effect in January, but pulled a 180, unanimously agreeing to keep rates the same for the majority of residents and even lower them for others.


I’ve got the post election blues

There are quite a few things about this year’s presidential election that are troubling.

Those who know me might guess the biggest would be that Hillary Clinton lost, but they would be wrong.

My biggest problem with the election was that the two major parties forced us to make a choice between Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Neither candidate met the minimum standards to be a major party candidate for the most powerful position in the world.


We have much to be thankful for

While some of us are still reeling from the presidential election results, we still have much to be thankful for, such as our right to voice our displeasure over election results thanks to our first amendment.

But there’s so much more.


Hello, Penzone, good riddance, racial profiling

We don’t know which surprised us more: Donald Trump’s defeating Hillary Clinton or Paul Penzone’s dethroning Joe Arpaio.

We were also surprised that Propositions 205 and 206 didn’t pass or fail together, but that’s another editorial.


City manager’s bill spike excuse doesn’t hold water

Roger Klinger sure knows how to victimize the victim.

When asked about Buckeye residents’ exorbitant water bills, the interim city manager said, “The real concern to those people and a real concern to us is that water is being wasted. Our concern, like theirs, is water is not being put to good use.”


Energy vampires cost us all, but we can stop them

It will be another year before we see 4-foot-tall vampires asking for candy, but most of us have vampires right in our own homes and don’t even realize it.

We’re talking about energy vampires.


Vote yes on Prop. 205 and take a bite out of crime

Arizonans have a chance to take a bite out of crime Nov. 8 by voting yes on Proposition 205.

Proposition 205 is the ballot initiative calling for legalization of recreational marijuana.

How would legalizing marijuana take a bite out of crime, you ask? Well, for starters, ending marijuana prohibition would bring the black market to its knees.


Not to get all scientific, but let’s get all scientific

Avondale’s decision to use a new method for its annual Citizen Satisfaction Survey had us confused until we reached out to the city and asked what was up with that?

For the past few years, Avondale has conducted its own survey, allowing all residents of the city to take part, whereas its sister city, Goodyear, has used a service that mails the city’s survey to a random sampling. Until now, we thought Avondale’s method was more fair, more inclusive than Goodyear’s, since everyone was invited to take part.


Don’t let fear interfere with your life span

I have a mammogram scheduled for Thursday and I’m scared to death.

I’m not afraid of the pain, I’ve had mammograms before, I know just how unpleasant they are.

I’m afraid of what the screening might find.


Why we aren’t endorsing Donald Trump

The West Valley View has been doing political endorsements for nearly its entire 30-year lifetime.

The newspaper has endorsed in city elections each cycle and from time to time in county, state and even federal races.


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