Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2017

Re: Medal for Trump


Respectfully suggest readers who contribute here check their facts first. Rosa Parks did NOT PRESENT a MEDAL to TRUMP. The Ellis Island MEDAL thing was a boondoggle. (Too much for here)

The comment about Clinton saying Sen Byrd was her mentor was part of a commemoration after his death. What should she have said? If you were to research it, you would find that while Sen Byrd was a KKK member in his youth , he spent the majority of his life publicly disavowing and repeatedly apologizing for his early KKK affiliation.

Karen Peters


Democrats’ turn for depression


For the past 8 years, with Washington led by the BO team, it’s now time for you liberals to live with the “DT”s. At long last your turn to be depressed.

Ken Semmler


Worst man for the job


I have searched for a name, a term for the incoming administration of the Donald. I think I have found it, matter of fact, I am sure I have found it and it is so appropriate. For now and evermore the administration of Donald Trump will be know as a KAKISTOCRACY. A more apropos name for his form of governing is not available.

T. Kroll


Hats off to protesters


My hat is off to those Rockettes who are protesting participation in the presidential inauguration celebrations. This represents a clash of professionalism vs. personal integrity, and for these protesters, personal integrity won out.

I’ve been a lifelong musician and Democrat. As a professional musician, I’ve played many a Republican function: Lincoln Club dinner dances, fundraisers, etc. I’ve even furnished a string quartet at a private reception for Vice President Quayle.

But you could offer me a thousand dollars and I would not help celebrate the presidency of this rabble-rousing, sexist, boorish excuse for a leader.

Steve Berliner

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Dear Patrick:

   Let's be frank, I doubt I'd pay for it no matter what the content! wink

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Dear Roy:

  Time for a simple "Yes" or "No" question, which you can't weasel your way out of:  Did you vote for Trump on Election Day?

  If no, then he wasn't your choice for President.  If yes, then you just lied through your teeth!

P.S. - And when has either Patrick or I suggested you "shut up"?  (Except, perhaps in jest, or as a bit of rhetoric.)

   You, on the other hand, have spent most of your time here trying to intimidate and silence those you call "Progressives" (just like Lying Trump does), as your Letter about them being "subversives" proves (along with Lying Trump's tweet about them being "enemies").  That, sir, is the classic behavior of tyrants!  (And since you like "Southern Culture" and "Heritage" so much, perhaps there's a John Wilkes Booth waiting for you!  Sic Semper Tyrannis.)

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Dear Patrick:

   You nailed it!  Both as to Roy and Lying Trump.


P.S. - Funny how he still can't produce that supposed video of thousands of Muslims celebrating the 9/11 attacks by dancing in the streets of Jersey City.

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  I thought I indented all three of the paragraphs I quoted from your earlier Letter, but only the first one came out that way.  More proof of my fallibility.

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Dear Roy:

   Oh, now you decide that opinions must be based on fact?  So it's not enough that Patrick had an opinion (however erroneous) that you called Lying Trump the Anti-Christ?  (As detailed in my Letter of last October 12th, that was Ms. Chelini.  But you had plenty of other derogatory things to say about the guy.  Patrick's "opinion" was correct about that!)

   And sorry, oh Factless One, but your Letter of December 14th, where you objected to Lying Trump's appointement of Ms. Haley, sure sounds like whining to me!  Here are your own words at the start of it:

I see where President Elect Trump has selected Nikki Haley of South Carolina as ambassador to the United Nations. I had to ask myself, What was he thinking ?

What does Haley know about being an ambassador ? So many others, it seems, were much more qualified for the position. As our ambassador to the U N,Haley will need to be tough and loyal to principle. She has neither quality. Haley is a “ wimp” who buckles under political pressure.

As governor of South Carolina, Nikki Haley collaborated with the Progressives, and was only too happy to have the Confederate flag permanently removed from the Capitol building. She is a disgrace to the South ! That flag which had been proudly flying in South Carolina since civil war days should not have been removed at this point in our history . Fact is that the Progressives are hell bent on tearing down symbols of America’s culture. This is just another example .

   Sorry, sir, but that hardly sounds like full throated and enthusiastic support for Lying Trump's choice; more like total disagreement, and questioning of his ability to choose who will run this country.  That's definitely a complaint about Trump!

   I agree Patrick sometimes engages in vague generalities, which turn out to be grossly exaggerated.  But so does Lying Trump, yet you voted for him.  (He's also a habitual liar, something we can't say about Patrick.)

P.S. - And no lectures about grossly exaggerated generalities from the guy whose "opinions" consist almost entirely of them!

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   Slight mis-statement there.  The sentence about Denial should have said the guy "was declared a liar and a fraud by the courts".  Which is a judgment which will follow him forever.

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Dear Roy:

   No matter how many times you repeat that childish sophistry, it remains false.  Also hypocritical, since you don't use that same argument when those you call "Progressives" (or "Subversives") offer theirs.

   You really should read or see the book or movie Denial, it's about a man who devoted his life to venturing his "opinion" that the Holocaust never happened.  Then he made the mistake of suing a real historian who called him on it, and was declared a liar and a fraud in the courts.  The only reason that hasn't happened to you is that you're too trivial to be sued.

   I don't care if you "feel" the moon is made of green cheese, or that the Sun orbits the Earth, state such an "opinion" and you're wrong.  And you are wrong so frequently because you are the Factless Wonder.  Which is why your "opinions" are worthless!

   You see, Roy, there's something called reality out there, and it doesn't give a damn for your "opinions", anymore than the rest of us should.  So keep living in your fantasy land in which the "great Progressive conspiracy" had nothing better to do than expel you from a local Bocce club.

P.S. - As for the difference between a democracy and a republic, I know it, you don't.  But that's a subject for a Letter that won't be appearing for several weeks (depending on the View's schedule).

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Dear Roy:

   People who don't use spell check shouldn't throw stones.  I suspect it means the same thing that "nat" (properly spelled gnat) means.

   Or maybe it's short for "your poor".  Though I agree such "abbreviations" should be avoided.  Maybe both of you need a course in remedial English!

   Of course, I've been known to make a typo or to. wink

Patrick, here is the bottom line . Trump was never my choice for president. My choices were Rubio by a wide margin followed by Cruz and Santorum. I watched in disbelief as Trump continued to thrive despite all his bad behavior. I felt he was unelectable and was angry at the Republicans who gave him his primary victor. I thought Trump was the only candidate crooked Hillary could beat and I said so. I was wrong . Trump is a terribly flawed candidate. However he was still far superior to Clinton. To me Hillary was unthinkable. She as a big progressive represents everything which is wrong with America. Therefore now that I am stuck with Trump I wish him well in reversing all of Obama's unconstitutional executive orders . I want Obamacare repealed, illegals sent back to where ever the hell they came from, the border sealed, the military strengthened, more drilling for oil and political correctness to go to hell. I do not care who does or does not agree with me and I absolutely refuse to be intimidated by anyone or to shut up. So I guess you get the idea.

Dennis, do you ever proof read your comments ? What does ypor mean ?


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