Letters to the Editor - September 21, 2016

Editor’s note: The West Valley View will not run any Letters to the Editor criticizing candidates in the Nov. 2 issue because it is the last issue before the general election on Nov. 8 and candidates would not have a chance to defend themselves.


Forked tongue


if you never knew what a Republican is made of, all you had .To do was look at the trip Donald Trump took to Mexico. He talked nice. And was on his best behavior. If thats possible. And then when he came back to the good ole USA, he trashed the president of Mexico. Thats the trade mark of a bully. When thier confronted, they turn to mush.

This man not only lyies to the American people, he lyies to the Mexican people.

Him speak with forked tongue. Thats what the Indians in the old west used to say about a white man who lied about everything. Can’t you Republicans do any thing right?

You screwed up the polling web sites this time, plus you Republians lost a big bag with ballots.

I do believe your getting better tho, only 1 bag lost this time. You Republicans are so easy to make fun of, you keep me in stiches, keep it up.

Alfred Molina


Went so far wrong


The Presidential election this year could not offer a more clear choice between two very different people, with two distinctly different philosophies. Donald Trump wants to restore America’s greatness, while Hillary Clinton is content to follow her Progressive vision and let us slide into oblivion.

Trump wants to rebuild our military, which has been neglected and downgraded by the Obama administration. He is concerned about all the illegal immigration along with illegal drugs which are pouring across our Southern border. We need to be strong militarily because Obama’s policies have left a power vacuum on the world stage,which has jeopardized our security. Trump also knows that if a nation does not control its borders, that nation will eventually cease to exist. Personally I believe we owe it to posterity to make our nation the best it can be. Trump’s plan will work !

Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, is talking about free college for everyone. She is concerned about a $15 minimum wage and breaking up Wall Street and the free enterprise system, which has made us a great economic powerhouse . The thing Clinton fails to realize is that without a strong military and without controlling our borders, her utopian dreams will never happen. Oh did I mention her obsession with the bogus issue of climate change ?

Trump is living in the real world. Clinton continues to be concerned with her fantasy world of political correctness, where she is perusing her Progressive utopia. To think that Hillary grew up in the affluent Northwest Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, was a member of the United Methodist church, and was a former Goldwater girl. How the hell could somebody with all those advantages have gone so far wrong ?

Roy Azzarello


Charitable hypocrisy


Okay, so let me get this straight... Hillary Clinton had meetings with several high profile individuals while she was Secretary of State. Those individuals also donated to the Clinton Foundation. There’s no evidence that they received anything in exchange — aside from feeling better about themselves. The Clinton Foundation is a 5 star rated charity. A higher percentage of it’s contributions go toward the causes it supports than about 95% of other public charities. The Clinton’s don’t even take a salary. Yet Clinton has been hounded by the Press. They say she has to explain herself, it looks bad, maybe the foundation should be shut down. On the other hand, we have Trump. His for profit university was being investigated by the State Attorney Generals of Texas and Florida. In 2013 his Trump Foundation illegally made large contributions to the campaigns of both; then the investigations were dropped. Trump was recently fined by the IRS. Apparently, you can’t make tax deductible campaign donations through your nonprofit foundation. Here’s my question — who’s asking for his foundation to be shut down? Why is HE still allowed to call HER crooked? Talk about hypocrisy.

Karla Thompson


Drownings are preventable


I raised many small children around pools, above ground and in ground. Please write about this subject, because you are a better writer than I. Go to a store that sales sporting goods. Buy a small swim vest that zips . Put it on the child backwards and zip it up. The child can not remove it. When the child is in the pool, they will bob to the top, head up. The child’s head will always be out of the water. In case of distraction. The child remains safe. Buy larger sizes until the child can. Swim. I can not listen to another story about a child drowning!

Jean Levandowski

Litchfield Park


Respecting international law


Dr. Jill Stein is the only presidential candidate of the four top contenders who knows AND respects world geography. Her running mate, Prof. Ajamu Baraka also is seasoned in international affairs. They both know what Aleppo is, how that city has suffered intensely throughout Syria’s civil war, and the Jill Stein for President team issued a press release related to this topic on July 21, 2016.

