Letters to the Editor: December 21, 2016

A proud liberal


The following is an exact quote of the definition from Webster’s Dictionary:

Lib’ er-al, I.a 1. Possessing or manifesting a free and generous heart; bountiful. 2. Appropriate and/or fitting for a broad and enlightened mind. 3. Free from narrowness, bigotry, or bondage to authority or creed, II.n. 1. Any person who advocates liberty of thought, speech or action.

Yes, my friends (and enemies), I am proud to be considered a liberal.

Arnold Knack


Post is exclusive


Cry -Cry-Cry Mary Hayes,

You feel left out, stop and take a look at the requirements to join the American Legion Post 61. Once a veteran always a veteran, now tell me how many veterans have been denied acceptance in your organization. Possibly Post 61 should have been over looked many years ago. I am not saying your organization does not benefit communities and towns, but remember most organizations are readily involved, helping their community in a way they deem needed. And yes I am a NAVY VETERAN, but I don’t cry.

Jerry Oglesbee


Lake project is a mess


I’m sure you all know by now that my husband, dog and I walk around the lake in Litchfield Park nearly every day. We watch it pretty closely, especially since April when the renovations began.

It appears everything is done except the actual walkway. Now it looks like they are putting some sort of cap around the perimeter of the walkway. Maybe the concrete will be poured soon.

Many of the ducks returned on their own and, since it is now winter, many coots also returned. Approximately three weeks ago some sort of blue chemical was added to the lake, and all seemed to be fine. Apparently, it didn’t affect any of the wildlife. But, in the past week something green has been added and most of the wildlife has now left. There are about four ducks and maybe six coots left. One gentleman we talked to said that he personally pulled about ten dead cormorants out of the lake and all the minnows have also died.

We were told this whole project would take until the end of September. Now, we are well into December and still no end in sight. It seems this has been a mishandled project since the get-go. I can’t imagine how the City will be able to do the annual trout derby next month. To add insult to injury, all the grass in the park is dead, none of the non-working lights around the perimeter of the lake have been fixed, the watering system has not been addressed and the fountain still doesn’t work. Our once-beautiful little lake is rather a pathetic mess. I pray things will soon change, but am not holding my breath.

Sharon Green
Litchfield Park


Last is the new first explained


Since my first letter was published two very intelligent woman said they didn’t understand i, I decided to explain it further.

Tower starts with the first letter of Trump. Power is the new symbol of Trump since his ascention, and P is the last letter of trumP.

Carl Deierling


F-35 is necessary


Since we’ve heard a lot about the new President calling for re-negotiation with Boeing over the new Air Force One that has been ordered, we are glad that our government has started to watch the costs. To meet the pledge of fully equipping our military, we hope it will be noted that the F-35 Fighter Jets that will secure our nation well into the future, has seen declining costs for the past few years. This fighter jet is the most futuristic aircraft ever invented. Designed to provide maximum protection for our pilots, I am confident that this is a worthy expenditure for our country and hopeful that the new President feels the same.

Sarah Downey
Litchfield Park


Thank a police officer


On Thanksgiving my husband and I decided to be part of the madness at Wal-mart. We went to the Wal-mart in Goodyear and when we were walking to the front we saw some police officers pulling a man out of a pickup truck. At first we thought they were arresting the man for stealing or something and began to chuckle but they laid him on the ground and starting doing CPR on him so we knew it was some type of medical issue. We should have walked away and minded our own business but like the other onlookers we watched. The officers did CPR until the fire truck and ambulance arrived. Within a few minutes the man was sitting up on the stretcher and appeared to be alright from what we could see. We felt obligated to share this story because of what our police officers and public safety is going through. They have gotten a bad rap and it’s important people know they are there to protect us (and save us too). Please keep all police officers and firemen in your prayers this Christmas. Many have been killed this year that won’t get to spend Christmas with their families. When you see a police officer thank them for what they do.

