Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2017

Re: Medal for Trump


Respectfully suggest readers who contribute here check their facts first. Rosa Parks did NOT PRESENT a MEDAL to TRUMP. The Ellis Island MEDAL thing was a boondoggle. (Too much for here)

The comment about Clinton saying Sen Byrd was her mentor was part of a commemoration after his death. What should she have said? If you were to research it, you would find that while Sen Byrd was a KKK member in his youth , he spent the majority of his life publicly disavowing and repeatedly apologizing for his early KKK affiliation.

Karen Peters


Democrats’ turn for depression


For the past 8 years, with Washington led by the BO team, it’s now time for you liberals to live with the “DT”s. At long last your turn to be depressed.

Ken Semmler


Worst man for the job


I have searched for a name, a term for the incoming administration of the Donald. I think I have found it, matter of fact, I am sure I have found it and it is so appropriate. For now and evermore the administration of Donald Trump will be know as a KAKISTOCRACY. A more apropos name for his form of governing is not available.

T. Kroll


Hats off to protesters


My hat is off to those Rockettes who are protesting participation in the presidential inauguration celebrations. This represents a clash of professionalism vs. personal integrity, and for these protesters, personal integrity won out.

I’ve been a lifelong musician and Democrat. As a professional musician, I’ve played many a Republican function: Lincoln Club dinner dances, fundraisers, etc. I’ve even furnished a string quartet at a private reception for Vice President Quayle.

But you could offer me a thousand dollars and I would not help celebrate the presidency of this rabble-rousing, sexist, boorish excuse for a leader.

Steve Berliner

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I'm pretty sure I'm the Dennis he is referring to. I called him out, so of course he does the only thing he can do. ATTACK.  LOL

If he ever said ANYTHING worthwhile I might be offended, but he doesn't. LOL


YOU are the problem. Not ypor imagined boogiemen LOL.

But keep writing your nonsense, it is funny stuff!! LOL


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I'm tempted to say that according to your standards, I don't need no stinkin proof...that it is my opinion you said that.

I'm also tempted to say, that according to President Elect Trump’s standards, I don't need to prove anything, matter of fact, I should double-down on my statement, then disparage you and say you don't know what you are talking about... or I should flat out reject that I even said it, even though it is in writing that I did.

However, I am more ethical than that.

You are correct you never called Trump the anti-Christ in the WVV, it was someone else who said that. I apologize for the error.

Perhaps I misspoke because what you DID actually say in the past issues was just as bad.

You said:

11/17/15: “Republicans, beware of Donald Trump. . . . Trump is UNELECTABLE . . . . the way he smirks and badmouths other Republicans does nothing but show his ignorance, . . . . Maybe he is a Democratic plant.”
3/23/16: “. . . we have the Donald, whom if elected President may prove to be worse than Obama, . . . . Some have compared him to Hitler . . . . Mussolini is a much better fit. . . . he has little if any spiritual values. . . . I predict if Trump is elected, all evangelicals . . . will also come to have serious buyer’s remorse.”
5/25/16: “. . . the Donald with his obnoxious and deceitful personality . . . . Trump was and still is the least qualified. . . .”

And yes, you were indeed crying about Trump selecting Haley for ambassador, so suck it up bud! This is on you.


Gordon There you go again splitting hairs and attempting to practice law in the letters section as you have been doing for years. I on the other hand am merely offering my opinion which by definition is how someone feels or believes and not necessarily fact related. And I bet you still do not know the difference between a democracy and a republic Do you? No I did not think so

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If you paid for it, would you pay extra if The WWV prints MORE letters than usual?

My guess is you wouldn't?

Patrick you are wrong. I never called anyone the anti Christ Please quote what issue I supposedly said that. Also you are wrong about crying about Trump because I do not like Haley has nothing to do with Trump I never complained about Trump in this section because this is the first time in months I submitted anything at all in this section. Your generalities are inaccurate and grossly exaggerated .

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Dear Patrick:

   Of course, you managed to say the same thing I did, but far more briefly.

Damn your eyes!

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Dear Roy:

   Congratualtions!  You finally managed to say something that was fact based and true!