On July 22, 2016 Counterpunch.org published an article written by Jill Stein that included the following; “In my platform, I call for a new approach to foreign policy based on human rights and international law. We must lead by example by respecting human life and national sovereignty, just as we would like ours to be respected.”

On that note, the Green Party Presidential candidate and running mate joined the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (upon their invitation) and more than 1,000 Native Americans representing at least 100 tribes on Tuesday at the site of this past weekend’s mass protest of the destruction of sacred land by the Dakota Access Pipeline. Stein tweeted Wednesday, “The Dakota Access Pipeline is vandalism on steroids.”

The earth is our mother, and we must teach our children to respect her. Water is life, and we must think generations beyond our own as we plan for the future. Voters have more than one choice (“the lesser of two evils”) this November for POTUS. In a recent USA TODAY and Suffolk University poll, 76% of likely voters polled believe a third-party candidate should be included in the debates if they are certified by a majority of state ballots. Let’s demand that Jill (as well as Gary) be allowed to debate Hillary and Donald. Jill is looking out for people, planet and peace over profits. #It’sinourhands.

Celeste M. Castorena


Correlations revealed


Some correlations between the Obama and possible Hillary administrations: Matthew 23:1-12 — Jesus spoke to the crowds and his disciples: “The scribes and Pharisees have taken their seat on the chair of Moses...do not follow their example. For they preach, but they do not practice. They tie up heavy burdens hard to carry and they lay them on people’s shoulders, but they will not lift a finger to move them. All their works are performed to be seen...They love places of honor...greetings in marketplaces, and salutations.... You have but one teacher, and you all are brothers. Call no one on earth your father; you have but one Father in heaven. Do not call one a master, you have but one Master, the Christ. The greatest among you must be your servant. Whoever exalts himself will be humbled, but whoever humbles himself will be exalted.”

A correlation between scripture and those who voted for Obama and plan on voting for Hillary: Matthew 13:13 — “...they look but do not see and hear but do not listen or understand...”

Susan Hewitt


Guess I’m deplorable


Since I believe in a small honest & uncorrupted federal government and personal responsibility, I guess “Her Self-Over-Esteemed” Hillary must include me in her “basket of Deplorables,” as I am a “not ever Hillary” voter based on her proven history of lies and corruption over at least 30 years on the taxpayers dole, whereas there is hope that Trump, with a proven history of successful business savoy in America and internationally, will take this nation in a better direction. Trump is a strong leader who advocates enforcing existing laws and making America great again for every citizen. Also, he will change policies under Obama which has turned America much further into debt and into a weak and disrespected nation. Hillary probably also considers me to be unpatriotic, even though I honorably served 20 years in the U.S. Air Force, because I still feel proud and privileged to stand for our flag and national anthem.

Roy Sharp


Jobs aren’t coming back


The part of your analogy in your August 31st editorial, that the American consumers buying habits are the force behind the exodus of manufacturing jobs to overseas locations is misguided.

Manufacturing jobs started leaving this country back in the Seventies not because American consumers were obsessed with buying cheap but because trade barriers were eliminated opening up foreign markets for American manufacturers in exchange for building factories overseas. As this business practice became more popular and entrenched, overseas manufacturers became the preferred source of products for our markets here. Remaining domestic manufactures where forced to close or to merge with competitors. This consolidation not only eliminated additional jobs, it reduced competition, directly benefiting those overseas manufacturers. The rise of big box retailers and on – line providers along with the consolidation of brick and mortar retailers has minimized competition at the retail level. The minimization of competition in the supply chain allows the suppliers to control the products they provide to the marketplace, neutralizing the customer as the driving force. So are we obsessed with cheap or are we settling for cheap so that corporations may profit? Cheap is not necessarily low cost, advantage to the supply side guys. They have sold us a bill of goods that leaves us with very few choices. Unfortunately, those choices amount to different color logos on the front of their stores.