Lorna Palacios


Election results, consequences


The election shock is still being digested by those on the right (adulation) and those on the left (disbelief) with all of the accusation, denial and excuses justifying the outcome. One side pointing to the Electoral College and the other the popular vote. The reality is Americans in key rural areas around the country came out in support of a change in direction for the county. This came as a shock to urban America. The message is simple, the economy and jobs are a top priority, improving healthcare and the regulatory regime, And finally and most importantly. RESTORE law and order to the streets of America and STOP the execution of police officers on the streets of America.....It’s time to accept the outcome of the election and step up and support this President as we have every other President in our history. The media or those that would not give the administration a chance is doing our nation a and it’s people a dis-service. At this point speculation on WHAT may be done is not criticism of a deed, it criticizing some you THING will be done....Holding the President accountable is part of our job, but letting him get to work for the country is also an obligation.....OUR SYSTEM IS MESSING FOR A REASON...God Bless America......

Virgil Warden


Seasons greetings


Since, this year, Chanukah and Christmas overlap, it’s especially appropriate to consider the Jewish holiday’s importance for everyone.

Thousands of years ago Antiochus Epiphanies (ruler of the Middle East) had a not terribly original idea. He launched a “culture war” to unify his kingdom, requiring everyone to follow his religion (and its “traditional values”). The plan failed in the land of Israel, where the people revolted, threw out the foreign occupiers, and rededicated the Temple in Jerusalem to their God. (Chanukah means “rededication”.)

This may be the first war fought for religious freedom, a signal event in human history. It’s important for America, a land founded on freedom of religion, and freedom from government meddling in or control of religion. It also has significance for Christians.

Consider the consequences had the revolt failed. Jesus would have been born into a pagan family, in a pagan land. The Jewish scriptures would have long been forgotten. Could Jesus have even commenced preaching in such circumstances? Would there be an audience that could even understand, much less be inspired by the message?

So as my Christian neighbors and friends prepare to celebrate what I hope is a very Merry Christmas, remember: without Chanukah there could be no Christmas.

Happy Holidays to everyone!

Gordon P.R. Posner


Russia, Trump in cahoots


First Conversation That Trump Has With Vladimir Putin:

Putin: “Congratulations Mr. President Trump; we are very pleased and pleasantly surprised with your election.”

Trump: “So was I!”

Putin: “Well you should be because our cyber operatives advised us that the metrics reveal that our hacking into the Democratic Party database did significantly alter the perception of Hillary Clinton’s issues with her e-mails and we successfully conflated the leaks in conjunction with Julian Assange. This made the difference that got you elected, Mr. President. By the way, your FBI Director, James Comey, was a great help in proliferating our manufactured perception about Mrs. Clinton. He’s a keeper.”

Trump: “I did appreciate it.”

Putin: “And we know how grateful you are. Because of this we are asking you to honor our requests of you and your government on certain issues.”

Trump: “What?”

Putin: “To begin, we now expect you to join us as an ally in the conflagration in Syria and do expect you to commit to sending your share of troops to assist in the fight to keep Assad in power among other favors. Let’s have some of your wretched vodka that you sent us 20 years ago. We saved it just for this occasion. Let’s toast to you and your administration which are now beholden to Mother Russia and Me.

NOSTROVIA MR. COMRADE PRESIDENT! Maybe you and I can wrestle a bear later”

Trump: “OMG!”

Putin: “Da! If you follow through on your obligations to us we may even allow you to erect one of your monolithic high-rise buildings in Moscow! Of course you will have to use our state-approved contractors and sub-contractors but you have been doing that with the Mob in the United States for years.”

Trump: “Well now Mr. Putin, you have made this palatable. NOSTROVIA!”

David Compton
Litchfield Park


Parents on naughty list


On Dec 15th, I attended my grandson’s Christmas program at Inca Elementary School. He auditioned for the Fine Arts Club and got a part in the program. He has been practicing every week after school since mid September. The parking lot was overflowing, and the gym was filled to capacity with many left to stand against the wall. The Fine Arts Club teacher made an announcement before the performance, asking the audience to be quiet so the students could be heard, and to not move around so as not to block another parent’s view of their child. I thought to myself, really? You have to tell adults to be quiet? Not even half way through the performance, I understood why the announcement was made. Parents, shame on you. Numerous times the students were left standing on stage waiting for the crowd to quiet down. One time, after several minutes of waiting, the teacher closed the curtains and said “We are waiting for the audience to be quiet.” As if that wasn’t bad enough, parents began to leave after their child’s grade was done singing. Students who spent numerous hours rehearsing lines and songs were seeing the crowd disperse as they performed on stage. How rude, how disrespectful. By the time the performance was over, 3/4 of the crowd had already left. Congratulations parents, you just taught your child that if they are not the center of attention, it’s not necessary to stay till the end. You taught your child that it’s ok to be disrespectful and rude to the people around them. You taught your child how to be part of the “I’m the only one that matters” generation. Performers, outstanding job; you were awesome. While you are home on Christmas break, please teach your parents some manners.

