1 looking for nod; 5 hoping to secure cabinet positions

That wasn’t a debate, it was a job interview.

I thought I was going to see how the Democrat candidates differed, but instead suffered through two hours of watching five sycophants posturing for Hillary Clinton’s future cabinet positions.

No wonder it didn’t go into overtime, two hours of brownnosing was exhausting enough for the audience, I can’t imagine how her five lackeys felt.


White House is no place for Clinton’s hatred

Even if you agree with Hillary Clinton’s philosophies, would you really want someone that angry in the White House?

It takes a certain level of hatred to spew the sort of vitriolic rhetoric she’s been casting lately.

As if comparing Republicans to terrorists weren’t hate-filled enough, her pot boiled over the next day when she compared them to Nazis.


1 solution to 2 problems

Here’s a solution to the problem of illegal immigrants entering the United States. It partly comes from some of the Republican presidential contenders’ solutions mixed in with some economic solutions to our largest national corporations’ manufacturing products overseas.

Many of these companies have gone offshore to cut costs. Almost nowhere in the world do labor costs come close to those of U.S. union workers, though I won’t argue whether the wages paid are anywhere close to being legitimate based on productivity.


Taxpayers’ wallets aren’t big enough for this sheriff

How much more skullduggery on the part of the sheriff is needed before we finally stop re-electing him?

This man, sworn to uphold the law, clearly believes he’s above it.

And he has no qualms about wasting the taxpayers’ money every time he’s called on it.


Defining problem critical to solution

Since a San Francisco woman was shot and killed July 1 by a seven-time convicted felon, many in the country are calling for stricter laws to punish illegal immigrants who return to the U.S. after being deported.

Some people think killings perpetrated by illegal immigrants are more heinous than those committed by Americans. Though the families of the victims killed by Americans, including American police officers, probably have another thought on the issue.


Solipsism here to stay

SELFIE STICKS are everywhere as seen in this group selfie taken at the bell tower of Seville Cathedral in Seville, Spain. View photo by Casey Pritchard
SELFIE STICKS are everywhere as seen in this group selfie taken at the bell tower of Seville Cathedral in Seville, Spain. View photo by Casey Pritchard

It’s taken me 19 years, but I finally got to see one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Unfortunately, I waited so long that most of my photographs are peppered with self-absorbed navel gazers.


City of Glendale’s proposed ordinance appears disguised

Hey, Glendale, ever hear of the 14th Amendment?

How about the Civil Rights Act of 1964?

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission?

Well, they all address discrimination, and they all prohibit it.


We’re opening up our opinion pages

We often brag about our opinion pages. You all have so much to say, but more importantly, you all take the time to write down your opinions, adhere to our standards (most of the time) and deliver them to us to print for all to read, some to agree with and others to argue your points.

We enjoy providing this open format, so much so that we’re going to change things up a bit.


Brown is the new green

We’re in a drought. And we live in the desert. So even in good times, water isn’t plentiful. But with the growth of the Valley and the dearth of rain in the watersheds, water is scarce.

So what have our leaders done to help preserve the limited water that will be available for the next decade?


Air travel without pilots?

In the wake of the crash of the Germanwings airliner that was attributed to the co-pilot’s committing suicide with the plane and killing all 150 people on board, calls have been made to eliminate such risk by eliminating the pilots.

Using drones would be much safer according to this idea.

Either there would be no pilots on board or there would be a pilot on board as a backup to the ground-based personnel controlling airplanes.


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