For the last forty years this country has had consistent monthly trade deficits. Do you need any more proof of our complete dependence on overseas manufacturing? We are in a stranglehold that threatens more than just good paying jobs in this country. Maybe the consumer can still impact the situation but it is going to take a lot more than you, me and our neighbors changing our buying habits.

Jim Ely


Is Hines after Limbaugh’s job?


Rumor has it that Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and maybe Bill O’Reily will soon be retiring. After reading your editorial of Wednesday, September 14th, Biden wouldn’t call Americans deplorable, I have concluded that Cary Hines your managing editor, is auditioning for their jobs.

Yes, I know that editorials, like letters to the editor, are opinions. Cary’s editorial, however, is saturated with half truths and statements prefixed with “I can only imagine”. Personally, I believe Hillary will make an excellent President and that Cary Hines will make an excellent replacement for Rush Limbaugh. The West Valley View will be viewed as a partner to Fox news and the “far right “as long as Cary Hines remains managing editor.

I wish Cary good luck in finding a more suitable position and encourage the West Valley View publisher to help expedite her departure.

Jorge Diaz B.



Central poorly redesigned


Being in the vicinity of Central in Avondale almost daily for the past 6 months has been a lesson in horrific engineering. The road has recently undergone a complete renovation. While I fully understand having totally separate bike lanes, and the left turn lane in the center, to do this they took a 4 lane road down to 2? More importantly, I wish to know the name of the incompetent engineer that thought putting bushes between the bike lanes and the road right up the the openings to side roads and parking lots was a good idea. There have been many accidents already caused by near total lack of sight-lines upon trying to enter from side roads or parking lots. Unless you drive a mega-lifted truck or a tractor trailer, you have no idea what is coming from either side. I will heretofore apologize in advance for my anger but my niece was almost killed in a similar circumstance in Phoenix and will live a lifetime of severe pain, and I see the same situation happening here for some other unfortunate person.. Did anyone employed in Avondale’s roads department think to mention this to their higher-ups? It is so mind-numbingly stupid sometimes I can’t believe they actually did it.

Please pull out the bushes before you get your butts sued bigtime, and somebody dies.

Frank Cardinali


Vote yes on Pendergast bond


District bonds work a lot like home loans or corporate bonds. The basic purpose is to allow the borrower to spend money right away and then pay it back over time. Bonds are usually used to fund capital improvement projects for repairs and maintenance of facilities.

In Pendergast District, a needs assessment was conducted to determine the priorities of the district and the impact of the loss of more than $8 million in revenue caused by State budget reductions.

As a former principal and a resident of Pendergast District, I know how the value of good schools helps maintain my property values. Our YES for Pendergast Schools Committee has worked to bring the facts to people about how the Bond funds would be used. The proposed 2016 Bond will continue the provision of $59,950,000 at no tax increase to homeowners and addresses four areas:

1. New construction projects to address increases in student enrollment, including new classroom additions to Amberlea, Pendergast and Sunset Ridge Elementary Schools.

2. Improvements to the learning environment at every school site. The bond will address three primary areas to help create a 21st century technology system.

3. Safety and security upgrades and maintenance, repair, replacements, and refurbishing of schools and district facilities.

4. Replacement of aging buses and transportation vehicles.

To find out more about the Bond Election, the public is invited to two presentations to deliver information and to give the public the opportunity to ask questions.

September 21, 5-6 pm - Westwind School – 9040 West Campbell

October 5, 5-6 pm - Garden Lakes School – 10825 West Garden Lakes Parkway

Pendergast District takes prides in its financial transparency and accountability to our community. It deserves our support. PLEASE join me in voting YES on the upcoming November 8, 2016 Pendergast Bond Election.

Johnny Chavez


What kind of future do we want?


Here we are less than two months’ away from the 2016 Presidential Election: although I’m not too thrilled with the choices we have for candidates — we have to decide what kind of future we want for us. And what kind of a future our children will have.