Marge Meggers


Liberal crybabies back at it


Liberal fantasy players at it again. Now, trying to overturn Presidential election results because they unhappy over results because their gal or guy didn’t win, otherwise you wouldn’t hear a peep out of them. The electoral college was established to level the playing field for all states to have a voice, not just super states like Calif and NY. It’s why we are called a Representative Republic.

It’s beyond sad what cry baby liberals have done to the Democrat party and civility of our nation. It’s beyond their pea brained comprehension that people are fed up with it.

Roy Sharp


Thoughts about 2 issues


Gun Control?

Some perspectives would qualify the issue of gun control as complex. However, from a “Pro-Life” perspective this is a simple issue. Many countries have dealt with this issue and reduced the loss of life significantly. All we need to do is swallow our pride and accept the fact that this relatively young country, though very powerful country, can still learn some things. This is a simple case of the value we put on human life. An idea that philosophers use to rate a civilization.


This is another issue that if looked at from a “Pro-Life” perspective is a simple issue. Yet most “Pro-Life” people are against protecting life with “Gun Control”. Most “Pro-Life” people are also against strong government control. However, nothing is more controlling than restricting the rights of women to make their own health care decisions.

Gun control is an issue mostly effecting the rights of men. Anti-abortion is an issue effecting the rights of women. Men are more likely to commit violence than women. Women are more likely to own guns to protect themselves from the violence of men. Men have total control over the health and reproductive ability of their bodies. Pro-Life would take away women’s control over the health and reproductive ability of their bodies. Let’s switch the gender of these two issues. Assume for a moment that men have the more complex and amazing ability to grow and nurture life and women had only the task of impregnating the men. What government and what religion would limit the rights of men to have an abortion, and how long would there be no gun control if women were committing the violence?

Art Boyle


Whoa! Hold your horses!


Full disclosure: I have met Mayor Meck and worked on his re-election campaign. I have met Dave Nigh. I have not discussed this with either gentlemen.

Now, that is out of the way, I would like to say to all of those who have been charged for excessive water usage…I FEEL YOUR PAIN.

In the summer of 2015 and 2016 we received excessive water bills. From 0 usage to 10K or 20K in 1 month. We contacted the Buckeye Water Dept in 2015 and the issue was resolved. In 2016 my intelligence was insulted and I was offended by the manner in which the office personnel treated me. I wrote Dave Nigh, attached supporting documents, our meter was checked, and our account was adjusted.

Questions: Faulty meter? Hasty meter read? Temp help? Same problem/attitude in other communities? Personnel attitude for fear of losing their job or just protocol?

It does take time to research and resolve these issues. Firing or Recalling will not solve the problems. Perhaps only inhibit finding the answers. Work with the Mayor and Council. A recall election is expensive and will cost EVERY TAXPAYER. Something to think about.

Marilyn A. Walker Vollmer

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Sorry Thomas, but it was Netanyahu himself who said the support of the US towards Israel's security under the Obama administration has been "unprescidented".

One CAN support Israel, AND disagree with an action by its leader AT THE SAME TIME.


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Merry Christmas to you too!

Love the tree.


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Dear Gordon:

Happy Chanukah to you too!


Dear Gordon,

Sorry, but Panels Politics of Tel Aviv conducted a survey poll in 2012, before the collapse of Israeli-Palestinian talks under the Obama Administration, 21 percent of Israelis felt he was pro-Israel . Some 47 percent of Israelis viewed the Obama Administration as being pro-Palestinian.

In 2015, Panels Politics found that 60 percent of Israelis viewed the Obama Administration as being pro-Palestinian and only 9 percent being pro-Israel. Of course polls have been known to be a little off or who would have thought Trump would have beaten Hillary. Oops, Hillary won the popular vote so “progressives” feel it should somehow de-legitimize Trump.

Another factor is even though polls claim Obama has over 50 percent of a favorable rating, fact remains he turned more blue states into red ones.


