Letters to the Editor: January 4, 2017

Re: Medal for Trump


Respectfully suggest readers who contribute here check their facts first. Rosa Parks did NOT PRESENT a MEDAL to TRUMP. The Ellis Island MEDAL thing was a boondoggle. (Too much for here)

The comment about Clinton saying Sen Byrd was her mentor was part of a commemoration after his death. What should she have said? If you were to research it, you would find that while Sen Byrd was a KKK member in his youth , he spent the majority of his life publicly disavowing and repeatedly apologizing for his early KKK affiliation.

Karen Peters


Democrats’ turn for depression


For the past 8 years, with Washington led by the BO team, it’s now time for you liberals to live with the “DT”s. At long last your turn to be depressed.

Ken Semmler


Worst man for the job


I have searched for a name, a term for the incoming administration of the Donald. I think I have found it, matter of fact, I am sure I have found it and it is so appropriate. For now and evermore the administration of Donald Trump will be know as a KAKISTOCRACY. A more apropos name for his form of governing is not available.

T. Kroll


Hats off to protesters


My hat is off to those Rockettes who are protesting participation in the presidential inauguration celebrations. This represents a clash of professionalism vs. personal integrity, and for these protesters, personal integrity won out.

I’ve been a lifelong musician and Democrat. As a professional musician, I’ve played many a Republican function: Lincoln Club dinner dances, fundraisers, etc. I’ve even furnished a string quartet at a private reception for Vice President Quayle.

But you could offer me a thousand dollars and I would not help celebrate the presidency of this rabble-rousing, sexist, boorish excuse for a leader.

Steve Berliner

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For the last 8 years I made the general observation that the letters were very much leaning Republican on a numerical basis. I felt good about that because I deduced there were a lot more Repulicans in the west valley area. I was wrong. Based on the letters in the last few issues I believe the reason Republicans seemed to dominate numerically is because Obummer was President. It now appears left wing letters will dominate the letters section for the forseeable future or say the next eight years . Happy New Years to all my liberal friends. I suggest you all stop crying and just SUCK IT UP ! Go find a safe space and get out your play dough, especially you Dennis . Posner at least contributed a lot of stuff even if it was faulty to the left. But you Dennis just were an annoying nonsensical mosquito buzzing around my ear ina darkroom as I tried to fall asleep . An annoying little nat .

Hey Pos. Why don't you start your own newspaper and you can write your own letters each week . I am sure you could contribute several letters of 500 words each . You are as verbose as the entire editorial section of a dozen newspapers put together . Go for it . Progressives can spin all day and never tired of it

Gordon Posner's picture

   Four measly Letters, and none of them even close to 300 words long?

   Good think I don't pay to get the View, I'd be demanding my money back for this issue!


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