Letters to the Editor: July 12, 2017

Coincidences in astrology


I’m glad to see I’m getting e-mails in response to the letters I’ve written in the West Valley View. One reader, is a professional astrologer: She offered me a more in-depth interpretation of my natal chart; She says I have a very good grasp of the subject. I told her that Astrology could be an excellent subject for students who are taking a course in Statistics in College. What is the “common denominator,” of students taking (for example), Journalism? Either Gemini rising or Gemini in the 10th House in the Natal chart.

My rising sign is Virgo-this can show why I’m drawn to Pharmacology, Math and Writing. My birth sign Capricorn, shows I’m interested in Finance and Real Estate.

Both of my parents are Capricorns, with Venus in Sagittarius (this indicates they will relocate to a foreign country). They were both born in Mexico.

I lost my Dad to cancer on August 16, 1991. However, I looked myself up on Beenverified.com. Not only did I find 70 other ladies with the same name as me, I found my late Dad Gilbert Rivas, listed as “still living at home.” This is why he still gets junk mail.

There are some interesting coincidences in Astrology: People with Scorpio-rising often lose their first spouse to death; The Moon in the first House, shows up in the charts of adopted children (other planetary factors have to be analyzed); while Mercury in the First House indicates someone who is a chatterbox!

Jupiter conjuncts Uranus in Cancer, in the 11th House of my chart. I have an excellent sense of humor-and benevolent. But, my “looks” are unique. I told my brother: “My chart says I’m sexy.” He said:“If I were you, I’d get my money back...”

Have a nice Summer!

Laura Rivas


Let’s return to sound principles


The minimum wage law is,at best,a limited weapon for combatting the evil of low wages, and that the possible good to achieved by such a law can exceed the possible harm only in proportion as its aims are modest.” Instead of the usual emotional argumets we need to return to sound economic principles which explain the value or price of such labor. Reference: “Economics in one lesson” by Henry Hazlitt.

Richard Newcomer


PebbleCreek has problems


HALLELUJAH! Ginny Boyle hit the nail on the head and couldn’t have said it any better regarding living in the Pebble Creek compound. Indeed, if you don’t golf or aren’t involved with Pickleball, you’re considered a second-class citizen.

I moved to Pebble Creek a little over four years ago and have too become quite disenchanted with it, and it cost me a small fortune to move here. It doesn’t matter what their salespeople tell you — Pebble Creek has problems — especially with their weak security force, and the residents not obeying the posted speed limit (25 MPH); running stop signs (both cars, trucks and especially the golf carts), failing to use turn signals and cutting corners. The existing security force acts like they are afraid to get “too tough” with the traffic violators here, and I’ve never understood that. Pebble Creek needs to get tougher and enforce its own traffic laws. Perhaps the existing security force needs to be completely overhauled and replaced with retired military people who aren’t afraid to enforce the rules. I guess money talks, but not everyone living in Pebble Creek has deep pockets.

Note: Pebble Creek’s speed limit should be reduced to 20 MPH, anyway.

Jackson Banning


Healthcare bill will cost jobs


Everyone is reporting on the millions of people roughly 23,000,000 people who will lose their health care coverage under the proposed Republican repeal and replace health care bill.

The one thing that few are mentioning is the number of jobs that will be lost if this bill is passed. Health care is one of the fastest growing segments of the economy. A huge number of our nursing homes, all over the country, will have to close if medicaid is reduced as this bill proposes. If the nursing homes close, nurses, nursing assistants, food service employees, maintenance people and other direct care jobs will be eliminated. People who sell all of the supplies used by these homes will see a decline in their sales

We can also expect that smaller hospitals, particularly those in rural areas to suffer, and some to close and likewise eliminate jobs and commerce. While that is happening, emergency rooms at major hospitals will become a more overused resource than they currently are by people who have no insurance and no other option for health care.

With the aging of the Boomer generation, many have planned their careers and financial lives around good jobs providing the health care that our population needs. These are people who have invested time, money and energy in acquiring the skills and education to fill these positions. We need to let our voices be heard and make sure that this bill is not passed.

Eileen Fein


Alerts needed for kids in cars


So many people are leaving their children and pets in hot cars! You would think the car makers who pride themselves on making safe cars could come up with something. They make cars that Drive themselves, Park themselves, Answer the phone for you , Tell you where to go, etc. You would think it would be easy to make an alert when the rear seat belts are still latched when you open the drivers door. Or in the case of pets a motion detector, just don’t know how that would work if pet is sleeping.