Back in 1992, I wrote to our Governor and gave him the idea to expand AHCCCS, to include low-income workers who do not have Health Insurance. The income limit to qualify for AHCCCS is now $1200.00 a month.

Another letter I sent to the Governors’ office, was to bring a vocational school to Buckeye. The Estrella Mountain Community College now has a Satellite campus in Buckeye. My idea of a vocational school is to provide job training to people on welfare, to get job skills, so that they get off of welfare and become self-sufficient, productive individuals. They have computer classes and so does the Buckeye Library.

We also need to reach out to help individuals (through Project Literacy) to learn to read and write. How will they be able to use the Internet if they can’t read?

According to our States’ Treasurer, Jeff De Witt, we have a surplus of $3 Billion Dollars in Our States’ Budget (due to the record of tax returns filed this year.) Was Prop. 123 necessary? No. We have enough money to fund our States’ Education. I believe we can reduce our States’ sales tax. To get out of our National Debt of $19 Trillion Dollars, stop using plastic money and pay down your credit card debt. We need to reduce corporate tax (to 10%) and have a Wage Freeze. Manufacture quality goods like cars, smart phones below our competitors’ price. Made in the U.S.A. How about a National Health Insurance funded by tax Dollars? And Affordable?

Laura Rivas


Why you must vote for Trump


I recently received a request for money from the Republican Party telling me all the great things they’re planning to do after the presidential election. It made me ask the question: What have you done for the American people up to now? The voters gave you a majority in the House and Senate and you have done nothing with it.

You have become very successful at becoming political drones adept at lining your pockets with syndicated money and campaign contribution. And now you want me to contribute to your cause. You might feel that I am a fool, but I’m not stupid! Because of your lack of leadership and obsession to protect your own self-interest, America has become week and is on the verge of going bankrupt. We are becoming a nation of victims being invaded by illegals and special rights groups where it is becoming difficult to recognize the country we were born in. I’m sick of politicians and sick of the Democratic and Republican parties they belong to.

And, I want it fixed by electing for president a non-politician, Donald Trump. He is saying things that desperately need to be said and fixed, but no politician has shown the fortitude to stand up and say them too. He’s not a political drone using lobbyist money to fund his campaign. He is using his own money to finance most of his campaign.

Trump may not be much of a choice, but he is a heck of a lot better than Clinton, a lying, cheating Wall Street funded and controlled politician.

P.S. Thought for the day: No country can sustain perpetual incompetency of their elected officials. It’s up the great majority to stand up and find new leaders.

David Rye


Military chaplains under fire



Recently, a mass grave of over fifteen thousand human remains was uncovered in Iraq. On inspection the lost souls were Yazidis, Christians, Muslims and Kurds, who refused Isis’ form of brotherly love. At the onset of Isis’ attacks on the Yazidis and Christians, a Yazidis spokesman was in Washington D.C. begging for help for her people and was turned away.

This shouldn’t surprise you at all! This president is in with the Atheist lobby Mike Weinstein and their goal is to spiritually disarm our Chaplains.

Anti-religious bigotry and tearing down of our moral values are twin pillars of the transformation. Obama is carrying out, rendering our military chaplains powerless to share their faith to needy soldiers without suffering persecution. The vital work of military chaplains may soon be a crime punishable by court martial and possible imprisonment. Any expression of faith is under attack. Pray for our country and let our votes resound this fall.

Analie Maccree


Happy atheist’ is wrong


I saw this article yesterday from someone called “the happy atheist” that asked, “If faith can heal people, why do churches have handicap parking?” Here is your answer, if you dare read it.

But the the heart of the issue, you implying that since everyone who goes to church is not healed, then it’s all fake. I guess all the multitudes of people who have been healed are lying. You also asked, “Why don’t faith healers go to hospitals?” They do actually, and people are healed.

