Your vote critical in the primary

Arizona just embarrassed itself on the national stage again as Senate Bill 1062 was passed by an overwhelming majority of both state houses on a party line vote.

The state was saved by Gov. Jan Brewer’s veto, which may have saved the state from losing next year’s Super Bowl, though where would the NFL have moved it with less than 11 months to plan?


Flowers: good; giant, stuffed bear: whaa?

Cary HinesHappy Valentine’s Day.

Everyone remember to pick up something for your sweetie?


My Viewpoint: A nice guy to the finish

Elliott FreireichA nice guy to the finish

A friend, business associate and mentor of mine died recently. He was quite a guy.


Young? Healthy? You’re a pawn

Cary HinesLet the propaganda begin.

I’ve been toying around with this editorial idea for some time now and a commercial I saw on television Tuesday morning as I was getting ready for work prompted me to finally pen it.


Blessed to be an Arizonan

On my way home from work Monday, I spoke to my aunt in Michigan where I grew up. I had been so busy putting out the Tuesday edition of the West Valley View that I hadn’t had a chance to check the national news. While the 13 inches of snow came as no surprise, I was shocked when she told me that with wind chill, the temperature was minus 30. I’m talking lower Michigan, too, not the Upper Peninsula, or as we Michiganders refer to it, the UP, eh?

I couldn’t help but look down at my own temperature gauge, which was reading 67 at the time (kind of chilly for us Arizonans), and realize that our temperatures differed by nearly 100 degrees!


A stranger in a strange land

My parents, being Jewish, grew up in communities that had Jewish populations, my father in Chicago and my mother in Germany and then in rural Illinois. Their religious upbringing was a part of their lives. As a child, my father lived in a multi-generational home with his grandfather who was a cantor in the temple.

My parents moved to Arizona in the 1950s, and that was where I was born. Phoenix, at that time, had a small Jewish population and it wasn’t concentrated in any one area, but even if it were, my family didn’t live near other Jews.


Who killed JFK, why do we care?

Elliott FreireichPenn Jones was the editor of a small rural weekly newspaper located outside of Dallas in 1963. He was at the site of a luncheon where President John F. Kennedy was scheduled to speak on Nov. 22. Jones had a transistor radio with the earpiece plugged into his ear and was the first journalist to realize the speech would not take place. President Kennedy had been shot.


Republicans’ arrogance is embarrassing

It’s hard to know where to start in assessing why Americans are so upset with Congress.

Is it the arrogance of thinking that Congressmen can do whatever they want and ignore the consequences of their actions?


Back to the drawing board

Affordable Care Act, continuing resolution and government shutdown, oh my!

Where to start?


No texting while driving law is needed

So I’m driving down Litchfield Road, minding my own business, when I look to my left and notice the person driving next to me has his head down. He is busy texting. Every once in a while he looks up, but then his head goes right back down again.

My hobby is racing cars. I compete with other amateur drivers every couple of weeks on local race tracks. We drive fast, very fast. We push our cars to the (at least perceived) limit of adhesion. We push ourselves to the limit as well. And it is a whole lot safer than driving on city streets or freeways.


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