People are so ME ME ME now a days that some thing needs to be done to keep them alert to the precious cargo the have in the car.

Lynda Fiorini


Dangerous trend must end


In my lifetime I never thought there would be an attempted internal coup to seize power at the highest levels. The groundwork was laid but more time was needed. Politically, now, we see elected officials, whose duty it is to obey the constitution, opposing legitimate solutions to problems. Granted, not all would agree as to how, why or if these issues should be addressed. The fact is we were being led down the road to a socialist State tied to United Nations’ dictates.

The opposition is mad! They almost had victory within their grasp.

The tactics used here have been tried and proven successful in many countries since the 1930’s . Nothing new on the world scene. Only here.

Some signs of things to watch for are as follows:

#1-Propaganda. That is very well covered through the national media. If we got impartial reporting, instead of one-sided news with opinions, there would be two sides to actual happenings and most likely we would not be in this situation.

#2-Violence and assassinations. These are earmarks of the downward slide into tyranny. There are demonstrators bused in to riot against police. The goal is to stop violence with creation of a National Police Force. There are random acts of violence, killings and bombing, which cause people to look to government for answers. Then there are the assassinations and the attempted ones. These will increase as the downward slide continues. We even have demonstrations against free speech.

We live in historic times and this not a done deal. Much will depend upon the present administration’s ability to slowdown, expose and/or reverse this trend. Continuing exposure of those placed in government working against us is a major problem for the President who has inherited this situation along with a hostile media.

Karl Nelson


What are planes spraying?


Every week as I read through the “Letters”, I expect to see a concerned resident ask the question. “What are the planes spraying?”

While everyone is caught up in politics, celebrities, and other “news,” there is something much bigger happening right above our heads.

For the past three years, I have been researching the Chemtrail phenomenon. I’ve taken countless pictures, videos, made a documentary, talked with the AZ Dept of Envir Quality, corresponded with the Mayors office, and read as much on the subject as I could find.

Before anyone writes in saying they are just normal contrails from commercial planes, please take some time to look into the subject.

I remember when the sky was a deep blue.

Now it’s a hazy white.

I have my opinions on the phenomenon and I ask every reader to research and dig deep.

This phenomenon is not as secretive as it was even a year ago so info is easy to find

Skeptics should look into the ingredients found in vaccines and what is being sprayed by these planes. Like I sad this is just my opinion and I would like to hear others.

Nick Palumbo


Betrayed by Trump


No one can say , I told you so. Because I don’t think anyone from either party could have foreseen President Trump trying to collect all our social security numbers, etc, in his quest for Massive Voter Fraud. He has crossed the line .

Did he think the nation was just going to roll over on this one.

Trump thinks President Obama was taping his Trump Tower phone calls. People who thought Obama was the worst President ever didn’t believe that one. But what the hick lets just get on with making the country great again. At any price.

Massive Voter Fraud. Now Trump is coming after all of us. Trying to take away our peace of mind.

I no longer put my trust in Trump. Like so many others I am feeling betrayed by this President.

Now with his latest attempt to gather every ones personal information , Trump becomes the enemy from within.

I hope he steps down and allows Vice President Pence to take over, and end this circus.

Vickie J. Chelini


Let’s have a debate


I had to chuckle after reading an opinion from one of your readers in the July 5th issue about Roy Azzarello. Actually, I got more than just a chuckle. I laughed and laughed and laughed until my belly ached. The reader said Roy was: “smart; impressive, and very knowledgeable”. I’ve never met Roy, but having read his endless right-wing opinions over the years, I have serious doubts he possesses any of those characteristics.

I used to read Roy’s letters for the comedic effect but now I just go on to the next letter not wanting to hear the same drivel he probably hears from Fox and from the orange incompetent clown that currently occupies the White House.

Most of your readers will agree with me that if there’s one person among your contributors who is genuinely smart, impressive and very knowledgeable, it’s Gordon Posner.

I’ll gladly contribute $100 to charity if I could witness a public debate between Azzarello and Posner.

Jorge Diaz


Proposition 206 aftermath


Thank you Arizonans for approving Proposition 206! BUT WHO WILL PAY FOR IT?

Now we know...YOU AND I! Restaurateurs, business owners and service organizations have announced price increases to pass along added costs to the rest of us. I am an 80 year old senior living in a Litchfield Park retirement community. I’ve worked all my life to secure my senior years. I pay a monthly fee on which a 4.75% increase has been assessed, effective September 1. The hefty increase has been substantially attributed to the minimum wage increase.