God is NOT our personal genie who obeys our commands. We don’t love Him because of what He does for us, we do so because of who He is. If, after the day of my salvation, Jesus never did another thing for me, He will have a ready done enough.

The Apostle Paul, who himself laid his hands on people and saw them healed, was denied healing himself. Why? God says, “My grace is sufficient for you” God sees the big picture, you do not. God sums it up beautifully when He says to Job, “Where were YOU when I laid the foundations of the earth?” You think that your limited, screen-shot of creation, wisdom is greater than the One who is eternal and holds the stars in the palm of His hand?

Some people do receive healing, while others do not. Many of the ancient prophets were killed and tortured, while others were delivered. Yet none of them ever stopped praising God. If you would just crawl out from behind your sheltered and insulated news; you would see that the sick are healed, the blind see, the lame walk, the deaf hear, and the dead are raised on a daily basis!

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Doug Sargent


Where were you then?


I am astounded by all of the people incensed with football players not standing for the National Anthem. What a bunch of losers you are! Where were you when NFL players were beating the “crap” out of their wives and girlfriends?

Not standing for the Anthem is their Constitutional right. Beating a wife, or anyone for that matter, is illegal in all 50 states. Where was your outrage then? Where were all your letters demanding the NFL deal head on with this issue by sitting out of games, financial penalties, not to mention psychological counseling?

Maybe you all should take a moment and review your priorities, because they stink!

Sue Coady

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Ms. Coady:

  I agree with your Letter, but I wish to add three points.

   1) The First Amendment says there shall be "no law" abridging freedom of speech.  Justice Hugo Black loved to remark that "no law" mean NO LAW!  So, of course, you're correct.  We have the right to express our disrespect by not standing for the National Anthem.

  2) So far as I know, there happens to be no law requiring that we stand during the Anthem, or imposing penalties for not doing so.  It's a matter of custom.

  3) Of course, Free Speech works both ways.  Those who want to show disrespect may do so, and those who object to that may do so.  (The latter just can't suggest there's something "illegal" or even "un-American" about it.)

   Finally, not being a sports fan, I really don't care what football players do (provided it's not a crime).  And I still haven't figured out how many touchdowns there are to an inning!  wink

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Mr. Sargent:

   Since you neglected to mention where you saw that article from the "Happy Atheist", we have only your word for what he wrote.  Maybe he was implying that faith healing is all fake (or your religion is), or maybe he was just commenting on the very thing you admit:  in medical matters faith is often not enough!

   I'll leave you to deal with the problem of Theodicy (the problem that evil exists, which seems to negate the idea of an all-powerful and all-loving God), but I'd like to address the point that faith cannot be relied on to heal medical problems.

   I see nothing wrong with praying to be cured of what ails you, or a loved one.  Certainly Science has determined that postitive emotions can strengthen our immune system, and promote healing.  The problem comes when one only relies on that!

   God gave us a brain, and the ability to use it.  I think it blasphemous to reject Medicine on the basis of blind faith.  (Which is really what that quote from Job is about.)  My faith (Judaism) encourages questioning God on all things.  Indeed, the name of my people (Israel) means "He who struggles with God".  The true point of the Book of Job is to point out that "bad things happen to good people", and that there's no good explanation why!  (Certainly the "answer" Job receives is no answer at all.)

   Faith begins with what we don't know, and can only exist in doubt and lack of knowledge.  Medicine (and Science) deals with what we do know, and displaces faith for that reason.  The proper role of faith in matters of Medicine is what's known as the "Chicken Soup Rule".  Use it in conjunction with Science, but not as a replacement.  "It couldn't hurt!"

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Dear "Mother" Maccree:

   We've done this dance before, so I'll be brief.  You are a liar and a slanderer.  You make wild and unfounded accusations without ever bothering about proof!  I see no need to believe your current rantings, anymore than I believed the others.