Ooh, by the way it was the New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer who voiced his displeasure of the action that president Obama took in abstaining in the anti-Israel UN Vote.

You have my permission to further your rhetoric with the continued use the ad hominem, a proven fact of the inconsistency of your own arguments. wink


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Thomas:

   Yes, you might say that.  I say it's CRAP!

   I have no doubt that Netanyahu wants a policy of blind support for anything he does, but that isn't and hasn't been the policy of the U.S., nor should it be.

   And since when does the entire State of Israel consist of just one man?  To paraphrase Shakespeare, upon what meat doth our Bennie feed that he has grown so great?  What you, and Lying Trump (if I can accept that he also voices such a view), are saying is that Netanyahu is now the King of Israel, and can do whatever he wants by "Divine Right".  Jefferson must be spinning in his grave.

   All the resolution did was condemn the Israeli Settlements in the West Bank - properly so, since there is no legal basis for them to exist!  If condemning theft is a "betrayal", then why did we bother fighting a "hot" war against Germany and a "cold" one against the Soviet Union?


  I'm sorry, but as a Jew I'm not obliged to approve or support anything the Likud government in Israel does.  (Anymore than Israelis who voted against said government are obliged to.)  And as an American I'm certainly not obliged to support what I consider to be wrong, or to demand my government support it either.

  You have no idea what the "Israeli point of view" is, anymore than you know what the "American point of view" is.  All you know are the views of their governments, but so long as America remains a democracy, and so long as the First Amendment has any value, then every American has the right to disagree with the views of both their government, and that of Israel.  Since I disagree with Netanyahu, I obviously agree with America's action at the U.N.

   And if anything, I say it's the mindless supporters of Netanyahu (I don't mean all of them, just those who do so mindlessly) who are "betraying" Israel. Tell me, Thomas, what's to become of the Palestinians whose lands are being seized?  This is all part of a long-range plan to create a "Greater Israel", and abandon the U.N. Partition Plan (with its "Two State Solution") which is the only legal basis for Israel's existence!  Just what does the future hold for a "One State Solution"?  Here are the alternatives I see:

   1) Israel expells all the Palestinians, a bit of ethnic cleansing reminiscent of what the Romans did when they sent the Jews into Exile.

   2) Israel establishes isolated Palestinian "homelands" which are both politically and economically unviable, which grant their "citizens" no rights in the government which actually rules over them (Israel's), which is nothing more than Apartheid.

   3) Israel accords the Palestinians it "absorbs" into Greater Israel full citizenship rights.  Which means, of course, that within a generation the Palestinian controlled Knesset votes to abolish Israel, and rename the country Palestine!

   Saving Israel from such a future set of choices is what a "good friend" does.  Friends don't let friends drive drunk, or run a country when they're drunk with power.  Netayahu is driving Israel off a thousand foot cliff at 200 mph.  I think it no "betrayal" for the U.S. to agree a "Stop Sign" warning "Cliff Ahead" is a good idea.

   As always, I stand with "little" things like facts, reason, and truth.  As always you make your stand with ignorance, arrogance, partisanship, and mindless ideology.

P.S. - And thanks for ruining the holidays that way.  I trust you received nothing but coal in your stockings!

Dear Gordon,

You might say that using the Christmas and Chanukah holidays “the Democrat” President Obama has reversed a longstanding U.S. policy that in the end delegitimizes Israel. Both Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump view the Obama Administration’s position as a betrayal to Israel. Therefore, Gordon either stands with Netanyahu and Trump or he must abandon the Israeli point of view in favor of the “hypocrite” Obama's action. There is no middle ground to hide upon on this issue.


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The Angel Tree at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

New York City

Gordon Posner's picture



Gordon Posner's picture

   Once again I must complain about the lack of "Chanukah Spirit" at the Target chain of stores.  While they have giant signs saying "Merry Christmas", "Joyeaux Noel", and "Feliz Navidad", they can't seem to manage even one tiny "Happy Chanukah"!

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Dear Ms. Placious:

  I do thank the Police, but (as I just finished explaining to Mr. Warden), I don't assume they're always in the right, or that the people they encounter are always in the wrong.  (I don't assume the opposite either.)  That, after all, is what we have trials for: to determine (as best we can) what happened.


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