   Of course, that's only if one takes your words out-of-context.  Naturally, the conclusion you've reached is factless and wrong.

   In the first place, despite its name, the View doesn't cover the entire West Side.  There are plenty of communities that don't get the paper, and even in the places that do there are plenty who don't subscribe to it or receive it.  (For example, I have a friend who used to live in the same apartment complex in Tolleson I live in.  When his parents died he inherited and moved to their house in Peoria.  He doesn't get the View there, so I get him a copy here and give it to him on a regular basis.)

   Second, and I know this will come as a shock, a lot of people who read the View aren't the least interested in the Letters page, and would be happy to see it disappear.  Obviously, they don't send Letters to the Editor.

   (It works out, though.  I'd be more than happy to see the Sports page vanish.  You can't always get what you want.)

   Third, you may have noticed that the people who do write Letters tend to be "the usual suspects" (you, me, Patrick, "Mother" Maccree, etc.).  It's easy to see that even people who read the Letters page don't all participate in it.  (I'd say we're a distinct minority in that department.)

   All of which means that any conclusion you care to draw about the number of Republicans or "conservatives" (or Democrats and "liberals") in the West Valley based on the Letters page is bound to be false!

   But there is a way to learn the truth, not that you've ever shown any interest in that.  Just look up the statistics for voter registration in the West Valley.  For example, if you go to the website for the Arizona Independent Redistricting Commision (http://azredistricting.org/Maps/Final-Maps/default.asp), you can obtain maps and registration data for the entire State (including, of course, the West Valley).  Another resource is the website for the Arizona Association of Counties (http://azcounties.org/).

   Let's look at the numbers for the West Valley.  For simplicity's sake I'm using the information for Legislative Districts, and only the Districts in the communities the View serves: Avondale, Buckey, Goodyear, Litchfield Park and Tolleson.  Those are Districts 4, 13, 19 and 29.  (Some of them, like District 4, extend far beyond the boundaries of the West Valley, but this is the best we can do.)  Here are the results by District.

   You will note (for the little it's worth) that in all but one of the districts (13) the Democratic voters far outnumber the Republicans!  Why do I say it's worth little?  Because in elections the number registered doesn't matter, only the number who vote!  Still, if you look at the Members Roster for the incoming Legislature (http://www.azleg.gov/memberroster/) you'll see it tracks these results.  All but District 13 are fully Democratic.

   And your claim that Republicans "dominated" the Letters page is laughably wrong.  True they may have submitted the loudest and most bigoted of Letters (I'm referring to intellectual bigotry, not racial or other forms of it), but if you care to review all the Letters for the past eight years I think you'll find the numbers were evenly balanced.  (Of course, we have to exclude all the Letters about feral cats eating dead coots on egg farms. wink )

   Given your displeasure in Lying Trump's choice for U.N. Ambassador, perhaps it's you who will have to "suck it up" (along with just sucking).  But if we accept your "theory", then what were Republicans like you doing for the past eight years but being "bummed out" and crying like a bunch of infants?

   (I apologize to the infants of the world for that comparison.)

   I don't know who this "Dennis" is you have such antipathy towards.  (He certainly didn't submit a Letter or a Comment to this issue - so far - so why address him?)  But that buzzing sound you hear comes from what substitutes for your brains!  At least you don't have to fear the Zombie Apocalypse.

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That's rich, coming from you.

Your own letter complaining about Trump picking Nikki Haley sounds like you need to take your own advice and "suck it up". If ANYONE was doing any "crying" about Trump to these pages, it was YOU.

I'm still waiting to see if you are right when you called Trump the Anti-Christ last year.

If it ends up being true, there may be a lot of Republicans writing in to complain about him as you did.


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Dear Roy:

   Looking in the mirror, are we?  Since that describes you perfectly!

   And when are you going to learn that trying to insult me for being "brevity challenged" won't work?  I freely admit to being long-winded and verbose - just like the Founders, who were wise enough to realize that important matters can't be properly discussed in 140 characters.  (Which is why I say Twitter is for twits - like you!)

   But be careful what you wish for, I occasionally consider starting my own blog.


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