These rules weren’t meant to be broken

Faithful West Valley View readers know that ahead of a city council election, we print Q&A’s.

We ask all the candidates the same questions. We send the questions to all the candidates at the same time. And we give them all the same deadline to answer our questions. We do this over email so that we can copy and paste their answers verbatim and avoid any possibilities of typos.


Buckeye residents should attend all candidate forums

Buckeye may be districted, but from what we saw at last week’s candidate forum for District 2, all Buckeye residents should attend every forum.

The three Buckeye mayoral candidates have very different views about their 600-square-mile city, and with audience submitted questions, there’s no guarantee they’re going to hit upon the same topics at each forum.


Get to know your Buckeye candidates; they could choose next city manager

Buckeye voters have an especially important decision to make this election cycle.

Not only will they be voting for a mayor and council members in three districts who along with the rest of the council will set city policy for the next four years, but they will also be voting for a majority of the City Council, the body responsible for choosing the next city manager.


Petty, small man does not deserve anyone’s vote

With an angry old Socialist narrowly losing to the crooked coronated one and an unfiltered, loudmouthed businessman who’s never even held public office toppling his double-digit establishment rivals, this is proving to be one of the weirdest elections ever.

Especially considering that angry old Socialist is technically still in the race and although he hasn’t endorsed the crooked coronated one, he’s said he’ll probably vote for her.


Nor any drop to drink …

We’re in a huge drought. There’s a massive water crisis.

Or not.

Maybe we’re just in the middle of a small water event. But I don’t buy it. I think that our state leaders are afraid that if they come out and say how big a problem this is then nobody will move to the state, not families, not manufacturers, not businesses of any kind.


Stricter gun control would have opposite effect of intention

Stricter gun control is not the answer.

The president’s knee-jerk reaction to the worst mass shooting in our country’s history is to make it harder for all law-abiding citizens to exercise their Second Amendment rights, but he’s wrong.

Stricter gun control wouldn’t make us more safe, it would do the opposite.


Drowning: a preventable tragedy

The worst thing a parent can go through is the loss of a child. The child is supposed to outlive the parent.

But leukemia doesn’t know that.

A heart defect doesn’t know that.

SIDS doesn’t know that.


Bathroom choice puts women, girls in danger

The real problem with allowing transgender people to use the bathroom of their choice is that it makes it impossible to differentiate between who should be using the women’s room and who should not.

Proponents argue that being transgender is not a choice. I agree.

That transgender people shouldn’t be forced to use a bathroom of the sex they don’t identify with. I concur.


Democratic Party lets Hillary down

Poor Hillary.

Her party just keeps letting her down.

She was supposed to be crowned president of the United States in 2008 but she couldn’t even win the Democratic nod during the primaries. Her party went with some black dude nobody had ever heard of instead.


No lives matter, but they should

Black lives don’t matter, white lives don’t matter, cop’s lives don’t matter, nor do children’s lives. All of the recent shootings in this country prove that lives don’t matter.

What matters is that this country has a huge problem with guns in the hands of the wrong people. And gun advocates are protecting them.


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