Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2017

Re: Medal for Trump


Respectfully suggest readers who contribute here check their facts first. Rosa Parks did NOT PRESENT a MEDAL to TRUMP. The Ellis Island MEDAL thing was a boondoggle. (Too much for here)

The comment about Clinton saying Sen Byrd was her mentor was part of a commemoration after his death. What should she have said? If you were to research it, you would find that while Sen Byrd was a KKK member in his youth , he spent the majority of his life publicly disavowing and repeatedly apologizing for his early KKK affiliation.

Karen Peters


Democrats’ turn for depression


For the past 8 years, with Washington led by the BO team, it’s now time for you liberals to live with the “DT”s. At long last your turn to be depressed.

Ken Semmler


Worst man for the job


I have searched for a name, a term for the incoming administration of the Donald. I think I have found it, matter of fact, I am sure I have found it and it is so appropriate. For now and evermore the administration of Donald Trump will be know as a KAKISTOCRACY. A more apropos name for his form of governing is not available.

T. Kroll


Hats off to protesters


My hat is off to those Rockettes who are protesting participation in the presidential inauguration celebrations. This represents a clash of professionalism vs. personal integrity, and for these protesters, personal integrity won out.

I’ve been a lifelong musician and Democrat. As a professional musician, I’ve played many a Republican function: Lincoln Club dinner dances, fundraisers, etc. I’ve even furnished a string quartet at a private reception for Vice President Quayle.

But you could offer me a thousand dollars and I would not help celebrate the presidency of this rabble-rousing, sexist, boorish excuse for a leader.

Steve Berliner

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Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Roy:

  For someone who just falsely accused Patrick of "spin", you're quite the "master" of it!  (Well, an incompetent amateur anyway.)

   So Lying Trump wasn't your "choice" for President, but you chose to vote for him on Election Day?  Talk about inconsistency!  You could have voted for someone else (say Libertarian Gary Johnson), wrote in another name, or simply not voted for President at all!  Whatever your reasons for choosing to vote for him, the fact remains Lying Trump was your choice for President when it mattered most!

   As for your attempts to silence Progressives, I'll let others form their own judgment about that.  But if I wrote that Republicans were a bunch of "subversives", and that "conservatives" were trying to tear down and destroy all symbols of American culture (as you falsely accused your dreaded "Progressives" of doing), there would be little doubt that your purpose in using such rhetoric was to silence people.  (Much the same way you and Lying Trump use the cry of "Political Correctness" to silence anyone who's "opinions" you disagree with.)

   If there is a God, an Afterlife, and a Judgment, you will face a reckoning for all such lies and sophistry you engage in.  Some people sell their souls for the whole world, the Devil (if he exists) is getting yours cheap!  (Which is about what it's worth, anyway.)

   Wise up yourself.




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Dear Roy:

   No, let's talk about lies, like the one you just told.  Patrick neither attempted nor accomplished any such thing.  He clearly provided the different dates for each of the Letters.  He also preceded his quotes by noting they came from "past issues" (note the use of the plural form).

   But, of course, being the "Factless Wonder" you can't be bothered with "details" like that!

P.S. - And that's not just an "opinion", it's truth!

P.P.S. - Apparently, Math isn't your forte' either, since he quoted three of your Letters!  (That's also not just an "opinion".)

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Dear Roy:

   Too bad you never bother to use it.

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Dear Vickie:

   Not being familiar with things in Buckeye, I have to ask what the heck you're talking about?

Gordon Trump was never my choice but I voted for him because my choice was not on the ballot . Where do you see an. Inconsistency there? Secondly I am not trying to shut up progressives. I am simply calling them out for the threat they are to my freedoms . You sure throw around a lot of nonsense for one person . Wise up Gordon. Wise up

Patrick You just quoted from two different letters of mine and attempted to show them as one. Talk about spin. You are as bad as Posner

Gordon, At least I have a brain . And you sir ??

coming to Buckeye.

300 Highly Skilled Professional workers

are going to take one look at the Buckeye's

Eaters and will all Brown Bag it.

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Believe it or not, there was a lot you wrote that we can agree on. 

1. Trump was never my choice for president. 

2. I watched in disbelief as Trump continued to thrive despite all his bad behavior.

3. I felt he was unelectable and was angry at the Republicans who gave him his primary victory.

4. Trump was a terribly flawed candidate.

5. Therefore, now that I am stuck with Trump, I wish him well...

Actually, not only do I wish him well, I wish him to be successful as president.  I don't want to see him fail in the way the Republicans wanted Obama to fail.


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Dear Dennis:

   That's what I thought, actually, but he should have made it clear in his Comment rather than leaving everyone to guess.  And since you "attacked" him (I'd say, instead, responded to his nonsense) in an earlier issue, he should have included a link to what he was so "offendend" by.  So I stand by my statement that making that remark about you here made no sense at all.  (But then again, when does anything he say make sense?)


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