P.S. - It might interest you to know that Mike Weinstein isn't an Athiest.  He's Jewish, and simply got tired of smug, self-righteous, lying "Christians" like you using the Military to shove their religion down the throats of military cadets.  So, being a lawyer, with an infinitely greater respect for the Constitution than you, he set out to stop  it!  For that he deserves praise, but condemnation from an ignorant fool like you is close enough.


   By the way, when you're burning in Hell, those lies you told about him will be among the reasons why.

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Dear Mr. Rye:

   In plenty of other Comments this month I've given ample reasons not to vote for Lying Trump, but in response to your Letter here's some more.

   1) The moment he decided to enter politics Lying Trump became a politician!  I'm not just playing "word games" (though the connection between the two words should be obvious).  He represents the worst politicians can be.  He's a calculating demagouge who's "vision" for America is an offense to the principles this nation was founded on!  He sows fear and hatred, and appeals our worst instincts, instead of "the angels of our better nature".  He is the <i>Anti</i>-Lincoln, and it's deplorable that what once was "the Party of Lincoln" should have this creature as its candidate.

   2)  What "special rights groups" are you referring to?  The right of people to practice their own religion, even if it's not the "majority" faith?  I thought that's what the First Amendment was about.  The right of people to marry (with all the protections that status provides) regardless of whether they're Gay or Straight?  I thought that was what the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment was about.  It's funny how often the majority takes for granted the rights it possesses, while denouncing those who lack them for wanting the same.  (Maybe we should propose forbidding Christians from entering the country, or getting married, so you can know what it feels like?)  Lying Trump, of course, wants to grind those rights into the dust, while hypocritically claiming he'll "protect" the Constitution.

   3)  You want lies?  Check out the numerous fact checking websites which have listed the almost infinite number Lying Trump tells.  And while you're at it, remember that just because he accuses Hillary of lying, that might be another lie too!  Why don't you learn the facts, not just the headlines, tweets, and "talking points", before deciding who is more trustworthy?  Remember all the contracts he breached, and the people he "stiffed"? They learned the hard way it ain't Lying Trump.

   4) Wall Street funded?  You mean the way he made a fortune in the Great Recession by profiting on the housing crash?  I'd call that being "funded" by Wall Street!


   5) Just because Lying Trump claims to be "brand new", doesn't mean he is!  In fact, from "Trumped up Trickle-down" to "Law and Order" he's singing the same song the G.O.P. has sung since the days of Nixon and Reagan (if not earlier).  It's just an old whine in a not very new bottle.

   Here's a counter-thought for your day:  There's fantasy and then there's reality.  If you fall for the fantasies Lying Trump is spinning, don't blame me if you hate the results!




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Dear Ms. Rivas:

  It would help if your suggestions for our future made a bit of sense.  Unfortunately they don't.

   Unless you were speaking metaphorically (as in "the national credit card"), the National Debt has nothing to do with our "using plastic".  That Debt is simply the accumulated amount by which the Federal Budget has greater expenditures than revenue.  The difference (a.k.a. the "deficit") arises from government borrowing, which is done through the issuance of Treasury Bills and Notes.  There's no "plastic" involved, and even if all of us were to "pay down" our individual credit card balances it wouldn't affect the National Debt one bit.

   (By the way, I pay my credit card balance off in full every month.  If only that could help lower the National Debt!)

   Reduce corporate taxes, institute a wage freeze?  That's a recipe for even less revenue!  National Health Insurance, funded by tax dollars?  In other words, an increase in expenditures.  All this will do is increase the National Debt!

   (Plus, what do you think "Obamacare" is?  While not precisely a "National Health Insurance" program, the health insurance we're mandated to buy is at least partially funded by tax dollars!)

   Before you start planning our future, I suggest you get your facts straight.

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Dear Mr. Sharp:

   It depends on whether you subscribe to the following:

  1) That there were "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City", despite the fact there's no proof that ever happened, and plenty of proof it didn't.

   2) You believe judges are inevitably "biased" simply because they're of Mexican ancestry, and never mind if they are natural born Americans, whose parents came here legally!