Have I had an increase in my income? Not beyond the low rates offered by the banking institutions unless I accept significant investment risk, possibly jeopardizing any remaining assets. Many small businesses depend on entry level workers to fill jobs requiring little knowledge or skills. These are high turnover jobs because people progress to better opportunities as their knowledge and skill levels increase. Entry jobs are also known to be second jobs to many for the short term. In my lifetime I worked briefly at the minimum prevailing rate of $1/hour. I soon moved onward and upward. The minimum wage was not intended to be a SUBSISTENCE wage. My retirement community is operated by a nonprofit. While it is a nonprofit, it is still a business. Although this nonprofit makes significant contributions to the communities at large, the residents within its own business operations are not usually among its beneficiaries. Therefore, we get a whopping 4.75% increase to defray its increase in costs. The rise in the minimum hourly wage is in my opinion a disincentive to self improvement and it weighs heavily on tax paying citizens, many of them elderly, and most of whom have paid their dues over, and over again.

P.A. Borysko
Litchfield Park

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Did you hold the same opinion that Partrick Orr had of Iran over a year ago ?

What to you think to day about the Iran problem we have to live with.?

Knowing all about the money ,was it 400 million or billion, who is counting.

that President Obama turned over to Iran in the dead of night.

Its all money that won't improve the Iran's lifes. Same as North Korea.

Appreciate your opinion on the problem we now face.

Vickie Chelini

Yourwere quit the supporter of Iran having Necular Weapons in the past.

Has your opinion changed today, given Iran has close ties with North Korea..

We are talking about  countries that want us dead.


This issue is why I do not respone to your friendly and polite comments

to me .


Vickie Chelini



Trump, right message, wrong messenger.


Vickie  Chelini

     Defending the Weasle Factor, Jared Kushner and Manaford.

Now it is falling into place , President Trump firing of Manaford

was over President Trump leaning that Manaford took Trump Jr.

into a meeting with the Kremlin. Manford could and should of stopped it.

     President Trump should and will defend his son, I wouldn't expect

nothing less. Jared Kushner , consider the soures.

     Republicans are so far in a state of shock , thats the only

reason there can be for there silence on Trump Jr. secret meeting

with weasles Manaford , Jarad Kushner and the Russians.

     President Trump saying anyone would have taken that meeting

is only being said in defense of his son.

     I don't know of an American citizen who upon being asked to

meet with the Russians would not immediatly call the FBI.

     FOX NEWS , cold blood defends of Trump Jrs. meeting

with the Russians is a stunner .To Hell With Fox News.


Vickie J. Chelini








I too would donate to charity to see you debate Roy, but clearly he knows he would have NO chance. You would expose him as the fraud that he is. Thank you so much for keeping a SANE view in these pages.


Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Patrick:

   Are you proposing that Roy debate himself?  I don't think anyone would pay for that.  (Your Freudian Slip is showing.)  wink

porr000's picture


I agree with your sentiment that Roy should keep writing. It is better than the Sunday funnies.

His letters are usually good for a laugh or two, and then I compose a letter in response of my "opinion" about his, even though I don't always submit them.

I can generally count on him to parrot the T-party conservative talk (and even get THAT wrong at times).

Patrick Orr

P.S I completely disagree with your second sentiment about ignoring Mr. Diaz.

porr000's picture

Dear Mr. Diaz:

I too would, "gladly contribute $100 to charity if I could witness a public debate between Azzarello and Posner."

What a great idea!

What cherities did you have in mind?

I personally favor local food banks in need of food/bottled water for the homeless, but am open to other suggestions.

Patrick Orr

Gordon Posner's picture

Dear Factless Wonder:

   Why, I wonder, is it a consistent pattern with mindless ideologues and extremists that they falsely acccuse others of what they're guilty of themselves?

   If there's anyone here whose "opinions", writings, and character may be described as "usual ignorant bull crap", not to mention worthless, it's undoubtedly you!  And you just provided further proof of that.

   So why should I take offense?  Being attacked by a complete idiot like you is the surest sign I'm doing something correct.  (Note: not "politically correct", just factually correct.)

   Meanwhile, you coward, why do you keep hiding in these pages when so many people have (in the past) declared their willingess to pay good money (to charity no less) to see and hear us "go at it" in the flesh!  Clearly you lack the courage of your convictions - or just courage in general.

Gordon. So what's new? Your post is just more of your usual ignorant bull crap. You are a worthless progressive and nothing more. But no offense as all progressives are worthless !


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