   3) You regard all Muslims as terrorists (or "potential" terrorists), and want them treated to the kind of "surveillance" normally associated with the KGB or the Gestapo.

   4) Your belief in "small government" doesn't extend to repealing the Federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 - a massive piece of hypocrisy by those who claim the powers of the Federal government are "limited".  (Please show me where the Constitution expressly states that government can ban surgical procedures.)

    Those are the kinds of thing which make one deplorable.  (Though I would add the obvious fact you've swallowed the lies of Lying Trump hook, line and sinker.)

   By the way, I hope you were never captured and held as a prisoner of war during your 20 years of service.  You remember how we were told never to forget our P.O.W's?  Lying Trump not only forgets them, he defames them!  How deplorable you support such a creature.

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Dear Ms. Hewitt:

   Thank you for "contributing" to the political debate with that loathsome bit of Anti-Semitism.  I guess (like most of Lying Trump's blind supporters) you're a bit ignorant of a few facts: such as that modern Judaism is the heir to and product of those Pharisees Matthew slandered!

   (The only "saving grace" for me, and other Jews, is that the so-called "New Testament" is about as "authoritative" as the Koran, the Book of Mormon, or the writings of Pagans!)

   Oh, and the true "correlations" are with people like you!  I mean, it's obvious you love to portray your "faith" in public where you "may be seen of all men".  And let's not get started on the Megachurches which broadcast their sessions throughout the world!  Not exactly what your "god" had in mind when he advised his followers to go into the closet, close the door, and pray in secret!  (Matthew 6:6).

   Ditto for your lack of vision and understanding.  (Ever find that video of "Dancing Muslims In Jersey City", got proof the Scots supported Brexit?)  Which is why the following quote describes Lying Trump and his followers (the "Trumpsters") perfectly, and "correlates" with America's fate should he win.

And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.

Matthew 15:14

P.S. - Personally, I prefer Micah 6:8.

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

   Good advice, I suggest you take it!

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Dear Ms. Castorena:

   Really?  Stein is the only candidate who knows and "respects" world geography?  (Whatever that last bit is supposed to mean.)  I'm pretty sure Hillary knows where Aleppo is, and what it's condition means.  (By the way, it's a city in Syria, in case you don't know "what Aleppo is".)

   And does her "respect" for national sovereignty mean she won't try to change those countries who don't share her desire that we switch "to 100% clean renewable energy by 2030"?  (In any case, she'll be too busy trying to accomplish that here, given that 2030 is only 16 years away!  That's not enough time even to build all the "clean energy facilities" necessary to supply our needs.  And that's merely a practical problem, let's not worry about "minor" things like econmics and politics.)

   I'm sorry, but a vote for Stein is a vote for Lying Trump, since I doubt any of his supporters are ready to "go Green".  And like that "worthy", it's clear Stein doesn't live on Planet Earth!

   But much as I loathe predictions, allow me to make one.  Stein won't be our next President, especially since she consistently places dead last among "the four top contenders".  Just another bit of harsh reality you should return to before Election Day!

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Dear Ms. Thompson:

   Remember how all the Trumpsters (my term for his supporters) screamed that Hillary should "be held to the same standards as everyone else" with regard to her e-mails?  (In the process forgetting or ignoring the fact that she was!)  Well, why don't we hold her (and the Clinton Foundation) to the same standards the Trumpsters hold Lying Trump and his foundation?

   Of course, in order to do that, the Clintons will first have to use their foundation the same way Lying Trump has used his!  (Forgive any duplication in the following list).

1) Paying off his debts, fines, and legal fees.





2) Paying illegal bribes (sorry, illegal campaign contributions) which (purely by coincidence, of course) result in Florida's Attorney General deciding <i>not</I> to investigate his possibly fraudulent Trump University.



3) Paying for a giant portrait of himself.



4) As a "pass-through" (some might call it a "money laundering scheme") so he could "make" charitable contributions with other people's money!


Gordon Posner's picture



P.S. - How's that for brevity? wink


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